The Fire Signs

Fire signs have the energy of a phoenix, as each sign knows when to burn down only to rise from the ashes better than ever. Like all elements associated with astrology, it’s imperative to know and understand the core traits of each element, then of each sign within each element. These core traits can allude to why someone acts or reacts a certain way.

General Traits & Characteristics

In astrology, the element of fire is known to be vivacious, vibrant, radiant, strong, powerful, and projective. Fire signs are often associated with the Divine Masculine as the element fire itself often projects outwards, thus having a strong, projective yet assertive presence. When an individual is a Fire dominant or has significant Fire placements (Sun/Moon/Rising), the energy the individual is often warm, friendly, ferocious, ambitious, independent, yet assertive, angry, and combative. Fire signs can be as complex as a wildfire at its peak, or can smolder like the remaining ashes.

Like everything before, present to, and after us, there is duality. The good cannot be there without the bad, vice versa. So, each element has admirable traits but also unhealthy, toxic, or bad traits. This isn’t to say a Fire dominant individual mostly consists of the “bad” traits that are associated with Fire signs. But rather, that the individual ought to acknowledge and accept without judgment what may or may not be there.

The “good” traits associated with Fire signs is their honesty, loyalty, vigor, ambition, drive, life force, strength, resiliency, spirit, warmth, and positivity.

The “neutral” traits – traits that could go either way – include the natural strong presence, ambition, drive, assertiveness, and independence that are associated with Fire signs. In other words, these traits could be appraised either positively or negatively.

The “bad” traits to keep in mind would be anger/temper/quickness to be frustrated, stability (or lack of), ferocity, projective quality that are associated with each sign. Fire signs are known hotheads who blow up and dip out. Be wary of an explosive reaction or temper, and be of how fleeting the reaction is because although the feeling fades, the consequences do not. Fire signs are known to be unstable due to temper, stress, and the natural drive to burn it all down then walk away. Stability can be key for emotional regulation and seeing things through. The fiery, ferocious nature of a Fire dominant/sign can be off-putting. It can be a strong, powerful yet immature presence. Fire signs are natural leaders and pavers of the way, but that doesn’t mean that everything should go up in smoke along the way.

Lastly, the Divine Masculine quality of projection can be associated with the temper and life force of a Fire sign. Fire signs have the ability to change the atmosphere in the room, so be smart with what energy the Fire dom./sign chooses to give life to.

Signs Within the Element

Like all four elements in astrology, each element is home to three signs, and each sign is represented by a different modality. This can also account for the striking similarities and stark differences between two signs of the same elements. For Fire, the signs are as follows: Aries (cardinal), Leo (fixed), and Sagittarius (mutable).

Aries, the Ram

As a cardinal sign and first in the Zodiac order, Aries are the initial beginners, leaders, and go-getters. Because of their special place in the Zodiac Modality, Aries are natural trendsetters as they rule the First House of first impressions. They are also referred to the “baby” of the Zodiac. Aries is associated with the Ram constellation, and the planet Mars. Mars gives Aries that aggressive, burn-it-all-down drive and vigor, but also that hotheaded temper. Because Aries is associated with Mars, it’s also subsequently associated with the Divine Masculine and Tuesday.

Aries season begins on March 20 and lasts until April 19. Those born within the first three days of Aries Season may have Pisces as their Mercurial sign. Those born within the last three days of Aries season may have Taurus as their Mercurial sign. This may account for why people believe in “cusps” as they may have been born close to the beginning/end of a season. Our cusp-individuals may feel like they embody the last/next Zodiac sign, particularly in the way they think, make sense of the world, and learn.

Aries often get along best with their elemental sisters, Leo and Sagittarius! They also do particularly well with Air signs, such as Aquarius and Gemini. Their co-sister, Libra, is the polar opposite of Aries. So, a mature Aries-Libra pairing will find the strengths in one that the other may lacks. An immature Aries-Libra pairing may find great difficulty, often feeling at odds with one another.

Aries also have tendencies to be attracted to or to attract fellow cardinal signs, Capricorn and Cancer. However, Aries will find the cold, aloof Capricorn to be harsh or restrictive. Aries may also find Cancer to be an emotional baby. Aside from Air and Fire signs, Aries may get along best with the water sign Scorpio. Scorpio and Aries have great potential as they are both ruled by Mars. However, any long-practicing star-gazer knows that each and every sign has the potential to make it work!

