March Overview + Horoscopes

2020 is proving a force to be reckoned with, and nothing is slowing down in March. March may be easier to deal with in hindsight but still proves to have potent planetary transits. It’s almost like March is serving as a clean-up crew for the last two messy months, especially with some potent aspects and direct planetary power.

Major Transits

March kicks off in the middle of Pisces season, which is wrapping up the old, karmic astrological year. The first half of March is dreamy and naive. It’s intuitive energy, sometimes clouded and jaded. You can expect to have vivid dreams during this time. Pay attention to what sticks out in the dreams too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the whole dream, but if certain aspects of it linger, I suggest looking up the dream meaning for it. Hidden meanings are everywhere!

On March 4, Mercury Rx shifts from Pisces to Aquarius. This can be grounding, steady, and logical. Mercury Rx in Pisces has been emotional. It’s like being caught in the undertow and swept out to sea. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know my own Rx experience has been extremely mutable. Pisces may be overwhelming with confusion, delusion, naivety, and even dipping into some addictive tendencies. Aquarius can bring this back into focus. When Mercury makes the shift into Aquarius for the last few days, it’ll be the time where everything seems to die down. Emotional outbursts will cool, you’ll begin seeing things for what they are, and you may find yourself becoming more introverted than usual. Not a bad thing!

Venus also moves into Taurus on March 4, which is a happy astrological shift for Venus to make. Venus in Taurus will be the time to begin laying down a foundation. When Venus was in Aries last month, impulsivity was the jam. Now it’s about stability. Taurus will ask us to think about the long-term consequences of our impulsive actions. Financial opportunities will improve. You may find yourself building up your savings account. Relationships are going to take a major step back to become grounded. If you began a relationship during the Rx period, you may find that it becomes seriously slowed down. Stability will replace impulsivity in relationships. No more fighting, drama, gray areas. Now will be the time to begin moving forward, but potentially in a very slow way. Be wary that the relationship may even drag out for an unnecessary length of time. This may ensue if you/your partner is sticking around to see what can come from each other. All in all, expect financial and emotional stability.

March 9 is an auspicious day! On this day, Mercury in Aquarius goes direct. The post-shadow end will occur the following 1 – 1.5 weeks. Now is the time to wrap up anything from this Rx period. Sit with yourself and ask yourself what major events occurred during the Rx. Recognize the silver lining in all of these moments. Find the lesson, learn it, and move on. If you fail to do so, prepare to have a repeat in the next Mercury Rx this summer during Cancer season.

There’s a Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th as well! Full moons represent the time to reflect since the last New Moon. A Full Moon in Virgo could call us to reflect on our health (mental, emotional, physical) as well as our progress. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, so it invokes a flexible yet steady workflow. This Full Moon could be the time to reflect on your financial and career goals as well. For those who are graduating high school/college/graduate school, this Full Moon may be the time to begin planning the next step. Others could receive financial opportunities, such as a promotion or an application for another job. Your health may come into focus too. If your emotional/mental health has been failing, this could be the time to reflect on self-care. If your physical health is not up to par, this could be the time to think about eating healthier or starting a new regime. Above all else, this Full Moon will have you refocus your energy on yourself. What you’ve been giving to others has to be now given to yourself.

Mercury makes another shift, this time back into Pisces on March 16. This is helpful as this shift will occur right before the post-shadow end period is over. It’s almost like the quick Aquarius shift is the time to cool emotions. That it was the time to let the dust settle on any drama or egregious miscommunications during Mercury Rx. Now that there has been time for us to reflect in a non-emotional manner, we can make the jump back into Pisces energy. Now that Mercury is direct in Pisces, this can actually be helpful when it comes to forgiveness and compassion, but also intuition. Your intuition may be spot on during this time, especially when reflecting on Mercury Rx events. But now is the time to let bygones be bygones, so to speak. You can forgive and forget, but with healthy boundaries in place so the pattern isn’t repeated.

