The 5th House of Pleasure

The 5th House is traditionally ruled by Leo and the Sun, making it a succedent House. This is the House the rules over the expressive sectors of life. In particular, this House is known for presiding over creativity, hobbies, past-times, drama, romance, entertainment, fun, and even children. This is truly the House of Creation at its core, dictating all aspects of life that one finds joy in.

The succedent aspect of the 5th House is secure in nature. This aspect implies that the 5th House locks down one’s pleasures in life. These pleasures can be determined based on first, the Zodiac sign, then second, any celestial influences in this House. The pleasures of this House are secured typically in childhood, as these are consistent sources of fun and joy in one’s life. As one’s life progresses, the 5th House of Pleasure typically remains the same, or secured.

The 5th House is one of creative, joyous expression. As this House is traditionally ruled by Leo and the Sun, the idea is that this House’s sectors of life are core parts of one’s identity. One typically feels strengthened, emboldened, and confident the aspects of this House.

The pleasures of the 5th House are notable the past-times, hobbies, and forms of entertainment one engages in. These can refer to anything from artistic to athletic to unusual activities. Said activities are ones that an individual is confident in, as the activities are means of creative expression that are key to an individual’s core identity.

In addition, the 5th House can be a primary House to look at for romance. This is the area of sexual pleasure, expression, and the dating phase of relationships. One’s initial take with love, romance, and relationships can be found here. It can also allude to what a honeymoon phase of a relationship may look like or entail. It can also be an aspect of sexual pleasure that one engages in. It may even refer to the initial reaction or idea of what sexual pleasure and romance ought to be.

Because the 5th House rules pleasure and creation, it can also refer to children. The child aspect can be taken in many forms. It primarily refers to one’s inner child, or even childhood activities one enjoys. It can also allude to an individual’s first pregnancy, or even the ability to conceive. Depending on certain celestial influences, a lot about a woman’s first pregnancy or fertility can be determined here.

Signs in the 5th House

Aries in the 5th House

Aries has an enthusiastic presence. When it comes to past-times and hobbies, Aries is drawn to active or athletic outlets. Aries typically finds joy in engaging in challenges, sports, or exercising. If Aries can show off super strength, or win a competition, then Aries is all in for the challenge. No matter what, Aries finds happiness in triumph. So, Aries is likely to take part in whatever past-time that they will be the best in. Yes, this can refer to physical tests of strength and endurance. It can also refer to winning a painting challenge, or competing to read more novels than a fellow friend. No matter what, Aries will find joy in rising to the occasion. If Aries can push themselves to the limit, then they will! Bonus points if the activity makes Aries look like a hero (i.e. scoring the final touchdown in a game). No matter the activity, Aries will find a way to make it ridiculously fun. Aries will aim to bring laughter, excitement, and elements of team building to the table in any past-time. However, Aries will not enjoy giving up control. So, this may allude to telling Aries what to do or how to play mid-activity. It may also be out-voting Aries on their desired activity, which would force Aries to do something else. At times, Aries may be a little selfish with what they want to do. If Aries doesn’t get their way, there may be a temper tantrum around the corner. When it comes to children, Aries is the sign of the infant, so there is a natural inclination there. Aries typically gets on well with children, as Aries can tap into their inner child fairly easily. Even if there is a disinclination towards children, Aries would never dare show it off. In fact, this placement would indicate having a natural relationship with children, even if the individual with this placement doesn’t necessarily enjoy a child’s company. Aries would be the one to rough-house or challenge a child. There would be fun, games, laughs, and a smidge of competition. When it comes to having children themselves, this placement can bode a few different outcomes. If the individual with this placement has the ability to carry a pregnancy, then it may result in a male baby (not including additional aspects). The pregnancy itself may be hearty in nature, and will affect the individual’s energy. One who has this placement would have an encouraging relationship with their own children. Aries would encourage their own children to brave, courageous, and confident. Aries would push their children into doing sports, or being more athletic. In fact, childhood sports may even be a point of forming and solidifying a parent-child relationship. If anything, Aries would have to watch being too aggressive with their children, especially if their children have more feminine birth chart placements. Lastly, when it comes to romance and sexual pleasure, Aries is all-in. Aries doesn’t do anything half-ass, especially not in this placement. So, Aries would be ultra-romantic. Think suave moves, grand gestures of love, flirty compliments, the whole nine years. In sexual conquests, Aries would be quick, aggressive, and dominating. The head may be a focus for giving and receiving pleasure. At times, Aries may be a little selfish and even chauvinistic in love. No matter what aspect of this House Aries is currently dealing with, there is a resounding need for spontaneity. Aries needs to shake things up a bit in all aspects of this House to keep the passion alive. So, Aries would be drawn to multiple activities, and would be interested in rising to new occasions. With children, Aries would need to have constant stimulation to keep the enthusiasm alive. This could be doing engaging, fun activities with children, or even just trying new outlets. In romance, Aries would need to assume a bit of control to sway the passion. This would be picking new spots to eat, spontaneously grabbing their partner for a kiss, etc.

