February Overview + Horoscopes

In comparison to the heavy karmic energy of January, February may just seem like a walk in the park… well, for some signs at least! There’s a little bit less going on this month, but that doesn’t mean it’s the time to slack off. Until the middle of February, all planets are stationed direct, which means no retrogrades! Then, of course, we get to experience the first Mercury Retrograde of the year among some other planetary shifts. Although a slower month in comparison to January, it’s still crucial to be aware of each transit ahead. The more prepared you are, the better you can use the planetary energy to your advantage!

Major Transits

It’s the Age of Aquarius! February is home to the majority of Aquarius season, which goes from January 20 to February 17. Aquarius season is the time to innovate, which perfectly aligns with the direct planets. Now is the time to begin thinking out of the box. What can you do differently to attain the same goals and dreams? Rebel, create, and connect to fully immerse yourself in the powerful Aquarian energy.

On February 3rd, Mercury makes the shift from Aquarius to Pisces, the Rebel Without a Cause to the Old Soul. While Mercury rules logic, intellect, and communication, this can have a dreamy aura when stationed in Pisces. Positively, this can be the time to begin dreaming and re-focus our outlooks on spirituality. Be wary of indulging in a rumination station or wearing the rose-colored glasses.

Venus moves into fiery Aries on February 7th. This is not the happiest shift for Venus as Venus rules Aries’s star-sister, Libra. This transit can heat up your love life! There may be an air of impulsivity. Be mindful that this shift occurs during a pre-shadow Mercury Rx period. Jumping headfirst into love may not go over well during this time, or throughout the retrograde period. However, Venus in Aries asks us to wear our hearts on our sleeves. It is a all-or-nothing energy. So, this could be the energy you may need to rethink, review, revise your love life or outlook on love.

This month’s Full Moon occurs on February 9th in Leo! Where New Moons are used as a clean slate, Full Moons are used to reflect. Where are you in love, drama, fun, creativity, and even sexual exploration? This day may heighten any feelings of insecurity. The insecurity can then be turned into a drive for passion, romance, fun, and creative endeavors. Or it can be crippling, which may put a damper on things. Full Moon in Leo should be used wisely. Get back in touch with your inner child. Try to stay away from stirring the pot. You can amp up your life without the oomph of drama.

Let’s fast forward to February 16th when Mars moves into stoic Capricorn. Mars not only rules aggression and anger, but also drive and ambition. Capricorn can put a steely lid on any over pour of emotionality. This can cool any outbursts. Think long-term consequences when it comes to short-term displays of emotionality. As far as drive and ambition go, Capricorn can move along any progress towards dreams and goals. This is perfect considering Mercury Rx happens soon after. Think of this transit as a (very) last-minute kick-in-the-ass before the first planetary retrograde of the year.

Ah yes, the first Mercury Rx of the year also occurs on February 16th. Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces that night. Mercury Rx is DREADED by pretty much everybody. And guess what? It could suck if you don’t appraise this time correctly. Mercury Rx in Pisces can infer a number of things – miscommunications, overly emotional communications, drama, wearing the rose-colored glasses, and general lack of clarity. This is just a quick snapshot of what’s to come… stay tuned for another post dedicated to the first Rx of the year!

On Feb 18th, we embark on the last season of the last zodiac calendar – Pisces season! This is the wrap-up of all that we have learned this past year from former planetary transits and occurrences. Pisces season is a fluid, boundless season where one can dream. You may feel more emotional, or moody during this time. Intuition is high! But that Mercury Rx may infer some doubt or apprehension.

Two more major transits wrap up in February. On Feb 20th, Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter in Capricorn is methodical, steady luck and expansion. Neptune is at home in Pisces, so there is dreaminess, escapism, and fluidity. Together, these two planets can bring about a few things – all depending on how it affects your chart, of course. One, it could be a light shone on what’s not working related to luck and expansion. Basically, take the rose-colored glasses off when realistically viewing your path. Two, allowing yourself to dream big while still being realistic in the goals you set and the steps you take. Three, coming to terms with new dreams and goals while beginning the game plan of how to get there. Regardless of how this transit affects you, please know that it is all positive. You will find yourself refocusing no matter what!


