The Air Signs

The Air sign qualities and traits are by far the hardest to read. These signs have the natural ability to surround, entice, stir up the energy in the room, then leave. There’s an *air* of mystery to them – pun very much intended. So, let’s begin to break down this element and the signs within, shall we?

General Traits & Characteristics

Unlike their sister element, Fire, Air signs are calm, cool, and collected. Air signs could get the rep of being flighty, “airheads”, ungrounded, or unemotional. Air signs are intelligent, witty, philosophical, sociable, elusive, hard to grasp, and they often lack emotional vulnerability. For those who are Air sign dominants or have significant Air placements (Sun/Moon/Rising), your general vibe may be carefree, light, conversational, and reflective.

As stated in “The Fire Signs“, we have duality in everything and one. We do not have Yin without Yang. We do not see the good without the bad. For every pro, there’s a con. Duality is key as it enlightens our own personal growth, and connects us as humans. We see this, especially in astrology. Every sign has the good, the bad, and the ugly. This isn’t to say that someone who is a Libra is all bad, or right as rain. Rather, this is to say that each Zodiac sign has traits that are appraised positively and negatively – the appraisal is up to you.

The “positive” or “good” traits associated with all Air signs include intellect, wit, adept conversational skills, social skills, balance, logic, and the ability to mold to their social situation. Air signs are socially adept, from silly icebreakers to thoughtful, inquisitive conversations. The Air signs will keep you moving, thinking, working, and involved. Air signs can speak their truth without judgment. When talking with an Air sign, you can’t help but be enticed. There’s a charm or eccentricity associated with Air signs that people gravitate towards. There’s also a level of acceptance that Air signs exude.

Neutral traits also associated with Air signs include balance, transparency, social abilities, and fluidity. These traits can be helpful or hurtful – it’s how it’s appraised. For example, you may be the type of person who just loves a go-with-the-flow, mutable Air sign, and others can’t stand it. Some love how social Air signs are, and some believe there’s a lack of depth to the sociality. Neutral traits are the traits that can go either way for us.

Negative traits associated with Air signs would be the never-ending drama that surrounds them. Air signs have the worst rep for drama (I’m looking at you, Gemini, you poor, misunderstood sign). An immature Air sign/dominant will want to stir the pot just for the fun of it. Mature Air signs/dominants will reflect the mess in front of them, serving as personal mirrors. Those who act as mirrors are often disliked. Air signs tend to reflect their situation and group before them. If they reflect negative values, it’s essentially the same as reflecting your negative values. Most people don’t like looking at their shadow selves in the mirror. Air signs/dominants are also known to be emotionally elusive. These signs are not readily in touch and willing to explore their emotional depths. This isn’t Water or Fire. Air signs are very much aware of how they feel, but they tend to intellectualize it instead of accepting its emotional capacity of it. In other words, they turn their feelings into logic. Because of this, Air signs may come across as cold and aloof, seemingly unable to connect with others. Another aspect of how they handle emotional confrontation is usually turning into a flight risk. Air signs/dominants are not known to sit down to have the deep, emotional conversation that needs to happen. Air signs may just run at the first chance they get. These signs are not always willing to be 110% emotionally vulnerable, unlike their Fire counterparts. Most Air signs will walk away to give the other person a moment to cool down. Air signs will also (un)intentionally leave if they feel trapped, suffocated, and/or bored.

Signs Within the Element

Libra, the Scales

Libras are the astrological mirrors of the Zodiac! This means that Libras often blend into their surroundings by reflecting those within their surroundings – thus earning them the stigma of being shallow or inconsistent in personality. In reality, Libra is an adept socialite who is able to make any social situation work in their favor. Libras are known to be charming, as they’re able to hold conversation with anyone and thing. Libras are socially intelligent, but they act unaware mainly to gather all the info they need in order to make a decision. Speaking of decisions, let’s not. Libras would rather start a fight before deciding on something in less than 5 minutes.

Libra is a masculine, cardinal air sign. As a masculine sign, Libra will project its energy outwards. However, the way Libra projects are wholly different from other masculine signs. Libra will project their masculinity in a softer, more appealing way. Libra is a strong leader at heart, thanks to the cardinal modality, but will not come across as a brash, impulsive leader. Libras can lead with a strong, authoritative figure that is also popular amongst its followers because Libras tend to reflect what others want. This is vastly different from Libra’s star-sister and polar opposite, Aries.

Libra is represented by the Scales constellation, thus inferring that Libra strives for balance, harmony, and peace. As ruled by Venus, Libras are drawn to art, love, romance, partnerships, and beauty. This can also explain why Libra is the traditional ruler the 7th House of Commitment, Partnerships, Marriage, and Contracts. Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the lucky day for Libra is Friday!

Libra season goes from September 23 to October 23. This could infer that those born in the beginning of the season have Virgo placements, particularly a Virgo Mercury. It also infers that those born at the end of the season have Scorpio placements, such as a Scorpio Mercury.