Taurus in the 5th House

Taurus has a relaxed presence. When it comes to pleasure seeking activities, think the 5 senses in regard to Taurus being placed in the House of Pleasure. So, Taurus would ideally be drawn to activities that actively engage the 5 senses. In particular, Taurus’s placement here indicates finding joy in outlets such as shopping/browsing, baking/cooking, mixology, make-up/fashion, and the arts. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the activities may air on the side of luxury or feel luxurious. For example, it would be a luxury to get dressed up for an exquisite day of shopping, or feel luxurious staying home all day, drinking wine and cooking a hearty meal. The pleasurable activities may be more hedonistic in nature. Taurus is likely to air on the side of lazy as well. This placement has a “couch potato” energy. It’s also fairly likely that Taurus would be more inclined to stay home than venture out. If venturing out, it truly would be for a slow and steady activity. The slow and steady, away-from-home activities would include shopping, eating at a restaurant, hitting up a favorite local bar or joint, meandering at a museum, or walking in a beautifully tailored park. Active past-times would be slow and appreciative in nature. So, instead of hiking, Taurus is likely to do an easy yet gorgeous nature trail. When it comes to children, Taurus may love them at a distance. Taurus is likely to be drawn to quiet children, or babies. Boisterous, obnoxious, or energetic kids would be off-putting. If watching or hanging out with children, Taurus would be more apt to watch a movie, play “house”, cook/bake, or dress the children up than go outside for a game of catch. Babies may be most ideal for Taurus, as babies are adorable and easy to dress up. Taurus may also be more inclined to favor girls over boys, mainly to do feminine activities. When it comes to pregnancy, the pregnancy may be more slow and steady in nature (not including additional aspects). The pregnancy would be lethargic in nature, more inclined to eat and sleep as much as possible. The result of the pregnancy would likely be a girl (again, not including additional aspects). Taurus would encourage their own children to be sensible, sweet, and quiet. Ideal bonding activities would be snuggling, and staying at home. Taurus would be undoubtedly very devoted to their own children. This devotion would result in Taurus spoiling them with affection and gifts. When it comes to romance, Taurus would be inclined to spend ample alone time with their partner. Alone time would ideally take place at home, preferably in bed, in the kitchen, or on the couch. Taurus’s idea of a honeymoon phase is snuggling with their partner, watching movies and baking cookies. The honeymoon phase would be building a strong, sturdy relationship away from outside influences. It would begin with binge-watching favorite shows and movies together, long talks in bed, etc. Sexual pleasure may be focused on stimulating the 5 senses as well. The neck may be a focus in sexual pleasure. There may be moments in the romantic phase that include aspects of luxury. Think wining and dining, romantic getaways, couple’s messages, love letters, picnics, curated playlists, etc. Gift giving would also be part of the honeymoon phase, or keeping the romance alive.

