The 7th House of Union

The 7th House is ruled by Libra and Venus, making this an angular House. The 7th House is opposite to the 1st House, making this the Descendant. This is the House that presides over unions of all kinds. In astrology, the 7th House denotes the sector of life that revolves around romantic unions, the romantic partner, business relationships, contracts, commitments, and marriage.

The angular aspect of this House is personal, as this is the House of “we”. The overlying concept of the 7th House is the idea of union, the idea of partnership. It represents what one not only goes for in a committed relationship, but also the ideal and unideal aspects of said relationship.

Traditionally, the 7th House is thought of in a romantic sense. If the 5th House rules over dating, honeymoon phases, and romance, then this is the House of partnering up. The 7th House rules over commitment, the long haul, the “through thick and thin” mentality. This is why it’s the House of Marriage or Union. Whereas the 5th is fun and whimsical in expression of love, the 7th is more serious as it’s more contractual in mind. So, this is the ideal House to look at for marriage potential, how one acts in a long-term committed relationship, what one expects in a committed relationship, and how the committed relationship may function. As far as marriage goes, this can refer to the actual contractual agreement of such or the spiritual aspect. It truly depends on the individual’s take on commitment at hand.

The 7th House may refer to the personality one may feel more inclined to partner with. The sign in the 7th (and any planetary influences) can imply what type of person works best with the individual in a committed relationship. This aspect can refer to both romantic and business relationships!

The 7th House is also ideal to look at for business as well! Libra and Venus are fiscally diplomatic in mind. These aspects aim for harmony, especially in a business union, commitment, and contract. Now, this doesn’t refer to work (that’s more 6th House/10th House energy). This is more like what goes into the idea of a sound business alliance. It represents how two or more people work together in a professional manner.

Signs in the 7th House

Aries in the 7th House

Aries has a selfish take on unions. At times, Aries can be impulsive with commitments and unions. Aries is the placement to rush in with gusto. But after rushing in, part of keeping Aries committed is keeping the passion alive. Aries needs adventure, enthusiasm, and quick results in their commitments and connections. Ideally, a flair for arguing incites passion as well! This placement may use conflict as means to build up the relationship. Sometimes, conflict occurs from nothing other than boredom, which can actually destroy the relationship. There may be a lack of tact, too which can lead to unnecessary conflict. Aries may act out in a selfish manner, especially with agreements and breaking agreements. Aries will commit and break-up in their own best interest. While in the midst of a union, Aries may act out to ensure what’s best for Aries. This selfish, egotistical behavior can be brash. It can be quite annoying for partners to deal with in any arena. When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Aries will only agree to it if it’s in Aries’s best interest. Business alliances should aim to bring Aries up even further. After all, Aries is a fiercely independent sign, so allowing for a business partnership is huge. This means that Aries would rather work with somebody than alone because Aries knows that the business alliance is going to re-inforce Aries’s own selfish endeavors. The approach to any contract or commitment is with “me” in mind. After all, Aries is simply looking out for themselves in any union, contract, or commitment. Ideally, business arrangements should result in instant fruition of success. Aries likes instant fame, money, clout, success in business. Ideal business partners and ventures may be risqué in nature. If it feels instinctually right, then Aries will be all in. Aries may also do best in a business alliance where Aries is top dog. Aries does best when Aries has full control, or most of it. Ideal business partners and alliances encourage Aries to take control. In romance and love, Aries carries a lot of these themes into a relationship. The perfect relationship for this placement feels free. Both Aries and Aries’s partner have plenty of independence within the relationship. The relationship is fresh, exciting, and young at heart. At times, Aries may incite a little fight or two to keep the passion alive. The core of the relationship may be immature in nature. Aries enjoys a relationship that feels juvenile. So, pranks, last-minute adventures, dares, jokes, and laughter are a must! At times, Aries may act like a selfish baby in the relationship. Aries will demand a ton of attention from their partner. If attention isn’t given, then Aries may throw a temper-tantrum. The best way to “keep” Aries as a partner is to keep the spark alive. Give Aries attention, independence, laughter, and surprises. Don’t back down from a silly fight or challenge either. The types of partner Aries would be oriented to are brave, bold personalities. The perfect partner for this placement is someone who is daring. This partner is emboldened by revved up energy, and a desire to be part of the risk-taking. Most importantly, the perfect partner for this placement is extremely honest. Honesty is Aries’s best policy, especially in a relationship or with a commitment in mind. No matter what, the partner needs to match Aries.

