An Astrological Breakdown of January: 2020 Vision

New decade! New year! New you! No, really, new you. 2020 is the astrological vision, kicking off with some especially potent energy in just the first two weeks. January alone is filled with lunar eclipse, two zodiac seasons, & more!

The major Astrological event

Amid Capricorn season, the season of karmic lessons, Mars moves into Sagittarius at an auspicious 0 degrees on January 3rd. With Mars in Sagittarius, we can expect to move forward with creative endeavors and ambitions with frightening ferocity. The 0 degrees gives us a fresh start, a new beginning. It could signify the beginning of a goal, dream, desire, and/or ambition. Mars in Sagittarius could also signify particular mutable aggression. Be wary of coming on strong with a fiery passion that only dissipates moments later. Be wise in displays of anger and aggression

On January 8th, Jupiter in Capricorn opposes the True Node (aka North Node) in Cancer. Jupiter in Capricorn is methodically lucky, meaning there is madness behind the method of attaining dreams. True Node in Cancer signifies reconnecting with the Divine Feminine spirit, or the empathetic, nurturing side of ourselves. With these two planetary placements in opposition, there is room to grow in thought. Jupiter not only rules luck but personal growth and expansion. The True Node also signifies personal growth and expansion – destiny, if you will. With these two in opposition, there is room to not only grow but pass along the information that has already been received. This pushes and pulls energy demands balance. Knowing when to teach others, and when to be taught. There may be karmic lessons in setting attainable goals, letting go of useless patterns, and re-focusing energy on attaining certain goals.

The most potent astrological event in January (and one of the few in this year) occurs on January 10 with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. Full Moons spotlight what has been completed since the last New Moon about 6 months earlier. Full Moons shine the light on creative endeavors, goals attained, and even the shadow side of what hasn’t happened or was never completed. A Full Moon will ask, “What have you done? What are you trying to do? What are you going to do now?” With this in Cancer, the emotional self will be brought out. Full Moons in Cancer may relate to healing wounded familial relationships, being in touch with the Divine Feminine, healing the Mother Wound, and becoming more in touch with the emotional self. But keep in mind, this is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. With the Lunar Eclipse in mind, the shadow self is in focus. Whatever you’ve been running from is coming back into focus. This astrological event can be purposeful in self-discovery, paving the way to the road of self-mastery and personal growth.

Alrighty, now for the less dramatic astrology! Kind of. On January 10 (what a crazy day), Uranus in Taurus goes direct. There will be a slow-moving change from this transit that will play out over the months ahead. Expect changes in friend groups, relationships, and the workplace to unfold. With changes in the workplace, you may find yourself starting a new job, taking on a promotion, and changing in finances.

Aaaand back to the drama! On January 12, Saturn in Capricorn conjuncts with Pluto in Capricorn, putting the energy of the Lord of Karma and Lord of the Underworld together. This is HUGE, my astro-nerds! This conjunction between the two harshest, coldest planets only occurs every 34 years. When they come together, the blunt reality of your life will hit you. Hard. Saturn will roundhouse kick your ass with some much-needed karma from lessons learned the hard way. Pluto will force you to rethink, review, revise your patterns and relationships that no longer serve you. You will be forced to take a hard look at yourself and your life. This conjunction reminds me of how a diamond is made. Under the hardest, harshest pressure only then will coal become a diamond. The same goes for personal growth.

Now let’s dial back the crazy. Venus enters Pisces at 0 degrees on January 13. Love will take on a dreamy if naive, outlook. Relationships can come together with significant emotional bonding. Be wary of illusions and deceptions as well as codependency. Pisces can be beautiful Venusian energy, but can also turn toxic just as quickly. Luckily, Mercury in Aquarius occurs on January 16th and Pallas enters Capricorn on January 18. Pallas is the asteroid of wisdom, strategy, and judgment which is amplified in the stoic, logical Capricorn. Mercury rules thought and expression, which becomes bold, original, stubborn, and upfront in Aquarius. These transits can help aid in seeing relationships and situations for what they are.