In love, Libras will go best with Aries. An Aries-Libra duo is the Lovers coming together – Venus and Mars. This works best as Aries is Libra’s polar opposite, which means that where one lacks, the other makes up for and vice versa. Aside from the star-crossed Lovers, Libra will gravitate to other Air signs – Gemini and Aquarius. All Air sign duos will share in their intellectual and social pursuits as well as a need for freedom. Libra may also be inclined to fall in love with the other Fire signs, Sagittarius and Leo. However, Libra may feel overwhelmed by a dramatic, fussy Leo and may resent a brash, rebellious Sagittarius.

Outside of the Air and Fire sign compatibilities, Libra may find love anywhere. After all, Libra is the Zodiac mirror, so Libra can find love and connection with any sign. With that being said, Libra may do best with Taurus. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, so a Libra and Taurus may find commonplace in the shared Venusian characteristics. Libra may also dislike Taurus as Taurus can be stubborn, slow-moving, and stagnant at times. Libra could also readily connect to a Cancer and Capricorn because they all share the cardinal modality. However, Cancer may be too emotional and even manipulative, which would drive Libra away. Capricorn may be a better fit, but the Saturnian aspect associated with Capricorn may put a damper on the Venusian Libra.

Summary: 7th House, Venus, scales, Friday, cardinal, masculine

Crystals: rose quartz, jade, moonstone, opal

Keywords: mirror, peaceful, people-pleaser, balance, shallow, passive-aggressive, charming, adaptable, socialite, intelligent, indecisive

Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

Honestly, writing or talking about Aquarius is difficult. It’s not them… well, actually it is. Aquarius is, in my own opinion, the hardest sign to pin down. Aquarius has an astronomical need to be unique and different. Every Aquarius shares similar traits but differs in the appearance of said traits. I know an Aquarius to be the sign that needs to stand out. Not quite in their star-sister Leo’s way. But rather in a more indirect, “look at me but not really, aren’t I so quirky?” type of way. Not to mention the God/god-complex. Aquarius is known for its vast, out-of-the-box intellect. But that is accompanied by the profound desire or need to be seen as right… all the damn time. Arguing with an Aquarius is honestly futile. They don’t like being wrong or told they’re wrong. They like to be known as the innovative, philosophical, rebellious thinkers and doers – and they are! But every Aquarius is almost seemingly insecure in this as well. They crave validation but reject it at the same time. On their whole, they are humanitarians. They see the problems in their society (both immediate and greater), and have an urge to fix them or help them. Truthfully, the best euphemism I can give an Aquarius is the mystery flavor Dum-Dum pops – even when you think you know what you’ve got, you still don’t.

Aquarius is a fixed, masculine sign. As a fixed sign, Aquarius is righteously stubborn and loyal. These signs are true friends to those they care most about in this world. This also makes Aquarius the ride-or-die lover. However, this stubborn aspect of the fixed nature is accounted for in God/god-complex. Aquarius is always right – period. Don’t even try to argue. As a masculine sign, Aquarius will project their energy out into the world, typically through their ideas and innovations. Aquarius is primarily ruled by Uranus, secondarily by Saturn. This means that Aquarius is influenced by the rebellious, philosophical Uranus first, but there are Saturnian influences in the way Aquarius takes on responsibility, work, and commitments. Aquarius is also denoted as the Water-Bearer. The House associated with Aquarius is the 11th House of Success and Community. The lucky day for an Aquarius is Saturday.

Aquarius season goes from January 20 and lasts until February 18. So, those born at the beginning of the season may have Capricorn in their natal charts, specifically a Capricorn Mercury. Those born towards the end may have Pisces influences in their charts, usually a Pisces Mercury.

Let’s talk about an Aquarius in love. Uh, wait, Aquarius in love? Please. Ok, I’m being mean – let me explain. Aquarius has a profound desire for independence and freedom. Although social, Aquarius can also be extremely anti-social as they need time and space to re-group. Aquarius’s idea of re-grouping is disappearing. This usually doesn’t bode well for love. An Aquarius is like the bachelor of the Zodiac. Aquarius would rather friend-zone than love, mainly because Aquarius fears emotional vulnerability, potentially losing their freedom, and not being as independent as they want to be. This can cause an Aquarius to run from the prospect of relationships. When in love, Aquarius is loyal, devoted, and giving. The best match for an Aquarius would be Sagittarius as both signs would give one another the space and freedom to roam as well as being an intellectually ideal match. Leo, Aquarius’s polar opposite, would also be a great match! Other Air signs would be ideal, but Libra may be too co-dependent or too invested in the relationship, which may feel restrictive for Aquarius. Gemini may be more inconsistent or disloyal, which would go against Aquarius’s loyal nature. Aries, the last Fire sign, would be ideal for Aquarius. However, Aries can be demanding in their relationships, so again, Aquarius may feel suffocated.