Taurus in the 7th House

Taurus has a long-haul take on unions. Taurus isn’t the placement to rush into anything, especially a contract, commitment, or relationship. If anything, Taurus will take their sweet time deliberating on all pros and cons before agreeing to someone or something. It’s not that Taurus doesn’t want to commit. It’s more like Taurus needs to ensure that this commitment will pay-off in the long-term, especially since Taurus is committed for the thick and thin. So, this is why Taurus needs the time and space to consider all aspects of a potential commitment. Once committed, Taurus is all in. There may be an expectation that the commitment or relationship ought to last a certain amount of time, or meet certain expectations. The commitment or relationship must be practical in itself. Ideally, it should be grounded and steady. Taurus values loyalty and predictability above all else from a contract and/or a partner. At times, it may be a little boring or vanilla. After all, Taurus values normalcy and routine. But a steady, steamy sex life will keep the sensuality of a romantic relationship alive. And the dependability on Taurus’s end will keep any contract or relationship going. When it comes to business partnerships and contracts, Taurus will want to ensure that there is financial stability. Ideally, the business relationship and contract should confirm a wage minimum or a pay-off. Taurus craves financial stability, so as long as this is ensured, Taurus is typically a happy camper in the business realm. Ideally, Taurus would want to invest in a business commitment that continues to pay-off in the long-term. The relationship would be ongoing, reliable, and ever-building. Ideal business partners and alliances would be trustworthy and committed. This is a long-term relationship, with exact specifications already spelled out in a contract or commitment form. In the world of business, Taurus will need a work wife/husband. They need to find their equal match in business in order to keep the partnership fruitful and easy-going. At times, Taurus may be extremely stubborn and even dogmatic. It may be difficult to push Taurus to a decision, or to change Taurus’s mind. Instantaneous changes and chaos are a no-go in business. So, the ideal business arrangement would be patient, predictable, and linear. When it comes to romance, Taurus is a Venus ruled sign in a Venus ruled House, so this is a comfortable placement to have. Taurus will be wholly loyal to a partner, usually with the idea of the long-term with that partner in mind. This placement alone may indicate having very few, but very stable, long-term relationships. In fact, this may be the placement that only has a few partners before committing to their forever person. Relationships are taken seriously with Taurus. This is the placement who considers marriage when considering a potential partner. Ideally, Taurus needs to be able to picture the perfect life with a potential partner before committing. If Taurus cannot envision a family, home, etc. with a potential partner, it’s fairly unlikely that Taurus will commit. Once committed, Taurus will try to keep the relationship ongoing for as long as possible. The ideal romantic relationship is sweet, stable, and sensual. It’s the type of relationship that values quality time and acts of service/gift-giving as love languages. Through thick and thin, Taurus will try to embrace the rollercoaster of a relationship. Taurus will only leave or break-up if the relationship becomes too unstable, lacks sensuality, or if there’s a lack of trust and loyalty. However, this is a placement that will stay in an unhappy, boring, unsatisfactory relationship out of sheer stubbornness. The best way to keep a relationship going with a Taurus placement is to ensure stability and sensuality. The type of partner Taurus may be attracted to is someone who seems put together. The ideal partner, with this placement in mind, is someone who is financially stable, desires a beautiful life, and is extremely trustworthy. This person ought to be someone who wants to build a foundation with a Taurus placement in the 7th. Together, Taurus and their partner would be able to appreciate the beauty of daily life together. As long as communication is kept open, there will be a general lack of judgment and built-up tension. No matter what, the partner needs to keep it grounded with Taurus.

