Chiron Retrograde: The Wounded Warrior

Retrograde season is a point of reflection, the time where we can ask why something went wrong and how can we move forward to fix it. Among the retrograding planets, the tiny asteroid Chiron has stationed retrograde on July 11. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, and pinpoints the wounds with which we learn to live with. This tiny asteroid holds the pain in our charts.

Until December 15, Chiron will be retrograding in the sign of Aries. Think of this transit as the Wounded Warrior. Let’s break down each component to understand this retrograding asteroid.

Aries is a Mars-ruled sign, governing the 1st House of the Self. Aries is a cardinal, masculine fire sign. As a cardinal sign who governs the 1st House, Aries is the O.G. initiator and pot-stirrer. Cardinal signs, particularly Aries, have no problem grasping the reins of control. Aries leads by impulse, courage, and instinct. As a masculine sign, Aries is projective. This energy tends to be put out into the world. It can come across as strong, aggressive, and even overwhelming. Aries is the energy of putting your foot down. As a fire sign who’s also ruled by Mars, Aries tends to be raw. Aries energy is carnal vulnerability. It’s child-like wonder, last-minute adventures, impulsion, and enthusiasm. It’s also aggression, vulnerability, lust, rage, and combative. This is the energy of the Warrior and the Infant. All in all, Aries is the trailblazer.

While in Chiron, Aries carries the trailblazing ability to heal. It’s a matter of what aspects to heal. Chiron retrograding in Aries for the remainder of this year is calling us to heal one, or multiple, of the following – the Masculine Wound, the Father Wound, the Inner Child Wound, also relationships with vulnerability, sex, anger, and aggression.

Chiron Retrograde in Aries is going to be heavily focused on redefining the relationship with Mars qualities, which can occur through healing the inner child. Inner child shadow-work is centered around acknowledging and working through wounds that have been there since childhood/adolescence. Said wounds may include the inability to express anger and aggression in a productive, healthy manner. It may also include the ability to harness stamina. Maybe it’s the struggle with vulnerability, whether it’s an inappropriate showing of such or the lack therefore of. It can also be regarding the relationship with sexuality, sex, and sexual expression. Chiron Retrograde in Aries can also be healing Masculine and/or Father Wounds.

Over the remainder of the year, many opportunities will arise to trigger the Chiron Retrograde wounds in Aries. In the moment, one may react out of impulsivity, anger, aggression, or a need for control. In hindsight, Chiron Retrograde in Aries is going to teach valuable lessons between impulse versus instinct, acting on rage, working with stamina to achieve, and developing a more vulnerable, healthy relationship with sex. In addition to this, Chiron Rx transiting in any of the Houses can also allude to emotional wounds that ought to be addressed.

Chiron Rx will be focused on tending to the inner child. This is the time to heal the anger, let go of aggression, and act with intention.

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