The Earth Signs

“Easy does it” is the Earth sign mentality. Without a single doubt in my mind, this is the most stable group of all the elemental groups in the Zodiac. Unlike the turbulence of fire, air, and water, earth signs are steady. This is the group of signs you rely on when the going gets tough.

General Traits & Characteristics

Earth signs embody a Yin spirit in a Yang mentality. All earth signs are feminine in nature, hence the Yin spirit. But all earth signs have the tenacity to see a project or goal through, hence the Yang mentality. In my opinion, these are signs that can encompass both Yin and Yang, Divine Masculine and Feminine spirits, more easily than the other elemental groups.

As a group, these are the methodical, stable signs. Ol’ reliable! You can count on these people as friends, lovers, and coworkers. Sometimes, a little too much. All earth signs have the mentality of “I’ll just do it myself then!”. An earth sign is the kid in your group project who does all the work and still gives you credit (unless they’re a Capricorn, haha!). This is also the mom who complains about doing everything by herself. You get the picture! It’s their way or the highway, and typically because these signs have a methodical level of orderliness that nobody else can match. It’s just easier to let the earth signs have the control… or let them think they do.

The positive trait associated with this elemental group is their collective stability. This is the one group who doesn’t lose their shit at the slightest inconvenience. They are emotionally protective and nonreactive. Earth signs don’t readily engage in drama or cause it. This group values respect, reliability, and steadiness in their relationships. This is why this group is very giving. Earth signs are extremely generous people, but only with those who matter. Unlike fire or water signs, earth signs are selective in their generosity. When generous, you can expect their love language to be more action-oriented. Little things like making dinner for their spouse or buying their friend’s favorite candy just because. It’s not a wordy proclamation of love and adoration. It’s the little gestures of love.

Neutral traits associated with this group are their level of emotional reactivity and their communication style. This is not an emotionally reactive group. If you’re looking for a huge display of emotion, you’re most likely not going to get it. This is a stable group, so if you go to them for that emotional display, you may just be disappointed. The earth sign’s communication style is reflective in this as well. This is a group that prioritizes honesty – so their communication style is often direct, stable, and reliable. These signs will tell you like it is… for the most part (mature signs will). This can either be appreciated or met with a hurt reaction. It depends on you.

Negative attributes of this group include their aloofness, work-life balance, and pettiness. This is an emotionally reserved group. Outright empathy, compassion, sympathy is not on the table. This is negative as these signs are sometimes too reserved. It can cause upset in relationships. Everybody needs a bit of empathy from friends and loved ones, so earth signs need to be aware of when that time comes to give it to others. Their work ethic can be crushing. These are signs who are extremists in work. It’s all or nothing. This group may go from doing the absolute bare minimum, straight up not giving a single fuck, to immersing themselves in projects. There is often a lack of work/life balance with these signs. This is also an extremely manipulative, petty group. If immature, these are the signs who will play mind games. Because they have a feminine nature, they can play these intuitive mind games well without becoming emotionally attached. Now that’s scary!

Signs Within the Element

Capricorn, the Sea-Goat

As a cardinal sign, Capricorns are tenacious, methodical leaders. They almost mirror Aries in leadership style. Both are hard-headed signs who have a desire for control and power. Capricorn gains this through responsibility, hard work, reliability, and even circumstantial manipulation. Circumstantial manipulation comes from Capricorn’s feminine nature. This is an intuitive sign. Unlike its star sister, Cancer, Capricorn is logical intuition. They don’t just play the game, but start it, pick the pawns, denote the rules, then crush it. This is a hard sign to match in tenacity and drive. Especially since this is the sea-goat after all. The sea part of it accounts for the feminine nature of Capricorn. But the goat part of it accounts Capricorns high drive to stick everything out. Like a goat, Capricorn can cling to the tiniest ledge on the mountain for a long time just to gain the long-term reward(s).

Capricorns are the last cardinal sign in the modality, as they begin winter! This sign has the shortest season of all the signs, which is from December 21 to January 21. If your birthday is in the beginning, you may have a Sagittarius Mercury. If it’s towards the end, you may have an Aquarius Mercury.

