April Overview + Horoscopes

Happy new (astrological) year! Spring is a beautiful time to begin the new astrological year. It’s like a little Zodiac spring cleaning. Out with the old transits, and in with the new. After the first three months of 2020, it’s safe to say that everybody wants a do-over. Consider April your astrological do-over. Now is the time to plant the seeds, then watch them bloom throughout the rest of this year!

Major Transits

April marks the beginning of Aries season. From March 20 to April 19, we kick off the astrological new year in the fiery, cardinal Ram. This is the time to begin anew. Aries energy is infectious and vivacious, so you’re probably feeling more energized during this month than you usually would. It’s an ideal time to begin spring cleaning. This prepares you to make room for the new ventures, dreams, and goals that you’ll begin working on this month. However, if you’re stuck in quarantine during this time, it’s natural to feel stir crazy. Try not to let it come out in bouts of anger or aggression. I know it’s easier said than done. The best way to work through the uplift of energy is to work out. Try some home-friendly exercise videos or workout routines. Even short walks or runs can be useful!

The first major transit occurs on April 3 when Venus moves into Gemini at 0 degrees. Venus is exalted in the sign of the Twins! Gemini Venus is all about fluidity in relationships and love. This time is colored with indecision, flakiness, and banter. While Venus is in Gemini, you may be flirtier and freer than usual. This is the time to fully explore all romantic/sexual options without committing. Be wary that this is also the time where some may snowball you. The Two-Faced Twins has a way of coming across love-dovey without actually being remotely interested. Try to not lead others on, or be lead on. As this Venusian shift begins at 0 degrees, consider this the start of a new journey. 0 degrees is optimal for starting anew or hitting a reset button.

Shortly after, Jupiter in Capricorn conjuncts with Pluto in Capricorn on April 4. Jupiter in Capricorn is methodical luck and expansion. Think money moves! This is a placement that is oriented to long-term rewards through detailed planning. Pluto in Capricorn initiates lessons through endings. Together in conjunction, this will be a time where old ways, habits, and patterns end on an auspicious note. It’s like a little spring cleaning in your personal life. This could also arguably foreshadow the end of quarantine, mass hysteria, and/or the rise in unemployment. I know this is just some hopin’ & dreamin’ on my part, but hey, who knows? Jupiter conjunct Pluto is some widespread, obvious ending that propels us to a new chapter of growth, luck, and expansion. Since Capricorn is the ruling sign, this will be planned and tenacious. You can expect a game plan to occur at this time to help us move into the next phase.

There’s a small lull before the next Full Moon in Libra on April 7. Full Moons are a time of reflection over the two weeks since the last New Moon. How have you begun moving forward on your next goal, project, or venture? What’s being illuminated at this time? Full Moon in Libra is a personal reflection on self-care, self-love, and relationships. This is the time to review how you’re taking care of yourself. If you’re in quarantine, you may be feeling a little disheveled, unhappy, and isolated. Full Moon in Libra will be a happy reminder to prioritize yourself and your mental health. Engage in a little TLC – clean up your space, experiment with make-up, paint your nails, do a little skincare regime, FaceTime/call your favorite person. Be mindful of online shopping – it can be fun, but may not bode long-lasting happiness!

Afterwards, Mercury enters Aries at 0 degrees on April 11. Retroshade is over, bitches! This was the longest post-end shadow period EVER. When Mercury makes a happy shift into Aries, thoughts, feelings, and ideas are swimming. Now is the time to act with passion and enthusiasm. You may find yourself a little scattered, excited over every new idea that comes to mind. Projects and goals can be tackled fiercely, and actually completed. Everybody is going to want to be the leader, to be heard, and to be in control. As this is at 0 degrees, this is like a fresh start on your mental state. School, even in quarantine, may be easier to tackle. There’s renewed vitality invested in Mercury right now. It’s going to feel like you’ve hit the reset button.

