The First Mercury Retrograde of 2020

I swear it’s like I heard the clock ticking away the last few moments of direct planetary energy all of last week. I couldn’t help but keep the mental countdown of T-Minus X days until Mercury Retrograde begins. With that being said, we’re about 3 days in, and boy, am I slumped. Miscommunications, neglected communication, my phone’s been acting wonky, etc. The first Mercury Retrograde is always the hardest, especially since January was full-force direct action. But now is the time for some R&R, “live and let live” momentum.

In order to utilize this standstill period, first, we must understand it in separate entities then altogether. Think of any retrograde (or celestial event) as a puzzle. We have to have all the pieces for the picture, right?

The Breakdown of a Retrograde

A planet in retrograde is the ultimate optical illusion! It appears to be going backward in the night sky, but that’s just our silly eyes/brains playing a little trick on us. It’s still physically moving forward, however, in the astrological sense, the planet is calling for a rethink, review, revise moment. This moment can last for a few weeks to months to years. That depends on the planet (and/or asteroid) at hand. A good rule of thumb is that the further away from a planet/asteroid is from the sun, the longer the retrograde period. Mercury Retrogrades last usually a month.

We begin feeling the effects of this about 1 – 1.5 weeks before the retrograde, and then for another 1 – 1.5 weeks after the retrograde. The before period is the pre-shadow end, the after period is the post-shadow end. Think of the pre-shadow end as a warning sign of what’s to come, and the post-shadow end of what needs to be wrapped up.

I highly suggest checking out my separate post on retrogrades. This post delves deep into what a retrograde is, natal retrogrades, and retrogrades per planet. Such a subtle plug, I know.

Mercury’s Back!… in Retrograde

First and foremost, Mercury is our godly ruler of communication, contracts, and commitments. Communicative forms spread from word of mouth to word of thumb. This, by proxy, can also affect travel as physically going from A to B can be communicative in itself. Contracts can refer to the business/professional sense, or leases, agreements, wills, etc. Commitments range from romance to the platonic “let’s just hang out”. When direct, this planet can be one of action. We may find ourselves in happy partnerships, signing onto a new job, jet-setting, and more. In retrograde, this can bring on mishaps with technology, communication, commitments, leases, and more.

For our first Mercury Rx begins on February 16 and lasts until March 9. For most of this retrograde, it will be in Pisces until March 4 when Mercury then shifts into Aquarius for the last few days.

Watery then Windy Forces

Pisces in Mercury Rx (2/16 – 3/4)

Mercury Rx in Pisces will bring on particular instances of naiveté, daydreaming, illusions, delusions, and missed opportunities. Pisces has a watery, flowy energy thanks to its mutable nature. This can help move past mishaps with conversations and tech glitches. But it may cause some missed opportunities. Being too easy-breezy can make one lose sight of what’s important. Focus can become cloudy and intuition can be misleading. Your commitments may suddenly become confusing, or even the terms and agreements of a commitment may be misleading.

While we embark on this leg of the retrograde in Pisces, we may have issues with not seeing someone or something for what it is. Wearing rose-colored glasses can be dangerous. It may lead you into an unfortunate union, down the wrong path, and away from the right opportunities, which can cause some delusional focal view.

As we wade these murky waters, we need to be wary of the undertow. It’s so easy to get swept up… but that’s how we also get pulled out to sea and drown. Catch my drift?

Staying grounded, focused, and clear-minded is a must! Turning to addictive habits or tendencies will cloud your intuition and vision. Pay attention to your gut feelings about people and situations. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. When it comes to miscommunications, try to be light-hearted instead of swept up in emotions. Invoke an easy-going aspect with the glitches that come to this retrograde. Last but not least, don’t allow yourself to become easily attached or committed, as these won’t last.

Aquarius in Mercury Rx (3/4 – 3/9)

During the last few days of the retrograde, Mercury moves into Aquarius. Weird, but grounding shift. As Mercury Rx in Pisces can be emotional, delusional, and elusive, Aquarius may be a welcomed change.

Aquarius may invoke the stabilizing energy needed, thanks to the fixed nature of the sign. It can be helpful with remaining emotionally stable in the last few days. However, stubbornness and egoism should be minded as well. Be wary of picking fights over meaningless subjects and opinions. Staying stuck on a subject, happenstance, or person may also ensue. If it does, take note of this. There’s a reason for being stuck. It ought to be explored with openmindedness and compassion.

This is the time for a clean-up. Consider this brief moment a period where the emotionality is cleared by hard-headed logic. What seemed murky and confusing can now be brought to light. If you find yourself ruminating on something, there’s a reason for it. It’s time to tackle the issues with clarity. If you find yourself thinking about an offer (of love, of business, of whatever), now is the time to review it with clarity. Still don’t jump in, but do think about it rationally.

The Do’s & Don’t’s

Here’s what you should/could do:

  • Triple check dates, locations, times, etc. for plans, meetings, travel notices. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to miss a flight!
  • Triple check your items before leaving a place… Do you have your keys? Wallet? Proper ID (especially for travel)? Coat? Small child/fur child (hey, some people really do leave their kids in stores!)?
  • Be discerning in text and email. Leave no room for interpretation if you can help it!
  • Watch your spending. Venus is in Aries right now, so impulsive buys aren’t smart.
  • Revisit old projects and hobbies that keep you happy and healthy. Mars in Capricorn can be a force of nature with finishing up old projects and goals!

Here’s what you really shouldn’t do:

  • Jump into a new romantic relationship, or get married. Oh, so hard! Venus in Aries is going to want to be impulsive, but guess what? Long-term commitments don’t happen from short-term flings. Wait it out, and see how you feel by the end of it.
  • Start on a new commitment or opportunity. It may not work out, particularly with contracts and leases. I suggest finishing up projects that were started prior to the Rx period.
  • Indulge in impulsive habits, codependency, or addictive tendencies. Pisces energy may want us to go nuts, but being clear-headed is key.
  • Make huge, life-changing decisions. For example, moving to a new state or country. Or getting married. Or buying a house. Just chill for a few weeks, okay?!

Above All Else…

Be mindful of your actions during this time. Setting the day down with good intentions leads to a good, strong foundation. This can be managed by expressing gratitude, using to-do lists, engaging in positive activities, and taking time for yourself. Be mindful of the fact that your decisions will play out over the following months. And what wasn’t wrapped up in this Rx period will be revised in the Cancer Mercury Rx in July.

Yeah, so, uh, good luck! Let’s all try to make it out of this Mercury Rx in one piece.

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