July Forecast

Get ready for one busy month! July is packing an astrological punch that embraces the epic shifts of Cancer season and the bright charisma of Leo season. I can happily report that we do not have any impending eclipses! However, there will be a few new retrogrades to add to the mix along with some planetary ingresses that will effect the cosmic mood. Aside from this, July looks exceptionally emotional, especially with the sun in Cancer forming a few significant aspects with the other cardinal-led transits. Unfortunately, Leo season will take on a semi-tense tone at the very beginning since the domicile sun will square the Uranus, Mars, and the Nodes. But the cheery nature of Leo will shine through. Let’s get into the major ingresses, lunations, and retrogrades this month!

Major Transits

Beginning on July 5, Mars enters Taurus. Well, domicile Mars in Aries was fun while it lasted! Now detriment in Taurus, Mars is reporting to the other lover planet, Venus. A Venusian-ruled Mars is a sticky situation as Mars likes to conquer whereas Venus likes to attract. Consider this transit the celestial equivalent of a game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, Mars is hindered in its ability to take charge as quickly as it would like due to the Venusian energy. However, the fixed, feminine earth qualities of Taurus give Mars a new strategy to consider.

Matters of warfare take on a plodding pace as Mars in Taurus does not like to be concerned with aggression or rage unless necessary. So, this is the season where frustrations will become pent up. Annoyances will build over time, eventually snowballing into an avalanche of deliberate grudge-holding. Mars in Taurus does not attack the problem readily, so issues are often swept under the rug, leading to a seething rage that boils over. The complacency of Mars in Taurus can allow for this anger to build up over time, so address your problems as they occur instead of writing them off. Since Venus is influencing Mars, there is potential to charmingly mediate any issues or problems to avoid an explosive end-all, be-all fight. It might be exceptionally challenging for Mars in Taurus to forgive and forget since the beginning of this transit will coincide with the emotional Mercury in Cancer. However, it is best to let go of past occurrences instead of continuing to give life to aggression.

Luckily, the sweet Venusian energy can encourage Mars to embrace making love instead of fucking. Mars in Taurus is insanely tender as it focuses on slow, sensual sex. Physical embrace is huge as Mars in Taurus cherishes every inch of its lover’s body. Sex might be exceptionally long since Mars has newfound stable stamina in Taurus. Quickies with hook-ups aren’t going to be much of a thing during this passionate transit. One or two partners are preferred since Mars in Taurus would rather have a steady sex life that can be counted on. So, we might feel like it is time to be sexually exclusive with our special someone. It will even be increasingly easier to focus on one sexual partner that we are romantically interested in once Venus enters Cancer and Jupiter stations retrograde later in the month. Aside from this, the foodie aspect of Taurus may come through in the bedroom since Mars is willing to experiment with aphrodisiacs or food play. Taurus rules over the five senses, so taste isn’t the only thing on Mars’ mind. Quality bedsheets, expensive cologne or perfume, lingerie, rose petals, luxurious bubble baths, champagne, and more are all ways to satiate Mars in Taurus. Use this transit to wine and dine with your lover!

Finally, don’t expect any fast-paced action from Mars in Taurus. Jumping into the fray is not Mars in Taurus’ first thought. If anything, Mars in Taurus will take the backseat as long as possible until deciding on its next move. Similar to how Mars in Taurus handles anger, it will also wait until the inevitable to take action with a plan or desire. However, once Mars in Taurus is committed to a plan, goal, or strategy, there’s no stopping this fixed, earthy transit until something tangible comes to fruition. So, this is a great transit to commit to a passion project that you will work through until completion. If not, then Mars in Taurus is not one to be pushed into taking action. 

Mercury will also enter Cancer on July 5, which is a sensitive position for the cosmic messenger to be in as it’s now reporting to the moon. A lunar-ruled Mercury becomes swamped in tender feelings and intuitive insight. It’s almost bogged down by the watery energy of Cancer, making it difficult for the otherwise flighty cosmic messenger to weave in and out of mental matters. Although this is a precarious transit, Mercury in Cancer can be fantastic for reacting and leading emotional conversations. Cardinal Mercury can sympathetically respond to others, usually by nurturing the conversation so that the other can be vulnerable. Mercury in Cancer may even take a quieter approach to such interactions as its feminine nature allows for a softer approach. Active listening skills are honed during this Mercurial transit since Cancer’s sweet energy readily listens to everything under the sun. It has a motherly appeal that exudes protectiveness. The receptivity of Mercury in Cancer allows for more meaningful conversations as we slowly emerge from our shells to be comforted. However, the moodiness of Mercury in Cancer can be insanely fussy! Sensitivity can lean either way, so Mercury in Cancer could easily become reticent when an emotional boundary is crossed or if a wall goes up to hide any insecurities. Instead of opening up, we might scuttle side to side to avoid any type of confrontation. Mercury in Cancer is ready to raise its claws if it has to! Do not be surprised if Mercury in Cancer brings out this surprising biting sarcasm. But this may only come out if issues of the past come up. Mercury in Cancer is incredibly nostalgic, so history can be a touchy subject!

