The Water Signs

Water can soothe the soul or drown you as a whole. The complexity of the element Water is as deep as the ocean itself. Water signs are very much the same. Although each sign has unique traits, they’re still very much connected.

General Traits & Characteristics

When looking at astrology, Water signs are emotionally in-tune, intuitive, and compassionate. Water signs are associated with the Divine Feminine energy which is more receptive to what’s around. As a feminine Water sign, the emotional energy and psychic awareness is what’s being taken in. Instead of projecting their emotions outwards, like Fire/Air signs, they tend to take in the emotions of the situation to assess inwards.

Those with significant Water placements (Sun/Moon/Rising) or have a Water dominant energy in their birth charts are often moodier, temperamental, intuitive, secretive, and empathetic. These people may be more initially closed off. Water placements are temperamental. The sensitive touch they have can be overwhelming, which may call for some much-needed R&R.

Each Water sign/dominant person has both positive, negative, and neutral traits associated with the element then the specific Zodiac sign. This isn’t to say a person with Water placements is murky like swamp water, or clear like a tropical oasis. Rather, the person is complex like the deep blue. No matter the element/sign, each person can tap into any type of trait associated with the element/sign. It’s duality, it’s balance. It’s a bit of thrashing tsunamis and calm lakes.

The positive attribute associated with Water signs is the complexity of their emotional nature. All Water signs can deeply empathize and sympathize with others. Empathy says, “I can walk in your shoes, feel what you feel”. Sympathy says, “I can walk beside you, sharing in your feelings”. Water signs can attribute their emotionality thanks to their intuition. These are signs that tend to pay attention to their gut feeling. Aside from their complex emotional side, Water signs are typically forgiving people by nature. Their empathy and sympathy can allow for this. However, this only happens as long as trust and loyalty haven’t been broken. Water signs are people who become emotionally invested with others.

Neutral traits associated with Water signs are their imaginative, naive side. This can be appraised either way, which means it can work for or against these people. Water signs can dream big, but sometimes have trouble laying down the logistics. This can either bode well for them or illusion ensues.

Negative traits associated with Water signs may include impulsivity, moodiness, jealousy, and inconsistency. Their emotional side can sometimes lead these signs to impulsive emotional displays or gestures. Brashness or anger can be outright. Sometimes it’s grand yet misguided gestures that don’t end well. Either way, their emotional side can lead to embarrassment, delusion, and even jealousy. Impulsivity doesn’t always serve these signs well when their emotional side takes over. Moodiness is another common trait. These signs experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. If they don’t have any R&R, it can lead to an abrupt moodiness. Because of the emotional nature and impulsivity, Water signs can be inconsistent. Their inconsistencies can manifest as not seeing friends for weeks or not being in touch then being so far up their friend’s asses, it’s not even funny. Other manifestations could be quick emotional blowouts. Extreme love for someone, then disgust in a matter of minutes. These are signs that change in complexity.

Signs Within the Element

Cancer, the Crab

Denoted as the Crab, Cancer is the cardinal, feminine water sign. As a cardinal sign, Cancer is a leader and initiator, which makes sense as this sign begins summer! Cancer is the type of leader who leads others with the heart, not so much the head. Emotion, compassion, and empathy can overwhelm Cancer with emotional logic. As a feminine sign, Cancer tends to take in instead of project outwards. Its feminine nature often makes Cancer the “mom friend” of the Zodiac. Unfortunately, Cancer can also be extremely wishy-washy. Like the crab, Cancer tends to side-step. They will side-step confrontation, questions, etc. Dancing around the subject, and even emotionally manipulating is Cancer’s specialty! Cancer’s shrewdness combined with emotional manipulation is another factor in its leadership style. Cancer is the type of leader who leads sincerely or the type of leader that leads under a facade.

Since this is a cardinal sign, Cancer begins summer. Its season begins on June 21 and goes until July 22. If you’re born more towards the beginning of the season, you may have a Gemini Mercury. If you’re born more towards the end, you may have a Leo Mercury.

Cancer is the sign we seek when we need to feel at home. Cancers are quite the homebodies, so they enjoy making their space cozy and inviting. Its likely Cancer is the friend who invites you over to make you some food while you vent about your problems. So, it’s no surprise to find that Cancer rules the 4th House of Home and Family. Cancers tend to prioritize their family, both the family they’re born/brought into and the family they create. The family extends from biological to chosen. If you’re considered family to Cancer, then consider yourself lucky!