Gemini in the 5th House

Gemini has a multi-faceted presence. When it comes to outlets and hobbies, Gemini is down for the count. Gemini is one of the placements that will try anything just about once as long as the activity sparks Gemini’s curiosity. If curiosity isn’t sparked, then Gemini won’t engage. Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, it’s likely that Gemini is more apt to be involved in mercurial past-times. Said past-times would include public speaking, communications, reading, studying/learning, writing, poetry, and song-writing/singing. Gemini is also the sign that is essentially a jack of all trades. It’s likely that Gemini would be willing to spend some time and energy learning the basics of a skill or talent. Usually, this is the placement that has the ability to learn a new skill, or engage in a new hobby with ease, may be struggle with following through. Gemini is prone to having unfinished projects, only a basic understanding of skills, or rudimentary talents. It’s not that Gemini doesn’t care, it more like focus is quickly lost. After all, this placement has a ton of energy but a lack of focus. If aspected or appraised correctly, this placement ought to have a few on-going outlets that can be focused on. Ideally, Gemini should work on or be part of 3-5 outlets. Just enough to keep it fresh, but also just enough to master each outlet. The outlets or hobbies should also be a nice mix of mental and physical activities as well. Physical in the sense that Gemini can actively work on a project, goal, or talent. When it comes to children, Gemini may be curious of them. Gemini is likely to entertain a long-winded conversation with a child, especially if the child has questions or interesting thoughts. Gemini’s take on children may be more intellectual. Gemini would want to help children explore and articulate their own curiosities. So, Gemini may be more of a teacher or coach to a child. When it comes to pregnancy, Gemini’s influence is sporadic, yet stimulated. Gemini’s influence on a pregnancy would result in someone who wants to soak up as much child-rearing info as possible. This would be someone who would read endless books, blogs, watch documentaries, etc. This would be someone who’d join multiple parent groups to talk to fellow expectant parents, both online and off-line. Gemini’s influence would also indicate major pregnancy brain, so expect a ton of unfinished projects or goals. The result of this pregnancy would likely be a boy, but considering Gemini is the sign of the Twins, it would be wise to not totally rule out the possibility of multiple babies in one pregnancy (not considering additional influences). Gemini’s own parent-child relationship would be communicative. Gemini would focus on creating a healthy, open dialogue with their children. Aside from this, Gemini would encourage their own children to explore their own interests. This is the placement that indicates a parent who’s willing to let their kids try any activity at least once. If anything, Gemini will be focused on their children’s early childhood education, ensuring that their children’s intellectual needs are exceeded. When it comes to romance, love may be fleeting. Gemini may be quite a player in this position. This placement indicates a stronger pull towards non-committal, open relationships than committed, closed unions. Gemini’s influence can allude to experimenting with the same sex and opposite sex. It may also refer to dating multiple people at a time. If committed, Gemini needs to switch up the routine to keep the romance alive. Ideally, Gemini and the partner would engage in couple activities. If the couple can complete a project, class, or work on a skill together, it would strengthen the relationship. No matter what, Gemini would be big on communication in any dating scene. Sexual pleasures may be focused on dirty talk, role-play, experimentation with multiple people, and even focus on the shoulders, arms, and hands in sex.

Cancer in the 5th House

Cancer has a sensitive presence. When it comes to hobbies, Cancer will engage in emotionally responsive past-times. The ideal hobbies for a Cancer usually hit a nerve of sorts. Cancer needs outlets that make them feel something. So, this can include hobbies that bring profound joy and sorrow. Think hobbies like baking, cooking, and artistic ventures to bring joy. Also think watching a sad movie, listening to sad music, or some other semi-dramatic activity, like driving around in their car, to incite feelings of sorrow. Cancer is also likely to engage in sentimental activities. So, Cancer would be apt to include childhood activities in adulthood. Since Cancer is associated with the home and family, these aspects may also play a part in hobbies. Cancer would be inclined to spend time with family. This may be doing a shopping run with a sibling, or watching TV with parents. When it comes to the home, Cancer is the first to re-decorate, look up home renovation ideas, watch HGTV, or think of ways to remodel the house. In fact, watching home renovation shows, window-shopping on Zillow, watching home projects on social media, and/or creating Pinterest boards for home projects may be the perfect past-time. When it comes to children, Cancer will take on a motherly role. This placement indicates the individual is likely to appear as nurturing, compassionate, and soft towards children. Even if the individual isn’t all for children, they won’t appear as such to a child. If anything, Cancer will be sensitive to a child’s needs, wants, and desires. Children will also take a liking to someone with Cancer in the 5th House as well. When it comes to pregnancy, it will be one hell of an emotional roller-coaster. The Cancer influence implies a strong emotional reaction to the news of the pregnancy, to the pregnancy itself, and then the baby. Cancer’s influence infers a desire to start a family, to be pregnant, and to want to rear children. So, becoming pregnant may feel like a dream come true, or destiny. The result of the pregnancy is likely to be a girl (not including potential additional aspects). With their own children, Cancer will be a motherly person. Cancer will want to nurture their own family, creating a strong emotional bond between everyone in the household. The focus will be on family fun activities to keep the bond alive and well. If the family is happy, then Cancer feels ultimately fulfilled. After all, raising a home and family may be the dream past-time or outlet in this placement. When it comes to romance, Cancer is likely to create a strong emotional bond with any partner immediately. During the honeymoon phase, Cancer will try to picture a home and family with a new or potential partner. Sex or sexual activities may cement Cancer’s feelings for their partner. This can pose issues with hook-ups or short flings, as Cancer may romanticize these relationships. However, in committed relationships, Cancer will enjoy the strong bond that is enforced by sexual chemistry. Cancer will work on creating a strong emotional support system within a relationship. This would then be reinforced through quality time and physical affection. Ideally, Cancer would want to be with someone who has a good relationship with their own family, especially the parents. After all, Cancer would want to ensure that they’re with a family-oriented partner. Sexual pleasure may be revolved around sweet nothings, strengthening the emotional bond of a relationship, and seeking sexual pleasure from the chest area and stomach.

