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Carly B. (Tarot)

“Her readings are deeply insightful and thorough, taking into account general astrology, as well as your personal chart. She is always willing to further discuss meanings and influences. I’m always satisfied with the wisdom she shares from the cards!”

Tracey F. (Tarot/Birth Chart)

“My readings with Liz have been so enlightening. She is so detailed and accurate. I have recommended her to friends and family. She is amazing and has a true gift.

Ariana S. (Tarot/Birth Chart)

“Liz has been reading my tarot cards every month for almost a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased. She is amazing at what she does giving specific insight into what is going on in my life. I seriously recommend her because after every reading there is always something useful that I can take away. She’s so knowledgeable and skillful and it’s exactly what you want from a tarot reading. I also purchased a birth chart from her and I was blown away from the extreme detail and length of it! 18 pages!? That’s insanity! It included so many details about myself that just made me think “yup, mhmmmhmm this is me to a T” and also information that made me laugh because of how scary accurate it was. Seriously seriously if you’re thinking about doing any of these services go with her, she never disappoints!

Cannelle F. (Tarot)

“I seriously can’t think Liz enough for the incredible tarot reading I got from her a few days ago. I’ve had a number of questions in my head recently and desperately needed some guidance on how to move forward and Liz was able to perfectly describe exactly how I’ve been feeling and offer guidance on what I can expect next. She literally tapped into exact thoughts and used words and phrases that had been swimming around my head for weeks. She was so thorough and took the time to give me detailed answers to each of my questions. Liz is highly intuitive and definitely has a gift and I can’t recommend her enough!”

Megan M. (Tarot)

“The reading I got was based off of a pile I picked along with a question! very insightful and thoughtful reading.”

Christa F. (Tarot/Asteroid Reading)

“Liz is an incredibly refreshing wealth of knowledge! She is generous in all of her offerings, and it is clear that she really enjoys being of service in a way that supports self actualization..”

Caitlin F. (Horoscopes/Birth Chart/Tarot)

“I think my monthly tarot readings have been very specific, and clear-cut. It’s not ambiguous. My birth chart reading and monthly horoscopes are scary specific. My horoscopes offers me introspection.”

Jade C. (Tarot/Love in Astrology)

“My readings from Liz at The Crone have been so insightful and detailed. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself through her readings. I no longer feel as lost or helpless when thinking of the future, because she always reminds me that everything is written in the stars and meant to be for me. Her readings always give me hope and clarity about the situation at hand. I highly recommend her!”

Kelsey E. (Tarot/Birth Chart)

“Liz is absolutely amazing, she goes above and beyond! Her readings are compiled beautifully and so insightful! She takes ample time to thoroughly go over all elements, explaining and answering all questions in depth and her knowledge and passion for the subjects are superlative! I can not recommend her enough! 💗”