Random Readings: Julia

Another potent chart? Don’t mind if I do! Ringing the FINAL installment of Random Readings: Part One with a Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon, and Libra Rising named Julia! Julia was born on 05/15/1997 in Lawrence, MA, USA at 05:15 PM. Check out her wild card chart below!

Personal Planets

Sun As a Taurus Sun, Julia is a fixed, feminine Earth sign. Her fixed nature will give her a slow, steady, loyal, steadfast persona. “Stubborn as a bull” fits Taurus to a T! Taurus cannot be pushed to make a decision, thanks to their fixed modality. Her feminine qualities allude to Julia as being someone who perceives and takes in, rather than professes and projects outwards. As an Earth sign, Julia is grounded, reliable, peaceful, practical, and logical. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so Julia may be fond of the arts, artistic expression, fine clothing, food, and the general comforts of life. Taurus, in particular, rules the Second House of Possessions and Materials. So, regarding Venus and the House Taurus rules, one may infer that Julia prefers to live comfortably. The home may be a pinpoint for Julia as it would be a safe place, aesthetically pleasing, and a great source of pride for a Taurus. For a younger Taurus/a Taurus who lives with others, the bedroom or kitchen may be the source of pride rather than the whole home. The kitchen because that’s where Taurus can cook, experiment, and eat. The bedroom as this would be the space in which Taurus can make a home out. Material items and financial stability may also be important to a Taurus Sun such as Julia. This isn’t to say she is materialistic, but rather, she takes pride in what she has and what she’s working towards. Taurus is huge on control as well, particularly with finances. So, financial instability or loss may be extremely stressful. Lastly, Taurus is bullheaded (pun very much intended). Their logic is reasonable, clearcut, and precise. Abstract notions, philosophy, or illogical reasoning will only make the fixed Bull dig their heels in. A Taurus may be extremely stubborn, whether it’d be letting something/one go, or clinging to their own beliefs. Lastly, Taurus is calculated and meticulous. So, Taurus may be prone to extreme over-thinking and an inability to commit. However, their careful planning is much appreciated by other Earth signs.

Moon As a Virgo Moon, this is a mutable, feminine Earth placement. As a feminine Moon sign, Julia will analyze, reason, and calculate others’ emotions by first actions, then words. As an Earth sign, this Moon placement is logical, reasonable, steady, and reliable, but also not super emotionally vulnerable. As a mutable Earth sign, Virgo reminds me of clay – it molds to its surroundings. With the Moon placement, Virgo easily adapts to its emotional needs as well as others. A Virgo Moon can roll with the punches. The wonderful attributes of a Virgo Moon are their way to adapt, their way to make sense out of the non-sensical (Taurus Sun will help) and to be able to separate the Logical Self from the Emotional Self. Virgo Moons are perfectionists by nature, as well as natural martyrs. A Virgo Moon may have great difficulties overcoming boundary issues as this placement will have a deep desire to help everyone else out with their emotional ticks. Virgo Moons may also come across as critical, as they can see the problem(s) clearly and know exactly how to fix it. But because this isn’t a super emotional Moon placement, a Virgo Moon’s help may come across in the form of a critique. Lastly, Virgo Moons will have great difficulty accepting help from others, opening up emotionally, and working on healthy coping habits. A Taurus Sun-Virgo Moon combo is a combo that prefers to do things on their own, with no help. It’s okay to ask for help! A Virgo Moon will also experience somatic complaints if their negative/toxic/unhealthy emotional states are not addressed and dealt with healthily. Somatic complaints could be stomach pains to acne to unhealthy eating habits/patterns to picking at oneself. Virgo Moons may also be prone to getting sick if they internalize their negative emotions. A Virgo Moon will have to find healthy outlets to relieve themselves of the somatic complains.

