The Astrology of COVID-19

It’s almost like a cruel joke. We’re finally out of Mercury Retrograde, and it’s almost like we’re being propelled backward again thanks to the wide outbreak of the coronavirus.

With Mercury direct, we can expect a steady flow of information… as well as travel. It seems as though widespread reports of coronavirus exploded across the globe shortly following Mercury going direct. With Mercury initially being direct in Aquarius, there’s a humanitarian effort of the stream of information. All facts, little emotion. It’s steady, focused on the logic behind the outbreak and the goal to contain it. Aquarius energy aims to contain, to attack brilliantly, and with strategy.

I feel like a prime example of this particular Mercurial transit is China’s response to COVID-19 through harsh, draconic quarantine. Although severe, or maybe seemingly severed from our P.O.V., it is necessary. Already, the virus has been curved drastically in China. Following suit here in the U.S., we can only hope for the same progress. But that depends on a collective pursuit of quarantine.

The act of social distancing is also Aquarian in nature. We’re still able to communicate, although at great lengths. The act of self-isolation while holding the dire need to remain in touch is a classic catch-22. Aquarius energy shines here, as it’s isolating humanitarian energy.

To boot, Saturn and Pluto have been conjunct since January 12 in Capricorn. This conjunction last occurred in the early 1980’s, as marked by the beginning of the massive AIDs epidemic. Before that, WWII. Then before that, WWI. The history of Saturn-Pluto conjunction is a wake-up, shake-up energy. It aims to destroy, then rise. It spans significant, long-term change from earth-shattering events.

Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, turns planets and signs inside out. This minor malefic aims to invigorate radical, unpredictable change. It starts with unearthing what most people would want to keep hidden. Saturn, the master malefic Teacher Planet, aims to transcend through lessons learned the hard way. When in conjunction, this is a radical, collective shift towards a new beginning. But to begin, something has to end. Maybe that’s the approach to handling a mass epidemic. Maybe it’s the economic status of this country.

If you’re feeling rushed in this apocalyptic process, we can attribute this to Saturn. Saturn in Capricorn is at the 29th degree. In classic astrology, the 29th degree marks the end of an era or a need to end. It’s the last turn to take or end of the road. Because it’s in Saturn, there’s a collective shift to end what isn’t working. I think this explains the radical media coverage of COVID-19, and could also be a point in explanation for the economical turn.

Almost within days, the media coverage of the virus has excelled in inducing widespread stress. From covering toilet paper shortages to rapidly halting the service industry on a wide scale, the antics have grown. So has the collective anxiety. It seems that nobody knows or can guess what can happen next. The fear of the unknown. Again, that 29th degree sparks that anxiety. It’s knowing major change is about to unfold, but unknowing where it will take us.

To make matters more uncertain, and therefore, stressful, the stock market is plummeting coupled with a significant rise in unemployment. Let’s attribute this shift to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the rebel without a cause, the planet of unpredictable change. Taurus is our slow-moving, steady earth sign. Together, this planetary transit marks 7 years of change. We’re barely in the second year.

Uranus in Taurus will heavily affect finances in a long-term burst that comes from quick, last-minute changes. This transit warns us to have a savings account or to practice financial sensibility. Money and material wealth can, and will, turn on a dime with this transit. It’s no surprise that Black Monday happened amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Combine this with Saturn at 29 degrees and the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit, there you will find a hallmark of significant financial disturbance. Some people will gain at this time if they choose to buy the right stocks during the crash and sell at the right time. Some will have an easy time making large purchases, like buying a house, because the interest rates are incredibly low. However, there is a more reported financial panic.

COVID-19 is single-handedly wiping out the service industry. Between quarantine and social distancing, small businesses, restaurants, and more are closing their doors for the unforeseeable future. Not to mention that the continuous flow of updated regulations to curb the virus from spreading is halting business. Without people being able to utilize restaurants, stores, and other services, there is little to no flow of cash. With the mandated regulations, businesses can’t afford to stay open at this time and pay their employees. The panic and fear of contamination influence the need to isolate. It’s a vicious cycle that’s resulting in loss of income and unemployment. Who knows how much longer this will progress?

Not trying to sound dire, but the situation is. While curbing the virus is important, so is the need for income. But unfortunately, most will find they can’t have income without a form of social contact. This isn’t to say everyone is losing their jobs or a form of income. But service industry employees are at loss. Unemployment benefits, although expedited at this time, cannot cover every basic necessity.

At the rate we are going, who knows what will happen. An economic recession seems plausible. It’s possible that the later transits in this month could be stabilizing. Saturn moves into Aquarius and Mars moves into Aquarius, so both will be in conjunction. This could be the steady action needed to bring us up. Then again, this could be another stabilizing, standstill period. I’d like to think that it will be more of a forceful transit of action stemming from lessons learned over the past few weeks. A “rethink, review, revise” energy. But only time will tell.

Wishing everyone a sense of stability during this time. Whether it’s financial, health-related, and/or stress management.

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