Leo in the 5th House

Leo has a glowing presence, as this is the traditional placement. When it comes to hobbies, Leo is good any anything Leo decides to do. Leo has a natural talent in this House. So, whatever Leo is interested in and dedicated to improving will become a huge source of pleasure and talent. Ideally, Leo is drawn to pride-worthy activities. Now, this can differ depending on the individual. But the activities would be brag-worthy, and a huge source of pride to the individual with this placement. There would be a glowing confidence in these hobbies, past-times, talents, and skills. Ideally, Leo-related activities may revolve around performance. Leo’s position would want to perform their hobbies and past-times. This can refer to participating on a team for a sport, acting, singing, being part of an art gallery, publishing, etc. No matter what, the hobby would be on display for all. It can be large-scale, such as celebrity status, or small-scale, like participating in front of a local crowd. It can refer to both on- and off-line presences as well. When it comes to children, Leo is likely to blend right in. Leo can be a huge kid at heart, like Aries is in this House. Leo is likely to engage in any source of fun, and to encourage children to be their best selves. If anything, Leo may be a little competitive, even next to a child. Leo may try to outshine the children. But no matter what, Leo will be generous with time, attention, and more with a child. When it comes to pregnancy, Leo’s influence implies a sense of pride. Leo’s influence on pregnancy will likely create someone who embodies the “pregnancy glow”. This person will try to use their pregnancy as means of performance, from posting cute pictures on social media to confidently expressing that they’ve mastered pregnancy. The result of this pregnancy will likely be a boy (not including potential aspects). Leo’s relationship with their own children is a source of pride. Leo is likely to hold up their own children as the best things in the world. Leo’s children will be encouraged to go after anything they desire with courage and confidence. It’s possible Leo may be the parent who would act like their kids shit rainbows and do no wrong. After all, Leo will only highlight their child’s strengths while working on weaknesses behind closed doors. Leo is also the parent who will push their children to get involved in some activity or past-time regularly. This would look like signing their child up for a team sport, or a class. When it comes to romance, Leo will have a gusto. Leo is passionate, warm, and generous in the honeymoon phase. Leo will experiment, but be extremely loyal if it’s requested or desired. Leo will likely treat their partner like a prince/princess. The idea is to sweep their partner off their feet. This will come in the form of showering their partner with affection, adoration, and quality time. If anything, Leo will have to remember that the relationship isn’t a competition. Sexual pleasure may derive from compliments, healthy sexual tension from healthy competition, and from the chest/back area.

Virgo in the 5th House

Virgo has a scattered presence. When it comes to hobbies or past-times, Virgo will likely only engage in outlets that are productive in nature. Said hobbies may revolved around writing, speaking, publishing, reading, health, diet, exercise, and work. It’s likely Virgo has multiple ongoing ventures. Virgo will try to come across like every venture is under control. In reality, if Virgo takes on too much, something will slip through the cracks. Virgo will be the placement who would over-commit. No matter what, Virgo will perform each task, hobby, or talent with precision. Ideally, Virgo’s hobbies will be perfected in nature. Virgo would aim for consistency in what’s done, and be detail-oriented. For example, if Virgo’s past-time is writing, then Virgo will write with accuracy, punctuation, and timeliness. If the past-time is health-related, then Virgo will meticulously research the perfect fitness regime before committing. Because Virgo is precise, this placement is likely to take up a routine or regime even with fun activities. Virgo is the placement to carve out time for pleasure. When it comes to children, Virgo is most likely detached. Unless there’s a predisposed bond, Virgo isn’t exactly the placement to go out of its way to be one with children. If anything, Virgo will be there to help a child in distress. But that’s about it. Pregnancy may be a huge health concern for Virgo. Virgo would have to watch stress and anxiety levels while pregnant. Virgo would infer a health-oriented pregnancy. This would include routine doctor’s visits, and strict adherence to diet, exercise, and more to ensure the healthiest of pregnancies. Virgo would be the one to research all facets of pregnancy to make educated decisions on everything from food to preferred birthing measures (i.e. natural versus medicated). The result of the pregnancy would most likely be a girl (not including additional aspects). In regard to their own children, Virgo will aim to have the perfect parent-child relationship. This is a placement that would stress over not being close to their own children. So, Virgo would be hyper-critical of their own parenting skills, aiming to always improve. At times, Virgo may be hyper-critical of their child as well. This nitpickiness comes from a place of wanting to help their own child improve. However, the execution of such can either be helpful or cold. Ideally, Virgo would encourage their child to focus on a few skills, talents, or hobbies. Virgo would give their child all the tools to achieve in these areas. When it comes to romance, Virgo will go for a fixer-upper. Virgo will be attracted to imperfect, messy people. These people will be struggling with something in their life. Because of this, Virgo’s idea of romance is swooping in to help others. Now, this can create one of two types of romantic situations. The first type is engaging in a relationship where Virgo is always doing more than their partner, creating an imbalanced, if parasitic relationship. This relationship will likely lack boundaries as well, creating a codependency. The second type is creating a wholesome, loving relationship where Virgo is able to help their partner and is taught something in return from the experience. This second type of romance gives way to Pretty Woman situation. In a committed relationship, the honeymoon phase is kept alive by engaging in activities to do together. Bonus points if these activities help one another, the relationship, or another aspect of their shared life. Ideally, there is consistency in the romantic phase of the relationship. Virgo’s idea of romance includes acts of service and quality time. Sexual pleasure may derive from playing coy, experimenting within comfortable boundaries, and from “clean” sexual settings (i.e. shower sex, or sex on freshly washed sheets).

