Quarantine Activities for the Zodiac Signs

Because we’re bored in the house, in the house bored!

Seriously, props to everyone who’s been self-quarantining. But let’s be real, living a Black Mirror episode is maddening. Finding homebound activities that stay interesting is beyond difficult. It’s so easy to fall into the same routine of Netflix, eat, sleep, stress, and then more Netflix. With this pattern on repeat, it can become senseless. No wonder some people are beginning to lose their shit! We aren’t made from lifeless, monotonous jelly, nor should we act like it.

In my true Aries nature, I am devoted to making just about anything work for me. Life can hand me oranges, and I’ll still find a way to make lemonade. Maybe it sounds naive, but I do think quarantine is a great time to hit the reset button. It can even be inspiring. It’s all about finding what works for you… or your Sun sign! For extra inspiration, even check out the sign in your 4th House of Home and Family and/or your sign in your 5th House of Creativity.

Quarantine Activities for the Signs


It’s your (my) season! So, naturally, this would be the time where us Rams charge forward like blind toddlers on the pursuit of chaos. But ‘rona kind of did that for us already. This season isn’t as much as a bummer as it could be. It’s about finding versatility in your routine, Aries! Find a few fun activities that you can switch around each day that keep you motivated.

Safe or Chaotic Activities Aries, your recommended “safe” activity is practicing the art of social distancing without being distant. Get into the habit of calling or texting your friends. You can have all the fun with your loved ones without breaking the 6-foot rule. Facetime, Zoom, Snapchat call, and more are your new best friend! A super unique idea is inviting your friends to a FaceTime/Zoom coffee date. Basically, set your date group up through text or your preferred messaging system. Set the time, date, and drink of choice. On that day, get together in your Zoom conference (or whatever you’ll prefer to use) and have your coffee date! Wait, let’s up the crazy. It is YOUR birthday season, so ditch the coffee for a “bar crawl”. Same concept except for alcohol. You and your friends can even coordinate fun drinks or drinking games for the Zoom “bar crawl”. Regardless, pick up the phone. Call yo mama, yo friends, yo partner, anyone! Stay connected.

Routine Activities Ideal routine activities that’ll keep you focused and motivated begin with sleep. It’s super ideal to stay up until 2 AM binging Tiger King until you realize your sleep schedule has been totally wack for a week. Set a bedtime, and a wake-up time. This will help you productively begin your day. Since it’s spring, try cleaning your house or even feng shui. Now is a great time to renovate or change up your layout! After a quick spring cleaning, try getting into an exercise regime. Talk that walk around the block with your mom. Or find a different online class to participate in. Maybe work on your yoga poses. Involving exercise is an easy way to burn energy and keep you moving throughout your day!


Quarantine may just be the ideal situation for you, Taurus. After all, you’re home, snuggled up in bed, watching Netflix. Some of you are with family, and some of you are with your partners. All in all, a great situation! That doesn’t mean you can’t shake it up a bit.

Safe or Chaotic Activities Now, the safest activity is doing what you do best – binging. Your ideal “safe” activity is watching everything on any streaming platform available. So, maybe you should do that with friends! Check out Netflix Party to get back into movie nights with your group! This can also be a fun, virtual date idea. “Chaotic” activities would be working out during binge-watching. Crazy concept, but hear me out. Taurus can be a notoriously indulgent sign. So, indulge in some physical exertion. It’s easy to be a couch potato during this time. So, while you’re watching, work out too. It can even be a game. For example, let’s say you’re binging Tiger King on Netflix. Every time Joe Exotic says, “that bitch Carole Baskin”, do a 30-second plank. You’ll be ripped and ready to handle a tiger in no time. Alternatively, find a fun drinking game to associate with each series or movie you watch.

Routine Activities Taurus likes routine, so this should be easy. Find a routine that helps you meet a goal for each day. Maybe one day’s goal is cleaning your bathroom, the next day is cleaning out your closet, and so on. Your daily goal should keep you on the go. As part of each day, challenge yourself to try a new recipe. It doesn’t have to be Cake Boss, but it does have to be something you’re inspired by. Maybe it’s a killer grilled cheese recipe or a funky cakepop design. Regardless, try to find something that works for your time, your budget, and your taste buds.