Aside from the Air-Fire duos, Aquarius may do well with Capricorn. Capricorn is primarily ruled by Saturn, which is Aquarius’s secondary ruler. They may be able to connect on their Saturnian characteristics. Capricorn is also more aloof, and a leader by nature, which may be attractive to Aquarius. Be wary of ego clashes. Aquarius wouldn’t be ideally matched with fellow fixed signs, Scorpio and Taurus. Taurus may seem vanilla, stubborn, and slow-moving. Scorpio would be emotionally taxing to Aquarius. If anything, Aquarius would rather be BFFs with all the signs first before entertaining the idea of dating them.

Summary: 11th House, Saturn, Uranus, water-bearer, Saturday, fixed, masculine

Crystals: hematite, labradorite, moonstone, aquamarine

Keywords: innovative, rebel, righteous, stubborn, loyal, humanitarian, cold, aloof, intelligent, uncompromising, independent, original, progressive

Gemini, the Twins

The final air sign is Gemini! Gemini is arguably the most trash-talked sign out there (yes, Scorpio and Capricorn count too). Gemini has one of the worst Zodiacal reps around for being known as “two-faced”. In reality, Gemini has a public and private face. The public face is the ever-changing, adaptable personality that works for every social situation. Gemini’s public face is quite the chameleon of personalities. This can cause some major backlash. If Libra is a shallow people-pleaser, then Gemini is often hailed as being inconsistent, shady, and two-faced. What you see isn’t what you always get with Gemini’s public face. Their private face is more like their Moon sign, as it’s less inconsistent with changing. The Gemini private face is saved for close friends and loved ones. The private face is the true face of Gemini, whereas the public face is, well, the face of the public. Geminis are relatively easy and interesting conversational partners, so most people may feel close to a Gemini. In reality, Geminis are still aloof while being social, so there are only a select few who are close with Gemini. This is why Geminis are brandished as two-faced because people get mad when they realize their Gemini buddy isn’t their buddy at all.

Geminis are mutable, masculine signs. As a mutable sign, Gemini is fluid and adaptable. Their minds are lightning fast, so they can take in information readily while still adapting to the situation around them. Geminis are also great conversationalists because of their fluidity. As a masculine sign, Gemini likes to project. This infers that Gemini likes to show what they know, impose their ideas/opinions, and be expressively open. As a sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini is a forever student who’s constantly trying to learn. To fully learn, Gemini’s masculine nature assures that they can take in what’s being said, and reciprocate. Gemini rules the 3rd House of Communication, Early Education, Local Travel, and Childhood. Lastly, the lucky day associated with Gemini is Thursday.

Gemini season starts on May 21 and ends on June 21. Those born at the beginning of the season may have Taurus influences, particularly a Taurus Mercury. Those born towards the end may have Cancer influences, such as a Cancer Mercury.

Gemini in love is hard to pin down, though not as hard as Aquarius. Geminis are ever-changing, but they do need one thing – mental stimulation. In a romantic relationship, Gemini craves a partner who is mentally stimulating. That’s why their sister-sign, Sagittarius, may be an ideal match. These two could talk for hours without losing interest! Other ideal matches would be the elemental sisters, Libra and Aquarius. Libra may be more of an ideal match socially, and Aquarius may be more ideal intellectually. Fire signs, Leo and Aries, could also work.

Other ideal matches would be Virgo. Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, but is the feminine counterpart to Mercury whereas Gemini is the masculine counterpart. Together, both signs could have an intellectually stimulating, conversational relationship. However, Virgo may be fussy and too practical for the ever-changing Gemini. Other Earth signs could be plausible matches. Taurus may be boring because of their stability. Capricorn may be enticing, but ultimately, a chilly lover. Water signs may be overly emotional as well.

Summary: Thursdays, 3rd House, Mercury, mutable, masculine

Crystals: tiger’s eye, howlite, blue lace agate, serpentine

Keywords: adaptable, humorous, fluid, communicative, curious, unreliable, fickle, quick-witted, cunning, clever

Final Thoughts on the Airheads

It’s a joke!

The Air signs are difficult signs to pin down. They lack the modest structure of an Earth sign, the intensity of a Fire sign, and the apparent emotionality of a Water sign. Air signs are the Zodiac equivalent of a chameleon. These are the signs that change adapts to their social surrounding while still maintaining a few similar qualities and characteristics. Because of this, most have a love/hate relationship with these signs. The Air sign personality is transparent yet deeply misunderstood. These aren’t signs that are stagnant or expected, which can throw others off.

We look at Air signs as the life of the party, the source of gossip, the brainiacs, and the jokers. At their lowest potential, these signs can be catty, unemotional, and always in the middle of some sort of drama. At their highest potential, Air signs are charismatic leaders and socialites. These are the people you have to get to know, and yet, never really do.

As above, so below.

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