Gemini in the 7th House

Gemini has a fluid take on unions. Gemini’s position isn’t necessarily committal here. If anything, Gemini prefers to float in and out of commitments and relationships with ease. The perfect situation lacks solid boundaries, or restrictions. Fluidity and flexibility are a huge must! In order for commitment to work, Gemini needs a mental stimulation in the connection or contract. Said mental stimulation needs to come in the form of ever-changing, ever-evolving conversations. Ideally, most conversations are light, witty, and more like banter in nature. No matter what, the commitment and relationship would require open, consistent communication. Gemini would want to trouble shoot any potential problem or disaster afoot. If anything, Gemini may lack an emotional touch. Gemini can talk the talk, but fails to walk the walk. At times, Gemini may lose the ability to empathetically connect with the intellectual connection. Gemini may also run from a more serious commitment because it may involve delving into both their and someone else’s emotions. When it comes to business relationships and alliances, Gemini may be involved in a few ventures at once. Gemini is likely to have a few spoons stirring in a couple different pots. As long as Gemini feels mentally busy, then that’s all that matters. Business alliances need to be ever-moving and intellectually compatible. There should be a huge focus on collaborative teamwork in a Gemini alliance. Communication is an absolute must, as every aspect of the business should be thoroughly talked about and reached to a unanimous agreement. Gemini is likely to partner up with people who are more aggressive in nature with pushing agreements, contracts, and goals. Gemini does best working behind the scenes in a business relationship, usually on a more talkative platform. Ideally, no business contract or agreement is set in stone. Gemini will always want to know that there is a way out. When it comes to romantic relationships, Gemini may be the one to experiment quite a bit before settling down. It’s not unusual for this placement to juggle a few relationships at once, or to experiment with people of all background types. If committed, the relationship may be more mentally open in nature. Gemini may do best in a relationship that is open, or more inclusive of experimenting with swinging. If not, Gemini needs a partner to keep them on their toes. Communication is huge in a romantic relationship. Gemini needs a partner to be equally part of the conversation, with interesting viewpoints to add along the way. If Gemini feels mentally bored, then restlessness will settle in. Restlessness can lead to double standards, cheating, and even just hiding another part of Gemini’s life from a relationship. After all, Gemini is the sign of the Twins, so this duality can always come into play when a relationship gets a little too comfortable. If committed, Gemini’s perfect relationship should remain light and joyful. It should feel childish in nature, kind of like a breath of fresh air. If Gemini can grow intellectually with their partner by taking up studies together, then all the better! With this placement, it wouldn’t be unlikely if there was an indication of having multiple long-term relationships or marriages, so keep that in mind. Gemini’s perfect person as a partner is humorous, witty, and curious. Ideally, Gemini should be matched with someone who asks just as many questions as Gemini does. This ideal partner would be talkative, usually going for flowing, light conversation that is punctuated with well-timed jokes. Gemini’s perfect person should have layers as well, which would keep the idea of learning something new about your partner fresh in a long-term relationship. If possible, this perfect partner would be open to experimentation to keep the sensuality alive. However, keeping the partner and relationship is a different matter. No matter what, the partner needs to keep it mentally spontaneous with Gemini!

Cancer in the 7th House

Cancer has a nurturing take on unions. Cancer will commit when they can picture a loving home and family with someone. Like their true Zodiacal counterpart, Capricorn, Cancer is all about building up too. However, Cancer’s building is going into a familial foundation. Once a perfect future partner has been selected, Cancer is devoted. Cancer’s take on romantic relationships is one of generational security. Ideally, Cancer is with someone who will one day be a co-parent and spouse. Cancer needs to not only nurture their partner and relationship, but also be nurtured in return. The premise of the relationship is loving at its core. Cancer’s romantic life is sweet, cuddly, and compassionate. Romantic and business relations are ideally nurtured for continued growth. The basis of any relationship of this placement needs mutual empathy. Cancer will want to empathize and be empathized with. When it comes to business relationships and alliances, Cancer will follow intuition with committing. Cancer will go through with professional matters if it feels intuitively right. Similar to Aries in this nature, Cancer will happily commit to a business agreement or partnership if the vibe is right. Cancer needs to be in business with emotionally attuned personalities. The perfect business partnership is one that is open, vulnerable, and wholesome. Cancer will likely get into business arrangements that are oriented to help or nurture others. This may result in philanthropic work, or working with children, mothers, women, and families. In business, Cancer isn’t afraid to take the lead but needs to feel emotionally secure in doing so. Cancer will lead when their heart is in the right place, and others can validate Cancer’s good intentions. Ideally, Cancer is leading a business that feels like family. Everyone should feel emotionally connected and supported even in a professional setting. If anything, Cancer needs to be wary of over-stepping emotional boundaries in professional relationships. Keep the boundaries clear, and the relationship will blossom. If boundaries disappear, the business may suffer because of the emotional over-load. Regardless, Cancer’s goal is to have a business contract or partnership that can last through the generations, thus supporting Cancer’s family. When it comes to romantic relationships, Cancer will happily initiate a partnership when it feels right. If Cancer can picture a home and family with that person, Cancer will go all in. Romantic partnerships (and business ones) are an emotional investment with this placement. Cancer views relationships like a garden. Ideally, the seeds are planted, and all should blossom into a bountiful garden. If all is right, the partner and relationship are approved by both individual’s families. Cancer needs to ensure that their own family and their partner’s family are super supportive of the relationship. If this isn’t the case, Cancer will feel emotionally burdened by a resounding familial disapproval. If it’s the case, Cancer will feel even more emotionally connected, most likely viewing the partner as “the One”. In fact, family can be so important that Cancer may even base their relationship around the family’s opinions and own familial relationships. For example, Cancer will love being with someone who has a good relationship with their own parents, especially their mother. Another example is the mother (either Cancer’s or the partner’s) being a HUGE influence in the relationship itself. This can either be beneficial, or the mother-in-law from hell. But that goes back to the idea of boundaries, which can be fuzzy if Cancer is more emotional than logical. At times, any type of relationship will suffer from emotional manipulation. Cancer will have to keep the moody, passive-aggressive behavior in check in order to keep any relationship happy, fulfilling, and on-going. Cancer’s perfect person is someone who’s emotionally checked in, compassionate, and sensitive. Ideally, the perfect partner is the human embodiment of a cozy blanket. Cancer needs to be with someone who is supportive in all ways. Their perfect partner is emotionally affirmative of Cancer’s needs. This is someone who can be nurtured and a nurturer. In a perfect world, Cancer’s perfect partner is someone who wants to become a Suzy Homemaker. This is the person who dreams of two kids, the golden retriever, and a white picket fence. No matter what, the partner is committed to building the most beautiful life with Cancer.