On March 19, Uranus in Taurus sextiles the True Node (a.k.a. North Node) in Cancer. Uranus is the wake-up, shake-up planet of change and rebellion. While in Taurus, this aspect of Uranus isn’t stifled but slowed down. It’s more like a long-term change is coming to fruition. The True Node (or North Node) is destiny and karmic fate. As this is in Cancer, the fate/karmic destiny may lie within the family, emotional prowess, the Divine Feminine energy, intuition, and work/life balance. When Uranus sextiles the True Node, this is a positive aspect that can initiate healthy change. Uranus may spark the beginnings of long-term change in the True Node, particularly with work/life balance. It may also challenge us to take a step back to begin healing any Mother Wounds or Familial Wounds in ourselves. Overall, a positive aspect that will invoke long-term change.

It’s Aries season! Starting on March 19, the Sun moves into the fiery Ram. This is the beginning of the new astrological year, and cycle. Aries season is the time to initiate, lead, explore, and be passionate. Aries is a brash, bold sign who knows what they want. During this season, those with fire sign placements, particularly Aries, will feel the heat more so than the other signs. You can expect bravery and courage during this Aries season. Now will be the time to embark on new journeys, whether it’d be spiritual/religious, financial, or related to relationships.

Saturn shifts to Aquarius on March 21. Saturn is the Teacher Planet that rules karma, time, consequences, and boundaries. Because of its ruling nature, we consider Saturn to be the Great Malefic planet because Saturn is the planet that will roundhouse kick your ass back into shape… and it’s seldom fun but is usually totally necessary. While in Aquarius, we may find karmic lessons in our spiritual journeys, our relationships, and our intuition. We may see lessons to be learned in how we perceive our social situations, which can help aid us in our spiritual paths. Saturn in Aquarius may make us more selective in who we spend time with and how much time we spend with others. There could be some more R&R time up ahead for some of us!

On March 23, Jupiter in Capricorn quintiles Chiron in Aries. Jupiter rules benevolence, luck, expansion, and growth. Since it’s stationed in Capricorn, this is methodical luck and growth. From planning and hard work, only then do you experience the fruits of your labor. Chiron is the Wounded Healer asteroid, which rules the emotional wounds we may repeat throughout our lifetimes. Chiron in Aries may refer to Father Wounds, aggression/anger, or wounds relating to self-identification/self-confidence. When Jupiter quintiles Chiron, there is a tension here. Jupiter will want to lay down the foundation of healing, but it may not be the foundation that Chiron necessarily wants. It could be a struggle, as healing and growth are on the horizon but may call for us to get out of our comfort zone to get there.

A New Moon in Aries occurs on March 24. This is the time to begin anew. New Moons are like a do-over, a fresh start. With it in Aries at the beginning of Aries season and the new astrological year, this is a great time to begin planning for the astrological year ahead. You can begin thinking of what you want out of this year, whether it’s based on your planetary transits or general planetary transits. This may be especially beneficial for those who have a Jupiter Return or a Saturn Return this year. With the New Moon being in Aries, who you are and who you want to be may come into question. This could be the time to begin thinking about being more confident, emotionally expressive, and/or positively handling your anger/aggression.

Last but not least, Mars enters Aquarius on March 30, which wraps up our month. Mars is the planet of action, anger, aggression, and sexual drive/instinct. So, this is a funky placement! Aquarius is a fixed air sign. As a fixed sign being in a planet of initiation and change, you may find that your efforts are being thwarted. Now’s the time to tackle old projects, or work on old goals. New endeavors may be quickly forgotten or discarded. It’s better to finish up your old work because now is the time to think out of the box. Aquarius is a quirky, innovative sign so this can be inspiring to solve problems differently! As far as sex goes, Aquarius may have you take a step back. Forming deeper connections, friendships if you will, may come before sex. It can cool any sexual aggression, refocusing and prioritizing friendship in the relationship. Not necessarily a bad thing, but at times, can still be trying. This is a non-impulsive sign on the impulsive planet.


