December Forecast

Given the way 2020 has unfolded, the astrological forecast of December is extremely fitting. The final month of this chaotic year really encapsulates the end of one chaotic era, ushering us into the next chaotic era. Between eclipses and pivotal conjunctions, December is quite the way to finish up any lingering cycles!

Major Transits

Starting the month out strong with Mercury entering Sagittarius on the 1st. Mercury in Sagittarius is considered detriment, indicating that this is an incredibly weak expression for this placement. Mercury in Sagittarius needs to be cautious with speaking out or turn. Stick to philosophical debates instead of senseless arguments. Mercury in Sagittarius will be ridiculously blunt, even to a fault. So, be mindful of communicative delivery at this time with this transit. One can speak earnestly and honestly, but not to the point of speaking caustically. Aim to speak passionately, not forcefully. On the bright side, Mercury in Sagittarius encourages bright, humorous conversations that air on the side of optimism! After the first major transit of the month, there’s a brief pause before a week-long shit show.

The final eclipse of the year is on the 14th, with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurring in Sagittarius. New Moons indicate a new 6-month lunar cycle, and the Total Solar Eclipse hyper-focuses on expanding upon aspects of the new lunar cycle. As this is in Sagittarius, there is a positive outlook on expansion. The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is marking the beginning of spontaneity, optimism, and a sense of profound growth. Under the New Moon, it’s time to consider the journey so far and where it could lead to. The rapid nature of the eclipse power can finalize the ending of an old chapter while getting started on the next chapter. With this transit being led by the Archer, it’s truly a time to throw all caution and fear to the wind. It can begin a time where joyous adventure becomes a major focus, adapting to each curveball with optimistic determinism as it comes. Even while the future of 2021 seems uncertain, the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse can be the push one needs to dive in with open-mindedness and courage. It’s time to take a gamble on what life could be!

Shortly after, Venus enters Sagittarius on the 15th. Venus is energized by the wildfire Sagittarius, looking to expand all aspects of love and romance. Venus in Sagittarius has an all-consuming, wildfire nature. This is the transit that aims to experience the greatest height and depth of what relationships could be. Buzzing from prospect to prospect with ease, Venus in Sagittarius will never experience F.O.M.O. as long as freedom is emanating. This can be a fantastic time for couples to spruce up their love life with passion, action, and even adventuring outside of the norms. For singles, Venus in Sagittarius can bring in and take out love prospects extremely easily. This may be a time where singles feel like they’re rapidly connecting then disconnecting with flirty prospects. Luckily, this ease to dating is done with buoyancy and positivity!

Chiron also stations direct in Aries on the 15th. Since mid-July, the Wounded Warrior has drawn attention to masculine wounds, anger, aggression, energy, healing the inner child, and sexuality. Throughout these last six months, this minor transit has called healing to head. Now direct on the 15th, it’s time to confront the healing and hurting head on. As Chiron creates a lovely trine with Venus, there are elements of self-love and positivity being echoed at this time.

On the 17th, Saturn leaves stoic Capricorn for rebellious Aquarius. In traditional Hellenistic astrology, Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius, so this transit could be considered domicile or rulership. Saturn is the malefic Teacher Planet of responsibility, duty, and karma. As this is now in the zany Aquarius, this is the beginning of taking accountability for individualism, innovation, and humanitarianism. Saturn in Aquarius is calling social matters and reform to head. This transit can challenge the status quo of old structures with the futuristic foresight of what can be revolutionized. Traditions and paradigms are being called to reform. After all, Saturn will be taking up a more progressive duty while in Aquarius. Under the watchful eye of Saturn in Aquarius, it’s considered time to take responsibility of one’s individualism. As this is the beginning of a new individualistic era, it’s time step into personal power by leaning into unconventional, atypical personal choices for personal growth.

Then Jupiter follows suit on the 19th. Like Saturn, Jupiter will also be leaving the methodical Capricorn for a more spirited Aquarius. Jupiter is the benefic Teacher Planet who is expanding the zany Aquarius. This implies luck from being individualistic, atypical, quirky, and thinking outside of the box. It represents a self-made journey with the collective and future in mind. Jupiter in Aquarius is the astrological equivalent of “it only takes one person to make a difference”. Given the way the transits of Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius fall, this is also telling of which Teacher Planet takes the lead. Saturn will be taking the lead, delivering lessons and responsibilities as seen fit. From there, the expansive and generous Jupiter will blow Saturn’s lessons up. Jupiter will capitalize on Saturn’s responsible innovation.