As this is the first earth sign, I think of Capricorn as an earthquake. This is the sign that is ready to break all loose, whether it’d be small scale or large scale. They’re ready to break down to build up. Capricorns are known to be organized, rational, and logical leaders. This sign is receptive to long-term consequences and long-term rewards. Because of this, Capricorn rules the 10th House of Career & Maturity. The 10th House, a.k.a. the Midheaven, is the House we tend to reach in our mid-30s to mid-40s. This is the mid-life House or the House we’re working towards. The sign in this House is typically the sign we embody or should embody in our adulthood. Capricorn teaches us the lessons of growth and adulthood through its wake-up, shake-up nature. Again, this is the sign to break down to build up. This makes sense as far as personal evolution goes. When it comes to career, Capricorn will also instill a sense of work ethic, responsibility, and purpose. This Zodiac sign embodies the “work hard, play hard” mentality.

Capricorn can also be quite a restrictive, cold sign. We can attribute this to Cap’s planetary ruler, Saturn. Saturn is the Great Malefic in astrology, also hailed as a “teacher planet”. This teacher planet rules karma/karmic lessons, boundaries, rules, regulations, and time. As the strict father figure of the Zodiac, Saturn is responsible for teaching us the hard lessons. Because of its influence, Capricorn can be a steely sign to work with. More often than not, one attracts Capricorn into their life because Capricorn will teach them something. Also, more often than not, the lesson Capricorn teaches is a lesson learned the hard way. This can come with a firm, realistic outlook tainted with brutal honesty. With this in mind, Capricorn is often demoted to being a Zodiac bully. Just keep in mind that those with significant Cap influence in their chart are usually more aware of karma than most. It’s the Saturnian energy weighing this sign down that can make them seem like an astrological downer.

Capricorn falls in love when there is something to be gained. Usually control, power status, financial status, and reciprocity. They seek a partner who has something to offer in return, who can match Capricorn. Ideally, their star-sister, Cancer would be a good partner. Cancer is their water equivalent. Together, you have the head and the heart. However, there can be some double-sided manipulation at play. Capricorn is circumstantial, Cancer is emotional. These two will butt heads while trying to one-up each other.

Other ideal matches would be fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. Taurus may be a loyal, dependable partner that Capricorn seeks. They share a love for financial and material wealth. Taurus may also be too slow or stubborn for a pioneering Cap. Virgo and Cap share in work ethic, attention to detail, and desire to keep busy. Virgo may also be too messy or critical for Cap’s taste. Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, are also ideal matches. Scorpio is another transformative Zodiac sign, so together, Cap and Scorpio can really push one another to be their best selves. Scorpio may also be too intense for an already intense sign. There can be toxicity in this relationship. Pisces and Capricorn go together swimmingly. This is a gentle union. Be wary that Pisces may be too careless or fluid for the rigid sea-goat.

Outside of these pairing, Capricorn and Leo make a surprising couple! Leo is bold and charismatic, so it would draw in the sea-goat. The warmth Leo radiates touches Saturn’s cold heart. Capricorn is tenacious and driven, often being seen as a powerful person. This draws in Leo. Together, they have a solid foundation to build an empire. It’s brains and beauty in one union. Just be wary that Leo tends to be self-involved, which can irritate a Capricorn who’s all about the bigger picture. And Capricorn can be negative, which can irritate a bright Leo.

Summary: 10th House, sea-goat/goat, Saturn, earth, feminine

Crystals: malachite, smoky quartz, obsidian

Keywords: practical, grounded, pioneer, leader, cold, harsh, driven, ambitious, aggressive, aloof, serious, stern, productive

Taurus, the Bull

“Stubborn as a bull” is Taurus in a nutshell! This is our fixed, feminine earth sign. Taurus’s fixed nature accounts for their stability and unwavering loyalty. But Taurus’s fixed nature can also present as inactivity, stubbornness, and even being obtuse. Thanks to the feminine nature, Taurus is a naturally intuitive sign. This bull is receptive to others… as long as others’ thoughts, feelings, and beliefs don’t clash too harshly with Taurus’s ideologies. Still, with a fixed and feminine nature, Taurus made a long-lasting friend and partner. This is somebody you know you can count on, come hell or high water.

As a fixed sign, Taurus holds us steady in spring-time! This season goes from April 20 until May 20. So, those with early birthdays may have an Aries Mercury. Those with the later birthdays may have a Gemini Mercury.

If Capricorn is the earthquake breaking loose, then Taurus is the mountain, standing tall, strong, and untouchable. Taurus is a peaceful earth sign, again thanks to its fixed nature. So, Taurus is most like a mountain. As mountains tend to stand the test of times, and usually with stability despite the wildest changes, Taurus embodies the same mentality. I’m not sure if anyone loves hiking or being on the trails, but when I’m able to explore the mountainside, there’s a sense of serenity. Taurus embodies the same peaceful quality. Like a mountain that still stands after experiencing unpredictable circumstances, Taurus can do the same. Both are unmoving, unbothered, and unchallenged.