Almost a week later, Saturn in Aquarius quincunxes True Node in Cancer on April 17. Saturn rules karmic lessons in humanity, spirituality, and self-identification when stationed in Aquarius. The True Node of fate and destiny in Cancer indicates finding ultimate life satisfaction in family, home, familial roots, healing mother wounds, and connecting with Divine Feminine energy. When these celestial bodies are quincunx, there is awkward tension. This is around the time where some may want to branch out and away from their family, maybe in hopes of re-finding themselves. This would be no surprise if you’ve been quarantining with family. Part of finding yourself maybe directly related to healing any familial wounds. This could be related to feeling like your family can’t empathize/relate to you. It may even tie in directly with your mother/mother figure in your life. This could be the time where an awkward conversation could take place to address these issues. Just be mindful of how you choose to communicate. Mercury in Aries can exacerbate any drama by making your communication style more emotional, angry, and/or aggressive.

We then shift into Taurus Season on April 19. The Sun moves from Aries to Taurus, which brings us to a screeching halt. Taurus is a fixed, feminine earth sign. During this time, projects and goals have been solidified. There’s patience and stamina to begin working on all endeavors. The earthy nature during this season is tenacious, practical, and productive. At times, Taurus can also be lazy and indulgent, so be wary of this if you grow bored of working on your health-related goals. Taurus season is an ideal time to work on self-care-related goals, such as upping your skincare regime or wardrobe. This is also an ideal time to re-work your relationships. Now that the dust has settled, this can be an opportune time to identify what relationships should be held onto and what should be let go of. A determining factor will be loyalty. Gemini Venus can help facilitate letting go of unnecessary relationships.

Shortly after, Pluto in Capricorn quintiles Chiron in Aries on April 22. Pluto rules transformation and endings, which can be related to emotional phases of maturation, careers/career paths, work ethic, and boundaries. Chiron is the Wounded Healer of emotional patterns, which may reflect Aries wounds that are related to anger, aggression, and the self. When these two celestial bodies quintile, there’s a desire to create, organize, and perfect. This may be a time where you feel the need to let go of negative feelings and grudges. It’s time to move on from emotional baggage. This “death” of emotional pain can help with reaching a new phase of maturation. Consider this an opportune time for personal growth.

On the same day, there’s a New Moon in Taurus. A new lunar phase has started! New Moon in Taurus is a great time to think ahead on your indulgent behavior, your habits, your financial state, and self-care. This will be a period of reflection. There’s a fine line between self-care and indulging. For example, self-care can be the periodical shopping spree or eating junk food. Indulging is habitually eating poorly or spending too much money. Now is a time to pull back. Re-focus on what habits are healthy and positive versus what habits keep you stuck. Financially speaking, now is a good time to think ahead about your savings, your investments, and your budgeting. It may be ideal to speak with a financial advisor to see what you could be doing differently.

James Jean, Prada mural circa 2007

The next huge planetary shift is on April 25 when Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn. Direct planets and asteroids were nice while they lasted. Because Pluto is a far-out planet, this retrograde will last until the beginning of October. While in retrograde, there can be setbacks to transformation and growth. Consider all the endings in your life to be like little gravestones in a cemetery. This is a period of constantly revisiting the cemetery, and even pulling a Stephen King. Guess what, kids? If it didn’t work out in Pet Sematary, it’s not going to work out during Pluto Rx. Resurrecting the dead won’t breathe the same life force back into them. It’s going to come back mutated, fucked up, and catastrophic. So, this is an unideal time where people will be trying to resurrect failed relationships, projects, ideas. In reality, pulling a Frankenstein really will bode a monster. This Rx period is learning to let the dead stay dead. Learning, that no matter what you do or how hard you try, some things are not meant to work out. In a way, this aids personal transformation.

April’s astrology wraps up on April 27 when Mercury stations in Taurus. Now that we’ve had a brief period of extreme mental activity, it can slow down once stationed in Taurus. Impulsive ideas and projects become stable. Now is the time to slowly chip away at your workload. Your communication style will also be more practical and steady. Outbursts of anger, aggression and extreme emotion are a thing of the past. Taurus Mercury is thoughtful, often asking us to really think it through before communicating it. Overall, a great aspect to begin making goals and dreams come to fruition.



