The 6th House of Routine

The 6th House is traditionally ruled by Virgo and Mercury, making this a cadent House. This House presides of the sectors of life that deal with daily routine, all facets pertaining to health, work-life, and even pets! The 6th House is important in the sense that it shows how one operates on a daily basis.

The cadent aspect of the House is one that represents a break-down. Under the focused direction of Mercury and Virgo, this House depicts every little aspect of one’s routine. It accurately, precisely breaks down the foundation of what goes into one’s schedule, wellness, and work status. If utilized correctly, the meaning behind one’s personal 6th House can greatly contribute to an improved state of happiness and daily satisfaction!

The Virgin influence in the 6th House shows up as consistent routine. The routine is usually consistent in nature, giving way to what one days 9 times out of 10 on any given day of the week. This aspect can also allude to what one is more inclined to include in their routine, and what one needs to ditch from their routine. This aspect represents all of the mundane attributes, responsibilities, and necessary loose-ends to take care of.

When it comes to health and wellness, the 6th House is the place to look. This mainly refers to physical health, especially in regard to diet, exercise, and physical ailments. However, this House can also allude to mental or emotional bereavements as well, especially when stress or negative emotions go unprocessed.

In true diligence, this is the House of work-life. The 6th House can be one of a few Houses that alludes to what one ought to look into for a job, what one does for “odd jobs”, and the desired work-life. The 6th House can also imply how one acts in their work environment as well.

As this is the House that denotes service, and what better way to serve than with a pet?! Pets are associated with the House of Service because pets are considered a factor crucial to daily life and routine. Virgo’s dutiful nature would be inclined to have a pet in the Virgin House as pets are the easiest outlets to consistently take care of. Not to mention that the influences in an individual 6th House can infer what the most ideal pet would be for that person!

The 6th House is anything but dull. With a little research, this is the sector that can be maximized in any individual’s life to improve a greater sense of consistent daily satisfaction in one’s routine, wellness, and livelihood.

Signs in the 6th House

Aries in the 6th House

Aries has a self-made routine. The daily routine of an Aries placement consistent of self-directed moves and decisions. Typically, nobody and nothing will sway the Aries. Truly, I dare somebody to throw Aries off of their beaten path. Once a venture, path, goal, whatever has been chosen, Aries likes to dive in head first. Ideally, the daily routine should be full of quick, energetic bursts that are exercised appropriately. Aries should have plenty of outlets to expend energy one. It’s even better if Aries is allowed to be physically on-the-go. Because Aries has boundless energy, the day may ebb into the night. Aries may be the first to wake-up and the last to go to bed. Insomnia may be an issue if energy isn’t exerted throughout the day. Health and wellness are huge for an Aries placement. Physical exercise is a must to keep the temper-tantrums at bay. It will also greatly help with sleeping. Diet may be a touch and go. Aries may be so focused on completing so many goals, or doing so much throughout their day that eating and drinking may not be a huge priority. As long as Aries remembers to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water instead of loading up on caffeine, then Aries is good to go. This is where discipline comes into play. Aries will be headstrong and dedicated to the adventure that is the day ahead. However, without a more regimented routine, Aries can sometimes be aimless, or expend energy on the wrong outlets. In order to be the winner in everyday life, Aries ought to include a slight regime to keep them on track. This would look like set wake-up/bed times, eating times, and carving out time for personal enjoyment. When it comes to physical ailments, Aries may struggle with headaches, sinus pressure, eyesight issues, migraines, and even cold sores. With work in mind, Aries ideally needs to be in an independent role at work. Aries works best either alone, or leading a pack. If Aries is expected to play a part in a group project, this may be stressful as Aries likes to take charge rather than sit back to follow someone else’s lead. Given the fiery, passionate influence, Aries needs to thoroughly enjoy their job in order for it to work. Aries needs to have passion projects or goals to be proud of. Not to mention that Aries thrives on positive reinforcement for completing the projects or goals. If Aries can direct subordinates in the work-place, then all the better. The ideal work setting would be fast-paced, sharp, and have high-stakes in nature. If Aries can be the “hero” in a workplace while performing under pressure, then talk about perfect! This placement may do best in industries or fields such as police-work, military, food & bev., sales, management, rescue worker/firefighter/EMT, and as an entrepreneur. But again, discipline is needed for work so that Aries doesn’t burn out too quickly. Lastly, Aries does will with an excitable pet. Ideally, Aries would be paired with a hardy pet that can be exercised frequently. So, this would be any hardy dog, like the working dog breeds or herding dog breeds.