Taurus rules the 2nd House of Finances and Materials, which coincides perfectly with its planetary ruler, Venus. Let’s break this down! Venus rules two Zodiac signs – Libra and Taurus. Where Libra embodies the romance of Venus, Taurus embodies the five senses of Venus. Taurus’s Venusian nature is all about comfort, wealth, and happiness that comes from pleasure. It’s almost hedonistic! This Venus-ruled sign is about material wealth, financial wealth, and stability with both. This is why Taurus also rules the 2nd House. Taurus is mainly concerned with the best things in life, which comes up in the 2nd House. In the 2nd House, we can find our financial sensibility/practicality as well as our outlook on material items. This is the House that denotes how greedy/giving we are, how we choose to spend our money, our business ventures, and our general outlook on the tangible pleasures of life.

Because Taurus is a Venusian sign, we can also expect a range of attributes for this sign. Taurus can be dinged as a vanilla, boring sign. In reality, Taurus is a sensible, slow-moving sign. This is the Venus sign that takes a steady approach to decisions, work, love – life in general. The practical nature of the bull is inspiring. Taurus is one to stop and smell the roses. But compared to air or fire, Taurus can seem dull. Its slow nature can be boring to the impulsive signs. In reality, we need Taurus to slow us down. The Zodiac needs a sign who is one to think everything through from all angles before jumping in. This is the sign who is the practical, reliable friend or family member. Taurus may get dogged quite a bit, but in reality, this is the first sign people turn to for advice or steadiness.

In love, Taurus is loyal to the very end. As a partner, Taurus may hang onto a relationship for far too long. Or they may not rock the boat with healthy confrontation when needed. However, this sign has a lot to offer to their partners – a healthy sex life, stability, reliability, unwavering strength. So, the ideal match would be Scorpio, Taurus’s true opposite. Scorpio is mysterious, sexual, and intense. Both signs are drawn together like a moth to a flame. Both share unwavering loyalty, but this can be borderline possessive behavior as well. Taurus is also a beacon of strength for the intense Scorpio. Together this can be a very magnetic connection. It can also be isolating and toxic.

Outside of Scorpio, Taurus should think about pursuing Cancer or Pisces. These fellow water signs also offer emotional connections in the relationship. Taurus may like Cancer’s leadership style and empathy. Taurus may also have issues with jealousy or control with a Cancer. Pisces offers a gentle relationship that can be soothing to a rigid Taurus. But Pisces may also be flakey or unreliable, which can irk the steady bull. Fellow earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, are also ideal matches. Capricorn can push Taurus to get ahead on projects and goals. This can be a welcomed change of pace or may irritate the slow-moving bull. Virgo’s mutable but earthy nature is appreciated by Taurus. This match can be more fluid without losing stability. However, Virgo can also be fussy and critical, which may irk Taurus’s ego.

Outside of these matches, Libra can also be a welcomed partner. Both share planetary rulers and understand how love and life can work together. This union would work towards having the ultimate love story while building a life of luxury. Sex would be sensual, sultry, and earthy! However, it should be noted that this couple may have a difficult time reaching an agreement or having confrontations. Libra may avoid conversation to be a peacemaker. Taurus may wait forever, holding a grudge until the pot boils over. Both may make an indecisive pair as well.

Summary: 2nd House, Venus, feminine, fixed, bull

Crystals: rose quartz, agate, hematite

Keywords: practical, stable, slow, greedy, indulgent, lazy, reliable, sensual, hedonistic, patient, careful, affectionate, deliberate

Virgo, the Virgin

Last but never least, Virgo is the final earth sign with a feminine, mutable nature. As a mutable sign, Virgo tends to be more fluid. Granted, the earthy nature is grounding but Virgo is more likely to go with the flow than any other earth sign. Virgo can be flexible and can adapt more easily. As a feminine sign, Virgo is typically receptive to others, particularly people in a pickle. Virgos tend to attract people who need help or guidance. More on that in a bit!

Virgo wraps up summer and eases us into fall, so this season goes from August 23 to September 22. If you’re born at the beginning of the season, your Mercury sign maybe Leo. If you’re born towards the end, your Mercury sign could be Libra.

