Descriptions, Pricing, & Submission Forms

Personalized Monthly Horoscope ($10)

Using your birth chart, I will generate a customized horoscope for any given month. This PDF file will be 2 – 4 pages long. It will detail an overview of the transits of that month, with a brief explanation of each major transit and insight as to how it will affect your day-to-day life. The horoscope will have two specific sections – love & career/finances. Specific dates will also be included.

Birth Chart ($25)

This PDF file will be 15 – 20 pages long. The birth chart will go in-depth with explaining each planetary placement, natal retrogrades, all 12 Houses, empty vs full Houses, Chiron, Lilith, North and South Nodes, and the chart type. It will also include a picture of your chart!

Relationship Reading ($40)

This PDF file will be 15 – 20 pages long. It will cover both individual’s Rising signs, Rising sign compatibility, both Midheavens, and Midheaven compatibility. It will also examine Sun-Sun, Moon-Moon, Mercury-Mercury, Venus-Venus, Mars-Mars, and Saturn-Saturn compatibility as well. Each planetary compatibility will also have a few sentences to detail each individual’s planetary placement, which helps the customer understand themselves, their partner, and how their planets mesh together. The 12 Houses is the combined 12 Houses of both charts. In other words, the Houses are the composite Houses, which detail how the couple faces each sector of life. Each House will have an in-depth description, and will include additional information if it is a full House. Lastly, each individual’s Juno signs will be examined as well as the compatibility between Juno. Juno is the asteroid of Marriage, so this explanation can help determine the marriage compatibility of the relationship.

Yes/No Question with Tarot ($10)

This short video will answer one question. It will provide insight and advice. Uses Rider-Waite Tarot.

30 Minute Tarot Reading ($30)

A 30 minute video that can address up to three questions, or examine a general inquiry. This video will answer each inquiry in full, using three decks to provide insight and advice. Uses Rider Waite Tarot, Angel Answers, and Amenti Feather Heart Oracle.

60 Minute Tarot Reading ($60)

A 60 minute video that can address up to five questions, or examine a general inquiry. This type of tarot reading is also recommended for insight for the month ahead, and insight for up to the next three months. Uses Rider-Waite Tarot, Angel Answers, Romance Angels, and Amenti Feather Heart Oracle.

Relationship Tarot Reading ($40)

Roughly a 30 minute video that looks into your love life! This tarot reading can address up to two questions in relation to your love life, your current relationship, your partner/crush, and more. Uses Rider-Waite Tarot, Romance Angels, Lover’s Oracle, and Angel Answers.

Customizable Astrology or Tarot Reading (pricing determined upon requests)

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Q: Where can I order my form?

A: Astrology Forms & Tarot Forms

Q: How can I pay?

A: Here is the PAYPAL link!

Q: Will I receive an invoice?

A: Yes, via PAYPAL. If you don’t get one, please contact me (form below).

Q: Can I specify any questions, concerns, etc. for my reading?

A: Yes, please do so in your submission form.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: Please allow for 5 days since ordering your reading.

Q: Testimonials?

A: Read the reviews here!

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