On July 13, the full moon in Capricorn brings a sense of stoicism to Cancer season. Exiled Luna calls a six-month cycle or chapter to come to an end. During this time, the themes of Capricorn may have come to light as they were slowly but surely built into a greater foundation in each person’s life. As the cycle culminates, there might be a lunar amplification of Capricorn aesthetics. Legacy, foundation, authority, karma, timing, responsibility, duty, and status may come into perspective along with the themes that the lunation will bring up for each Rising sign. Assuming accountability for what has or hasn’t been achieved during this full moon encourages us to adopt a more mature outlook. We could lean into the nihilistic view of a detriment moon or at least examine where we went wrong to better plan for the next steps in our journey. Although seemingly serious, the lunation may still be incredibly emotional if a feeling of power or authority is even remotely compromised by the recent culmination of a Capricorn cycle. It might seem like the best way to combat a loss of power is by assuming more, however, the full moon encourages you to reflect on the authority you have taken to make the most of this cycle over the last six months. End the lunar chapter on a good note by tying up loose ends. 

Express gratitude when reflecting on what you have built or accomplished throughout the last six months during the full moon. A Saturn-ruled moon can be exceptionally cold, unimpressed, and even melancholic. So, focusing on imperfections, failures, or shortcomings can be easy during a detriment moon. However, the full moon in Capricorn could be more mature in its appraisal of this chapter by focusing on the good. No matter what, you have accomplished something in this long journey, likely with something tangible to show for it too. Use this lunation as a chance to list everything that you have accomplished in the last six months. No matter how big or small it might be, put it on your list. By doing so, you will feel authoritative by focusing on your achievements!

As Luna trines the North Node in Taurus, the end of the cycle becomes aligned the fate and destiny. Immense growth is apparent at the end of the cycle as karmic lessons come to full circle. Use the earthy trine to fully digest what you have learned or what has come to fruition. Given the earthy tangibility of the trine, it’s likely that something has been added to the structure of your life. How you choose to leave this lunar cycle will even come intuitively as the steady, rational trine implies that common sense is involved.

The Rising signs can expect a cycle to come to a close in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, & Public Status
  • Taurus Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, & Beliefs
  • Gemini Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces (Intimacy), Taboo, Occult, & Psychology
  • Cancer Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, & Partners (of all kinds)
  • Leo Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, & Small Pets
  • Virgo Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, & Drama
  • Libra Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, & Sacred Spaces
  • Scorpio Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Sagittarius Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, & Values
  • Capricorn Rising: 1st House of the Self, Physical Body, Appearance & Perception
  • Aquarius Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents
  • Pisces Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, & Humanity

Four days later, Venus enters Cancer and begins reporting to the moon. A moon-ruled Venus is incredibly emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. Gut feelings will play a major role in what Venus in Cancer attracts or reacts to. Influenced by Luna, Venus in Cancer becomes surprisingly nostalgic about love, money, and beauty. 

Security-focused Venus wants to create the ultimate foundation of trust, romance, and stability with a partner. Ideally, Venus in Cancer is dating intending to build a life with someone. Luna’s underlying vibrations encourage the planet of love to seek out an emotionally fulfilling relationship above all else. In a perfect world, Venus in Cancer would fall in love with the first person they meet and then build a home and family with that person. Nostalgia is prominent during this transit, so it’s not unlikely to reminisce about past lovers or to reflect on the life one has built with their partner. Venus in Cancer has the high school sweethearts vibe. Since the cardinal nature of Venus in Cancer is reactionary, it may only initiate love when the coast is clear. Bringing Venus out of its shell is the perfect way to expand upon a more vulnerable romance. Singles may dip and dodge the opportunity to be softer with their dates. However, once the singles open up, they might be slightly defensive at first before Venus in Cancer lowers its claws to show off its more sentimental side. Couples will find that they can come together to create a beautiful, comforting life together during this Venusian transit. It’s actually a great time to make a home with someone, such as moving in together or buying a house. Even adding accents of one’s personality to their significant other’s house could come out. Introducing a partner to the family is also likley as well as conversations about what a couple may want for the family that they create together. Spending time at home is also prevalent for Venus in Cancer, so expect some cute movie nights and home-cooked meals with your lover! Although this is a beautiful transit, be mindful of emotional manipulation in love on either end. The wrong person can use the intuitive energy of Venus in Cancer to take advantage of one’s desire for commitment. Listening to your gut feelings can help you decide if someone is genuine in love while Venus in Cancer unfolds!