Aquarius season begins on January 20! This occurs when the sun enters Aquarius. Those with Aquarius placements in the 1st House, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars may find their energy heightened during the Water Bearer’s season. Expect some eccentricity, originality, unconventionality as well as some arrogance, stubbornness, and radical change.

A New Moon in Aquarius occurs on January 24. Where Full Moons signify completion, New Moons signify new beginnings. With this in Aquarius, you may feel challenged to change your way of thought and/or daily routines. Your newer intentions may include radical change. This New Moon is about envisioning what could be, what could happen, what could change. Whatever it may be, be logical and rational. Aquarius may push you to go a bit overboard with the unconventionality. Methodical rebellion is key!

And last, but certainly not least, Ceres enters Aquarius on January 31. Ceres is the asteroid of nurturing. Aquarius is often dubbed a colder, caustic sign. In reality, Aquarius is an empathetic sign who seeks change on a large scale so that many can benefit. This is a great time to become connected with your community, or even a different community. Personal and collective individuality will be encouraged to grow.

Tips ‘n’ tricks for this month

The overall theme of this month is change, growth, and self-discovery. But most importantly, accepting what is to come. 2020 promises a radical collective, interpersonal, and individual shift. We see the beginning of this coming to fruition during this month with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Uranus going direct, Saturn conjunct Pluto, and the New Moon. It all depends on you.

Let’s think of the road to self-discovery in psychological measures. One of my favorite lessons in college was learning the difference between short-term and long-term goals through this cute little video. If you don’t feel like watching the cutest video ever, then fine, I’ll explain. A group of young children are given a single marshmallow, then given two options. The kids are told, “Hey if you eat the marshmallow now, that’s fine! But just know that if you wait another 10 minutes, you’ll get two marshmallows!”. Two freaking marshmallows, man! But remember, these are very young kids and this is sugar, so this is where short-term and long-term goals come into play. The kids who couldn’t wait usually eat the marshmallow, thus completing a short-term goal. Yes, they have that short-term satisfaction that doesn’t last. They only get one marshmallow. The kids who do wait, get two marshmallows, thus completing a long-term goal with long-term satisfaction. Short-term goals are associated with short-term rewards whereas long-term goals are associated with long-term rewards. In other words, the goals you set now and tend to carefully for the next few months will produce long-term rewards as opposed to giving up or settling for less.


So, back to the astrology. Taking these extreme transits into consideration, you ought to consider taking a hard look at yourself. Facing the shadow self. This is often the hardest measure one can take because it involves confront all the parts of the self one doesn’t like. However, if you’re able to be honest with yourself about what’s not working and the changes you ought to make, then you can begin setting down realistic, long-term goals with long-term rewards. If not, you’ll stay stuck in the short-term goal with short-term rewards. And that is no way to live!

For example, if your job isn’t working but the money is great, you may have lead yourself into believing that everything is fine. But during the first two weeks of January, something may have happened. Maybe your boss demoted you, you lost a promotion to someone else, you weren’t given a raise, you were humiliated at work, etc. That’s when the honesty comes in. That’s when facing yourself, and your illusions, comes in. Once you can begin to see what’s not working, then you can begin to figure out how to make something new work for you. So, that could be applying for a new job, quitting, going back to school for a different career, etc.

The tips ‘n’ tricks to survive this month are simple – be honest. If you have a hard time doing so, seeking therapy is always an option. Sometimes a therapist is great for unbiased feedback and advice. If this isn’t an option for you, then meditating or writing may be. Once you come to your own personal realization about what needs to change, consider writing down all the ways you could change. So, back to our example, your ways to change could be updating your resume/cover letter/LinkedIn, beginning to search for other jobs, etc. While doing so, focus on the long-term goal associated with the change.

Be mindful in keeping up self-compassion during this time. Sometimes the changes we need to make are emotionally painful for one reason or another. Self-compassion can aide with feeling guilty, hurt, or self-destructive. It can also aide in accepting that change is necessary. If you want to learn more about cultivating self-compassion, check out this Psychology Today article.

Wishing everyone all the best with navigating this hectic month!

As above, so below.

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