Aries Sun/Rising Happy birthday, April Aries! You’re feeling particularly energetic this season. You have the willpower to improve all areas of life, especially who you are. You have an ideal image of yourself in mind. Can you reach it? Now is the time to begin acting on what you want. You have the vitality to get up and go, so do it. When it comes to romance, Gemini Venus is going to keep it light and flirty. Witty banter is going to be huge in your love life! Your intellect and charm will shine through, impressing all of your suitors. Halfway through April, everything will slow down. You can thank the Taurus shifts for this. During Taurus season, you can begin to lay down an actual foundation to achieve your plans. Think of the first half of April as a time to imagine all that could be with a positive outlook. Now the second half is the time to methodically make an effort to reach your goals. Just try your best to not let Pluto Retrograde bring down your happy, hopeful self. Best advice? Keep moving forward with your blind optimism and see where it takes you.

Taurus Sun/Rising It’s almost your season, can you feel it? But let’s get through the first half of April first. With it being Aries season and Venus shifting into Gemini, you may be feeling kind of rushed. As a stable, meticulous person, you’re not used to impulsive, fluid energy. Try to be inspired by it. Venus in Gemini can even teach you to loosen up, and have more flirtatious fun! When Jupiter auspiciously connects with Pluto on April 4, you’re going to want to begin thinking long-term. What’s your financial plan moving forward? Maybe it’s related to your budgeting and saving, or the career path you’re on or thinking about. The New Moon in Taurus will help you re-focus on where you’re over-doing it in a financial sense. By the end of the month, it’s your season! Now is the time to stabilize. Put a hold on spending for a bit (even if that Gemini Venus is tempting you to splurge). Remember the fine line between self-care and spending just to spend. Luckily, your game plan moving forward can be stabilized by your intentions.

Gemini Sun/Rising Aries season probably feels like a breath of fresh air after the emotional Pisces season. When Mercury moves into Aries, your mind will begin to race with bright, innovative ideas. Your conversations will be sparked with enthusiasm. Combine this with Venus in Gemini, and you’re a master flirter. If you’re single, dating apps will be your new BFF. Your conversations will be fast-paced, colorful, and just a little dirty. As Venus is in your sign, you may have multiple relationships at this time. But this is a noncommittal time for you, so it may be a little overwhelming to balance so many romantic prospects. If you are committed, be mindful of emotional cheating or being overtly flirty with other people. The Full Moon in Libra will put your relationships into focus this month. By the end of April, you may find yourself easily letting go of people who don’t add anything positive to your life. You may even end up single, or begin feeling like you’d be better off single. This may be amplified when Saturn quincunxes the True Node on the 17th. It’s an ideal time to redefine your self-image and who you want to become. By the end of the month, your actions will become more stable. Taurus season will help you slow down and to think realistically.

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Cancer Sun/Rising Cancer, it’s time to break out of your weepy, sad-sack state. Pisces season can be emotionally draining, so Aries season can make you feel new and whole again. It’s a pure time to feel renewed. Aries season can spark warmth, confidence, and enthusiasm. When Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on April 4, you may be beginning to think about what you could do differently. This may be related strongly to self-care. The Full Moon in Libra on April 7 will help you define what could be better in your life, particularly with making changes to your own life. Between the 17th and 22nd, you’re going to experience a period colored by emotional grievances. This will be strongly related to your sense of self, your negative emotions/grudge-holding, and even your family. Your family could even be the source of tension in your life. This is the opportune time to re-think your attitude, perspective, and mental health. Ask yourself what you can let go of to begin healing. By the New Moon on the 25th, start engaging in small acts of self-love. Treat yourself, forgive yourself, and express self-compassion. The Pluto Retrograde could continue to bring up past grievances or heartaches. It’ll be imperative to stick with a self-love regime.

Leo Sun/Rising You’re feeling the heat of Aries season, Leo! Although it’s not your season, you’re definitely feeling the Aries energy. Your self-confidence is heightened. The Full Moon on the 7th is going to be pivotal in regard to your love life and self-reflection. This is will be an awesome time to spread some love! Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Even do small acts of service for loved ones, like making your best friend cookies or spending quality time with your partner. The generosity you put out will be reciprocated. Between the 17th and 22nd, you may be inspired to take the next step in your life. This next step is strongly related to your personal growth. Part of this is accepting what you can’t control, and moving forward with strength. This could be related to your interpersonal relationships. It’s okay to demand respect, love, and compassion from others. To give is to get, especially in relationships. Venus in Gemini will help you move away from relationships that no longer serve you. By the end of the month, stability will be restored in Taurus season. During the end of the month, your emotions will level and you can begin moving forward with your dreams.

