Chiron: The Wounded Healer

An old superstition and holistic observance are that we tend to hold our pains, wounds, and traumas in our bodies. In astrology, we can pinpoint these painful aspects in the planetoid, Chiron. Dubbed the “Wounded Healer”, Chiron is a teeny-tiny asteroid that contains all of our wounds, and how we can choose to heal.

The Myth behind the Legend

Astrology is a stunning combination of Roman and Greek mythologies, as the celestial bodies are named and represented after such. Chiron’s name is Greek, but its story is fairly similar in both Greek and Roman mythologies. When Saturn (Roman)/Cronus (Greek) was busy gobbling up all his kids to race against time and prophecy, there was a period of time where he had to wait to gobble up his last child, Jupiter/Zeus. During his stalling period, Saturn/Cronus supposedly has “sex” (let’s be real here for a second, Greek Mythos is historically never consensual and demi-gods were often borne of rape/incest) with a nymph by the name of Philyra. Mid-sexual encounter (a.k.a. rape), the wife of Saturn/Cronus, Rhea (or Goddess Ops/Magna Mater in Roman Mythos) caught them. Due to this extremely awkward interruption, Saturn/Cronus transformed the nymph Philyra into a horse. Out of this “sexual encounter” (again, rape), the centaur Chiron was borne. Because this was not a child listed in the Saturn/Cronus prophecy, Chiron was spared from being eaten by his dad.

Centaurs were often characterized as being cruel, bull-headed, aggressive, and even murderous. Chiron was different as he was known for his wisdom and medicinal properties, plus he was another immortal half-brother to Jupiter/Zeus. Chiron met his fateful end when he was accidentally shot with a poisoned arrow by Hercules. Although immortal, Chiron was not unsusceptible to feeling great pain from the arrow. Although a healer, he couldn’t manage to heal himself. To be relieved of the immense pain, Chiron was placed amongst the stars as a constellation. His constellation falls in between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Chiron in Astrology

Some types of astrology/astrologers hail Chiron as the ruling planet of Ophiuchus, thus the thirteenth planet and sign in the Zodiac modality. In western/tropical astrology, we hail Chiron as the asteroid known as the Wounded Healer and don’t acknowledge Ophiuchus as a full, “true” Zodiac sign. So, in western/tropical astrology, Chiron rules no Zodiac sign, no weekday, no modality, no element, and no energy. Chiron is yet another celestial body to consider in any chart reading or report!

Chiron was found by Charles Kowal in 1977, and was incorporated into astrology on a later date. It’s been controversial as to what Chiron is, but it has been characterized as a comet, a planetoid, and an asteroid. Another fun fact is that Chiron is denoted by Charles Kowal’s initials, hence the “OK” looking symbol affiliated with Chiron.

The Wounded Healer has an erratic orbit in between Uranus and Saturn – our Teacher Planet (Saturn) and our Planet of Expansion/Growth (Uranus) in astrology. This may infer that with Chiron’s place in astrology, we are ever-teaching ourselves about our wounds and how to appraise them.

Like all asteroids, Chiron is one of the many fine details that pieces together our birth charts. The Wounded Healer will shine a light on the traumas, wounds, and emotional/mental scabs that affect our daily lives. Chiron can also account for why you may always run into the same problem(s), no matter how far you seem to run from them.

Interestingly, Chiron’s myth has a role to play in astrology. Known for great wisdom and healing properties, yet Chiron failed to heal himself from the poisoned arrow. This infers in astrology, the deeper pains that we can begin to uncover and learn how to manage. Chiron could represent the ways in which we choose to heal, but ultimately, Chiron represents the wounds in which we need to live with.

The Signs in Chiron

As Chiron is denoted by trauma, wounds, pain, and Dharma, the sign in which Chiron is in can give more depth as to what consistent wounds are re-opened in an individual’s life. These wounds may manifest often, or occur in significant partnerships/positions/environment. It’s important to understand your Chiron placement as it could provide great relief to know why XYZ is always happening to you. It’s also a point of responsibility and accountability, as then we can begin to take ownership for continuing the wounding process. Lastly, it can begin to give you insight on ways to lessen the emotional and mental pains.