Leo in the 7th House

Leo has a prideful take on unions. Leo is all in when the partnership or contract is brag-worthy. If this is a point of pride, Leo will take it personally. All aspects of this House are part of Leo’s identity. So, Leo can have quite the arrogant, egotistical take on this House. Leo’s placement here also indicates an insane loyalty. Once committed, Leo stands by the decision through thick and thin. It would take a lot to get Leo to break an agreement, contract, or relationship. Especially, if Leo spent time boasting about it! No matter the aspect of this House, Leo has a positive outlook on it. This is the placement that will continue to fight to see the pros in every situation. When it comes to business relationships and alliances, Leo will invest when it’s good for them. Ideally, the business agreement should be fulfilling an aspect of Leo’s desire, whatever that may be. Leo will happy invest time and energy into a business agreement or relationship that seems prosperous. At times, Leo may try to dominate or take the lead. If this is the case, Leo needs to be with people who can aid with direction, instead of squashing it. Business relationships should be creatively supportive and inspiring. Leo needs to be surrounded by people who have hot ideas, fresh takes, and passion. All people involved in the business need to keep each other accountable, which can help curtail the Leo ego. If anything, Leo works better in a mutually collaborative setting for business agreements. The premise of the commitment should be creative, exciting, and brag-worthy. Leo will invest pride into the business agreement. This is both pro and con. Pro as it infers an insane amount of loyalty that will drive success. Con, as it infers that Leo may act like a dog with a bone, not knowing when to give up or ask for help. Leo’s pride may also skew the business relationship or contracts, as Leo may never honesty divulge all gritty details of such if the details aren’t brag-worthy. When it comes to romantic relationships, Leo is a loyal lover. It may take a hot minute for Leo to commit, but when they do, it’s all in. Leo takes a while to commit because Leo likes to ensure that the potential relationship is worth the energy. Leo will go all in with the romantic relationship, aiming to elevate it to an unfathomable status. Not to mention that Leo has extremely high standards, so a potential partner will need to check off some boxes before Leo commits. After all, Leo’s counterpart is another aspect of the Leo identity. This counterpart needs to be of the same or higher status, thus making Leo look like a royal. A lot of pride goes into romance, which also makes it vulnerable. If the relationship prospers, then Leo’s sense of ego inflates with happiness at the idea of successful love. If the relationship falters, Leo becomes irritable and demanding of the relationship as it’s not living up to the royal standards. Ideally, the core of the relationship would be fun in nature, usually engaging in a joint passion or outlet. It would be a passionate, dramatic love affair with telenovela highs and lows. It would keep both Leo and the partner on their toes. As long as it’s worth it, then that’s all that matters. The ideal partner for Leo is someone who is undeniably attractive. This can refer to physical attractiveness, but also attractiveness in terms of education, background, social standing, and professionalism. Leo needs to be with someone who matches Leo’s own status. So, Leo would be oriented to someone who has aspects worth boasting about. Granted, this can refer to posting pictures of a trophy partner on social media, or it can refer to boasting about the partner’s newest promotion at work. No matter what, this partner is fulfilling in some way, matches a high standard, and continues to exceed the standard. Leo wants to be able to show off this partner, so the partner needs to be okay with the limelight. In return, the partner needs to do the same with Leo. Both Leo and the partner would be insanely generous towards one another, at times competing with each other over who shows more affection. The perfect partner is loyal to a fault, passionate, and attentive towards Leo. However, Leo also needs a partner who will put Leo in their place. So, this partner needs to have a backbone as well. No matter what, the partner needs to complement Leo.