I feel like all Geminis everywhere are itching to start some drama from the comfort of their couch. Chill. Put down the phone. Don’t text your ex or confront anyone. Or write a tweet with like, three subliminal messages directed at four different people. Let’s refocus.

Safe or Chaotic Activities Typically chatty and social, but your social life isn’t on lockdown like you think it is. A sound “safe” activity is regularly staying in touch with friends. But since the world is at standstill, so are any personal dramas. So, let’s expand your horizon. Bumble has three great features – dating, networking, and friends. If you want to meet new people from the comfort of your own home, check out each feature on Bumble. This is an awesome way to expand your social network or your professional network. Making friends has never been easier! If you’re feeling chaotic, then get a little crazy in your love life. For those who are single, your chosen “chaotic” activity is dating app style Bachelor/Bachelorette. Basically, match with a bunch of people and get each person’s Snapchat. Once you’ve added your prospective contestants on Snapchat, create a new group and private story under “Bachelor/Bachelorette”. Message the group and let them know they’re now contending for your heart. Post challenges, hold Q & A’s, and eliminate contestants as they go. One-on-one dates can be Facetime calls or Zoom conferences. Winner gets to go on an IRL date. Let the games begin!

Routine Activities Gemini, your mind is boundless, elastic, and ecstatic. Refocus your energy into mental energy. While in self-isolation, challenge yourself to get back in touch with beloved hobbies. Maybe it’s reading, writing, painting, blogging, etc. Now is also the time to begin any new projects! Maybe it’s starting a blog, writing your first novel, learning a new skill. You have the time, so use it wisely. Incorporate these hobbies as goals. For example, let’s say you decide to touch up an abandoned project. Work on it every day for a couple of hours, then move on to a different goal or hobby. This is an ideal way to chip away at the things you love and want to do without burning out.


Like Taurus, quarantining may have been fun at first! But Cancer, at your heart you know you’re an ambivert. You crave social interaction as much as social distance. You may be feeling a bit restless during this time. Being forced to stay home versus wanting to stay home is entirely different. What’s a great way to keep this time freaky fresh for you?

Safe or Chaotic Activities As a true homebody, you may be inspired to do some home renovations! Your choice “safe” activity is mixing up your home, and even a little feng shui. Now is a great time to clear out the dusty winter vibes in your house. Start with your closet. Put away your winter and fall clothes, bring out the spring and summer clothes. Next, your color scheme and decorations. Bring back light, warm tones in lieu of the cool tones. Change up the layout of the room by moving your furniture around. Try new ways to organize and declutter. Pinterest can give you all the inspo you need! If you’re feeling reckless, let’s get chaotic with the home renovations. Maybe now is the time to start the new project you’ve been eyeballing. It could be building a garden, yard work, building a treehouse, remodeling a shed, repainting the house, and even some minimal building. Just be sure you’re able to include your new project in your pandemic budget.

Routine Activities Your ideal routine activity should involve seeing some sun. Go outside. Meditate in your backyard, do some yoga on your porch, go for a quick walk. You may begin to feel cooped up, so it’s not a bad idea to physically relocate within reason. Working on your home projects outside is also ideal. Take your painting outside. Do work conferences outside. Enjoy that semi-illegal sunshine within reason. Also, like Taurus, experiment with cooking and cocktails. Now is a great time to try out the new recipe you saw on Instagram or Pinterest.


All of my Leo friends are dying in isolation right about now. I had one friend say, “I just want to go out dancing, see my friends, and have someone tell me that I’m pretty”. I get it. As a fellow fire sign, quarantine can be socially draining. Leo, you may be going a little bonkers right now, and rightfully so. Let’s figure out some activities to keep you focused!

