“The Crone…

is the old, haggard woman. She is rough, raw, and blunt. She is the Way Shower, the Wise Woman. The Crone is death, repose, and the end. She is an archetypal figure. The Crone is either helpful or obstructive, always associated with the supernatural.”


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Founded in 2023, the Salem Astrology Group serves as a communal space that welcomes stargazers from all experience levels & focuses on building connections through astrological discussion and education.

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About Liz Simmons

Ever since she was a child, Liz has always been fascinated with the occult. But her witchy journey didn’t begin until Liz’s nodal return in 2015 when she felt called to study astrology and eventually tarot while working toward her B.A. in psychology. Read more…

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