Virgo Sun/Rising Aries season must be a welcomed change after hanging out in your star-sister’s, Pisces’s, season. Virgo, you have the practicality and now the energy to begin plunging forward. Career comes into focus this month. On April 4, Jupiter conjuncts with Pluto which brings on a radical idea of changing careers or career paths. You may be feeling bored and restless in your current job. Or you’re thinking this could be the opportune time to explore other occupations. It could even be related to what you do at work and how you’re treated. The Full Moon on the 7th will help you re-focus on your relationship with work. You may be realizing that you’re taking on a heavier workload than most, feel unappreciated at work, and/or are working excessively as a way of coping. You may not even realize how angry, or frustrated you feel until Pluto quintiles Chiron on the 22nd. When Pluto stations retrograde three days later, you will be faced with a 6-month period of setbacks. You may revisit past relationships and relive emotional wounds. This 6-month period will initiate a period of recognizing your worth through setbacks. Get ready.

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Libra Sun/Rising Aries season is a little uncomfortable, especially since this is your polar opposite. But something can be gained during this time! Libra, you’re hesitant and indecisive. Indulge in impulsivity. Make quick decisions and see where it takes you. When Venus shifts into Gemini in the beginning of the month, your love life has the potential to soar. However, this can be a non-committal time for you and that’s ok. Part of embracing Aries season and Gemini Venus is embracing impulsive, passionate short-lived love affairs. Get out there, and meet someone… or everyone! You can date for pleasure without the goal of long-term commitment. Between the Full Moon on the 7th and when Saturn quincunxes the True Node on the 17th, you’re going to put your love life in perspective. This is a great time to be single as you will want to focus on yourself outside of a partnership. When Pluto stations retrograde at the end of the month, you will also face a 6-month period of setbacks. Your transformation during Pluto Rx will be strongly related to having a strong sense of identity outside of your relationships. You can expect to feel lonely or desperate during this 6-month period. You may even engage in unhealthy relationships or try to bring ex’s back for this reason. But the lesson to learn is that you can offer yourself everything you want and need without relying on others.

Scorpio Sun/Rising Although not your season or an elemental sister’s season, you can still thrive in Aries season. Scorpio, you and Aries share Mars as a planetary ruler. This season can amplify your intense spectrum of emotions. Because of the impulsive nature of the Ram, just be wary of losing your emotional control. This can manifest as acting too emotionally rash or not at all. There’s a fine line to walk. Your main ruler, Pluto, makes some intense aspects this month. When Pluto conjuncts Jupiter early on, you’re going to begin seeing the fruition of your efforts come to light. The hard work you’ve put in to transform is beginning to show. In particular, this will reflect the work you’ve done in your family. You may see aspects of this around the 17th when Saturn quincunxes the True Node. This may reflect how your familial bonds have deepened without stripping your independent self-identity or healing any emotional familial wounds. This may come to light again when Pluto quintiles Chiron on the 22nd. It may come out in a conversation where you, or someone else or both, need to realize that emotional baggage is blocking growth. Self- and interpersonal compassion will be key to moving on. As you’re a fixed sign, part of this is also letting go of what you can’t control, which can be scary and hard. In fact, it may seem downright impossible when Pluto stations retrograde at the end of the month. It may even seem like months’ worth of hard work unravels in a moment. You can expect major setbacks to continue for the next 6 months. Know that each setback is a test to see what you’re willing to do to learn and grow.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising Like Leo, you’re basking in the Aries sun! This is a great time to charge forward with your intellectual pursuits. Travel, although ideal, may be unable at this time. You may even feel pent up and restless, especially with the Sun and Mercury in Aries. Try your best to have dialogues, not debates, at this time. A huge part of your month is figuring out your logical next move. What do you really want to do? Creating memories is important, but so is building a life. Between the 17th and 25th, you may find yourself rethinking what you want to do next. You can live a happy, free life within reason. In particular, this may be the time to rethink your roots. Maybe it’s time to reconnect with family and let go of the built-up tensions between you and them. This period may also be related to your ideal career move. You may be rethinking your current job, and finding it unsatisfying. It’s perfectly fine if you’re thinking about going back to school or exploring other career paths. What you begin doing now can build a foundation for what’s to come. The Pluto Rx may shake up your path. What’s important is being flexible at this time, and accepting what you’ve lost. Sagittarius, you’re a bright, innovative sign. You can make the Pluto Rx work for you over the next 6 months to get over your setbacks, learn from them, and choose a new path. Or you can become directionless and defensive. The choice is yours.