Safe or Chaotic Activities All Leos everywhere love finding their “look”. Your ideal “safe” activity is physical experimentation. Try everything on in your closet. Begin separating your items into a keep pile and a donate pile. Do the same for accessories and shoes. Next is make-up. Throw out that old, crusty shit. Experiment with your make-up looks. Try an everyday look, a night-out look, a date night look. Next is your hair! Maybe now is the time to practice curling with a flat iron. Or try out a weird, heatless way to curl your hair. Or a super intricate hairstyle. Use this time to define your look. If you’re looking to take it up a notch, your “chaotic” activity is doing something semi-permanent to your look. For some of you, this is dying and/or cutting your hair. All I can say is watch some YouTube tutorials, do your research, and pray. For others, this is trying out an Avant Garde make-up look. Maybe it’s making your own clothes. It could even be using self-tanner for the first time! Whatever you’re going to physically experiment with, do your research first.

Routine Activities Leo, you’re naturally in the spotlight. Let’s remodel your social media during this time. Quarantine can be great for re-working all of your social media profiles. Spend each day updating, cleaning, and refining your profiles. It can be sprucing up your LinkedIn with a new headshot and refining your Skills category. It can be cleaning out your Facebook of old, unattractive photos and updates. It can be remodeling your Instagram to be more aesthetically pleasing. Maybe now is the time to start your new social media platform. YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, WordPress, Wix and more may be of interest. If you’re wanting to start a food blog, do it. Same goes with anything else! Plus, if you start posting new content, you’re bringing in new opportunities for attention. Win-win in my book.


Virgo, you’re pretty easy-going and steady. It’s no surprise if you’re making quarantine your bitch. Quarantine may be the time where you’re finally able to complete goals, projects, and small chores. It’s all about prioritizing.

Safe or Chaotic Activities Virgo is perfectionistic to some degree. This can be related to work, health, appearance, and home. Whatever you’ve been meaning to “perfect”, now is the time to start. For example, let’s say you’ve been meaning to be healthier. Maybe it’s working out regularly, eating better, drinking more water. So, now is the time to do daily YouTube work-outs, explore Pinterest for healthy recipes, and actually force yourself to drink water in lieu of soda or coffee. If it’s related to the home, time to organize. Let’s take it up a notch. Your choice “chaotic” activity is documenting your perfection process. Now you have two things to stay on top of! Maybe it’s a blog, Instagram account, Tik Tok, or YouTube dedicated to the process of perfection. Again, this can be related to perfecting anything. So, a fitness journey or home renovation journey. Whatever you want.

Routine Activities It’s easy to understand if you’re trying to make the most of this time. This could mean some unnecessary anxiety or stress about completing projects. Remember to include some mindless activity. Take some time to de-stress every day. This could be painting for fun, watching a movie, napping, or something else. Not every quarantine activity has to have a methodical purpose. Virgo, take some time to rest your body and mind.


Libras and Leos are riding the same attention-depraved wave. You’re also riding the same socially depraved wave as Gemini. Even Libras who are quarantined with family, friends, and partners are dying a little bit. It’s okay. This too shall pass.

Safe or Chaotic Activities Your ideal “safe” activity is similar to Aries’s “safe” activity. It’s crucial to stay connected! Try the Zoom/FaceTime slumber party. Send out a text to your group/partner detailing the day, time, and platform. Come together as a group to decide on the ideal drinks and snacks to have a virtual sleepover over. Use Netflix Party to watch a movie/show as a group! If you and your group have the same games, incorporate it. Feel free to coordinate pj’s, make-overs, face masks, and nostalgic games like MASH. If you’re feeling chaotic, your choice activity is date night! Set up a fun virtual date. You can use the Netflix Party idea, or take it a step further. You and your date can agree to get dressed up. Make the same meal, use the same wine. Spruce up your scenery with candles, flowers, and more. Alternatively, have a game night! Some adults are getting back into Club Penguin or Animal Crossing for cute, virtual dates. Check out this site for more game night ideas with your date. If you want an extra challenge, try to do a virtual date with someone new every other night. Live up your romcom fantasy and have a Fifty First Dates moment.