Summary: Mars, Masculine, cardinal, Ram, fire, Tuesdays, 1st House (Ascendant/Rising)

Crystals: citrine, bloodstone, jasper, clear/smoky quartz

Keywords: trendsetter, trail-blazer, leader, fiery, enthusiastic, temper, aggressive, combative, warmth, loyal, defender, warrior

Leo, the Lion

The majestic lion constellation is associated with Leo! Leo is a fixed sign, which gives Leo a loyal, steadfast if stubborn persona. Like the Sun, Leo demands to be the center of the universe, too. Leo comes in at number five in the Zodiac Order, and rules the 5th House of Creativity, Sexual Exploration, Fun & Entertainment. Lastly, as Leo is associated with the Sun, it is also associated with Sunday – punny!

Leo season begins on July 23 and lasts until August 22. So, those born around the beginning of Leo Season may have a Cancer Mercury, and those born towards the end may have a Virgo Mercury.

The ferocious Lion will seek out partnerships with other elemental sisters, the Ram and the Archer! Leo’s may also be attracted to the Air signs, Gemini and Libra. Leo’s co-sister/opposite is the Water-Bearer, Aquarius. Together, the Lion and Water-Bearer share the same creative expression, loyal tendencies, and proud personas. However, there could be room for ego clashes and not wanting to share the spotlight.

Leo has the potential to get along with the other fixed signs, Scorpio and Taurus. However, because Taurus is slow and steady, it may come off as dull and lazy to a Leo. Scorpio’s deep, mysterious nature may also upset a Leo as Leo tends to wear its heart on its sleeve. Outside of Fire and Air, Leos may have the greatest opportunity to connect with Capricorn. There’s something magical about a Cap-Leo pairing. Capricorn is driven, hardworking, aloof yet deep down, emotional. Leo is boastful, creative, expressive, and vigorous. Together, they can actually build an empire with Cap’s thorough, detailed planning and Leo’s warm, fiery drive. It may seem weird, but those two truly come together for a long-lasting partnership.

Summary: Sun, Masculine, fixed, Lion, fire, Sundays, 5th House

Crystals: citrine, tiger’s eye, pyrite, obsidian

Keywords: dramatic, bold, loyal, stubborn, warm, friendly, creative, pragmatic, expressive, attention-seeking

Sagittarius, the Archer

Our final fire sign is Sagittarius, the Archer who is associated with the Centaur constellation. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, so an easy-going, if all-over-the-place trailblazer. This sign is associated with Jupiter, and therefore, Thursdays. Sag ranks number nine in the Order, so it rules the 9th House of Expression, Foreign Travel, Luck, Philosophy, and Higher Education.

Sagittarius season last from November 22 to December 21. So, those born at the beginning of Sag season may have a Scorpio Mercury, and those born at the end of Sag season may have a Capricorn Mercury.

Our final fire sign pairs nicely with its other two elemental sisters. Sagittarius, like other fire signs, pair nicely with the Air signs, Aquarius and Libra. Its co-sister/opposite is the Twins, Gemini. Putting Gemini and Sag in a room together is honestly freaking hilarious. You either get a deep, philosophical discussion that flows from topic to topic, linking together a brilliant mind and a philosophical mind. Or, you get two people talking not only at each other, but over each-other.

Aside from the Fire and Air signs, Sagittarius will find comradery in the other mutable signs of Virgo and Pisces. However, Virgo’s careful analysis and critiques may be annoying to a Sag. Pisces may be overly emotional (as if Sagittarius isn’t, too). But Pisces is the other extremely logical pairing for Sagittarius outside of Fire/Air signs. Why?! Both are ruled by Jupiter! Pisces is first ruled by Jupiter (with Neptune as a secondary ruler) just like Sagittarius. Both signs share the same desire to learn, grow, and explore. Both signs are also emotional, however, Sagittarius may be a hothead emotional whereas Pisces is some Drake-in-his-feels emotional.

Summary: Jupiter, Thursdays, mutable, fire, Masculine, Archer/Centaur, 9th House

Crystals: labradorite, lapis lazul, sodalite, azurite

Keywords: expressive, bold, honest, adventurous, reckless, philosophical, caustic, independent, optimistic, arrogant

Final Thoughts on the Hot Heads

Our sweet Fire sign segment is almost wrapped up. Keep in mind that the projective Fire signs often like to seek and expand outwards. These signs are passionate and dramatic because they feel very deeply (much like Water signs do). Fire signs are the natural vitality within the Zodiac and each season. We often seek out the fire to remind us to be passionate, to get angry, and to seek adventure. Each sign does have its own strengths and weaknesses… But that’s what makes us human.

Lastly, if you are a Fire sign/dominant or dating a Fire sign, please remember that you/another have the greatest potential to find partnerships anywhere. Fire signs are natural defenders, warriors, and loyal to the last flame. Channel that warm, adventurous spirit! You’ve got this, Fire friends!

~ As above, so below.


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