Aries Sun/Rising Wooooah, it’s almost your season, can you feel it?! As the days dwindle, your power grows in intensity. In the first half of this month, you’re going to be asked to become more stable thanks to Venus shifting into Taurus. It’s possible your financial situation isn’t ideal, especially when Venus was in Aries last month. Start putting away a little bit of money every week, or work on your budgeting skills. Part of your future endeavors requires financial stability and literacy, as you will come to terms with the Full Moon in Virgo. Aside from finances, you have the opportunity to heal this month. Chiron in Aries may have been triggering your aggressive, angry nature. You may find that you stifle your emotions, and when it comes out, it’s like a pot that’s boiling over. Between the 19th to the 23rd, you’re going to have a reality check. You might be the one thing standing in your way. It could be related to unprocessed emotions or trauma. You’ll have clarity about your path, and how to get there by the New Moon. Set intentions as to how to go forth on your journey. To-do lists, goal-setting, and more could be helpful. This will be an ideal time too as the Sun is in your sign. You have the power, so use it.

Taurus Sun/Rising During this next month, your finances are going to significantly improve! With Venus in your sign, you’re going to prioritize saving. You have a good idea of how to attain a long-term goal through financial literacy. This Venusian influence will also make you romanticize stability and loyalty in your partnerships. You may even be envisioning these aspects from relationships that sprung up during the Mercury Rx period. Don’t cling on to what could be, if this is the case. Mercury Rx relationships have a funny habit of never truly coming to fruition. The Full Moon in Virgo will make you re-prioritize anyways. Now isn’t the best time to give into relationships. The Full Moon will put you in check of your goals. Taurus, you’re a stubborn, slow-moving sign. Sometimes so slow, you miss opportunities. Full Moon in Virgo will ask you to be more flexible, more go with the flow, so you don’t keep missing out on what life has to offer. Again, this will be checked when Uranus sextiles the True Node. You’ll be called to re-focus on what you want from life, which may call for change. Scary, I know. But if you don’t give in to change or accept it, Saturn will kick your ass back into gear. Saturn will teach you that change is necessary for your life to truly begin. Aries season and New Moon in Aries will make you more courageous, which will be necessary to brave the changes coming your way.

Gemini Sun/Rising How was your Mercury Rx? Messy? Dramatic? Something tells me you, the Astrological Talker, had egregious miscommunication this Rx period. Was it on your own accord, or someone else’s? Whatever it is, Truth always comes into Light. During the post-shadow end, you’re going to have a chance to think about everything logically, and even come to realizations. Aquarian energy in Mercury will help you conclude, even if they seem out of the box at first. When Mercury makes the collective shift back into Pisces, that will be the time to revisit your Mercury Rx events. Go forward with compassion, listen to your intuition, and be flexible. You’ll find that you always knew the Truth in your heart, but that doesn’t mean that the revelations won’t still be shocking. With the Full Moon in Virgo, you can begin thinking ahead about the solid foundation you’ve been wanting to build. You’ve been coasting, but that hasn’t served you. The Full Moon will help you reflect on your goals, and make advances towards them. Between the 19th to the 23rd, you’re going to also begin refocusing on yourself. Particularly, your spiritual path. Mercury Rx may have pointed out that you’re ignoring or not focusing on building your intuition. Your spiritual path may be blocked because of it. Gemini, you tend to be more rational than emotional. But emotional intelligence is still intelligence. Focus on building that. If you don’t, your work/life balance will continue taking a hit, which impedes your spiritual path. When Mars enters Aquarius at the end of the month, you’re going to be asked to re-focus on past projects and long-term goals. Get back to those and start tackling them. You’ll be surprised by the innovative ideas you have along the way.