Routine Activities I can’t stress this enough, stay connected. Make a point to talk to someone every day. Libra, you’re a social creature by nature. It’s imperative to maintain relationships during this time. In order to stay stress-free, try indulging in daily self-love habits. Name three things you’re grateful for in the morning. Paint your nails. Get dressed. Work on your skincare regime. Eat right. As the sign of the Scales, you already know how important maintaining balance is.


I feel like self-isolation is a 50/50 shot with Scorpios. This is either superb for those who are more closed off and distant as is. Or this is boring others to tears, and causing some Scorpios to go a little crazy.

Safe or Chaotic Activities As ruler of the 8th House, you’re no stranger to taboo subjects. This could be the time to explore the 8th House. Your “safe” activity is learning about taboo subjects. This could be endless murder and mystery documentaries, fiction, and nonfiction. This could be the time where some Scorpios are getting into sexual exploration. Some Scorpios may even be playing detective right now! Whatever you choose to learn more about, be open-minded in your exploration. Research through testimonies, books, podcasts, and more. If you’re feeling chaotic, your choice activity may be delving into the occult. The 8th House is ALL taboo subjects – including divination, astrology, tarot, and witchcraft. Buy that tarot deck, use your pendulum, and conjure up a spirit. Kidding, please don’t conjure up anything! But seriously, open yourself up to the weird and wild.

Routine Activities First, start with getting your sleep schedule in order. Scorpio is a night-owl by nature, so it wouldn’t be surprising if your current bedtime is 3 AM. Having a normal sleep schedule will help you stay on track during and after quarantine. A part of your day should include something a little dark and mysterious. Maybe it’s doing a quick tarot spread to start your day. Or experimenting with different spreads. It could be doing some more research on the disappearance of Don Lewis from Tiger King. It could be looking at the daily astrological transits. Spending some time binging on your favorite documentary. Whatever it is, make it a habitual practice with limitations. Scorpios can be obsessive, so put a limit on how long you choose to do something or watch something.


Honestly, you probably already cut your hair, did a home tattoo or piercing, and drank everything in sight. But still, let’s identify some activities to do.

Safe or Chaotic Activities “Safe” is just not a word in the Sag dictionary, but let’s try. Ideally, you should be working on your spiritual journey or higher education. This is a great time to study for school, study for entrance exams, and/or learn something new. The new subject doesn’t have to be academic in mind. It can be anything you want it to be, it just has to be stimulating. If it’s spiritual, maybe this is time to experiment with different meditation styles. Or doing shadow-work. If you’re feeling chaotic, which I know you are, you could change your physical appearance. Quite honestly, the easiest thing to do is dying/cutting your hair. But seriously, do your research. I don’t recommend home tattoos or piercings. That can lead to infection!! But what I do recommend is fostering a pet. Instead of full-on committing to a new pet, this can be a great time to foster. Fostering is a great way to help out animal shelters, socialize animals, and break up your daily routine. Check out PetFinder for more details!

Routine Activities Sagittarius, you need to incorporate a new workout into your routine every day. You’re known to have boundless energy, so use it. YouTube has a ton of great, home workouts that vary. On top of that, make a point to exercise outside. Utilize your yard or porch if you have one. Something else to look into is group exercise activities. Some gyms and studios are offering Zoom classes. Alternatively, invite your friends to do a Zoom workout. Something else to consider is experimenting with mixology. Now is a great time to work on your bartending abilities.


I feel like Capricorn is feeling a bit dull during this time, especially if they’re unemployed or working from home. If a Cap is an essential worker, I can only imagine the level of stress you may be dealing with.