Because Virgo is a mutable earth sign, this is the sign that reminds me of clay. It doesn’t break, but it doesn’t hold up strictly either. Instead, like clay, Virgo keeps its stability while molding itself to the current situation. This aspect, in my opinion, makes Virgo a super sign! Combine this with Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, and it’s a force of nature. Where Gemini is Mercury’s banter and wit, Virgo represents Mercury’s intellect and attention to detail. Its planetary influence assures that Virgo has a fluid stream of thought that is detail-oriented and precise, which still being flexible. Again, a super sign! Because of this duality, Virgo tends to be a broken person magnet. If you have strong Virgo placements in your chart, you may find that people are constantly seeking you out for advice, validation, or an emotional dumping ground. Virgo has the energy of having it all together, which is smoothed over with a calm facade. Combine that with its practical, earthy logic, and bam, Virgo is everybody’s therapist.

Virgo is the broken person magnet because of its House rulership. Virgo rules the 6th House of Environment (typically immediate, not usually nature), Health, and Work. Virgo is the ultimate fixer-upper, “I have it all together” sign. Virgo’s strong work ethic coupled with adaptability is lethal. It also proves that Virgo is a huge problem-solver in these areas of life associated with the 6th House. So, if someone is having roommate troubles or mental health stressors or isn’t doing well in school, they typically gravitate towards Virgo for help. Be mindful though, as those with Virgo placements tend to have a savior complex, which can bode for a lack of healthy boundaries and empathy issues. Virgos can, and will, take on others’ stressors and put themselves last. Be mindful of this!

A Virgo in love is wild to see. They have high as shit standards but tend to date lowly, shitty people. Again, broken person magnet. Once a Virgo/Virgo dominant person can form healthy boundaries and empathy control, the partner they tend to seek out will be someone who can meet their high standards. This is why Pisces, their star-sister, is an ideal match. Both signs are fluid in their intuition – Pisces emotionally and Virgo with problem-solving. Together, this can be a couple that helps one another prioritize a healthy relationship with boundaries. On the flip end, this can be an all-encompassing, unhealthy relationship with no boundaries in place. If it’s the flip end, it can be emotionally and energetically draining. However, separate, both signs are already aware of what a draining relationship is like and feels like. They can empathetically connect on this, and aim for better when together.

Other earth signs are also practical choices for Virgo. Capricorn and Virgo can become quite the power couple with Capricorn’s direction and Virgo’s attention to detail. This can also be a cold, unemotional partnership. Taurus may be a stable partner for Virgo to have. This can be a partnership where Taurus can be someone’s rock. But Virgo may be bored with Taurus sexually… Virgos can be freaky, y’all! Virgin? I think NOT! I’m specifically looking at all y’all Virgo Mars out there (but same though). Aside from earth, water signs, Cancer and Scorpio can be ideal. Cancer is empathetic and understanding, which compliments Virgo’s own compassionate nature. But there may be issues with control in the partnership. Scorpio’s mystery would draw Virgo in. There’s a need to unearth Scorpio’s layers. But Scorpio and Virgo can make a critical pairing, so beware of negativity!

Outside of earth and water, Aries makes a surprising partner for Virgo. When these two super signs come together, it’s a force of nature. Aries has the leadership, drive, and vitality. Virgo has the vision and attention to detail. It’s like Capricorn/Virgo pairing on crack. The only thing to be wary of is that both signs tend to do it by themselves, or feel like they can’t seek out help. Virgo may also be fussy and critical, which can damper Aries’s spirit. And Aries may be unrefined at times, which can put off the elegant Virgin nature. But together, this pair just works! Kind of like how Capricorn and Leo just work.

Keywords: 6th House, Mercury, feminine, mutable, virgin, maiden, vulcan

Crystals: angelite, red jasper, lapis lazuli

Keywords: critical, attentive, fluid, flexible, detail oriented, fussy, perfectionistic, demure, sexual, (dis)organized

Final Thoughts on the Ol’Reliables

This concludes our final elemental installment. Where fire is passion, water is emotion, and air is logic, earth is stability. The earth signs in our lives are pillars of focus, responsibility, and even keel temperaments. We often find ourselves attracted to earth signs for wildly different reasons. Capricorn teaches us karmic lessons in hard work, responsibility, and accountability. Taurus reminds us to enjoy the pleasures of life, to slow down. Virgo invokes us to be active, yet grounded in our pursuit of goals and dreams. Without the earth signs, the balance in the Zodiac and in life would be off.

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