The Astrology of the Body

“You and I are made of stardust. We are the stuff of exploded stars. We are, therefore, at least one way the Universe knows itself. That, to me, is astonishing.”– Bill Nye

Each Zodiac sign has a bodily association. Depending on one’s birth chart, this can help explain how astrology can influence not only appearance, but also ailments and anomalies as well. The order of Zodiac signs is associated with the order of the body. So, the beginning of the body is arguably the head, which would be associated with the beginning of the Zodiacal order, which is Aries. Second would be the throat, or in astrology, Taurus. So on, and so forth.

The first quadrant of the Zodiac rules the upper-half of the body. Aries begins by ruling the head, and all associations of this area. So, this would include the brain, eyes, and face. Since Aries rules the head, this can allude to having a ruddy complexion, high forehead, and noticeable scars. Aries-ruled individuals may suffer from sinus problems, headaches, and even cold sores. Next is Taurus, who rules the neck, which also includes the throat, vocal cords, and thyroid glands. Taurus-ruled individuals have defining necks, which are either long and slender or more muscular and stout. Taurus can be associated with musical talent, or even a melodic voice. Unfortunately, Taurus may also be prone to neck pain, sore throats, and thyroid issues. Gemini then rules over the shoulders, but also the arms, hands, fingers, lungs, and nervous system. Gemini-ruled individuals will have notable shoulders and arms. This can refer to these areas being toned, muscular, spindly, or even unique in appearance (i.e. having tattoos). Geminis are known for having flighty movements, as words are often punctuated with hand gestures. Ailments may include chronic respiratory issues, anxiety attacks, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and shoulder pain.

The second quadrant of the Zodiac presides over the mid-section of the body. Cancer rules over the chest, breasts, and stomach. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon and associated with the Mother archetype, Cancer is also arguably associated with the womb as well. No matter the gender or sex, Cancer’s bodily influence makes for a pronounced chest area. This area will result in toned pectorals or larger breasts in comparison with the rest of the body. Cancer’s influence on the stomach often implies weight-gain in this area. The associated physical ailments with Cancer’s body parts usually includes chest pain, digestion issues, indigestion, and disordered eating habits. After Cancer follows Leo, who is associated with the heart, spine, and upper back. Leo’s influence may also be associated with one’s mane of hair. Typically, Leos are known for courage, bravery, and generosity, which explains the association to the heart and back. This may physically present as someone who has broad shoulders, puffed out chest, and incredible posture. The physical ailments associated with a Leo-ruled individual may include heart disease, heart problems, upper back pain, and spinal problems. Virgo wraps up the midsection as Virgo rules over the intestines, digestive system, and spleen. Virgo is a health-oriented sign, so any stressors or emotional tidings will reflect as somatic complaints. The Virgo-ruled individual may experience stomach problems (i.e. IBS), digestion problems, constipation, weight gain/loss, have a sensitive stomach, or experience an upset stomach as a result of unprocessed anxiety.

The third quadrant of the Zodiac over-sees the below-the-belt areas of the body. Libra is associated with the lower back, butt, kidneys, and skin. Libra’s major physical focus is balance. Not only does Libra rule over the lumbar system, it also rules over symmetry as well. The physical representation of Libra would be conventionally attractive and proportionate. Libra-ruled individuals may experience ailments that revolve around imbalance, skin afflictions (i.e. acne, rosacea, psoriasis), lower back pain, and kidney problems such as UTIs. Next is the scandalous Scorpio, who presides over the genitals, reproductive organs, and bowels. A Scorpio-dominant individual may have uniquely sharp features and a pronounced sexuality about them. The sexuality may be explicit in nature, such as wearing provocative clothing. It can also be discreet, as the Scorpio-dominant individual may present as coy. Physical ailments and problems with a Scorpio ruled individual may include reproductive/fertility problems, bacterial problems, UTIs, constipation, and even a pre-disposition to STDs/STIs. Lastly, Sagittarius rules over the hips, thighs, and liver. In a Sagittarius-ruled person, they may be more prone to a pear-shape than anything else. Male, female, whatever would likely have a curvier hip and upper thigh area, which can be attractive. Physical ailments associated with Sagittarian body parts may include hip problems, notable weight gain in thighs/hips, and liver problems from excessive partying.