Libra in the 5th House

Libra has a passive presence. When it comes to hobbies and past-times, Libra indulges in Venusian joys. Libra would be oriented to past-times that involve beauty, fashion, symmetry, art, music, and relaxation. Ideally, Libra would enjoy activities that beautify someone or something. This can refer to watching videos on make-up, to shopping, to making a to-do list of home renovations. Libra may also spend free time thinking of new ways to feng shui a living space, or redecorating an office space. Other hobbies may include justice, activism, and law. Libra may like watching crime shows, law documentaries, or researching politics. As passive as Libra can be, Libra also have a diplomatic streak as well. So, Libra may indulge in reading more about current politics, or policies. Since Libra is the traditional ruler of union, Libra may like group activities rather than solo ones. Any hobby or past-time instantly becomes better when Libra has a partner-in-crime! Depending on how this is aspected, Libra may also enjoy drama as a past-time. This can refer to watching reality TV, keeping up with celebrity drama, making drama in their own life, or gossiping with friends. People-watching can be applicable here as well. When it comes to children, Libra may enjoy a child’s presence as long as it’s peaceful. Noisy or disruptive children aren’t as welcomed as fair, harmonious children. Libra may just enjoy teenager more-so than smaller kids, mainly because teens would make for better conversationalists. This rule definitely applies when the teen has schoolyard gossip to share! Libra may also enjoy a child’s presence when it comes to games like dress-up and make-up. When it comes to pregnancy, Libra’s influence may imply a desire for a peaceful pregnancy. Libra’s influence on pregnancy may cause a stir or drama. Depending on the individual, the drama could be welcomed or disdained. It depends! The pregnancy itself would be aimed to be celebrity-like in nature. Libra may indulge in beautiful, fashionable pregnancy nuances, like aiming to have celebrity status gender reveals or maternity photos. The pregnancy may also become a pinnacle on Libra’s social media. The result of the pregnancy would be a boy (not including potential additional aspects). In regard to Libra’s own children, Libra would try to make the child-parent relationships equal. If Libra has more than one child, then each child will be treated fairly and favoritism won’t be an option. However, if Libra has one child, then let the spoiling commence! Libra’s own relationship with their children will be just. Libra may be a tad emotionally aloof. Social image or status may be a priority, similar to Leo’s own child-parent relationship. When it comes to romance, Libra is extremely loving. It’s likely that Libra falls quite hard and fast, a true romantic at heart. However, Libra may expect to be chased or sought after by potential suitors. Ideally, Libra would experience a romance of a life-time! However, Libra may over-romanticize short-term flings and hook-ups. If this is the case, Libra may be broken-hearted fairly often. This would result in learning a hard lesson in choosing practicality over romance for a long-term partner. Instead of falling so effortlessly, Libra will become wiser in time with means of romance. In a romantic union, the goal is to keep it 50/50. Libra opts for a balanced relationship, preferably leaving co-dependency in the past. Ideally, Libra will keep a sense of self-identity even in a relationship. Relationships would be very affectionate, embodying the essence of true love. Sexual pleasure would be mutual, loving, and may focus on the art of seduction. The areas of focus may be the lower back, skin, and butt.