Taurus in the 6th House

Taurus has a consistent routine. Every day is regimented for Taurus. This is the placement that craves consistency to fall back on. So, this looks like having a similar daily pattern, which may begin with the standard two cups of coffee in the morning, calling mom on the way to work, having a 9 to 5 gig, a daily nap, etc. No matter what the routine is, Taurus keeps it as steady as possible. Curveballs and inconsistency will put this placement on edge. Taurus likes to be able to count on the norm to get through the day. So, even having a different barista make the morning latte may set Taurus off in a bad mood. At times, Taurus can be a little lazy within the routine. Taurus energy is similar to that of couch potato energy. So, it would be wise for Taurus to include some form of exercise in everyday life to keep stagnancy at bay. Health and diet is as consistent as Taurus is. Taurus is the one who would meal-plan in advance, or have an order to diet. Think the same meal-times, same types of recipes in rotation, and even certain days dictating a type of meal (i.e. “meatless Mondays”). Taurus can be on the indulgent side, so it would be wise to keep portions and types of food in check. If not, Taurus in the 6th may be prone to hedonistic eating and gorging. This rule would also apply for sweets and alcohol as well. When it comes to physical ailments and issues, Taurus may have issues with the neck, throat, and weight-gain. Taurus in the 6th can allude to being prone to a sore or stiff neck, sore throats, and eventual weight-gain is diet is not kept in check. Taurus may also be prone to stiffness and lethargy if some form of exercise isn’t included in daily regime. With work, Taurus needs stability. Ideally, work-life should be the most accountable part of Taurus’s life as this will secure all other facets of Taurus’s life. Work is the standard 9 to 5 gig; the one thing Taurus knows to count on. The work-life routine is consistent, dependable, and doable. This is likely to be a job that requires little energy for tasks. If possible, Taurus may love the idea of having a desk or office as this would be the little home away from home at work. Since, Taurus isn’t naturally a leader by nature, this is a placement that does best in a second-in-command position. Taurus does well when someone else is calling the shots. The only time Taurus will take on more work is when Taurus stubbornly believes they can do better than their current higher-up. At times, Taurus may be stuck in their way. If Taurus ends up at a job for a long period of time, it may be particularly hard to break old habits or conform to change, such as new management. Taurus may also be oriented more to a job where everything stays pretty much the same. After all, Taurus likes to be able to work methodically, and how can one do that in the midst of chaos? Ideally, Taurus would be drawn to fields and industries such as finance, accounting, investing, real estate, banking, chef, and even restaurant management. With pets in mind, Taurus may be drawn to a pet that will cuddle on the couch with them. The ideal Taurus pet is sweet, snuggly, and quiet. Pets would be treated like their little fur-babies. Bonus points if Taurus can dress the pet or groom the pet in an adorable fashion (i.e. tiny sweaters for a tiny dog). Taurus may be drawn to small dogs and cats because of this reason. It may also be a little out there, but barnyard animals may be ideal for Taurus as well. Specifically, cows and chickens may be the best barnyard buddies.