As ruled by the Moon, Cancer has great emotional prowess. This Moonchild’s emotionality is similar to how the Moon affects the gravitational pull of the ocean. Cancer’s emotional state tends to ebb and flow, the same way the phases of the Moon affect the tide. Also like the Moon’s phases, Cancer’s personality is ever-changing. Sometimes, Cancer will withhold information or make decisions (that side-stepping quality), and sometimes, Cancer will bear it all. I would argue that Cancer is the most mutable sign out of the cardinal signs. This means that Cancer, unlike the other cardinal signs, is most likely to change. This is also reflective in its lucky days, as Cancer can find luck on both Monday and Sunday.

In love, Cancer is all in, baby! It’s that emotionality, that compassion. Cancer can get head over heels for someone, even a bypassing stranger with a nice smile. Out of all the Zodiac signs, Cancer may find an immediate attraction to Capricorn. Capricorn and Cancer are true opposites in astrology, so there’s a perfect blend of yin and yang in this union. Both Capricorn and Cancer are cardinal signs, so there’s a shared sense of leadership. Where Cancer is emotional and empathetic thanks to its watery influence, Capricorn is stoic and logical, thanks to its earthy influence. Issues may arise in this partnership. Cancer may feel emotionally neglected, and Capricorn may feel overwhelmed. Both may butt heads as both may want to wear the pants in the relationship.

Cancer also gets along well with fellow water signs, Scorpio and Pisces. Be wary of water-water connections as these connections can be very unpredictable and emotional. Outside of water-water compatibility, Cancer may fall for other earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. However, Virgo may be hyper-critical and Taurus may be stubborn. But Virgo offers reliability and acts of affection, Taurus also offers loyalty and truth.

A funky Cancer match-up would be with fellow cardinal signs Aries and Libra. Aries and Cancer may have explosive, passionate energy. Aries may also be too blunt, even caustic, for the sensitive Cancer. Libra shares in the collective empathy, so Cancer and Libra would balance each other’s needs. But Libra may be non-reactive and indecisive, which may be maddening for Cancer.

Summary: 4th House, Moon, crab, Monday, Sunday, cardinal, feminine

Crystals: moonstone, selenite, rose quartz

Keywords: emotional, sensitive, compassionate, empathy, manipulative, non-confrontational, needy, homebody, protective, shrewd

Scorpio, the Scorpion

Cunning and mysterious, Scorpio is our fixed, feminine water sign. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is innately stubborn, strong-willed, tenacious, and loyal. However, this can also translate to being hard-headed or stuck in their ways. Scorpio is like the pitbull of the Zodiac – once it latches onto something, there’s no getting it off! As a feminine sign, Scorpio tends to be innately intuitive, mainly about people. Scorpio is not a people-person Zodiac sign (unlike Gemini or Libra), but that doesn’t mean their sixth sense is off. Scorpio likes to lurk in the background, gathering information and doing their vibe check.

As a fixed sign, you will find that Scorpio season is in the middle of fall. Scorpio’s season begins on October 23 and ends on November 22. If you’re born towards the beginning of the season, you may find that you have a Libra Mercury. If you’re born towards the end, you may have a Sagittarius Mercury. And, to boot, it’s super fitting that Scorpio has Halloween during its season!

When I think of Scorpio, this sign reminds me of a murky, calm lake straight out of a horror movie. Why? Like a horror movie’s build-up in suspense, Scorpio has that same intensity. It’s a slow-burn of “what’s happening next?”. Only Scorpio knows. The intensity is then combined with layered mystery, hence the murky lake comparison. You think all is fine until you try exploring what’s underneath the surface. The placidity of it all is a nice little mask too. This is why Scorpio is our 8th House ruler. The 8th House is in charge of Sex, Death, Finances (typically other people’s), and Taboo Subjects (occult, murder, witchcraft). Scorpio is a shadow-work Zodiac sign, the sign who although is mysterious, must also uncover all the other mysteries in life. This is a sign that one can face the terrifying, unknown parts of life with unbridled intensity and strength. This is also why people tend to run from or to Scorpio.

As if it can get any more turbulent, Scorpio has two planetary rulers. Its primary ruler is Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. Totally chill. Scorpio’s intensity comes from Pluto. This is a sign and planet that values death and rebirth – transformation for what it is. This then makes sense with the 8th House ruler-ship, as all aspects of the 8th House are transforming in some way, shape, or form. For example, you cannot deny that significant financial loss, such as bankruptcy, isn’t emotionally transforming in some way. The same goes for sex and death, both emotional and physical death. Scorpio’s secondary ruler is Mars, the planet of Aggression, Sexual Instinct, and Anger. So, the turbulent, emotional nature of Scorpio hails from Mars’s influence. And although Scorpio has two planetary rulers, it only has one lucky day – Tuesday!