Mercury Mercury is in Taurus, which is a fixed, feminine earth sign. Julia’s Taurus Mercury is in reception to her core ego (Sun) and emotional self (Moon), which may allude to an easier time communicating who she is, what she wants, and how she feels. Taurus Mercury can be stubborn in their opinions, or set when their mind if made up. Taurus Mercury is grounded in logic and reason, this isn’t a fanciful Mercurial sign. When it comes to communication, this may be a lazy placement. This indicates that Julia will participate in conversations that are stimulating or of interest to her, but if they aren’t, then she will hold back. As a “lazy” communicator, she may neglect to speak at all if she sees no reason to or if she’s bored by the conversation. Taurus Mercury is slow to speak because they are taking everything in, particulary the 5 senses – touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. This is an earthy Mercurial placement that will receive everything in its surrounding before speaking up. This may also allude to being a student who learns through several means of teaching. The more of 5 senses that are included, the better a Taurus Mercury can learn. However, Taurus Mercury is a stubborn student, so they will learn what they want at their own pace. Same goes with speaking. A Taurus Mercury won’t speak until they’ve mulled over the thought over and over and over again. Be wary of overthinking or anxiety, as Virgo Moon can exacerbate this. Be mindful of your pragmatic sense of logic and reason – sometimes making the grey area clearcut isn’t as easy as it may seen. Not all things are in black and white.

Venus Venus is in Gemini, a mutable, masculine air sign. As a masculine sign, you may project in your relationships, so you may initiate. As a mutable sign, you may be flighty or adaptable. As an air sign, you may crave conversation, logic, banter, and intellect in a relationship. Gemini Venus is ever-changing in their relationships, so they may lose interest as quickly as they became interested. The stable Taurus and grounded Virgo placements will help give longevity to any relationship. But Gemini Venus will test out potential friends, partners, and loved ones. Gemini Venus craves intellect and banter above all else in any relationship. This is a sign who wants to ensure that the other can not only keep up mentally, but continue bringing fresh, new topics/opinions/views to the table. Gemini Venus is excitable in love when their partner/potential partner is able to hold conversation, be witty, and add fresh insight. This may allude to a Gemini Venus being attracted to someone that they perceive to be smarter. This is because Gemini Venus will want to be around someone intellectually stimulating. But Gemini Venus also looks for lighthearted fun in their relationships. This isn’t an emotionally saturated Venus sign or a passionate Venus sign. Julia’s Earth placements will help stabilize her relationships, so that her Gemini Venus doesn’t stray or readily lose interest.

Mars Mars is in Virgo, so this is a mutable, feminine earth sign. Mars in Virgo is in reception to Julia’s Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus sign. When it comes to action, planning, and orientation, Virgo Mars is pragmatic. This is a Mars sign who is great when it comes to planning, detailing, and organizing. Virgo Mars is inclined to roll with the punches, so if their plans don’t work out, it’s stressful but nothing they can’t handle. Taurus placements will help ground Virgo Mars as this is a placement that may be inclined to take on way too many projects/commitments at once. When it comes to anger and aggression, Virgo Mars is cold. This isn’t a quick, short fuse. Virgo Mars, with the other earth placements, will not lose their temper quickly. All the earth indicates holding grudges or forgiving but not forgetting. When angry, it is a wave of cold, short anger that is usually dealt with in a couple of infamous one-liners. Virgos are known to shut someone down in a few, if belittling, sentences. However, this and the Virgo Moon are more inclined to martyrdom. So, Julia may have issues with over-sacrificing or letting too much go. This can result in unresolved anger, stress, and frustration that may be seen more in somatic complaints. When it comes to sex, Virgo Mars is durable, earthy, and sensual. This is a sign known as the “Virgin” in the Zodiac but is anything but. Virgo Mars may be more submissive, but still willing and open even in bed. They’re also picky about who they’re with sexually, which will help a flighty Gemini Venus.

Chart Stats Julia’s birth chart is mostly feminine energy, so she’s more inclined to learn and take in rather than project. Her chart is mainly compromised of earth signs, so her overall personality may be logical, reasonable, grounded, if cold and less inclined to be vulnerable. There is no ruling modality, so she is equally made up of cardinal, fixed, and mutable energy. Her chart lacks significant degrees, and her outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – are in retrograde.

Ascendant & Midheaven

Ascendant (Rising/1st House) Libra risings are cardinal, masculine air signs. As a cardinal sign, Julia’s first impression is that of a leader – mostly a mediating or devil’s advocate leader. As an air sign, Julia’s first impression may be more surface-level social than her core planets are. This means she may be able to hold a lighthearted conversation, which goes against a deeper Virgo Moon. Libra risings act as a mirror of first impressions. This implies that whomever Julia is around, she will take on their Rising sign whether she’s aware of it or not. So, her first impression may imitate someone else’s first impression. This is how a Libra rising makes other’s comfortable, or how a Libra rising will socialize. Libra risings also allude to having symmetrical facial features, or an enticing sense of fashion.