Gemini in the 6th House

Gemini has a fluid routine. The daily life of Gemini in the 6th is filled with many possibilities within a select ventures. Gemini enjoys spontaneity in routine, allowing to go wherever the wind takes them. Since Gemini is mutable in nature, the daily routine will adjust as needed. Ideally, Gemini has a few outlets, goals, or ventures to bounce around. Gemini’s only consistency is the ability to float from outlet to outlet. Consistent regimes would bore the versatile Gemini to death. While there should be some daily occurrences to count on, most of Gemini’s routine is inherently flexible. As long as Gemini feels intellectually and socially stimulated, then this placement is content with the daily routine. Health and diet may also have a flexibility to it. Gemini may go through health phases, particularly the fads that are socially popular or intellectually stimulating. For example, Gemini may be the one to try out a new recipe because a celebrity flexed it on social media. Another example would be incorporating a new exercise regime that was featured on a popular health TV show or in a magazine. The society standards will almost always influence Gemini to change up their wellness plan. Gemini may also spend time researching or studying new wellness trends as well, particularly through social media. Because of this curiosity, Gemini may be knowledgeable in many types of dieting trends, exercise regimes, and wellness gurus. The open curiosity with health will also lead Gemini to explore it. This is the placement that isn’t afraid to try a new juice blend, or yoga class. If anything, Gemini may struggle with committing to a wellness plan. Gemini’s placement here may even be one of healthy hypocrisy. This would present as being the individual to preach an all vegan diet yet still pig out on meat. Aside from inconsistency with wellness, Gemini may also be prone to shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis in the hands/wrists, and breathing problems. Work ought to have the same flexibility as the other factors of this placement. Work-life should be quick, communicative, and a team effort. Gemini would do best as a middle-man, or team player, not so much in a leadership position. If anything, Gemini would adore group collaboration as long as the fellow teammates are communicative, intelligent, and open. If not, Gemini may feel stifled in the work-place. Gemini needs a work environment that values a mutable time-line, or mentality. Projects would ideally ebb and flow, with no definitive due dates or hard parameters. If work feels boring or stagnant, Gemini will get the rumor mill going. Harmless chatter will become entertaining, superficial gossip in no time. In fact, in order to keep busy, Gemini may even have two jobs or a main job with a side hustle! The perfect industries or fields for this placement would be sales, marketing, publishing, teaching, writing, public speaking, PR, journalism, and technology. With pets in mind, Gemini may be drawn to more unusual pets. It’s likely for Gemini to pick a pet who’s social in nature. Maybe this sounds odd, but birds, snakes, and ferrets may be the perfect frisky friend for this placement.

Cancer in the 6th House

Cancer has an emotionally driven routine. The daily life of this Cancer placement can be an emotionally invested one. The routine may ebb and flow, depending on Cancer’s emotional state and the effect of worldly factors throughout the day. In daily routine, Cancer would want to spend as much time at home or in an emotionally comfortable setting as possible. Cancer needs a routine where family (kin and by-choice) are incorporated in the daily routine. If possible, Cancer’s perfect day ahead is one spent at home, and/or with the family. Cancer’s idea of comfort often stems from nostalgia as well. So, the routine must have nostalgic factors, such as hitting up the local coffee shop that Cancer loves going to with their BFF. Like Taurus, Cancer also needs a semi-set schedule with food and drinks on deck. If Cancer misses an important meal, or lacks comfort food, then expect a very passive-aggressive, moody individual. Health and wellness ought to be prioritized here. If aspected incorrectly, this placement may neglect taking care of their health in a fit of sadness or anger. Moodiness will greatly influence exercise and diet. This may include gorging on comfort foods, neglecting exercise for a day on the couch, and using sleep as a coping mechanism. These aspects of poor health are often used as a security blanket when things go awry throughout the day. If aspected correctly, Cancer will learn to nurture themselves through exercise and food. They will find hearty, warm meals that are filling for the body and soul. Exercise will be used to clear the head of negative thoughts, to get fresh air, and endorphins going! It may be a struggle at first, but if Cancer can use health and wellness to cancel out daily mood swings, then there will be a huge intrinsic reward in the end. Just be careful to not go to the extremes of trying to convince others of one’s personal wellness plan. Aside from moodiness, Cancer may also struggle with chest pain, stomach problems, and even fertility issues. When it comes to work, Cancer often becomes deeply emotionally invested. The workplace, coworkers, and responsibilities of the job are held near and dear to Cancer’s loving heart. Cancer feels at one in the workplace. In fact, the job may even be an odd security blanket, as work may be a place that Cancer calls a home. This is the placement that refers to coworkers as a “family”. Sometimes, this can be detrimental as Cancer may cling to a job, coworker, or workplace past the expiration date. Ideally, the workplace is one that is altruistic in nature. Cancer needs to nurture, so that should be applied to work as well. Industries and fields for this placement may include teaching/mentoring, medicine, holistic health, therapy, hospitality, catering, working with kids or animals, working with mothers. If this placement can totally love-up on others and make a living off it, all the better! This can also explain the relationship this placement has with pets. Pets are favored, mainly because Cancer can give all of their heart to any fur-friend. In fact, this is the placement that would go to an animal shelter to volunteer, then leave with a new pet and all because the animal probably looked sad in a kennel. Because of Cancer’s endless love and devotion to pure critters, any animal is welcomed. However, Cancer is likely to go for the animal that can be pet and held. So, animals like dogs, cats, rodents, and hermit crabs may be the best fit.

