July Forecast

July’s energy is truly a mix of all elements at play, beginning with strong water energy thanks to Cancer-led transits then diving off into a mix of fire and earth. Throughout July, the ongoing celestial energy remains somewhat consistent. Multiple outer planetary retrogrades are ongoing, with Jupiter Retrograde making a move into a different sign more towards the end of the month. Cancer Season and Leo Season will be the main astrological seasons, with a slight transition into Virgo Season at the end of July. Finally, Chiron joins in on the Retrograde fun, bringing back themes of the introspective Wounded Warrior, which was seen and felt around this time last year. Altogether, the theme for July is consistency. It’s not so much a month of revving up or cooling down the astrological energy, but more so, a month of expanding upon current astrological themes.

Major Transits

The first major transit of July is the New Moon in Cancer on July 9. New Moons are a time of new beginnings and renewal, kicking off a long-term lunar phase until the next time the Moon is in Cancer again. Under this New Moon, there will be opportunities to make the most of Cancer, lunar, and 4th House themes. It can be an ideal time to set intentions to further explore, hone, and honor one’s lunar capabilities. Emotional appraisal, Divine Feminine capabilities, intuitive reactions, and even psychic abilities can all be points of new beginnings or opportunities under the New Moon. Aside from this, the New Moon in Cancer can allude to a new cycle in the home life, greater understanding of one’s heritage, a deepening child-mother bond, developing parental skills, and even improving the home and family. All New Moon goals can be set with the intention of finding success or completion by the time there is a Full Moon in Cancer, which will be roughly six months from now. If anything, tread lightly around this time. The New Moon in Cancer may be emotionally involved, so it could be a time where the energy is more introverted than extroverted.

Under the New Moon in Cancer, these Rising signs may want to set intentions, manifestations, and goals in these Houses;

  • Aries Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Parenting, and the Relationship with the Mother
  • Taurus Rising: 3rd House of Siblings, Neighborhood, Local Community, and Conversation
  • Gemini Rising: 2nd House of Personal Security, Personal Property, Values, and Finances
  • Cancer Rising: 1st House of the Self
  • Leo Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Talents, Weaknesses, and Enemies
  • Virgo Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Social Groups, and Dreams
  • Libra Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, and Public Status
  • Scorpio Rising: 9th House of Education, Morals, Beliefs, Spirituality, and Travel
  • Sagittarius Rising: 8th House of Merged Bonds, Sexuality, Occult, Taboo, Joint Investments
  • Capricorn Rising: 7th House of Commitments (platonic, romantic, business, familial) and Contracts
  • Aquarius Rising: 6th House of Work, Routine, and Health
  • Pisces Rising: 5th House of Dating, Pregnancy/Children, Self-Expression, and Hobbies

Shortly after, Mercury joins in on Cancerian fun on July 11. Moving from its domicile in Gemini to the watery depths of Cancer, Mercury’s tone goes from chill to charged. Mercury in Cancer is intuitive and emotionally driven, the essence of speaking from the heart. Under this transit, everyone will feel pulled to say it with their chest! After all, Cancer is a cardinal water sign, which implies that Mercury in Cancer will speak when there is an emotional drive to do so. It’s a powerful empathetic expression, one that reverberates with feminine energy. Psychically enhanced, Mercury in Cancer can rely on its gut feelings to understand the world around it. Intuition and inner knowing may be charged under this transit, but the trick is being confident in it! Cancer is the crab, so it can still dip and dodge its own ability to rely on its intuition. The feminine aspect of Mercury in Cancer also goes beyond intuition. It can be ideal for focusing on, honing, and using active listening skills as well! Mercury in Cancer is a call to take a step back, to listen wholly and honestly to others to better understand, empathize, and sympathize. It can be an ideal transit for deepening bonds, or even better understanding those that impact day-to-day life. After all, Mercury in Cancer can be the perfect transit to practice one’s inner psychologist! Reading people will become as easy as reading a book. The trick is not taking on excess emotional baggage. Mercury in Cancer is perfect for sympathizing, but also emotional labor. It may be a time where everyone feels like they’re playing therapist to someone else. It would be wise to deflect any unnecessary emotional baggage and labor, especially to keep one’s mind and heart clear. If the energy becomes taciturn under this transit, Mercury in Cancer can become quite passive-aggressive, even psychologically manipulative. Be mindful of this behavior, as Mercury in Cancer may deflect dealing with a problem head-on in favor of acting passive-aggressively angry about it. Finally, Mercury in Cancer may have troubles with seeing or remembering events for what they are. Mercury in Cancer typically remembers the emotional gravity of an event more so than the timeline of the event itself. Memories are heavily influenced by emotion, so recalling an event or word spoken accurately may be difficult. Mercury in Cancer is a transit where the perturbed heart can easily overpower the logical mind.

