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Carly B. (Tarot)

“Her readings are deeply insightful and thorough, taking into account general astrology, as well as your personal chart. She is always willing to further discuss meanings and influences. I’m always satisfied with the wisdom she shares from the cards!”

Tracey F. (Tarot/Birth Chart)

“My readings with Liz have been so enlightening. She is so detailed and accurate. I have recommended her to friends and family. She is amazing and has a true gift.

Ariana S. (Tarot/Birth Chart)

“Liz has been reading my tarot cards every month for almost a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased. She is amazing at what she does giving specific insight into what is going on in my life. I seriously recommend her because after every reading there is always something useful that I can take away. She’s so knowledgeable and skillful and it’s exactly what you want from a tarot reading. I also purchased a birth chart from her and I was blown away from the extreme detail and length of it! 18 pages!? That’s insanity! It included so many details about myself that just made me think “yup, mhmmmhmm this is me to a T” and also information that made me laugh because of how scary accurate it was. Seriously seriously if you’re thinking about doing any of these services go with her, she never disappoints!

@aimeeblondie (Birth Chart Reports)

“Accurate, with heart and devotion. Thankful for The spot on and insightful reading of my next astro year.

Kayley-Rae (Live 60 Minute Tarot Reading)

“My reading was amazing. Liz didn’t skip a beat!! Her insight was incredibly helpful and provided me with a relaxed sense of confidence moving forward in my life. I will definitely get another reading by her again next time I find myself seeking clarity .

Brenda (Personalized Monthly Horoscope for Feb 2021)

“I connected with Liz to get a month a head Astro reading. Liz is super knowledgeable, responsive and meticulous. She also takes a lot of pride in her work, and you can rest assured that the work she shares with you will be thoughtful and detailed. I feel well equipped to deal with any transits related to me and my birth chart. I look forward to working with Liz again in the near future! Thank you again, Liz, for my February reading!.

Farris (Personalized Monthly Horoscope for March 2021, Tarot Readings)

“Each time I’ve gotten readings from Liz, it’s resonated deeply. I’ve felt seen and supported by the wisdom in her words. Get a reading from her if you can–she’s always been helpful!

A satisfied client who wishes to remain anonymous (30 Minute Tarot Reading)

“I recently had a tarot reading with the Crone and she nailed it! Perfectly describing partnership dynamics as if she knew us both and our situation. She helped me take a look at some issues I was turning a blind eye to. She is extremely insightful, accurate and talented! I also loved the video recording of the reading that I can reference for the coming year since some of the questions I had were about the future. I highly recommend getting a reading with the Crone.

Vanessa (30 Minute Tarot Reading)

The reading was accurate and enjoyable. I enjoyed the correlation of tarot and astrology in my report.

Emma F. (Yearly Tarot Subscription)

Liz is clearly FLUENT in tarot, and that comes across in the confidence and thoughtfulness she brings to my readings. Liz is my tarot go-to, and I don’t see that changing any time soon!

Lianne (30 Minute Tarot Reading)

I’ve been following Liz’s work on Instagram for some time and had been curious to ask a tarot reading from her. I was absolutely amazed by her reading for me, it greatly resonated with me and my past experiences and where I am in my life currently. Her reading was also very insightful, informative, and detailed, she gives you all the information you need to know about your question in mind. Liz is such an empathetic and kind reader, I cannot recommend her work enough! 🙂

Cannelle F. (Tarot)

“I seriously can’t think Liz enough for the incredible tarot reading I got from her a few days ago. I’ve had a number of questions in my head recently and desperately needed some guidance on how to move forward and Liz was able to perfectly describe exactly how I’ve been feeling and offer guidance on what I can expect next. She literally tapped into exact thoughts and used words and phrases that had been swimming around my head for weeks. She was so thorough and took the time to give me detailed answers to each of my questions. Liz is highly intuitive and definitely has a gift and I can’t recommend her enough!”

Megan M. (Tarot)

“The reading I got was based off of a pile I picked along with a question! very insightful and thoughtful reading.”

@Christafontaine (Tarot/Asteroid Reading)

“Liz is an incredibly refreshing wealth of knowledge! She is generous in all of her offerings, and it is clear that she really enjoys being of service in a way that supports self actualization..”

Vanessa N. (Tarot)

“Liz is fantastic! I got a 30 minute, 3 question reading done with an emphasis on love/romance. Many of the things that came up during the reading really resonated with me and explained my current situation surrounding relationships. Not only does she gather information from the cards she uses but she also ties in channeled messages she hears intuitively. I highly recommend her to anyone that feels like they need answers and guidance.”

Emma, @emmamfrey (Birth Chart Report)

“Liz is thorough! My astro readings were detailed and illuminating.”

Judy (30 Minute Tarot Reading)

“I really enjoyed the reading. At first I was concerned that it’s pre-recorded vs live interactive, but I think the way you present the cards and explanations work well – without me interrupting you if live & the reading seemed consistent throughout. I also can relate to where you said I’ve been & what I need to work on. Two things that I truly want in a partner that you mentioned: give to me the same love I give out (to expect this) & to always have my back, like I have his.”