If Scorpio loves you, then holy shit. This is an intense love to have. Scorpio won’t trust you easily, so be prepared for them to go full-on detective mode. This is the sign that will find your high school blog from 7 years ago, specifically the post about your crush in math class, and question you about it. Kidding!… not really. In love, Scorpio aims to transcend both individually and collectively. This is why its ideal match is Taurus, its true opposite. Both can match in loyalty, sexual expression (and stamina), and intensity. However, both can also match in possessing one another, stubbornness, and drama. This can either be a transformational relationship or a toxic one. The line is super thin.

Other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, may be ideal matches. These water-water unions can match in emotional intensity. Cancer would be loyal, but at times, maybe deceitful. Scorpio may find themselves going bonkers when Cancer is trying to be manipulative. Pisces can be intuitive and spiritual, which is a plus for Scorpio. But Pisces may be too flexible or easy-going, which won’t match Scorpio’s intensity. Other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn are also ideal. Virgo is focused, loyal, and sexually freaky but also demure. Major turn-ons! Virgo can also be critical, perfectionistic, and cold. Major turn-offs! Capricorn and Scorpio go together like PB&J. Both are intense, cunning, and mysterious. However, Capricorn can be overbearing at times and Scorpio can be stubborn. Both signs can also feed into each other’s toxicity, so this can be a negative relationship.

Outside of water/earth unions, Scorpio may find a match in Aries. Both signs are ruled by Mars, so both signs share intensity and sexual expression. Aries is a go-getter and leader, which may be attractive to Scorpio. Scorpio is aloof, but magnetic, which would draw Aries in. The sexual chemistry is also explosive. However, be wary of this connection as well. Aries is a naturally vibrant, optimistic sign. So, Scorpio’s energy can put a damper on things. Scorpio likes to be a detective, but Aries is not one to hide anything, so Scorpio may lose interest rather quickly.

Summary: 8th House, Tuesday, Mars, Pluto, fixed, feminine, scorpion

Crystals: iolite, black tourmaline, obsidian

Keywords: magnetic, intense, strong, cunning, mysterious, caustic, transform, extreme, sexual, recluse, proud, powerful, possessive, detective

Pisces, the Fish

Last, but certainly not least, is Pisces, the mutable, feminine water sign. As a mutable sign, Pisces is extremely fluid. Since Pisces is mutable, this is typically a temperamental, easy-going sign. After all, this is a sign denoted by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This is pretty spot-on for Pisces as this sign changes readily, and isn’t surprisingly always torn in at least two ways. It also accounts for a nice yin & yang duality, which is ideal as Pisces should strive for balance more than any other sign. As a feminine sign, Pisces is highly intuitive, often being hailed as one of the more spiritual signs in the Zodiac. This can be attributed to its planetary influences, which we’ll get into later.

Pisces season, the last season in the astrological year, begins on February 19 and ends on March 20. If your birthday is at the beginning of the season, you may have an Aquarius Mercury. If your birthday is towards the end, you may just have an Aries Mercury.

If Cancer reminds me of the tides and Scorpio is the murky, horror movie lake, then Pisces is the rain. Weird but fitting – here’s why. Rain can be soft, light, and even enjoyable. Rain can also be part of a freaking hurricane. It can drown you, it can mend you, it can be welcomed, and it can be despised. Pisces is all of this. Pisces can have gentle energy to them, like light rain on a cloudy day. It can be soothing, like the way raindrops sound bouncing off of roofs and windows. Pisces can be emotional, even nostalgic, like lying in bed on a rainy day watching movies. Pisces can be turbulent, with an intense desire to overwhelm and consume – like heavy rains after a drought or even a hurricane. The emotionality of Pisces can come and go, like intense storms then immediate Floridian sunshine. There is moodiness and flexibility both in the weather and in this sign.

This is backed up by Pisces’s two planetary rulers. Yes, TWO! Mainstream astrologers may neglect Pisces’s primary ruler, which is Jupiter. Guess what, nerds – Jupiter was discovered way before Neptune, so in a traditional astrological ruling, Pisces is first ruled by Jupiter then by Neptune. This fits Pisces, too. Jupiter rules expansion, growth, and spirituality. Pisces is a highly spiritual sign with the opportunity for emotional growth. But Jupiter is the great expander, which means Jupiter can expand upon positive and negative Piscean qualities. This is where Neptune comes in. Neptune can be elusive, dreamy, and evasive. If the negative aspects of Neptune are expanded by Jupiter, Pisces can be a codependent, messy sign with poor coping skills and a lack of accountability. Harsh, sorry. But if the positive Neptunian qualities are highlighted by Jupiter, Pisces is a realistic dreamer who can achieve growth in all areas of life. Not to mention that Pisces has two lucky days to make their dreams come true – Friday and Saturday. Also, the same days can easily lead Pisces astray into some downward spiral of partying. Very interesting play out.