The fourth and final quadrant of the Zodiac rules over the last remaining parts of the body. Capricorn rules over the knees, skeletal system, joints, and teeth. Capricorn-dominants are known for their toothy smiles, which are literally all teeth and little gum. Capricorns are also known to have an afflicted or agitated walking gait, accentuated with joints poppin’ and crackin’. Capricorn may deal with the physical ailments of knee problems/replacements, arthritis, delicate bone structure which can lead to easy wear and tear, as well as dental problems. Next up is Aquarius, who rules over the calves, ankles, shins, and circulatory system. The Aquarius-ruled individual will likely have longer-than-average limbs, and a unique style. The physical representation of Aquarius is marked by toned, attractive calves and ankles. Aquarius-ruled individuals may deal with circulatory issues which can lead to cold hands/feet, shin splints, and an Achilles heel. Finally, Pisces rules over the feet, toes, lymphatic system, and body fat. Pisces-ruled individuals have a fleshy appearance, usually having a softer look to them. The Pisces dominant is likely to want to be barefoot at all times. Physical ailments associated with Pisces parts includes weight gain, feet that swell, and problems with the lymphatic system.

Now, depending on the planetary influences and Rising sign, one may carry some pronounced Zodiacal traits. Typically, the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs will depict core physical attributes. For example, an Aries Sun, Moon, or Rising would be quickly spotted by a ruddy complexion and high forehead. Likewise, a Libra Sun, Moon, or Rising would be identified through their skin’s complexion, butt, and physical symmetry.

Aside from physical associations with the Zodiac signs, each sign also represents how physical ailments can come into play. Typically, these ailments can be spotted through the Sun, Moon, and/or Rising sings as well as stelliums. But for additional information, the 6th House of Health can also allude to underlying health concerns as well. Below is a cheat sheet of each Zodiac sign’s bodily correspondence, as well as how each Zodiac sign in 1st and 6th Houses can influence the body.

Cheat Sheet

SignBody Parts1st House Influences6th House Influences
AriesHead, eyes, brainLarge forehead, lively eyes, prone to scars, ruddy complexionMigraines, headaches, eye issues, cold sores, facial acne, sinus pressure
TaurusNeck, throat, vocal cordsMuscular neck, thicker neck, smooth or soothing voice, melodic voiceSore throats, over- or under-active thyroid problems
GeminiShoulder, arms, hands, lungsDefining shoulders and arms (broad, muscular, or spindly), tapered/knotty fingers, gestures with hands a lotChronic anxiety, panic attacks, difficulties with breathing, smoking problems, arthritis/carpal tunnel
CancerChest, breasts, stomachLarger or enlarged chest area (for both men and women), curvier, prone to weight gain in mid-sectionChest pain, disordered eating habits, stomach problems, indigestion
LeoHeart, spine, upper backMuscular back, known for having a “big heart” (generous), prone to puffing out chest, hair is a focusUpper back pain/problems, heart problems, heart disease, spinal problems
VirgoDigestive system, intestines, spleenNervous energy, prone to bloating/weight fluctuations/acne from stressDigestive problems, IBS, pain from eating, sensitive stomach, constipation
LibraSkin, lower back, butt, kidneysSymmetrical features, clear skin, curvier lower-half/defined buttLower back problems, skin problems (i.e. acne, psoriasis), kidney problems/UTIs, poor balance
ScorpioGenitals, reproductive system, bowelsPronounced sexuality, usually capitalizing or flaunting the chest/butt areas, sharp features/teethUTIs, bacterial problems, problems associated with reproductive system (i.e. fertility issues, STIs/STDs)
SagittariusHips, thighs, liverCurvy figure, prone to weight-gain in hips and thighs, pear-shapedLiver problems especially if alcohol is involved, hip pain/replacements, toned legs
CapricornKnees, joints, skeletal system, teethAgitated/afflicted gait, toothy smiles, large teeth, high gums, popping & cracking sounds when movingKnee problems/replacements, high gums, delicate bone structure which can lead to broken bones or injury
AquariusCalves, shins, ankles, circulatory systemDefined calves and ankles, poor circulation which can make for cold hands/feet/nose, unusual proportions, quirky physical attributes to stand outShin splints, Achilles heels, circulatory problems, unexplainable/unlikely/unexpected health concerns
PiscesFeet, lymphatic system, body fatDreamy nature, fleshier appearance, soft body, big eyes with a “lost” lookProne to weight gain, swelling in feet, bunions, stress-induced aliments

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