Virgo in the 7th House

Virgo has a detailed take on unions. When it comes to contracts or commitments, Virgo will look it over with a magnifying glass. Everything is under scrutiny to perfectionism. Virgo mulls over any potential commitment with a fine-tooth comb. There has to be something about the commitment that resembles the most perfect diamond in the rust. Virgo needs a project, so relationships are the project in this House. Ideally, the relationship or agreement must have potential to be perfected in order for Virgo to commit. This can be ideal for business, but difficult for romance. It all depends on the project Virgo decides to dedicate time and energy to. When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Virgo is the perfect partner. Virgo aims to be the best in biz, usually perfecting reports, goals, and completing everything successfully in a timely manner. Because Virgo’s work ethic is insane, they need the same from a business relationship. Virgo’s perfect business alliance is one where everyone is responsible, dependable, and a hard worker who adheres to deadlines and details. Virgo needs a business partner who can match, then exceed Virgo’s own work ethic. Ideally, the business alliance has a solid foundation that allows for flexibility as it grows. It should remain semi-steady, but open to tweaking. If anything, Virgo will need a business partnership where Virgo can carry out details as the partner(s) can take more of a lead. Virgo does best as someone who tweaks, critiques, and fulfills under a thoughtful, detailed leader. If anything, Virgo will just need to keep any harsh criticism in check. There’s always a way to deliver the critique, but Virgo will have to learn how to do so in a more tactful manner in time. When it comes to romantic relationships, Virgo likes a good fixer-upper. Virgo wants a person and a relationship that can be perfected over time, preferably in Virgo’s vision. At times, Virgo can appear like the nagging, critical partner in the relationship. This isn’t because Virgo likes being a nagger, but rather, Virgo nags because Virgo cares. Again, the nagging in time will be better as Virgo grows more tactful in expression. No matter what, Virgo will be committed to making the relationship work! Virgo will end up staying in a relationship longer than expected, mainly out of hope that it will one day evolve to Virgo’s liking. If anything, Virgo needs to make sure boundaries are kept in place. Virgo will have a bad habit to end up in a relationship (romantic or business) that Virgo feels indebted to. If this is the case, Virgo will work tirelessly to continue perfecting the relationship even when the partner has given up. This can cause a lack of boundaries, which fires up Virgo’s martyr syndrome. Virgo will find the most perfect partner pre-made, and say, “no, thanks!” Instead, Virgo will go for that diamond in the rough, the person with untapped potential just simmering below the surface. This is because Virgo wants a partner they can model in their ideal image. This ideal partner will be semi-great already, but with Virgo’s touch, they’ll become transformed for the better. In order for this to work, the ideal partner needs to also be equally generous in return. Virgo is generous with feedback, ways to help, and enacting a plan for bettering one’s self. So, the partner would need to match that in some way in order to keep the relationship reciprocal. Ideally, the perfect partner would match through self-improvement. If the partner shows consistent improvement, then the relationship is reciprocal in the sense that Virgo was able to perfect and the person was able to embody that. Ideally, the perfect person should also teach Virgo the value of being imperfect in a relationship as well. This would be taught by having firm boundaries with certain criticism or even the way in which Virgo critiques. It would be taught by showing Virgo that disappointment can’t always be avoided. Virgo needs to be reminded that a partner can’t always live up to an unreasonable expectation or standard. If anything, Virgo will have to learn to be more realistic in love through their partner. No matter what, the partner needs to work just as hard as Virgo.

Libra in the 7th House

Libra has a 50/50 take on unions. When it comes to contracts, commitments, or relationships, Libra’s not afraid to initiate after debating the pros and cons first. Libra will think of all options, plus their plausible outcomes and consequences. So, it’s crucial to look at a scenario from all angles before making a commitment to a contract, person, place, or thing! Libra mainly looks for reciprocity in potential commitments. Ideally, Libra will want to make sure the potential commitment is balanced, just, and fair. The potential commitment must add peace to Libra’s life, not take away from it. That will be the main selling point of any commitment. If Libra remains indecisive, then it’s because Libra probably doesn’t want to commit but also doesn’t want to burn the bridge either. Libra will hold off from giving a definitive answer in favor of keeping that person around for personal satisfaction. Libra will also hold off because Libra will worry that denying or rejecting a proposition would ruin Libra’s reputation. The only time Libra will outright reject someone or something is usually because Libra was forced to decide in the moment, which is never ideal for any Libran placement. When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Libra will be all in as long as everybody gets a pay-off. Business matters should be equally reciprocal on all ends, in all ways. From co-leadership, to deferral of responsibilities, to success, it’s all fair between all parties involved in the process. Libra will debate the pros and cons of anything business-related before committing. Once committed, Libra likes to lead with social grace and charm. Ideally, co-leaders should be more aggressive than Libra. Libra may do best in a business partnership that is like a “good cop, bad cop” duo. Libra would also do best as the face of the business with someone strategizing behind Libra. Ideally, business matters would also be kept separate from personal matters. Libra would want the decision-making process to be joint between partners with potential contracts and commitments. If anything, business may be treated like a democracy if Libra is involved. When it comes to romantic relationships, Libra is most comfortable in a partnership. Libra represents a “we” mentality, inferring that Libra does best with another complimentary half. Romantic relationships come naturally to Libra. Libra will commit to a person if the person promises a sense of peace and love in Libra’s life. If this is promised, Libra is all for a relationship. The only time Libra will leave is if Libra falls out of love or if the partner compromises the peace. However, for Libra to fall out of love would be contingent on the relationship becoming volatile or hurtful. Libra is typically a faithful, loving partner in any relationship. Libra will have a tactful approach to the idea of commitment, even marriage. In fact, Libra will be oriented to wanting a marriage, but not after heavily debating the pros and cons first. Libra will try to find a romantic relationship that mirrors or compliments Libra’s core self. After all, Libra is trying to find the other half. The ideal partner is someone who is intelligent, balanced, and represents Venusian qualities. Libra will go for a partner who is complimentary. The ideal partner will be like the final puzzle piece in Libra’s life. Ideally, this person is someone who talks through conflict, thinks logically, and has a social charm to die for. The partner would mirror favorable qualities that Libra already upholds. No matter what, the partner should maintain a sense of peace in the relationship.