Scorpio in the 5th House

Scorpio has a dangerous presence. When it comes to hobbies, Scorpio will take a liking to anything dark, mysterious, and/or taboo. Because Scorpio is the traditional ruler of sex, death, occult, and mystery, it’s likely Scorpio finds a sense of excitement here. Ideally, Scorpio would keep their hobbies and favorite past-times a secret. Nobody would know about their weird and wonderful interests. Scorpio’s interests may revolve around research, or investigation. This would primarily be crime documentaries, psychological thrillers, murderers, and more. These past-times would scratch a dark, curious itch about the real-life horrors. Scorpio would also be drawn to movies, shows, podcasts, and other forms of social media dedicated to exploring topics revolving death, mystery, and investigation. Because of this fascination, Scorpio may take up investigating too. Scorpio may be apt to get involved in conspiracy theories about cold cases and murder mysteries, which would incite them to dig deeper on their own time. Scorpio’s research may also involve social media stalking as well. When it comes to occult matters, Scorpio would be inclined to take up matters of this aspect as a hobby. Think tarot reading, astrology, runes, spiritual work, and witchcraft. Interestingly, Scorpio may be heavily inclined to take up sexual matters as a favorite past-time. This can range from enjoying masturbation to watching porn to exploring the world of sex. It can also refer to researching more about sex, which maybe more of a cultural or societal interest. Either way, sex and sex work may just be part of the hobbies of this placement. Regardless, the past-times and hobbies are often a kept a secret with this placement. When it comes to children, Scorpio may only take a liking to them but keep this hidden. Scorpio may express a cool indifference. On the other hand, Scorpio may present as liking children, but secretly despising interacting with them. Either way, Scorpio’s true attitude towards children is likely concealed. When it comes to pregnancy, Scorpio may take on this new chapter in a deeply transformative manner. All aspects of pregnancy would affect not only the body, but the mind and heart as well. Scorpio would look at pregnancy, labor, and birth as means to reach a new level of personal depth. The pregnancy would likely result in a girl (not including other potential aspects). Scorpio’s own relationship with their kids would be profound in nature. The relationship may be turbulent at times, emotionally strong-willed and imperfect. But Scorpio would be undyingly loyal to their children, opting to always transform the relationship for the better. Both Scorpio and their child would push one another to be better versions of themselves. When it comes to romance, Scorpio has an all or nothing attitude. This placement may have a high libido or be sexually active. However, this placement may deal with the karmic repercussion of intensity. Scorpio may desire a quick fling, or FWB situation, but ultimately be driven to want more. Scorpio is typically a deeply loyal lover. But the emotional challenges of this placement can make an easy-going relationship turbulent. The brevity of sex and emotion can sour a weak, or superficial relationship. In time, Scorpio will find a partner who’s in it for the long haul. Once that type of partner and relationship is affirmed, the romance almost never dies. This is an extremely profound relationship. Love is passionate, mystical, yet dangerous. Scorpio in love can be jealous, even controlling at times. In the right relationship, it’s true love where loyalty and emotion is never questioned. In order to keep the passion alive, Scorpio and their partner will need to deepen their bond. This can be through transformation, usually done by taking a more serious step or bracing challenges together. Sexually, this is an extremely charismatic placement with a high sex drive. Sex would be seen and used as a strengthening agent in any relationship. The areas of focus for pleasure would definitely include the genitals, as Scorpio rules this part of the body.