Days later, Chiron in Aries stations Retrograde on July 15. Chiron is the asteroid of wounded healing, as it alludes to the emotional wounds and pains one has to learn to live with throughout life. As it’s in Aries, there are emotional wounds centered around themes of inner-child healing, Divine Masculine energy, anger, aggression, vulnerability, leadership, sexual energy, and the ability to act. Now in Retrograde, Chiron is being called to rethink, review, revise its ability to deal with the Aries-aspected wounds. Read more on the Wounded Warrior here.

Next is Venus entering Virgo on July 21. Leaving a dramatic Leo for the critical coolness of Virgo, Venus is officially falling from grace. To be debilitated as fall infers that Venus feels out of sorts in Virgo, which may be because Virgo is far too fussy of a sign for Venus to enjoy its time in. Calm, cool, and collected, Venus in Virgo is beyond meticulous. When it comes to finances, this is a Venus sign that is controlled. Virgo in Venus can be a perfect transit for reworking a budget or financial venture. After all, this is a mutable earth sign placement in Venus, so there is flexibility with stability intermingled in financial quests. Venus in Virgo calls for structure in finances, from implementing a budget to sticking with it to smart investing. It can be a wonderful transit for curbing impulsive spending or nonsensical investments. However, Venus in Virgo can be over-regimented. Be wary of being so in control to the point of going out of control. Under this transit, learn to have a healthy relationship with finances. Venus in Virgo ought to balance frugality and luxury. Money can be both saved and spent accordingly, the trick is having a balance. For example, Venus in Virgo can be perfect for putting away part of one’s paycheck into savings every pay period but also the occasional small treat to curtail massive spending in one go.

Then Leo Season begins on July 22 when the Sun enters Leo! The Sun is domicile in Leo, meaning it’s at home in this Zodiac sign. Bright, enthusiastic, and joyful, Leo Season is pure warmth. This is the time to shine, wherever Leo falls in one’s chart!

A day later, the Full Moon in Aquarius will be glowing in the sky. Full Moons are a time of completion, usually a six-month lunar cycle from the last time the Moon was in Aquarius. Now wrapping up the cycle or closing a chapter, the Full Moon in Aquarius is ending things on a quirky note. Under this glowing Full Moon, there is a reminder to think of the bigger picture. Over the last six months, there has been a call to grow collectively, to serve humanity over the individual. Arguably, the Full Moon in Aquarius is a point in reflection for the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction that had occurred at the end of December 2020. It can be the ideal time for a collective check-in, to see how the masses have grown as a whole to work together. Aside from this, the Full Moon in Aquarius can be a check-in point for technological changes, research updates, and even travel restrictions. This Full Moon may mark the time where more information is published regarding COVID-19 vaccines and procedures, especially what’s been the most effective and what can be fine-tuned. Aside from this, travel procedures and restrictions may change or end to some degree at this time. Finally, the Full Moon in Aquarius can also mark personal transformation, particularly how each individual has owned their eccentricities and freedom to express emotional states.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is illuminating these Rising sign’s Houses;

  • Aries Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Social Groups, and Dreams
  • Taurus Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, and Public Status
  • Gemini Rising: 9th House of Education, Morals, Beliefs, Spirituality, and Travel
  • Cancer Rising: 8th House of Merged Bonds, Sexuality, Occult, Taboo, Joint Investments
  • Leo Rising: 7th House of Commitments (platonic, romantic, business, familial) and Contracts
  • Virgo Rising: 6th House of Work, Routine, and Health
  • Libra Rising: 5th House of Dating, Pregnancy/Children, Self-Expression, and Hobbies
  • Scorpio Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Parenting, and the Relationship with the Mother
  • Sagittarius Rising: 3rd House of Siblings, Neighborhood, Local Community, and Conversation
  • Capricorn Rising: 2nd House of Personal Security, Personal Property, Values, and Finances
  • Aquarius Rising: 1st House of the Self
  • Pisces Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Talents, Weaknesses, and Enemies