Leo in the 6th House

Leo has a positive routine. In day-to-day life, Leo aims to make the best of their day. This is the placement who literally turns lemons into lemonade! Every day should be consistent for a Leo placement. Ideally, Leo can count on the day ahead by planning in advance. If something fun or exciting pops up, Leo will find a way to make time for it! Leo’s energetic, positive nature helps them get through the rough and disappointing moments of the day. It typically takes a lot to get this placement down, as the daily routine is executed with happiness in mind. The routine usually has a goal or project that needs to be finished within a certain amount of time. This goal or project can refer to work, but also health, wellness, service, and pets. Because of this, Leo takes pride in the daily routine. This placement likes to be able to say how much was accomplished before noon, let alone in the whole day. This pride plays a huge role in health, wellness, and work. Let’s digest. When it comes to health and wellness, Leo likes to appear as the standard all should meet. Health and wellness is super important, as it directly affects physical appearance. Leo may be the one who will have a strict regime, whether it’s diet, exercise, or maintaining a certain physical appearance. At times, Leo may be extremely boastful, even arrogant about health-related achievements. This is the placement who boasts about reaching their high school weight decades after high school, or pumping the most metal in the gym. Health-related ailments and risks may include heart disease, upper back pain, heart problems, and spinal problems. However, nobody would ever know unless Leo is a survivor of some disease! When it comes to work, Leo has a huge pride investment in workplace accomplishments. The accomplishments can range from landing a difficult job with one interview to raises to what job Leo is in. No matter the case, Leo needs to be in a workplace that makes Leo feel like the king of the world. Because there’s so much pride in work, Leo will likely throw themselves into the work they do. This can cause a bit of an imbalance, especially when Leo is hyper-focused on climbing to the top at work. The ideal workplace is one where Leo can boss around others, yet still be a middle-man themselves. Leo would ideally need to be in a position where they have both subordinates and superiors. The workplace ought to be one where positive reinforcement is abundant. Leo won’t survive in a job where praise is never given. Ideally, critics and negative feedback about job performance is far and few in-between. Work is now part of Leo’s big ego, so it needs to feed the ego, not take away from it. If Leo feels torn down or has a bruised ego at work, other’s will feel the wrath. This is a placement who can really turn the tables at work with an attitude adjustment. If Leo is happy, work is great. If not, then watch out! The perfect job is one where Leo can perform, be creative, and decisive. Ideal industries and fields would include theatre/acting, social media, sales, real estate, PR, management, and politics. Lastly, Leo needs a pet as loyal and fun as Leo is! Leo’s placement is exuberant in nature, so a fun-loving pet is a must. The pet may also be beautiful or exquisite in nature. The perfect pets for this placement would be birds, horses, cats, and show dogs.