Communication and mental patterns take on a more serious tone when Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 20th. Mercury in Capricorn is pioneering in nature, unafraid to start the necessary conversation that has to be had. While in Capricorn, the conversations and mental patterns are regarded with a heavier sense of accountability. Under this stoic Mercurial transit, everything is regarded with purposeful tangibility. Mercury in Capricorn likes to think and speak with productivity. Ideally, what is being conversed will produce a very real result. Mercury’s goal with Capricorn in mind is success. The pioneering attitude ought to lead to a structure or method of sorts. This can help strengthen the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction on the following day, as Mercury in Capricorn can be more methodical in the next step of the journey.

Jupiter’s and Saturn’s move into Aquarius meet up in the great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on the 21st. This transit is also hailed as the Great Chronocrator, meaning that Jupiter’s and Saturn’s conjunction marks the beginning in a pivotal shift in society and humanity. After all, Jupiter and Saturn are the Teacher Planets and Makers of Time, the one’s with the pull to flip the tables on a collective level. Under this once-in-a-lifetime meet-up, this marks a major shift to an Aquarian influenced age for the next 20 years, and a shift in air-like collective journey for the next 200-ish years. The Great Conjunction is historically transformative. This is a major shift to an air-focused regime, asking the collective to be more mindful of humanity, society, individuality, rationale, and communication. During this major meet-up, Saturn takes the lead. Saturn’s goal is to appropriately channel Jupiter’s expansive generosity. Saturn, at times, can be quite the buzzkill. After all, Saturn is the malefic Teacher Planet who aims to instill structure. Saturn will take the lead as it can be the one outer-planet who can caution Jupiter into purposeful navigation. Jupiter will feel restricted under Saturn’s lead, but will follow it nonetheless. As Jupiter expands upon Saturn’s lessons, restrictions, duties, and structure, the effects can be felt and seen tenfold. Jupiter will blow Saturn up, if Saturn allows it. As this is all in Aquarius, there are themes related to the 11th House and air aspect. 11th House themes that will be re-focused and refined in the upcoming year will revolve around greater community (the collective), dreams of what could be, friendship, and society’s individual relationships. So, this may refer to social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions that are hyper-focused on in 2021. Given that Aquarius is so rebellious and unconventional, the themes of friendship and community will undergo an attitude adjustment in the next year. Air-related themes that are up for reformation include technology, communication, rationale, and mental agility. The Great Conjunction is the kicker for not only for the next 200 years of air, the next 20 of Aquarius, but also for the next year in regard to massive social reform. This is the transit that begins the most difficult, yet also the most rewarding, break-down and build-up of Aquarius-related societal matters.

Also on the 21st, the Sun moves into Capricorn. This marks the beginning of Capricorn Season, the final cardinal season of the year! Capricorn is a cardinal, feminine earth sign governed by Saturn and expressed as the sea-goat. Capricorn Season marks a time of methodical structure and goal-setting. Of all the signs, Capricorn is the one who can pioneer for the long-haul. After all, Capricorn is the one who always goes for the long-term reward over the short-term reward. Given that this transit follows the Great Conjunction, it’s likely that Capricorn Season can pose as a time for Saturn to begin setting up a more ideal structure or method to accomplish the long-term vision.

December concludes with the final major transit on the 29th with a Full Moon in Cancer. The Full Moon marks a wrap-up of a 6-month lunar cycle. The last time the Moon was in Cancer, it was back in July during the last eclipse season. Since then, there has been a massive focus on the home and family under Cancer’s lasting effect. As the Full Moon is the final major transit of 2020, there is an immense desire to reflect. The nostalgia may be overwhelming with the transit. As we all look back on this year in reflection, the Full Moon encourages a wrap-up. It’s time to let go of this year, the events within the year, and look towards the future instead. There is a call to shift perspective from the past and onto the future.

The Dates

  • 12/1: Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • 12/15: Venus enters Sagittarius, Chiron stations direct in Aries
  • 12/17: Saturn enters Aquarius
  • 12/19: Jupiter enters Aquarius
  • 12/20: Mercury enters Capricorn
  • 12/29: Full Moon in Cancer

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