Sagittarius in the 5th House

Sagittarius has an energetic presence. When it comes to fun, Sagittarius is no stranger to doing anything and everything to ensure joy! This is a pleasure-seeking placement. Sagittarius will be the placement to try anything if there’s even an ounce of joy associated with the activity, hobby, or past-time. Sagittarius may be more attuned to Jupiter-like activities like traveling, exploring, adventures, and immersing in a different culture/society. Sagittarius may also enjoy debating, philosophy, spirituality, teaching, and public speaking. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, there ought to be some sort of physical activity involved. This may result in weekend trips that involve hiking and camping, or backpacking in a new land. It can also look like biking around town, exploring the nooks and crannies. No matter what, Sagittarius is sure to be a “yes man” type of placement, especially if some sort of adventure or wild time is proposed. Sagittarius may also have a reputation for partying hard because of this “yes man” mentality. When it comes to kids, Sagittarius is likely to lead the pack on a fun game or venture. Sagittarius is the adult who will get down with the kids in a game of hide-and-seek or in a competition. Sagittarius can come across as a “big kid” at heart, like the other fire placements do. When it comes to pregnancy, Sagittarius’s influence is one of expansion. The Jupiter aspect may make for excessive weight gain, particularly around the hips. Aside from this, Sagittarius would create a happy-go-lucky attitude with pregnancy. The result of the pregnancy may be a boy (not including potential additional aspects). When it comes to their own children, Sagittarius will encourage happiness. Sagittarius will be the parent to encourage their kids to try anything once. If applicable, Sagittarius will provide the tools for their kids. A huge part of the child-parent relationship may be authentic, direct communication and traveling. When it comes to romance, Sagittarius may be a player at heart. Sagittarius may have many people on the hook at once. Sagittarius wants to be excited and passionate, so the drama of love affairs could be part of that. Love should be coupled with freedom. In the wrong type of relationship, Sagittarius may stray. In the right type of relationship, Sagittarius feels free with their partner by their side. Ideally, the partner would be educated, yet inclined to always learn more through experience. Together, they would embark on mini trips, travels, and debates to push each other to grow. The relationship would be laden with laughter and fun, not adhering to a strict routine. Sexual pleasure may come from experimentation, sex outside/in a public setting, and through arguing. Arguing with each other may be quite the turn-on for Sagittarius. Sagittarius is also open, so sexual experimentation is a must! The area of focus for sexual gratification may be the hips and thighs.

Capricorn in the 5th House

Capricorn has a serious presence. When it comes to fun, Capricorn’s idea of enjoyment typically intertwines with work. Capricorn’s placement here is likely to take joy in working hard, or having hobbies in relation to work. This is the placement who takes work projects home with them to do it on their free-time. In fact, Capricorn may even pick up a nonchalant side hustle as means of enjoyment. Similar to Virgo, Capricorn’s own hobbies must be productive in nature. There should be some sort of result or final product attached to each hobby. For example, running a food account is fun but must garner clout. Or exercise is enjoyed, but must burn X calories. As this placement ages, there will be more light-hearted activities included over time. When it comes to kids, Capricorn has a secret soft-spot for them. Children are nostalgic in nature to Capricorn. So, Capricorn is the one to connect through Disney movies and board games with children. When it comes to pregnancy, there will be triumph through tribulation. Pregnancy may be harder on the body, affecting the joints and knees in particular. Capricorn’s take on pregnancy may be nostalgic in nature. Depending on the individual’s childhood, certain fears, worries, or concerns may arise throughout the course of pregnancy. The result of the pregnancy would likely be a girl (not considering other potential aspects). When it comes to their own child, this placement indicates a sense of tradition and authority. Capricorn will be a leader within their own family, aiming to be a self-made role model for their children. Capricorn will carry on with traditions in their own family, whether it’s general traditions or creating new ones with their own children. Capricorn’s influence will encourage their kids to be hard workers, and over-achievers. Romance for this placement has a serious tone. Romantic matters are almost never taken lightly. Capricorn can have an “all or nothing” mentality with dating. If Capricorn isn’t dating, it’s due to working on personal or career related goals. If Capricorn is dating, then there are incredibly high standards for a potential partner to meet. Each potential partner is weighed against Capricorn’s ideal. This is a placement that looks at all partners in a long-term view. If committed, Capricorn takes passion with as serious tone. Keeping romance alive is like another responsibility or chore for this placement. It will be done, executed with precision and carefulness. But it’s likely Capricorn would rather settle into a routine to count on, especially when energy is lacking. Sexually, Capricorn can have a higher libido but coupled with high standards. This may off-put any lackadaisical sexual escapades. Capricorn may be less sexually active, mainly because potential poor consequences of a one-night stand may be off-putting in itself. Not to mention that Capricorn won’t sleep with just anyone. The area of sexual focus may be teeth, so Capricorn may be drawn to someone with a beautiful smile or more inclined to encourage biting during sex.