And lastly, there’s a New Moon in Pisces on Feb 23rd. Since the Full Moon in Leo, you may have come to head with what’s not working concerning romance, fun, and creativity. Or you may have realized that there was some drama surrounding these matters. With the New Moon in dreamy Pisces, now is the time to practice self-compassion and self-/interpersonal-forgiveness. Be wary of losing sight of boundaries while doing so, especially with interpersonal forgiveness. This New Moon can help you begin dreaming about (ahem, manifesting) what you want to improve. Maybe it’s setting new intentions for prospective relationships, or finding healthy, happy hobbies to engage in. Ideally, it would all be centered around mental health. This may be the time to begin refocusing on how to improve your emotional and mental health. Shadow-work, meditation, and yoga may be helpful during this emotional transit.


Aries Sun/Rising My fiery Rams, you’re love life may be poppin’ this month! Venus is in your sign, so your relationships may have an impulsive, heady nature about them. It’s easy to get wrapped up at the moment. Just be careful, the spark my fizzle sooner than you thought. Mars in Capricorn can ground you during this time. Although love may be on the mind, you may want to be more focused on yourself and your goals. Where are you trying to go this year? What are you trying to do? How can you advance? Slow down, pause, and think. Jumping in head first won’t always serve you in the long run in any venture.

Taurus Sun/Rising Nothing can rock you, Taurus! Steady, slow-moving bull, you may just weather the emotional storm that is the Mercury Rx in Pisces. Although your stoicism is appreciated, don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. You don’t have to drown in emotion. But don’t be afraid to explore it. Something has been bothering you… you can attribute this to Uranus in Taurus. There’s a static electricity of change in the air, and it’s low-key terrifying. Indulge in your emotional side. What is so scary about potential change? Are you digging your heels in? Maybe, especially with Venus in Aries. Impulsivity isn’t your forte, and that’s ok! But loosening up, adapting, and being more go-with-the-flow may make your life a little bit easier. Capricorn in Mars could help kick-start this!

Gemini Sun/Rising Gemini, putting down some roots is hard with your mutable, fluid nature. You’d rather coast. But coasting won’t get you to where you need to be. Use that innovative Aquarius energy to kick off your out-of-the-box ideas. Your career and finances have the opportunity to grow this month. It depends on what you choose to invest your energy in. Channel Mars in Capricorn to begin goal-setting, planning, acting. You can begin putting down a foundation for success now without feeling stifled. Venus in Aries and Full Moon in Leo may call you to review your relationships. Stop being messy or getting involved in messes. It’s not worth your time, and frankly, it’s not all that fun either.

Cancer Sun/Rising Ooooh boy, is it an emotional time for you Cancer? It’s a fussy, messy month. Instead of acting crabby (pun so intended), ask yourself why you are. Full Moon in Leo may call you out for your blatant insecurities, particularly in your relationships. This can also explain any recent brashness and drama associated with Venus in Aries. You may find that the emotional tidings are coming and going all month. Find some grounding in the New Moon in Pisces. If you keep letting your emotional, dramatic side get the best of you, your social life and relationships may suffer. If you explore your emotional side thoroughly and honestly, you may find yourself renewed. Consider the ladder, especially if you want smooth(er) sailing during the Mercury Rx.

Leo Sun/Rising Aquarius season may have you a bit uncomfortable during the first part of February. After all, you’re wading the murky depths of your star sister’s season. However, this can be an ideal time to become more rebellious with your intellectual pursuits. Full Moon in Leo will make you question what’s working and what can be revised. It’s time to start dreaming realistically. Start getting more serious about your long-term aspirations. Mars in Capricorn can help you with realistic goal-setting! As far as love goes, Venus in Aries may add a little extra oomph to your love life. Don’t expect long-term results from short-term flings, especially during the Rx period.

Virgo Sun/Rising All this emotion! Virgo, you’re a rational, logical sign. You pride yourself on separating head from heart. But this month is going to try to fling you head first into the shallow end of the pool. Full Moon in Leo is going to put your fun in perspective. “All work and no play makes Virgo a dull sign” after all. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and money, especially with Mars in Capricorn antagonizing this. But, it’s also crucial to revisit old hobbies or find some new ones. Get creative this month! If you don’t Mercury Rx in Pisces and New Moon in Pisces will show you just how overworked you really are. New Moon in Pisces may feel draining yet rejuvenating – I know, quite the oxymoron. The Pisces influence this month is going to force you to come to terms with how much energy you’re putting out. You can’t keep pouring from the empty cup! Realizing this, accepting this, can actually rejuvenate you. It’s the first step to revisiting self-care.