Safe or Chaotic Activities Capricorn’s “safe” activity is art therapy. Capricorn doesn’t do anything for fun or the hell of it. You’re an entrepreneur by nature. Everything should have a rhyme and reason. The reason for art therapy is solely to de-stress. Amazon has a ton of cute coloring books to choose from! To boot, you can do this while listening to a podcast or watching a show. To get a little crazy, your chosen “chaotic” activity is starting up your own business from home. Maybe now is the time to turn your hobbies into a side hustle. This can be selling homemade goods like art, candles, and beauty remedies. It could be charging for astrological or tarot readings. Some of you could even charge for marketing, YouTube videos, Instagram promos, and more. Whatever fun hobby you enjoy doing could also become a small source of income.

Routine Activities If you’re a Capricorn, you may be negative. This can often stem from feeling failure, anxiety, and stress, which is rampant at this time. Your routine activities need to incorporate an aspect of positive psychology. Meditating, keeping a gratitude journal, yoga, and more. The idea behind this is to improve your mindset and attitude. It’s sort of like a daily reset to bring in positivity.


Kind of like Scorpio, quarantine is a 50/50 shot with Aquarius. You either love it, or hate it. And finding busy work is difficult as Aquarius is a sign with varying interests.

Safe or Chaotic Activities The chosen “safe” activity is starting a YouTube channel, blog, or podcast. Before you barf all over the normalcy of it all, hear me out. Aquarius is known to be an intellectual, strong-minded sign. Like your sister sign, Leo, you do crave attention to a certain degree. Social media is the perfect way to get attention and put your quirky self out there. YouTube, blogging, and podcasts offer the most flexibility for how much you want to be seen, how you want to be seen, and what you want to do. The level of creativity varies as well. For example, you may enjoy being looked at or showing off your looks, so an artistic blog or YouTube channel would be the ideal creative expression. If you want to spark a conversation, blogging is ideal because it can be definitive, expressive, and responsive. Podcasts are ideal for voicing your thoughts, implementing your expression in your voice, and are more flexible with tangents. If you’re going to get crazy, your “chaotic” activity is shadow-work. Emotions, accountability, and breaking down the ego? Scary! Aquarius is a fixed sign, which infers loyalty and stability but also stagnation. Aquarius is also going through a major spiritual awakening all year. This time is heightened right now. Shadow-work is a great time to break down the barriers that are preventing you from living authentically. And if you want, document your shadow-work with your chosen safe activity.

Routine Activities Aquarius tends to be a loyal, yet flighty sign. It’s possible that you haven’t spoken to some dear friends and connections in weeks, months even. Get back in touch during quarantine. Call, text, FaceTime, Snapchat. Don’t further isolate yourself. It doesn’t have to be a daily practice, but make it a consistent practice. You’ll be surprised how authentic your connections can be even through FaceTime. Aside from this, challenge yourself to learn something new. Aquarius is a highly innovative, curious sign so satisfy your curiosity. Pick up a book, listen to a podcast, learn a new skill.


Another homebody sign, but I know you’re still missing the freedom of social events. This can be a weird time for you, Pisces. You may feel like you’re stuck in limbo. Time to break out of that lull.

Safe or Chaotic Activities A solid “safe” activity would be putting your energy into your creative interests. It could be an ideal time for you to make music, write a new song, or compose with friends. You can even do a jam session on Zoom or FaceTime. Writing is another great way to pass the time! If you’re looking to reach a wide audience, try WordPress or Wattpad. Tumblr is also known for having a ton of awesome prompts to get your creative juices flowing. If you’re trying to be a little crazy, your “chaotic” activity has to do with reaching your subconscious. As ruler of the 12th House of the Subconscious, maybe now is a great time to practice meditation, lucid dreaming, and even astral projection. Pisces is another sign experiencing a spiritual awakening this year, and these methods can help you tap into your shadow-work.

Routines Activities As you are fluid, your routine should reflect it. Pick a few activities, goals, and periods doing each thing for each day. Ideally, your day should be easy-going, flexible, but varied. Pisces, spend some time cracking down on work. Make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to attain your future goals. Also take some time to enjoy positive, healthy activities. As a sign ruled by Neptune, it’s very easy to get lost in the sauce. Have fun, enjoy yourself, but keep your head above water.

Wishing everyone the least amount of stress and best health during this time!

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