Scorpio in the 7th House

Scorpio has an obsessive take on unions. Scorpio’s “all or nothing” mentality extends to commitments, contracts, and relationships. If Scorpio is unattached or unencumbered, then Scorpio may be a little bored but fine nonetheless. If Scorpio becomes attached or committed, it almost always becomes quiet the entanglement. Scorpio has a powerful loyalty, borderline obsession, with commitments. Scorpio gives a commitment everything Scorpio has all. So, this is why Scorpio may not commit easily, because commitments do become such a large focus for this placement. Not to mention that Scorpio has a natural distrust of new ventures that have to be overcome before Scorpio opens up to the new possibilities. When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Scorpio takes on commitments that allude to power. Scorpio will dive into a business agreement or partnership if it poses power. Not necessarily a particular power (i.e. financial), but if Scorpio feels powerful because of the commitment, then that’s all that matters. When committed to a business venture, Scorpio aims to transcend the mundane. Ideally, the business alliance or contract should have a larger-than-life fruition of success. It should go above and beyond, especially since Scorpio will fight for that. Scorpio will obsess, dominate, and control if necessary to bring the business venture to new plights of success. So, it’s necessary for Scorpio to find a counterpart in business who can curtail the Scorpio dominatrix. After all, Scorpio may manipulate other’s resources for their own advantage, especially if an aspect of that is apparent in a contract or business alliance. The ideal business partner is empathetic to Scorpio, but firm with boundaries. This can help offset the intensity Scorpio can bring to the table, especially when the intensity turns into a controlling attitude. If anything, Scorpio does best in a business alliance or with a business contract that steadily transforms and evolves for the better in time. It should be a gradual transformation that promises new levels of power! When it comes to romantic relationships, Scorpio is hard to get to know as a potential partner. Scorpio needs to assess a potential romantic partner before committing. There is a basis of general distrust and coldness, mainly because Scorpio is secretly very afraid of becoming heartbroken. If someone is able to prove themselves, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally, Scorpio is ready to commit. Once committed, Scorpio will desire a deep, emotional bond that is built on secrecy, mystery, and sexual passion. The relationship is private in nature. What goes on in the relationship stays between those in the relationship. Scorpio needs a partner who is trustworthy with personal information, dreams, and love. This is because Scorpio only opens up to a select few, which will include their partner in time. So, the relationship needs to have a solid foundation of trust. Immature Scorpio placements will use blackmail and gaslighting as the foundation, instead of using genuine trust. In time, the romantic partnership should deep, evolve, and age like fine wine. Scorpio’s goal with the relationship is to improve ad elevate the passion, intensity, and loyalty over time. If anything, Scorpio really needs to watch the paranoia and jealous behavior in order to keep the relationship healthy. The perfect partner is someone who has an emotional depth of their own. Scorpio’s ideal person has the personality equivalent of hidden treasure. Ideally, the perfect partner opens up over time. This person ought to be magnetic and charming, as Scorpio would want to be seduced by their partner throughout time. The partner would be psychologically fascinating, especially if Scorpio and the partner share common taboo interests. No matter what, the partner should keep Scorpio on their toes!