Virgo in the 6th House

Virgo has a moldable routine. Virgo’s placement is comfortable, as Virgo is the traditional ruler of the 6th House. The daily routine for this placement is one that is semi-set, yet semi-flexible. Virgo does best with a loose outline. The outline itself will give a sense of structure, which Virgo can count on. The structure would look like bed times, wake-up times, eating times. The structure may even revolve around major events, like work or an appointment. But the outline is still loose in the sense of allowing for flexibility, which is something that Virgo may not seek after but welcomes none-the-less. The daily routine likely has many tasks, outlets, and more involved in it. Virgo does best when busy, so their schedule is likely full. At times, Virgo may bite off more than they can chew, so over-committing is a common theme. Yet somehow, Virgo always manages to complete everything they set out to do! If anything, Virgo just needs to ensure that personal time is carved out, especially if they’ve been over-committing. It’s okay to take it easy every now and then. Health and wellness carry the same flexible mindset as routine. Virgo is a health-oriented sign, so Virgo is likely to be very on top of diet, exercise, and mental wellness. However, Virgo is predisposed to a few ailments. If stress or anxiety goes unprocessed, it come out as somatic complaints. These somatic complains will present as stomach problems, acne, weight gain/loss, and sleeping problems. Aside from this, Virgo may have a delicate inner ecosystem to maintain. Virgo’s stomach, digestion, and intestines may be a physical focus. Once Virgo figures out which food culprits disrupts homeostasis, Virgo will adjust their diet as needed. If anything, Virgo is highly attuned to their physical health and ailments, so this is the placement who will know how to adjust their wellness regime. Just be careful of not becoming a hypochondriac! With work, Virgo takes a serious, fluid approach to all facets of their job. The workplace is where Virgo often shines. Virgo is the coworker who can organize, complete any task, and is always punctual. Virgo may have a cooler, yet intelligent vibe at work. Others would rely on Virgo for help or guidance, as Virgo would always be able to troubleshoot a problem. If anything, Virgo may be difficult to work with at times if the coworkers or workplace is sloppy. Virgo has an extremely well-kept work ethic, and usually expects the same from others. If the same isn’t given in return, then Virgo may become hyper-critical of facets in the work-place. So, ideally, the best jobs for Virgo are ones where Virgo can work mostly independent or oversee other’s work. All the better if Virgo can be in a teaching, training, or mentoring position. The best industries and fields would include publishing, journalism, teaching, stats/mathematics, research, editing, and even graphic design. Since Virgo rules this House, just about any animal will suffice. However, Virgo ought to consider either an easy-going pet or a temperamental pet. An easy-going pet may be a cat or dog, as these animals require less assistance and are more independent in nature. However, Virgo may be drawn to temperamental pets, like fish or other delicate critters. Regardless, Virgo will be on top of any pet’s health-related concerns. So, a dog like a German Shepherd would be continually monitored for hip problems throughout life, or a fish tank would meet the perfect habitat requirements. This placement would do best by staying away from anxiety fueling pets, like small, yappy dogs or extremely noisy animals.

Libra in the 6th House

Libra aims for the work-life balance. When it comes to daily routine, everything ought to be planned ahead and harmonious. Libra appreciates a natural, if intended, flow to their day. Ideally, the day should be equal in all parts related to introversion, extroversion, work, personal, etc. If Libra can help it, the daily routine is fair to not only Libra, but everyone else as well. Nobody feels unacknowledged or left out in a Libra’s routine! If Libra can help it, making decisions on the spot and conflict aren’t part of the routine. If it becomes part of the routine, the delicate balance between life and emotional health is thrown off. Ideally, Libra is pre-prepared for anything and has plenty of time to make a decision before the decision is due. Conflict should never be part of Libra’s day, unless it’s intentionally put in the routine (i.e. the work Libra does for a living may involve conflict). Health and wellness has the same tone. Like Leo, Libra will be a health nut for the sake of aesthetic. Libra is likely to keep up a health and wellness regime to maintain any physical or dietary standards. Libra may also do this as working out regularly and having a consistent diet brings a sense of peace. By having a set health regime, Libra doesn’t have to wonder what to decide for dinner or if they should work out or not. It’s already been pre-determined, which brings a sense of peace because Libra doesn’t have to adjust or make any last-minute decisions. If health is kept up, it’s for beauty standards. Libra’s placement is the embodiment of, “you are what you eat” and “look good, feel great” mentalities. Aside from this, Libra may deal with aliments in the buttocks area, experience lower back pain, and skin problems as well (i.e. acne, psoriasis, etc.). When it comes to work, Libra likes to keep it separate from personal life. The workplace life, problems, and mentality are over when it’s time for Libra to clock out. Same goes for personal life matters, as those aren’t typically the focus when Libra clocks in for the day head. Libra’s goal to keep both as separate as possible to help keep an emotional balance. This way, Libra doesn’t take work back home, or home to work. While at work, Libra does best in a co-collaboration setting. Ideally, work is social and diplomatic. If Libra can operate in a collaborative setting, it fulfills a desire to be socially interactive while taking pressure off of being the decisive one. Libra may do best in a leadership role, but with other leaders of equal power and status. This placement has a work hard mentality. Libra may love workplace drama, but at a distance. Ideally the rumor mill or coworker beef shouldn’t involve Libra. If anything, Libra would prefer to be a bystander, even a mediator. Ideal industries and fields may include marketing, PR, HR, fashion, weddings/event planning, politics, policy, mediation, consulting, and law. When it comes to pets, Libra needs a fashionable fur-friend. Pets would likely be absolutely beautiful, fitting the individual’s aesthetic. If Libra can even say that their pet is from a reputable breeder or a shelter, then all the better. No matter what, Libra will first be attracted to the looks of a potential pet. If anything, Libra needs to find a pet with a calm personality and presence. So, the perfect pet would be small, docile dogs, gentle yet gorgeous cats, and smaller birds with bright plumage.