Midheaven (MC/10th House) With an MC in Cancer, Julia is working towards becoming a cardinal, feminine water sign in her later years of life. A Cancer MC infers that the home and family will be Julia’s greatest achievements in her life. As this is at 29 degrees, Julia may feel like she has to rush towards achieving her ideal home and/or the family she creates. This MC position also alludes to Julia being more emotionally vulnerable later in life, which opposes her earth placements in her core planets. Julia will be more open about her sensitivities and emotional state in her later years. She will also put her Virgo Mars to good use in this placement, as Cancer Mc infers that she will be organized. Her MC indicates a career in which she helps others or can nurture others. This could be through social work, therapy/psychology, medicine, teaching, mentoring, etc. It may take a few tries, as Cancer MC will want a career in which they can connect and empathize with others. There will be instability, which will upset the stable Taurus placements in her chart. You can’t have stability without first having instability.

Anything Else?

Julia didn’t indicate any questions or concerns in her form.

However, let’s go over her North and South Nodes. The South Node indicates the past. South Node pinpoints what is holding one back, where one is comfortable, and old patterns/paradigms. Typically, the South Node is comfortable for us to stay in but also holds us back from reaching our highest, truest potential. The North Node is the Node of Fate and Destiny. After reviewing and accepting the South Node, we can then start working towards the North Node. Most will want to begin working towards the North Node intrinsically because the South Node is stifling. The North Node is the answer to “what makes me happiest?”

South Node in Pisces To have a South Node in Pisces indicates being emotionally taxed/burdened by others, having little to no boundaries, self-sacrificing, and even martyrdom. Pisces SN would infer that Julia may be comfiest when she goes with the flow… but she’s too easy-going. This easygoingness will ultimately lead to unhappiness as it doesn’t lead to the construction of healthy boundaries or coping habits. It may also lead to inactivity, which may hold Julia back from reaching her goals. Pisces SN may indicate being empathetically exhausted. Julia may give, give, give her energy and emotions to others. She will do this even when she isn’t asked because she may feel like she has to. This creates a persona of martyrdom, where Julia is constantly sacrificing her wants/needs for others. Because of this, there is a lack of healthy emotional boundaries with others. She will be taken advantage of, or find herself in toxic relationships. Her coping habits may include addictive tendencies that lead to escapism. Her addictive tendencies can be as serious as a drug/alcohol problem or even over-indulging in sleeping to escape her present reality. She’d rather live in her fantasy world than the real world.When the time comes, be ready to release these South Node tendencies.

North Node in Virgo Her North Node of Fate and Destiny lies in Virgo. This indicates that Julia will be happiest when she can reason, give logic to emotions, place healthy boundaries in her life, and cope healthily. Virgo NN indicates that Julia will have to learn how to implement healthy boundaries in all situations and relationships. In positive psychology, boundaries are only as good as the intention behind them. So, for Julia to have positive relationships where there’s a give & take, she would need to be mindful of why she wants the boundary, be thorough with implementing the boundary and be clear with her boundary. No wishy-washy, easy-breezy attitudes. Set the boundary, then walk away. This will keep her relationships from being taxed, or from others being emotional burdens. With the Virgo NN, Julia won’t be drowning in her emotional state either. Instead of wallowing, she will begin to reason her emotions with clarity. This aspect will allow her to begin forming healthy coping mechanisms that she can use instead of escaping reality. Lastly, instead of going with the flow, she’ll learn how to roll with the punches while still making a point of reaching her goals. She won’t let opportunities pass her by. She won’t wait for the Universe or God or whatever to bestow her the perfect, serendipitous moment. She’ll become pragmatic, driven, ambitious, and methodical. She will work towards her goals with ease and careful planning. As her Moon sign and her other Earth placements are in reception to her NN, she will be more in touch or inclined with reaching her NN than staying stuck in the SN.


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~ As above, so below.

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