Cancer Sun/Rising My, my, my, did Mercury Rx check your mental health? Pisces season and the Rx may have you feeling bogged down. When Aquarius slides in Mercury, now will be the time to get out of your emotional funk. Try connecting with your friends again. Your support system wants to be there for you, so let them. If anything emotional came up during the Rx, now is the time to review the event(s) with clarity and stability. Again, lean on friends for help, support, advice, whatever. Venus in Taurus can also aid in this. Loyalty, stability, and trust will be major factors in your social circles and romantic relationships. By the Full Moon in Virgo, you may want to reflect on your emotional and mental health. Start brainstorming ways to get yourself out of a funk, or to stay out of a funk. Sometimes, that starts on the physical level – eating right, dressing confidently, working out (serotonin, baby!). That then translates to the emotional level – feeling balanced, confident, happier, etc. You’ll have the power and confidence to begin these new healthy, happy habits during Aries season. When Uranus sextiles the True Node, this may be seen as another clarifying moment of “Yeah, I do need to work on my mental/emotional health because it’s related to XYZ”. XYZ could translate to your familial wounds/relationships, uneven work/life balance, and even not being confident in yourself or your abilities. Regardless, the second half of March will be a reality check. Like Aries, you may find that you’re standing in your way to happiness. Use Mars in Aquarius to begin thinking outside the box on how to get yourself back on your feet.

Leo Sun/Rising When Mercury shifts into Aquarius, it might be kind of weird for you, Leo. After all, this is your sister’s sign is in Mercury. You may feel stifled, or unable to speak your thoughts coherently. This is potentially a time of reflection for you. Instead of trying to actively move forward with the Mercury Rx events, take time for R&R. During your reflection, you may come to unexpected realizations. Don’t share these yet. Wait until the moment is right. Venus in Taurus will make you question what you crave in your relationships. Drama, passion, and heat may be fun… sometimes. But stability and loyalty are also ideal. You can have a fulfilling relationship without it being crazy. Full Moon in Virgo will be a time for reflection on personal goals. You may find that your new health regimes are paying off. You may also find that although you’re in a good financial situation, it may not be enough for you. Maybe a new job or a new career path is in your future. Start exploring your options. By the New Moon in Aries, you may be ready to begin working towards your new path. Your new path may be clarified when Jupiter quintiles Chiron and when Saturn moves into Aquarius… Here’s why – Jupiter quintiles Chiron, which will make you truly reflect on the healing you may have to do. As a fixed sign, you may be stubborn about the process of healing, the methods of healing, or even the beginning. But Saturn will point out that you have to begin sooner or later. When you start to heal yourself, you’re embarking on your spiritual path. If you’re not trying to actively work on yourself, then other parts of your life suffer. For example, if you replace bravado with genuine confidence, you may find that you actually have the self-confidence to go forward with your career goals. When you improve yourself, you improve all aspects of your life.

Virgo Sun/Rising Pisces season can be a bit overwhelming for you. After all, this is your sister’s sign. Your Mercury Rx may have blindsided you. Virgo, you’re such a rational, logical sign. You’re also mutable, so it’s a staunch black and white logic for you. However, the Mercury Rx events that have played out may have really swept you off your feet. It could be you not seeing things for what they are… or maybe you saw things exactly for what they are as they were presented, but didn’t have the full picture. During your post-shadow end, Aquarius is going to clean some shit up for you. Don’t worry, you’ll get your clarity. Venus in Taurus can aid in this. You’ll be asked to be more inflexible in your relationships. Virgo, you have a horrible tendency to pick the worst partners for yourself. You like the fixer-uppers. Venus in Taurus is going to make you inflexible on your standards. Aim higher, Virgo, it’s time to upgrade. Full Moon in Virgo will also call what you’ve been procrastinating into focus. Time to reflect on your lack of progress. Instead of giving others your energy, start giving it back to yourself. Aries season will help you find the confidence to be selfish. It’s ok to be selfish! Between the 19th to the 23rd, you’re going to find that healthy selfishness is much needed to grow, evolve, and prosper. It’s ok to be focused on your own life. New Moon in Aries will aid you in setting me-focused intentions for the year. What are your goals? What are your desires? How will YOU accomplish this? How can YOU hold yourself accountable for this?