Scorpio in the 6th House

Scorpio is obsessive with routine. No matter what, Scorpio is exact on what they do on a daily basis. Scorpio needs a sense of control, so the ability to detail their routine is super ideal. If all else fails, then Scorpio know they can count on a few familiar or regular instances in their routine. However, Scorpio likes to operate in secrecy. So, while their actions or preferences are semi-predictable in nature, Scorpio will keep part of the routine at bay. This looks like showing up for the same coffee order at the same shop every day on the dot, but the barista never knowing what Scorpio does before or after they get their coffee, no matter how many times the barista tries to make small talk happen. Scorpio would rather die than become too predictable. With health and wellness, there is an element of secrecy there as well. Scorpio will likely rival Virgo in being health oriented, as Scorpio may be obsessive with certain health concerns or ailments. However, Scorpio will obsess quietly, not branching out unless dire or necessary. Scorpio is the one who will try every home remedy, self-diagnosis, and treat before opening up about their health concerns. This can explain why others are so surprised when they find out Scorpio was sick or in pain. Particular health concerns may involve the excretory system (i.e. UTIs), bowel, reproductive system, and genitals. Other health concerns may be related to sexual activity, such as libido, pregnancy, and/or diseases. With diet and exercise in mind, Scorpio is idealistic with what they do. This placement has a few select, tried-and-true recipes and work-outs that they stand by! When it comes to work, Scorpio is someone who can work independently and collaboratively. If independently, Scorpio is able to hyper-focus on certain goals or projects in the workplace. The ability to have tunnel-vision can lead to both success in the sense of completion, but also the inability to ask for help or see other perspectives. If in a collaborative setting, Scorpio works well as a middle-man. This is a placement who seeks control, so heading a team is an ideal. However, total control may be a bit more to handle, so Scorpio does well with working under flexible leaders who have confidence in Scorpio’s ability to micro-manage. Scorpio’s presence in the work place is intimidating. This placement is confident, powerful, if elusive. This is the coworker who is effortlessly cool, a little secretive, yet awesome to work on a project with. Their sense of intimacy would be selective. Scorpio will be able to work with everybody, but actually genuinely like a few people beyond coworker status. Ideal industries or fields for this placement involve research, psychology/therapy, investigation, police-work, science, surgery, and even law. Other industries may even include occult, divination, and sex work. When it comes to pets, Scorpio’s relationship with a pet is complex. Scorpio will be drawn to a creature with a personality, even a god complex. So, cats may be preferable in this sense. But Scorpio may also be drawn to the weird and wonderful of the pet world, so snakes, rodents, spiders, and scorpions may be equally fascinating to have as a pet.