Jessica L. (Big 3 Report)

“I received my Big 3 Reading from Liz and enjoyed reading it very much. A lot of the content hit home and meshed with how I see myself. She was super quick with her replies and engagement.”

Alice (Custom Career Reading)

“The reading I received was well communicated. I understood much of what she said and a lot of it she hit it on the nail for me. Definitely gave me much more clarity and sense of peace. Overall I loved it and it was lovely experience that I can’t thank you enough for!”

Emma F. @emmamfrey (Valentine’s Day Bundle)

“Fantastic reading, freakishly accurate and so detailed and thoughtful!”

Danna Y. (60 Minute Tarot Reading)

“I recently asked Liz for a reading about one specific are of my life. She intuitively and with the tarot answered all of my questions plus others about literally every aspect of my life! She hit on love, career, family, self growth and more. She was so detailed as if we were best friends.  I was blown away by her insights and the whispers that she received from spirit that totally validated some of my suspicions about people in my life. She was able to tell me what I need to do in order to reach my goals and what resistance is showing up. I felt like she didn’t just read the cards but also read my energy, feelings, and emotions. It has been a week since my reading and I am still seeing how this reading is coming into fruition. Liz from The Crone is incredibly intuitive, psychic, and talented. I would absolutely recommend her readings to everyone. You’ll get what you want AND what you need plus so much more information and insight.”

Lisa-Robyn Keown @vivalunastudios (60 Minute Live Birth Chart Reading)

“I absolutely loved my reading with Liz. We focused quite heavily on a few key placements/aspects in my chart and I got a lot of clarity in these areas. Liz was super professional, gave me insights that really helped and then also shared a bunch of helpful resources with me afterwards – which was totally unexpected. She also has a psychology background too which I think really helps when interpreting complex placements/aspects as she offers a really rounded explanation of things from a human behaviour perspective as well as a cosmic perspective. Loved it.”

Caitlin F. (Horoscopes/Birth Chart/Tarot)

“I think my monthly tarot readings have been very specific, and clear-cut. It’s not ambiguous. My birth chart reading and monthly horoscopes are scary specific. My horoscopes offers me introspection.”

@Jadealexandra07 (Tarot/Love in Astrology)

“My readings from Liz at The Crone have been so insightful and detailed. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself through her readings. I no longer feel as lost or helpless when thinking of the future, because she always reminds me that everything is written in the stars and meant to be for me. Her readings always give me hope and clarity about the situation at hand. I highly recommend her!”

Kelsey E. (Tarot/Birth Chart)

“Liz is absolutely amazing, she goes above and beyond! Her readings are compiled beautifully and so insightful! She takes ample time to thoroughly go over all elements, explaining and answering all questions in depth and her knowledge and passion for the subjects are superlative! I can not recommend her enough! 💗”

@Jaseven_eight_nine (Big 3 Astrology Report)

“I purchased the big 3 birth chart reading. I really enjoyed how thorough Liz went into each of my signs. She explained things well and offered evolved and unevolved traits which may lead to specific scenarios. She did a great job at explaining how the sun, moon, and rising sign affected each other and I understand more what each of them means.”

Rachael (Custom Astrology Report)

“I received my synastry reading this morning and I was completely and utterly blown away. I told her that my partner and I had done the generic auto synastry readings on websites before, but never through an actual astrologer directly. Her reading was so personal, it was thorough, it was thoughtful…it was just…beyond my expectations. On top of that, I asked her questions after the reading, and she wrote back with even more thorough clarity. Her energy is beautiful and I can tell she really loves what she does. Beyond grateful to have found her. Worth every penny.”

@Incomparable_tarot on IG (Custom Career Report)

“A lot of information. Lots of details on the backgrounds of the cards and I was a little confused but I enjoyed my reading. You touched on base and you are accurate. Thank youYou did a good job. Thank you again”

Megan (Valentine’s Day Bundle)

I received a tarot reading from the Crone about my relationship with my partner and I will say it did not disappoint! The reading resonated with our current situation and felt true to who we both are. I am very pleased and highly recommended the Crone for your readings!!

B (Birth Chart & 30 Minute Tarot Reading)

I have had a birth chart reading and a tarot card reading by Liz and she was so spot on with both.

Cassidy @_cassidyanne_ (60 Minute Live Tarot Reading)

I had about an hour long reading with Liz and loved every part of it! She was so supportive, explained everything very well, and made sure I got all of my questions answered! Overall great reading, would recommend and will likely buy more readings later.”

Savindi J. (30 Minute Tarot Reading)

“I was introduced to Liz’s work by a friend, and I was blown away by my reading. She’s incredibly thoughtful and empathetic. She explains things really well, which makes it easier for someone like me (who doesn’t have much knowledge and experience about Tarot cards and Tarot readings). I was so blown away by Liz’s intuition/readings of the cards into my past experiences and life in general. They were spot on. She’s also hilarious, and I loved that her cat Hydra made an appearance during my reading :).

I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone who is looking to get an insightful Tarot reading. She’s so lovely and talented!”