Libra Sun/Rising Your Mercury Rx was shady! Relationship draaaamaaaaaa! Who’s in the wrong, who’s in the right? What is the Truth? Libra, you’re a Zodiac mirror, so you can empathize with others. But right now, your empathy is on lockdown. These Rx events have made you reconsider your friendships and relationships. Jealousy, gossip, and half-truths may be at play. When Aquarius moves into Mercury, prepare for the light to come out of all of this. Part of that is knowing when to be accountable for your actions. Not anybody else’s. When Pisces re-enters Mercury, use that time to begin acts of forgiveness and compassion. Turn your empathy back on. See why others acted the way they did, reflect on your actions, and smooth things over. You don’t have to lose your relationships. Maybe focus on instilling healthy boundaries. Venus in Taurus can aid in this. You’re going to have to figure out stability and loyalty in your relationships. When the Sun moves into Aries, you may be a bit uncomfortable as this is your sister’s sign. You’re not an impulsive, brash person. But maybe it’s time to be. Between the 19th and the 23rd, you can expect radical change. It may begin on a small scale, like losing unhealthy relationships or having a sudden realization. But this will have a ripple effect that will play out over this year. You’re going to experience highs and lows in your inner circle. When the New Moon goes into Aries, you may be asked to focus on independence. Time to break away, and be your person for a while.

Scorpio Sun/Rising I told you, I fucking told you, your intuition was going to be tested this Mercury Rx! Were you spot on, or were you blindsided? Like Gemini, you may be in the wrong and maybe in the right. Guess what? You don’t have all the puzzle pieces… yet. The first half of March is going to be enlightening, Scorpio. You will dig, dig, dig for the Truth. But honestly, it will come unexpectedly! Try not to ruminate on it. Everything comes into the light eventually. The Full Moon in Virgo will be telling. You’re going to reflect on how you’re letting your events affect your goals and health. Is it working for you or against you? Time to drop the unhealthy baggage and habits. Between the 19th to the 21st, you’re going to want a reality check. It’s time to fine-tune your intuition or your confidence in your intuition. Especially when it comes to the funky feelings about work and family. Something is off in one (or both) of these sectors of life. You may find the answer, or the beginning of an answer, when Jupiter quintiles Chiron on the 23rd. You may just find that the thing hindering your life is unresolved personal issues that are manifesting outwards. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. New Moon in Aries will help you find a sense of self-confidence and bravery. It’s time to begin tackling your problems. Mars in Aquarius can help you think of funky, innovative ways to deal with your problems head-on. It can also cool any emotional outbursts, which can allow you to face your problems logically and rationally.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising Honestly, your biggest Mercury Rx problem would be dipping into unhealthy coping mechanisms. Some of you may have had a very unexpected bender. When Mercury moves into Aquarius, you may find that your very social life and partying die down significantly. It’s okay to relax now. When Full Moon in Virgo comes into play, you may find that your coping habits need to be checked. This Full Moon could point out that instead of facing problems head-on, you may engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms. This could be using substances, excessive drinking, hyper-focusing on others, working too much/keeping your schedule filled, and a lack of alone time. Venus in Taurus can help you find some self-care practices that work for you, not against you. When the Sun slides into Aries, you’re going to feel refreshed. Now is the time to begin thinking ahead. Like your sister sign, Gemini, you may have been coasting. But Aries season can help kick-start any plans or goals you have. Part of these goals may include healing familial wounds. You may find yourself longing for a better relationship with your parental figures or being in a better state with your family. This could come unexpectedly, or feel out of the blue. In reality, there’s going to be an instance that triggers this between the 19th and the 30th. You may be spending time with another family, seeing how they act, and wish you had the same. You may receive a text or phone call from a family member that triggers an emotional response. This period may have an anniversary that affects you every year since the event has happened (I.e. divorce, death). You may feel intense anger or rage. But remember, the root of anger is sadness. You’ll find that this root may be linked to childhood wounds. New Moon in Aries will ask you to think about healing your inner child. Now is the time.