Pisces also rules the 12th House of Shadow-Dancing, which is well-matched in accordance with its planetary rulers. The 12th House is the House of the Subconscious. Here is where Carl Jung would refer us to do some “shadow work”. Pisces has the luck and opportunity to grow spiritually. In essence, to transcend. This comes from shadow-work/shadow-dancing, where we delve deep into our subconscious to address internal emotional/mental issues. Likewise, Pisces has the same luck and opportunity to spiral, which occurs with poor coping mechanisms, lack of boundaries, and little to no spiritual insight. Ultimately, this House can allow us to become the best or worst version of ourselves. Remember, what’s going on intrinsically manifests extrinsically.

Pisces is a loving, indecisive little fuck. Man, are they hard to nail down! This is the fish after all, so there’s no surprise if Pisces is in love with multiple people at once. Their empathy and compassion is overwhelming, so Pisces tends to fall in love pretty fast. If you’re able to catch this fish, then congratulations! Pisces as a lover is warm, gentle, sweet, and flexible. This is someone who is very affectionate as well, sometimes with no sense of boundaries. An ideal match is Virgo, their true opposite. Virgo can help Pisces find some healthy boundaries, order, and regulations while still being flexible. Virgo can also be a nice cooling energy to emotional outbursts. Likewise, Virgo may be fussy and nitpicky, which can hurt Pisces’s feelings. There may be a lack of emotional reciprocity here, too. Finally, these signs, if immature, can be extremely subservient to one another.

Other ideal matches are Cancer and Scorpio. Both signs can match in emotionality and shared empathy. Scorpio can help Pisces with shadow-work. But Pisces may also resent this. Cancer, although needy, may find that Pisces is too needy or too inconsistent. Fellow earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus, are also ideal matches. Capricorn can be a pillar of stoicism and reality for Pisces. But this may be exhausting on both ends, as Capricorn is overly realistic and Pisces is overly dreamy. Taurus is stable and loyal, which is attractive. But Taurus may also appear too conventional for Pisces, who may seek more excitement elsewhere.

An unconventional match that could work is with Libra. Libra is fairly empathetic from a logical standpoint. This isn’t a reactive sign. Pisces may gravitate towards Libra for that understanding and compassion. Because of this, Libra would be okay with Pisces being mutable. As long as communication is open, both signs would allow each other space. Both signs would also be extremely affectionate towards one another. The downside would be that Pisces could be too sporadic for Libra. Libra likes to be social, so if Pisces is in a homebody funk, it could put a damper on Libra’s social life. Likewise, Pisces may be too reactive for Libra to handle. Both signs may be indecisive, which can stall commitment and loyalty.

Summary: 12th House, Jupiter, Neptune, mutable, feminine, Friday, Saturday

Crystals: angelite, rainbow obsidian, celestite

Keywords: flexible, evasive, dreamy, naive, intuitive, empathetic, deceptive, spiritual, impressionable, temperamental, self-destructive

Final Thoughts on the Crybabies

It’s a joke!

So, in my opinion, I find that the water signs share the least amount of personality attributes out of all the elemental groups. Yes, these signs are intuitive, emotional, and moody. But these signs are also extremely temperamental. I feel like it’s partly because when I experience these signs/sign placements in my day-to-day life, there’s also something left unshared or unsaid. I don’t feel like I ever really have the full picture of someone who is a water dominant person. Which, honestly, makes sense. Water is vast, varying, and unexpected. Whether it’s a forecast for rain, a lake, or the tides, you don’t ever really know what you’ll get. Therefore, your expectations are almost always thwarted. Yes, each sign lives up to its traits and stereotypes to a certain degree. But it’s immensely hard to characterize this group as a whole because this group as a whole is not a 100% straight up with the rest of us. Honestly, the air signs are easier to group!

Regardless, this group of Zodiac signs shares the capability to engulf and transform. Water is a healing element, as reflected in each sign in its own capacity. Cancer can be the healing agent for leadership and change. I find that Cancers are the ones to nudge us in the right direction, after a little TLC, of course. Scorpios are the challengers. This is the sign that looks you in the eye and tells you what you did wrong with brutal honesty. Cancer is nudging us towards Scorpio, to the change. Pisces is the sign that wraps up the karmic cycle. Pisces will be the sign to question you. Did you learn something, did you grow? Or do we need a repeat of this cycle? Pisces can help us swim away with confidence in our silver lining, or swim right back to Cancer to begin again. It’s ultimately what you make of it.

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