Sagittarius in the 7th House

Sagittarius has a non-committal take on unions. Sagittarius is a free spirit, belonging to nobody and nothing except the possibilities of the future. Because of this, Sagittarius won’t necessarily make settling down a priority. It’s nothing personal. Sagittarius is a wanderlust sign, who is more oriented to explore all options rather than sticking to just one. This may explain why this placement goes through so many commitments and relationships. Sagittarius typically tries anything once, so this is the placement who will commit, break-up, then commit to something else. Once a taste of an experience is had, Sagittarius is gone with the wind. When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Sagittarius may be vaguely involved in a few ventures at once. It’s likely Sagittarius bounces around from business to business, typically involved in many ventures that fulfill many different interests. Because of this free-spirited energy, Sagittarius needs an open business relationship. Ideally, no hard contracts, deadlines, or due dates. Sagittarius does best in a free-lance, or removed position in business. This is why leading or holding the business steady isn’t an option. If anything, Sagittarius does best in a business relationship that gives Sagittarius a few loose objectives to fulfill. Bonus points if Sagittarius can do it on their terms in their own time. Because of this loosey-goosey mentality, Sagittarius will do best with flexible business partners and contracts. A strict leader, partner, or contract is a sure-fire way to make Sagittarius run for the hills. Ideally, the business partnership should always be open to honest debate, mainly so that everybody feels like they can express themselves, especially Sagittarius. If anything, Sagittarius needs a business partnership that is able to let Sagittarius roam. When it comes to romantic relationships, Sagittarius will commit to the relationship if the relationship hasn’t been experienced yet. Sagittarius is the placement who wants to explore every aspect of a House possible. So, naturally, this would infer exploring all types of relationships with all types of people. Once Sagittarius feels matured from these expansive experiences, then a real relationship can come into focus. By a real relationship, this would refer to one where Sagittarius knows they’ve found the “One” because of how experienced they are from previous love experiences. Once this person has been found, then the commitment follows. The relationship would do best if it’s an open one in nature, implying a lack of exclusivity. This doesn’t mean cheating or a sex-only relationship. It merely refers to a relationship between Sagittarius and a partner who allow for each other to experiment outside of the relationship with consent. Ideally, the relationship would be dynamic, optimistic, and adventurous. It’s one where both Sagittarius and the partner can wholly express themselves in all ways. It’s an honest, maybe to a fault, relationship. The perfect partner would be moralistic and jovial in nature. Sagittarius needs a partner who is the human form of adventure. This person needs to feel like a new perspective. If anything, Sagittarius needs a partner who’s up for a good debate. This person needs to know how to argue, using humor and facts to debate their P.O.V. against Sagittarius. Strong wit and character is an aphrodisiac for Sagittarius. No matter what, the partner will become the world to Sagittarius.

Capricorn in the 7th House

Capricorn has a responsible take on unions. With anything in life, Capricorn takes it on like a burden or responsibility. At times, Capricorn’s take is so serious, it can lack a little fun. However, in the House of Union, Capricorn looks at potential relationships and commitments with stoicism. Capricorn needs to find something to build from the ground up. Ideally, Capricorn builds empires with business, and marriage with a relationship. The idea is the ultimate success, a success so phenomenal others are jealous of it. This is why Capricorn takes on a hard, cold edge when considering a prospect. It’s the responsibility of seeing the commitment through that puts Capricorn on edge with the idea of committing to it. Especially since once Capricorn gets started, there’s no stopping the mountain goat! When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Capricorn is in command. Capricorn commits to business ventures when Capricorn sees the very tangible potential for an empire to rise. Ideally, Capricorn does it the work as a leader with very successful, loyal subordinates to help carry out the process. Capricorn may not work well with co-leaders unless the co-leader shares the absolute same vision and process. After all, Capricorn can be quite dominating, mainly from a place of condescendingly think that Capricorn knows best. Because of this, Capricorn may step on quite a few toes in a business partnership or in a business agreement. Capricorn needs to be mindful of their limitations, what a team can offer, and how to keep a checks and balances afloat. So, an ideal business partnership teaches these aspects. No matter what, once committed to a business venture, Capricorn will see it through. This means Capricorn is the partner to count on, even when the going gets tough. When it comes to romantic relationships, it’s taken in the same serious tone as a business investment. After all, Capricorn needs a relationship who can elevate Capricorn. Romance is serious, responsible, and mature. Romance is looked at for potential for marriage. Capricorn values a romantic relationship that leads to co-owning or living with the partner. Because of the brevity of romance, Capricorn may neglect to get into partnerships, choosing to focus on career instead. This neglect may come from a fear of feeling unlovable or unworthy of love. The neglect may also come from a place of hyper-focusing on solo success with career, money, and social status. This can explain why Capricorn has very few, yet very serious relationships. After all, a romantic relationship should build or add to an empire in Capricorn’s life, not take away from it. The ideal partner has status, wealth, and power. This partner is someone who elevates Capricorn, or aims to move up the social ladder with Capricorn. Capricorn is likely to go for someone who is self-made, or someone who comes from high society. This ideal partner embodies a classy, socialite life that intertwines beautifully with money. Truly, the ideal partner is someone who is accepting of Capricorn. This will teach Capricorn that they are worthy of love from anyone, even someone who exceeds all of Capricorn’s high standards. No matter what, the partner needs to take the relationship as seriously as Capricorn does.