Capricorn Sun/Rising Mercury Rx may have been a time where you ruminated too much on the past. You may have felt stuck on past events, especially if social media kept reminding you of these (thanks to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook memories!). Something didn’t work out. A job, a relationship, an opportunity. You may want to reach out to an old connection or try starting the old path again. But your Mercury Rx lesson was to learn that everything happens for a reason, and this reason is to push you along your true path. When the Full Moon in Virgo comes, think about your progress so far. Congratulate yourself on your hard work. You’re headed in the right direction, but you need to believe in yourself. As brash and bold as Aries can be, you can actually benefit from this energy. Aries season may feel renewing to you. Indulge in some confidence, some bravery, and some positivity. It’s ok to be bold in what you want. It’s also ok to be hopeful. When Saturn moves into Aquarius, you may feel inspired. You can reach your goals while being rebellious, free, and innovative. Saturn will also teach you that freedom does come in the form of responsibility. This is yet another part of your spiritual path. When Jupiter quintiles Chiron, you may have some unresolved Father Wounds to attend to. Practice forgiving with boundaries. You can forgive others without letting them back into your life. New Moon in Aries will also have you reconnect with your inner child. Let loose, have some fun! After all, all work and no play make Capricorn a very dull sign.

Aquarius Sun/Rising You have quite a bit of planetary power in your sign this month! When Mercury moves into your sign, this may be a relief. Your Rx period had you feeling emotional, and boy was that weird for you! You may have tried reaching out to an ex or showing unexpected vulnerability to friends. With Mercury now in your sign, maybe take a step back and ask yourself why you got emotional. You can now review with logic. When Mercury moves back into Pisces, practice self-compassion. It’s okay to be in your feelings and show them. You don’t always have to be a pillar of stoicism. The rest of the astrology for this month will ask you to explore your emotionality. You should consider sitting with your emotions this month. Icky, I know. But there is a lot to be gained by becoming emotionally right with yourself. Saturn in Aquarius is going to force you into some R&R time. You may find that your emotional balance is easily affected by your social situations this month. Again, dive into it. Ask yourself why you’re feeling some sort of way and what’s causing it. You may be surprised to find that repressed memories are coming to the surface. New Moon in Aries may pinpoint that your emotional balance is out of wack. It may have to do with healing your inner child. When Mars moves into your sign, you can begin exploring your anger, aggression, and sexuality with rationality.

Pisces Sun/Rising Your birthday season is almost over! You may be okay with this. As a sign who has a Mercury Rx going on in their season, this may have been a wacky season. You may have felt like your emotional power and intuition were off. You may have wanted to engage in fun, but then over-did it. You may have realized that your balance in life is just plain off. You’ve been a little too flexible, Pisces. That may be the root of your problem. All or nothing isn’t a way to live. Your fellow mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius – know this all too well, too. When there’s a Full Moon in Virgo, you may take a hard look at yourself. You’ve been a little too unfocused, ungrounded, and, dare I say, stuck at the procrastination station. It’s time to be self-critical. What can you do to begin moving forward? Part of that is having a healthy work/life balance, which will come to light when Uranus sextiles the True Node. You’ve got to get a grip on what you want from your career. You also ought to get a grip on a healthy work/life balance. Like Sagittarius, it’s possible you’ve been on a bender or engaging in unhealthy coping habits during the Rx. Saturn in Aquarius will shine a light on your community. There may be people in your inner circle who don’t have your best interest, whether this is intentionally or unintentionally. It’s ok to cut off people who hinder you on your journey. Aries season and New Moon in Aries will call your independence into focus. Again, your relationships may be hindering you because they are codependent. It’s time to break away for a bit. Focus on yourself, and where you want to be.

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