Sagittarius in the 6th House

Sagittarius has an “easy come, easy go” attitude with routine. The daily routine varies, but that’s not a problem! Sagittarius has a happy-go-lucky disposition. This is a placement that will do the best with what they have in the moment. Because of this energy, the daily routine may be uninflected by problems. Sagittarius will be flexible with a smile in the face of adversity. A little monkey-wrench won’t throw this placement off! This is why every day is so vastly different from the last in Sagittarius’s life. Not to mention that Sagittarius has a serious case of FOMO, so that will drive the decision-making process throughout the day. Sagittarius has the same flexibility with health and wellness. This is a placement who bounces back rather quickly. Maybe it’s the hardiness of this placement, maybe it’s the positive attitude. Whatever the case may be, Sagittarius takes every health issue in stride. In fact, this is the placement who may put off the doctor’s visit unless dire. It’s pretty likely that Sagittarius will keep going until bleeding out, physically broken, and even dead. Sagittarius may not care that much, or may write off concerns with a laugh. It could stem from a strong sense of FOMO as well. Regardless, this placement is prone to health concerns regarding addictive tendencies because partying hard all the time can lead to substance abuse problems. Additional health ailments may involve the hips, legs, and sciatic nerve. But Sagittarius is willing to try anything once, so this applies to health and diet as well! Sagittarius will be one to try a new diet, new recipe, new work-out, and new remedy. With work in mind, Sagittarius is the funniest coworker around! This is the person who comes in with a smile, laugh, and a wink. Everybody loves a Sagittarius coworker for their ability to make the best of a bad situation. Sagittarius has a loud presence in the workplace, punctuated with jokes that would make HR blush. This is the coworker who brings a huge personality to the table. At times, Sagittarius may be a bit rebellious or argumentative. This may be an issue, especially if this occurs more often than a happy-go-lucky persona. Not to mention that Sagittarius does best in an aggressive, upfront work environment. This isn’t a sign who’d fare well in a passive, superficial workplace. Ideally, work should have a turn and burn mentality. This placement needs stimulation in the workplace to keep going. With that in mind, ideal industries and fields would include bartending/mixology, food & bev., sales, coaching, travel-based jobs, culturally inclusive jobs, foreign affairs, teaching, entertainment, and even religion. With pets in mind, Sagittarius may be more impulsive in nature. The ideal pet would need to match a Sagittarius’s energy, especially when this placement is on-the-go. Ideally, dogs are the best match for this placement! A pup is always down for the next adventure, and loyal to the end. If not a dog, then horses may also be just as exciting. Sagittarius may enjoy the idea of horseback riding, or owning a ranch.

Capricorn in the 6th House

Capricorn is regimented. Even since childhood, Capricorn always had a routine or regime to keep up with. This is classic “old man Saturn” energy at its core. Capricorn in the 6th likes to begin their day the same way almost every day. Their idea of routine is self-made in nature, yet classic. Capricorn takes a lot of pleasure in the mundane activities of life. Whether it’s coffee while watching the news, or looking forward to eating out every Tuesday night at the same restaurant. Capricorn enjoys the routine. Capricorn’s idea of a perfect day is methodically planned in advance with multiple productive activities to do throughout the day. Capricorn always completes their activity or project, and hates being unproductive. When it comes to health and wellness, Capricorn is regimented. This placement invokes the idea of being on top of health. Capricorn will do everything in their power to be healthy, active, and in tip-top shape. However, old man Saturn does dictate health. Capricorn may feel prone to old-age ailments even in youth. This can include issues with joints, bones, and teeth. Think ailments like arthritis, carpal tunnel, delicate bone structure that leads to easy break-age, and joint pain. Luckily, Capricorn is dutiful with health. So, this is the placement to seek out medical advice and help in a timely manner to course-correct the ailments. This sense of duty extends to diet and exercise. Capricorn is likely to re-work these aspects based on their current health and medical advice. So, Capricorn will take up supplements, or certain work-outs if it’ll help with ailments! With work in mind, Capricorn is top dog and for a good reason. In the workplace, Capricorn is a force to reckon with. Capricorn comes in with an air of responsibility, maturity, and duty. This is immediately recognized as Capricorn is able to take on a lot, and consistently produce positive results. Because of this, Capricorn is often a self-made employee who advances early on. This is the placement who holds executive positions in their 20’s. Because Capricorn has an air of responsibility, they often assume a leadership role in work no matter what. At times, an immature Capricorn placement can be bossy and condescending, so keep that in mind. Ideal industries or fields include finances, business, hospitality, accounting, politics, law, and banking. Regardless of the industry, there should be availability to consistently advance, which is what Capricorn needs. With pets in mind, Capricorn needs an independent fur-friend. Ideally, Capricorn will probably choose a pet that is expensive in taste as well. So, fish tanks may be a huge option for this placement as Capricorn can manage the state of the tank, but be able to boast about the beautiful expensive fish. Other idea pets would be pedigree fur-friends. Bonus points if Capricorn can afford for someone else to actually take care of the pet for them!