Before moving forward, you can calculate your chart here to see what your Chiron placement is. After calculating your chart, click “Settings” which will pop-up as “Chart Settings”. Then go to “Planets & Asteroids” under the settings to click on Chiron. I prefer Astro-Charts are they are the most accurate online tool, especially since you can input your longitude and latitude if your place of birth doesn’t pop up while making the chart.

~ Chiron in Aries: A forager, a warrior, and a champion for the underdogs, a Chiron in Aries will forget to focus that same energy on themselves. This will indicate a wounds regarding how to prioritize yourself, how to reconnect with your passion, an healthy release of anger, and even healing aspects of the Divine Masculine.

~ Chiron in Taurus: Steady, loyal, and steadfast yet you may lack the ability to accept change and to let go. Chiron in Taurus will indicate becoming comfortable with losses, financial instabilities, releasing possession, and learning when to let go.

~ Chiron in Gemini: Witty, intellectual, and conversational… maybe? Chiron in Gemini may infer speaking too much or too little, poor timing, consistent miscommunication/others misconstruing your words, and questioning your own intellectual stamina.

~ Chiron in Cancer: Nurturing, empathetic, and motherly to others yet this may be taken advantage of. Chiron in Cancer refers to wounds with the Mother/Mother figures, placing emotional boundaries in place, overstepping other’s boundaries, vulnerability, and/or feeling worried about the prospect of becoming a parent.

~ Chiron in Leo: Dramatic, creative, and bold, a Leo likes to shine… most of the time. Chiron in Leo can point to a few things, both on the extreme ends. It could infer wounds with sharing attention/seeking attention, bragging vs humility, all work and no play/all play and no work, and general self-confidence/consciousness.

~ Chiron in Virgo: Meticulous, analytical, and careful, Virgo is also critical, cold, and closed off. Chiron in Virgo greatly alludes to accepting failure/imperfection/coming up short, working on self-love, and working on not projecting one’s insecurities on others. Be careful of somatic complaints from untreated emotional wounds (i.e. over/under eating, acne, etc).

~ Chiron in Libra: Harmony, mediation, and peace is what Libra seeks. However, Chiron in Libra will point to maybe sacrificing too much to keep the peace, handling interpersonal conflicts, having reciprocal relationships, and the resulting anxieties from not taking action. This may also infer getting back in touch with the Divine Feminine.

~ Chiron in Scorpio: Mysterious, aloof, yet emotional, but you’ll never know with Scorpio. Chiron in Scorpio will result in wounds dealing with vulnerability, embracing emotionality, accepting a loss of control, and accepting ever-changing power dynamics.

~ Chiron in Sagittarius: Powerful, expansive, and philosophical, Sagittarius is a great innovating energy for others. But Chiron in Sag will allude to difficulties with insecurity, inability to find confidence to take action, and even disconnection from their own philosophical, rebellious ideas.

~ Chiron in Capricorn: Ambitious, assertive, and driven yet Capricorns will literally drive themselves right into the ground, if given the chance. Chiron in Cap can be characterized as “all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy”. Learning to balance work and life, finding the fun in life, becoming vulnerable, and shrugging off the impending responsibilities (that aren’t really their responsibilities to begin with) is all part of Chiron in Cap.

~ Chiron in Aquarius: Unique, innovative, and forward-thinking yet Aquarius can find themselves personally stuck. Chiron in Aquarius will ask the individuals to accept that what is done is enough, accepting the process of finding one’s life purpose, and accepting failures/complications along the way.

~ Chiron in Pisces: Empathetic, intuitive, and dreamy, but Pisces can also be prone to lack of boundaries and addictive behaviors. Chiron in Pisces will infer setting boundaries with others/the self, self-forgiveness, and finding healthy coping habits.

~ As above, so below.

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