Capricorn Sun/Rising Money moves only! Your career and finances are being illuminated. Aries season fills you with the energy to move forward with your work. A promotion or raise may even be on the table this month! When Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in your sign early on, you’re finally seeing your game plan come into action. You will feel like the hard work is paying off. A huge part of this is seeing it reflect in your career. Your work ethic has been impeccable, so be proud of where it’s taken you. When the Full Moon in Libra occurs on April 7th, take a step back to examine the other parts in your life. Are you having fun? How have your relationships been affected? Reconnect with your loved ones. Go out and enjoy your success. Your hard work is showing, so take a step back to enjoy life for what it is. The middle of April will ask you to let go of grudges or resentment. As a steely sign ruled by Saturn, you can be cold and critical of yourself. Now is the time to embrace what’s going on in the moment instead of hyper-focusing on the past or what could be in the future. Aries season is going to teach you how to truly live! Taurus season will remind you to stop and smell the roses. April may come to a halt when Pluto stations retrograde at the end of the month. Luckily, you’re no stranger to working through muck, mess, and drama. Keep a clear head over the next few months. And be mindful of your karma!

Aquarius Sun/Rising Aries season is a great time to feel alive again. With Venus in Gemini and the Full Moon in Libra, you may actually put relationships into perspective this month. Maybe there’s a close confidant you’ve had your eye on. Make an obvious move and put yourself out there. If it doesn’t go the way you expected, then Gemini’s energy will help you move past it. If it’s positively reciprocated, then Gemini Venus allows you to explore this interest without commitment. Plus, the Gemini Venus is all about forming intellectual bonds, which appeases your quirky, progressive mind. A huge turning point in your romantic P.O.V. will be around the 17th when Saturn quincunxes the True Node. Aquarius, you’re a radical independent spirit. You prioritize freedom above all else. This is admirable. But you’re still a soft little human. You’re allowed to dream of marriage, family, building a home. When Saturn quincunxes the True Node, you might want to take a hard look on the life you’re currently building. Do you feel lonely? Can you add something else to it? Part of this is accepting that you want what everyone else wants – love. You can have the picket fence life and your rebellion. It may be hard to accept this when Pluto stations retrograde at the end of April. You may find yourself going back and forth on committing or living the lone wolf life for the next 6 months. Just remember that with the right person, you’re still a free spirit.

Pisces Sun/Rising Now that your season is over, you may be feeling kind of duped. It’s fair – literally, the world blew to pieces with Mercury Retrograde. But now it’s time to embrace the new astrological year! During Aries season, you’re reflecting on how you want to embrace yourself. This comes out around the 7th when there’s a Full Moon in Libra. This reflective period is the time to look back on your journey. After all, you just surpassed a birthday. With the past in mind, start thinking about your year ahead. What’s something you want to do this year? What are your goals? How can you be better? Aries season is a fresh start. Your journey can begin to take off between the 17th and 22nd. This is will be an opportune time to release emotional baggage that’s been clouding your perception. Accountability plays a role. Accept what you did or said, then move on. If others can hold themselves accountable, then that’s on them. Remember that this is a time of forgiveness, and forgiveness is more for you than anyone else. This can be a great time to release anything holding you back on your personal journey. It may feel thwarted by the Pluto Retrograde at the end of the month. You may become your own worst enemy over the next 6 months. Keep in mind that it’s all a mental game. If you have the right perspective and attitude, you can overcome your obstacles easily. If you choose to re-engage in poor coping habits and behaviors, then you’ll find yourself back at square one. Luckily, Taurus season can be the time to find what healthy coping habits and behaviors work for you. Use this time to build up a mental defense to use over the next 6 months.

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