Then Mercury will enter Leo on July 27. Mercury is leaving the nostalgia of the Moon for the warmth of the Sun when it enters Leo. Now in Leo, communication and mental patterns are self-focused. Mercury in Leo reviews the world, with each situation in it, revolving around them. Here is a fabulous transit to look at the same circumstances but now through a self-focused lens. It can be ideal for seeing how something directly affects and influences the individual. Because of the self-focused, self-driven nature of this Mercurial transit, mental agility is geared towards working for the individual. It can be an ideal Mercury transit for self-discovery, especially how one thinks, operates, and communicates within one’s immediate environment. Mercury in Leo also gives the mind quite a confidence boost! It is a loud and proud transit, one that makes itself known with ease. The mind is self-assured, so conversation flows with self-reliant ease. This Mercurial transit can be quite a courageous one, as it encourages the individual to speak up and stand out. Mercury in Leo has a flair for theatrics, so communication is tinged with dramatic conviction. It’s the ability to not only fearlessly speak, but to be heard in all of its glamour. Mercury in Leo commands attention for passionately putting on a show. Aside from the melodrama of storytelling, Mercury in Leo can be the perfect transit to speak with conviction. One may feel more emboldened to stand up for what they believe in or to finally find their voice. The warmth of the Sun shines in Mercury, which is infectious to all. Persuasive, creative, and focused, Mercury in Leo doesn’t need to roar to be the loudest voice in the room.

Afterward, Jupiter’s Retrograde will transition even further back from Pisces into Aquarius. Jupiter will finish the remainder of its Retrograde period in Aquarius. The brief introduction to Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter Rx in Pisces is telling of what will come when Jupiter officially moves into Pisces towards the end of 2021. Until then, the focal point of this Retrograde moves back into Aquarian ideals. Jupiter Rx is a time to rethink, review, revise aspects of Jupiter, such as expansion, luck, abundance, and spirituality. Now in Aquarius, there are themes of collective humanity, technology, research, social media, dreams, unconventionality, and individuality coming into effect. Jupiter Rx in Aquarius is the collective review of humanity and individuality. It’s like the essence of “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul”. So, the Midas touch of Jupiter is now turned within, as the Retrograde quality of this transit is highly introspective. It can be ideal for redefining who someone is as an individual, what their dreams are, and what spirituality means to them. Collectively, Jupiter Rx in Aquarius can be hopeful for reaffirming social, technological, and research implications and changes. It can be the perfect transit that sparks collaboration, both on an intrinsic and extrinsic level.

Finally, Mars enters Virgo on July 29. Mars may have roared in Leo, but Mars will be electric in Virgo. Mars in Virgo is such an underdog transit! All aspects and ruling associations of Mars are laser-focused, fine-tuned, and detailed for success. It’s a transit that doesn’t have time for bullshit! When it comes to action, Mars is methodical in Virgo. Driven for success, Mars in Virgo is structured. Progress is intuitively inspired, with enough room for modifications along the way. Every little goal, venture, plan, and more have been given a considerable amount of thought. Mars in Virgo highlights what needs to be focused on, adjusts as it goes, and handles various ventures at once. Mercurial and mutable, Mars in Virgo has a restless nature. So, taking action is a must to keep this Mars transit busy. However, this can also lead to biting off more than one can chew. So, Mars in Virgo can go from being a busy bee to feeling exceptionally overwhelmed by all the responsibilities it has taken on. That can occur when there’s a lack of boundaries, when Mars in Virgo feels unsuccessful, and when there is anxiety about not doing enough as is. It would be wise to know one’s limitations during this transit to keep busy, but not at an exhausting level. When it comes to aggression, Mars in Virgo is intuitive. Assessing before acting on any aggressiveness, Mars in Virgo leans into a more unbothered state. It can take quite a bit to anger this Mars transit. If anything, Mars in Virgo has bigger fish to fry. But when push comes to shove, Mars in Virgo will lash out with lethal one-liners. Mars in Virgo doesn’t have the time or energy to entertain drama, so Mars will either opt for a quick shut-down or walking away. If anything, Mars in Virgo is passive-aggressive, one that isn’t pushed into anger or rage until necessary. Finally, with libido, Mars in Virgo is quite the lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. Surprisingly kinky yet Mars in Virgo initially gives off a vanilla persona. Graced with earthy sensuality and attention to detail, sex is perfected. Mars in Virgo is a time where one may feel highly self-critical in a sexual sense, but also highly driven to perform well. There is a desire to please! Eager and dutiful, Mars in Virgo wants to have the best sexual experience possible. If anything, be mindful of boundaries when Mars is in Virgo in any application. Mars in Virgo can be self-sacrificing, so boundaries may be dropped to be of service to others. So, recognizing limitations and upholding standards will be essential for making the most of this Mars transit!

The Dates

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  • July 9: New Moon in Cancer
  • July 11: Mercury enters Cancer
  • July 15: Chiron begins Retrograde in Aries
  • July 21: Venus enters Virgo
  • July 22: Sun enters Leo
  • July 23: Full Moon in Aquarius
  • July 27: Mercury enters Leo
  • July 28: Jupiter’s Retrograde moves from Pisces into Aquarius
  • July 29: Mars enters Virgo

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