Aquarius in the 7th House

Aquarius has an unconventional take on unions. When it comes to aspects of this House, the goal is for Aquarius to feel free within the commitments. Aquarius needs to feel free in the form of having and giving independence. Aquarius will only commit if the relationship or contracts has an independent nature, meaning it won’t lead to codependency in Aquarius’s life. Aquarius is loyal to a fault, but definitely needs room to breathe. A heavy, restrictive commitment will sour the relationship otherwise nonchalant Aquarius. So, Aquarius may do best with atypical or unconventional commitments. When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Aquarius is oriented towards the unusual. If Aquarius commits to a business venture, it’s because the venture doesn’t conform to a status quo. Aquarius likes to be in business with creative, electric people who have a vision. The partnerships do best when everyone has the space to create their own thing, or have their own influence. The contracts do best when Aquarius is left to do what they want to do within certain constraints. For example, working alone on an invention but having it be due by a particular deadline. If anything, Aquarius needs a business alliance that encourages the unusual, but keeps the arrogance in check. Aquarius can get a god complex, so ideal business partners would know how to keep Aquarius in a humble mindset. Ideal business partners would likely have quirky personalities and interests. When it comes to romantic relationships, Aquarius needs a best friend for a partner-in-crime. Aquarius will prioritize friendship as the basis of any relationship. This isn’t the placement who rushes into love easily, even if there is a desire to do so. If anything, prospective romantic partners are usually waiting in the friendzone for their time to shine. If that time ever comes, Aquarius will happily commit. The commitment comes from knowing who that person already is extensively, and with a feeling of security in the friendship that was already there. There may be aspects of the relationship that are unconventional, such as difference, cultural differences, background differences, etc. But don’t be surprised if this is the true bachelor/bachelorette placement in astrology. After all, this placement in Aquarius is more aloof, usually content with being single or engaging in shallow relationships that don’t get to a serious standpoint. The ideal partner is first a long-term best friend. This person is a consistent in Aquarius’s life. This can refer to someone who’s been around for years, or through thick and thin already. Ideally, this person is extremely loyal and patient, knowing to give Aquarius the freedom to be themselves. If anything, this person is also atypical from what Aquarius would be expected to date. This can refer to a number of things, but know that the ideal partner is special. This person shines because Aquarius believes the partner is different from all the rest. If committed, it’s likely Aquarius will try to spend a good portion, if not the rest, of life with this person. No matter what, the partner should never be emotionally overwhelming or taxing.

Pisces in the 7th House

Pisces has an unrealistic take on unions. Pisces lives in a la-la land with commitments and relationships. It’s fairly likely Pisces spends more time daydreaming than acting on said commitments. If anything, Pisces has quite a unique take on relationships that may not match reality. This stems from an unconditional love and hope with this placement. Pisces will see the silver linings, the rainbows after the storm, etc. before any of the ugly aspects. While this hope is admirable, it sometimes goes unchecked. Pisces needs to keep reality in mind with a or in a commitment. When it comes to business partnerships and alliances, Pisces needs to find trustworthy constituents. Pisces is a very trusting placement, so there needs to be discernment with business. Ideally, Pisces should be surrounded by honest, creative entreprenuers who wish to beautify the world. These business alliances should feed Pisces’s sensitive soul. The types of contracts Pisces agrees to should be more open to interpretation. Pisces needs to be in a business agreement with honest, yet strong-willed personalities. If not, Pisces may have a difficult time fulfilling their end of the bargain. As long as Pisces is semi-skeptical, this will help with who to partner with. After all, this may be a placement who commits to a grand idea because it seems shiny, new, and promising. This can lead to being swindled by greedy business partners. So, Pisces really needs to be a little bit more contemplative before committing to a business venture or partnership! When it comes to romantic relationships, Pisces has a soft love to give. Pisces may have a bad habit of drifting in and out of relationships. But know that each relationship had Pisces whole heart, mind, and body in it. When romantically committed, Pisces falls effortlessly for the person. There’s almost little to no resistance to the idea of love. It’s likely Pisces spends most of the time daydreaming about their partner, the relationship, or what the relationship can become. The love is so wholesome that it can drive out a sense of boundaries with Pisces. Pisces will want to make the relationship a 24/7 priority, whether that’s in person, keeping up through social media, or both. Because of this, Pisces may have an emotionally involved, if overwhelming, relationship at hand. The perfect partner is soft, gentle, and loving. This is somebody who is a creative, old soul that loves Pisces just as hard. This person may have to work a little bit hard to re-instate boundaries in the relationship to keep it from becoming too mutable in nature. The perfect partner may have some addictive tendencies, like Pisces does. The love itself may be the addition shared between the two. No matter what, the partner will mellow and genial like Pisces is.  

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