Aquarius in the 5th House

Aquarius has a rebellious presence. When it comes to hobbies and past-times, Aquarius will aim to engage in the unconventional. This is a placement who isn’t afraid of having unique, atypical interests as hobbies. Now, depending on the individual, this can present quite a range. For example, the individual with this placement may love to write, but chooses to write about conspiracy theories. No matter the hobby, it will be tinged with an element of eccentricity. In true Uranus fashion, some ideal hobbies may include aspects of innovation, technology, humanitarianism, activism, science, volunteering, and even the arts. When it comes to kids, Aquarius will have a quirky relationship with them. Aquarius may not have a particular stance on liking or disliking children. However, Aquarius will almost always entertain a child’s presence. This is a placement that will enjoy weird questions and conversations. Aquarius may also be drawn to children who are considered “outcasts”. When it comes to pregnancy, expect the unexpected with this placement. This can refer to having an unexpected pregnancy, or nuances that arise during the pregnancy. Given that Aquarius rules the calves and ankles, these areas may be physically afflicted in pregnancy. The pregnancy itself may be prone to unusual twists and turns. No matter how prepared the individual is, the pregnancy itself will be quite the enigma. The result of the pregnancy is likely to be a boy (not including other potential aspects). Aquarius’s own relationship with their own children is going to be emotionally complex, distant, yet loyal. Aquarius will be prepared to help and encourage their children, especially any independent or rebellious tendencies. But Aquarius may appear as an emotionally distant parental figure to the child. Yes, Aquarius will provide the tools for the child to explore the weird and wonderful. But Aquarius may appear emotionally closed off until Aquarius is called to rise to the occasion for their child (i.e. defending child against bullies). Love and romance may be an odd subject in this placement. Dating is not likely to be the primal focus for an Aquarius in the 5th House. While love and adoration may be desired, it’s likely that Aquarius may also simultaneously reject any prospects. Aquarius is an incredibly independent, rebellious placement that values freedom, like Sagittarius. Unlike Sagittarius, Aquarius may reject love and dating altogether, opting for a bachelor/ette lifestyle. If Aquarius is committed, it’s for the long-haul. Casual flings aren’t a think for the busy Aquarius. The idea of romance in the relationship will be one of encouragement. Both Aquarius and their partner will feel able to be 110% themselves with each other, which is their form of romance. Sexually, it may air on the more experimental side with heavy communication involved. Aquarius will be more sexually open to exploring kinks and preferences, especially in a committed relationship. The area of focus for sexual pleasure may include the calves and ankles.

Pisces in the 5th House

Pisces has a flighty presence. When it comes to hobbies and past-times, Pisces will be swayed in whatever direction that promises a good time. Pisces may enjoy more introverted, artistic activities. Think hobbies like painting, drawing, poetry, writing, blogging, song-writing, and music. In true Neptune fashion, Pisces may also enjoy escapist hobbies as well. Depending on the individual, this can refer to numerous activities. The idea of an escapist hobby is that this placement would engage in an activity that takes them away from responsibilities, issues, and emotional turmoil. Now, this can refer to physically escaping, such as taking up hobbies like day-trips, running, hiking, and swimming. It can also refer to mental escapism. Mental escapism can look like sleeping, reading, listening to music, day-dreaming, and watching TV for hours on end. However, Neptune’s influence can also point to escaping through substance abuse, such as drinking or utilizing drugs. This placement has potential for dreamy, artistic creativity and self-sabotaging destruction. Be careful! When it comes to children, Pisces has an unconditional love for most children. Especially children that are sweet, shy, and more artistically inclined. Pisces would typically engage with a child if they’re doing a joint activity together, like coloring or playing a calm game (i.e. “house” over tag). When it comes to pregnancy, expect a whirlwind of emotions. The Pisces influence is likely to be extremely emotional, even turbulent at times. There may be elements of escapism with the pregnancy, like ignoring symptoms, refusing to believe certain aspects of the pregnancy, and even the desire to run away either from the baby or with the baby. No matter what, the pregnancy would undoubtedly be loving. Since Pisces rules the feet, this body part may be affected during pregnancy. The result of the pregnancy would be a girl (not including additional aspects). When Pisces is dealing with their own children, it’s done with unconditional love. Pisces would work hard to encourage their own children’s imaginations and creative talents. It’s likely that Pisces would be extremely obvious about showing their approval of their children, especially if Pisces felt like they lacked parental approval in their own childhood. When it comes to dating, Pisces has a dreamy, romantic expression. This is a placement that falls very easily in love, and usually, very often. Pisces may have a difficult time discerning love from sexual attraction. When it comes to both potential and committed partners, Pisces will excessively daydream about sharing a life with them. These daydreams may be fantastical in nature, often airing on the side of unrealistic. Pisces may expect grand, romantic gestures from partners. Said gestures would be romantically nostalgic, like being serenaded or receiving a handwritten love letter. If committed, Pisces is extremely loving, but may lack personal and interpersonal boundaries. Sexually, Pisces would be gentler, sweeter. Sex may be used or seen as a strengthening bond that backs up an emotional connection. At times, this may lead to being broken-hearted when Pisces realizes that it was only sex and nothing more. Sexual turn-ons may be sweet nothing, and classically romantic gestures. The area of focus may even be the feet.

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