Libra Sun/Rising It’s time to get social in the first half of February! Connect with your immediate and greater community again. But this time, force yourself out of the box. Consider going out for coffee with someone you would’ve never hung out with before. Libra, it’s time to rebel against your typical relationship norms. Experiment a bit with who you hang out with! Venus in Aries is going to encourage short-term feelings for short-term people. It’s easy to get swept up in someone. But this is the month where long-term romantic commitments aren’t ideal. So, don’t commit yourself to any long-term romantic feelings. Indulging in quick passion can be super fun! Mars in Capricorn can ground any emotionality that comes with it. Full Moon in Leo and New Moon in Pisces can also be used to reflect on relationships. Ask yourself what’s missing, what should be attained, and what you can do about it. In the second half of the month, indulge in some “me-time”.

Scorpio Sun/Rising Intuition is running high this month, Scorpio. As someone who delves deep into the unknown, you can expect your intuition to be spot-on this month. Pay attention to your communication style, your conversations, and the vibes you get from it. Mercury Rx in Pisces may challenge your intuition. It’s up to you to be confident in your abilities. You can use this time to heighten your senses. As far as projects go, Mars in Capricorn can influence your work life. Channel the methodical, practical energy to complete any goals. This may be the time to even be more creative with your projects and endeavors. By the end of the month, the New Moon will have you feeling dreamy. You can see success on the horizon, but don’t forget to keep plugging along to get there.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising It’s easy to get lost in all the fun this month. Aquarius season may influence your rebellious, independent spirit, and Venus in Aries may make it hard for commitments. But wouldn’t it be nice to slow down with someone, Sagittarius? In the right relationship, there is freedom and independence. Trying to find one may feel like a needle in the haystack. Full Moon in Leo may bring about some commitment issues, disloyalty, and drama surrounding sexual exploration and relationships. It may be time to figure out what kind of relationships you’re striving for, and what you want in them. The lack of commitment may bode well for the Mercury Rx period. This may be the time to think about how you want to emotionally commit to somebody and what that looks like for you. New Moon in Pisces can help you think about proper boundaries and emotional investments in future relationships.

Capricorn Sun/Rising Your finances and job opportunities are finally improving! With Mars in your sign, nothing is stopping you, Capricorn. It’s amazing to feel relief from all your hard work. But that may be accompanied by some sort of emptiness or loneliness. Capricorn, you’re driven and goal-oriented, which may mean tunnel vision. It’s easy to get lost on a venture, or even tune out the exciting parts of life in pursuit of work. New Moon in Leo will call this into focus. Now that your hard work is paying off, consider going out with friends, getting back into hobbies, and even dating. You can have it all, Capricorn! And, by the way, if you neglect stress-relieving activities, New Moon in Pisces and Mercury Rx will hit you like a freight train. Over-exhaustion from work and mental distress is real. Spending some time doing something you love can do wonders for your stress, mental health, and happiness. Plus, the happier you are, the more you can accomplish.

Aquarius Sun/Rising Happy birthday, Aquarius! The first half of the month is your season, so your time to shine. You may find that you’re feeling more energized than usual. Use this extra power to accomplish any goals! The Pisces influence this month, particularly with the Mercury Rx, maybe a bit heady for you. You’re not cold, but you’re not one to public emotionality either. Get back in touch with your feelings, and more importantly, vulnerability. Lack of vulnerability may be impeding your relationships this month, as highlighted by the Full Moon in Leo. By the end of the month, you may feel apprehensive about opening up… There may be miscommunication from being vulnerable or having a lack of vulnerability. But you never know unless you try. Take that leap of faith!

Pisces Sun/Rising Happy (early) birthday, Pisces! The second half of this month is in your season, with a New Moon and Mercury Rx in your sign. The Piscean energy is POTENT. You may be in a dream-like state half of the time. Be careful of wearing the rose-colored glasses. Not everything is what it seems. If you pay attention to what unfolds during the Full Moon in Leo, then you can begin seeing everything for what it is during the New Moon in Pisces. Awareness is key this month. This will be primarily brought on from releasing unrealistic expectations or goals. It could even come from releasing escapist tendencies. Try not to drown while wading those waters!

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