Aquarius in the 6th House

Aquarius has an abnormal schedule. Like truly abnormal. Aquarius is unpredictable in nature, so that reflects in their daily routine. From wake-up time, to diet, to work, it’s all a huge question mark. This is a placement that can handle the unconventional or unlikely in a daily routine. Aquarius is perfectly fine with not knowing how their day will go, or where it’ll take them. Mind you, this is a fixed placement, so ideally there is consistency. But the only consistency is the inconsistency, which is fine for this Aquarius placement. If anything, Aquarius is pretty detached, so it’s able to maneuver the unexpected or impossible! With health and wellness in mind, Aquarius takes an unconventional approach. Aquarius may put off addressing health concerns for a long time. When addressing health, Aquarius will take the unconventional or atypical approach. No matter diet, exercise, or ailment, Aquarius takes the quirky route. With diet and exercise, Aquarius is one to try the odd fixes. Aquarius will be the first to try a new weird, out-of-the-box recipe or fad. This placement may also go through weird exercise or diets to lose weight or attain a certain bodily image. Aquarius may even be the one who swears by certain elixirs or supplements as well! With medicine, Aquarius will try both traditional and untraditional methods. This will be the placement who hits up an ER and a bruja for remedies. Ailments may revolve around weird sleeping patterns, unconventional diets, and issues with the calves, shins, ankles, and circulatory system. Work is no different from anything else! Work must be just as unconventional or unpredictable as everything else in this House. Aquarius thrives in chaos. This is a placement that welcomes the weird and wonderful in the workplace. Maybe it’s a workplace culture, where all types of people from all backgrounds are welcome. Maybe it’s the work itself that’s unique. No matter what, Aquarius needs to shine in the workplace. This placement works best alone, where they have control and independence to do what they want within limitations. There’s never a moment of boredom either! Ideally, Aquarius never becomes emotionally attached to a workplace either. The perfect industries or fields may include IT, technology, research, science, humanitarian efforts/fund/foundations, mathematics, inventions, design, and even aviation. With pets in mind, Aquarius will be oriented to the unusual. It’s likely Aquarius will acquire a pet in an odd or unlikely manner. The pet itself may be atypical in nature as well. This placement may be oriented to a domesticated pig, exotic fish (i.e. axolotls), exotic reptiles (i.e. iguanas), or intelligent rodents (i.e. rats). Cats may also be of interest because it’s more of an aloof, self-sufficient animal.

Pisces in the 6th House

Pisces has an ethereal routine. The daily routine is a little unknown, but welcomed none-the-less. Pisces is likely to feel a daily sense of nostalgia or déjà vu more-so than any other Zodiacal placement. The routine ought to consist of emotional outlets throughout the day. Ideally, these outlets would involve music, art, poetry, and connecting with nature. Pisces needs to be able to have a daily outlet so that there isn’t an emotional build-up or tension. The daily routine is dreamy in nature, unencumbered by responsibilities and duties. If Pisces can make a difference in someone else’s life every day, then they would. Regardless, there should be some form of escapism present in daily routine. This can be day-dreaming, binge-watching TV/YouTube, engaging in substance abuse, and even excessive sleeping. With health and wellness in mind, Pisces takes a more spiritual approach. This placement will listen to their body’s needs, and go from there. Exercise, diet, and wellness depends on what Pisces feels is the best course of action. So, this may be lounging in bed, eating pizza, and listening to podcasts. It may also be a hike, drinking smoothies, and creating art. Pisces will attune their wellness to their emotional desires. Just be mindful to find positive outlets that don’t include escapist tendencies like substance abuse. Ailments and issues may revolve around the feet, toes, lymphatic system, and body fat. When it comes to work, Pisces needs a more artistic, or spiritual job. This placement dies in a 9-5 gig. Ideally, Pisces would rather stay home all. However, this may not always be the case. So, the workplace ought to be a creative one that is emotionally supportive. No hard deadlines or due dates are present. Everyone is supportive, spiritual, and open to fluctuations. Pisces would fare well with creative jobs, especially where Pisces can bring joy or happiness in with creativity. If Pisces can follow their intuition in the workplace, then all the better! Ideal industries or fields include art, music, poetry, fashion, yoga, therapy, art therapy, art education, English teacher, and even holistic health. With pets in mind, Pisces will have a bleeding heart. If Pisces could take home every sad animal in the shelter, they would. But unless Pisces runs an animal shelter, fosters animals, or works in a vet office, this won’t be the case. Ideally, Pisces should own a cuddly dog, rodent, or cat. This placement may also be drawn to owning a fish tank or aquatic animals as well.

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