When Venus in Cancer approaches money, there is a frugal mindset involved. Venus in Cancer is surprisingly conservative, just like Venus in Capricorn. Financial resources should be saved for a rainy day since Venus in Cancer will hoard assets, investments, property, and money. Financial insecurity stems from a fear of losing the foundation that has been built, thus losing something that could be passed down for generations. As a result, money is squirreled away to the point of being cheap. To some extent, Venus in Cancer’s moody nature can assist with taking the lead in financial matters. Emotionally investing in financial security and literacy comes easily. However, when the boat is rocked, the nerves of Venus in Cancer become exposed. It can be a chilly reception when security-focused Venus feels like it is lacking in the money department. Venus in Cancer’s mood will often reflect how financially secure it feels. Although Venus in Cancer can be overly cautious with spending and saving, there is likely no limit when it comes to investing in the home and family. Since Venus in Cancer can allude to historic value, there might be fantastic finds at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores! Receiving valuable property from family or finding a gold mine at a Goodwill could be a Venus in Cancer gift.

The classic beauty of Venus in Cancer pays homage to the history of aesthetics and style. Radiating the glow of timeless looks, Venus in Cancer prefers a nostalgic yet recognizable sense of beauty. It’s not over-the-top or theatrical. The energy is more subdued and somewhat traditional as Venus in Cancer prefers a soft, sweet glow that makes you think of another time. Blues, silvers, whites, and light greens will be classic summertime colors. Light materials like cotton, linen, and chambray will be perfect. Accentuating (or hiding) the chest and stomach might be more prevalent during Venus in Cancer. Shimmery materials are also preferred! Vintage and mid-century modern might be the top aesthetics associated with Venus in Cancer. But realistically, we can expect to see all sorts of blasts from the past with how people will accessorize during this transit. Some over-arching traits of the beauty standards will be seemingly simple yet well-structured styles, sentimental articles of clothing, and a desire to repurpose. Venus in Cancer will have us bring out our favorite sweatshirt from college, or show us the best thrifted pieces from our family’s closets. Don’t expect to purge your closet since Venus in Cancer will hold onto clothes, accessories, decorations, and more due to the history of that item. If anything, be mindful about how much you add to your space since Venus in Cancer may have us decorating and buying during emotionally provocative periods.

Afterward, Mercury enters Leo and Chiron stations retrograde in Aries on July 19.

Amp up the energy when Mercury enters Leo! The cosmic messenger will report to the sun, infusing Mercury with the warmth and ambition of the solar luminary. Mercury in Leo is incredibly forthright with a positive demeanor. Conversations will be told like the hottest story of the century with full-blown theatrics. Acting out every part of the story comes naturally as Mercury in Leo is determined to put on the performance of a lifetime. So, interactions may take a dramatic twist! if the energy is light-hearted, then Mercury in Leo will have high spirits when talking to others. But if Mercury in Leo puts on a scene, the conversation can be a bit much to digest in one sitting. Knowing your audience will be crucial to embody the confidence of Mercury in Leo to your advantage! After all, nobody can dispute the bold conversational style or upbeat mental agility of Mercury in Leo. Speaking positively to others will come across as incredibly strong, so Mercury in Leo may bring out everyone’s big personality. But ego can also be brought out since Mercury in Leo is known for its stubborn pride. Try not to beat a dead horse to death during this transit since there’s really no need to lock yourself in an unnecessary clash.

Heal your inner warrior when Chiron stations retrograde in Aries. From July 19 to December 23, Chiron retrograde will regress from 16 to 11 degrees in Aries. During this time, the tiny but mighty asteroid takes us to a deeper level of healing our inner Aries-related wounds. One’s relationship with their identity, sexuality, aggression, assertion, and ambition will feel notably raw during this retrograde. Check out my old but gold post on Chiron retrograde.

The solar luminary has returned to its domicile when Leo season begins on July 22. Assume your position in the spotlight since Leo season is all about being the main character! Dazzling others come naturally just by being yourself while the sun is domicile. Leo season is all about confidently expressing yourself in whatever way feels right. Wearing clothes that speak to your personality or spending time enjoying your passions is the best way to honor Leo season. Creativity is sure to spark as the sun is courageously dedicated to furthering skills, passions, and pursuits. Since there is a warm desire to bring something to fruition, Leo season can lead to the birth of many outlets and results. Part of this could refer to the creation of drama, sex, romance, and even children. Leo season can be a surprisingly romantic season! With that comes an unbridled sense of loyalty as Leo will happily commit. Aside from this, we can expect to feel notoriously generous during Leo season as our hearts will overflow with a profound eagerness to share our love through any means necessary. But since pride, stubbornness, and bravado are on display, we may need to do a continual ego check throughout Leo season!

At the end of the month, Jupiter will station retrograde in Aries on July 28. Something interesting to note is that Jupiter retrograde will first take place in Aries then Pisces. But for now, let’s focus on the Aries phase of Jupiter retrograde. From July 28 to October 28, Jupiter retrograde will slide back through the first eight degrees of Aries.

Retrogrades are a time to rethink, review, then revise. Usually, a retrograde encourages introspection by taking a step back to consider the journey thus far. During this time, we may see old themes pop up from the current transit so far, plus, the past cycle of the last time the planet was in the sign it was retrograding in. For this retrograde, we might see themes from May 10, 2022 to now coming back along with themes from June 2010 to September 2010 and January 2011 to June 2011.

Now that the teacher planet of expansion, belief systems, and luck undergoes a retrograde period, it might feel surprisingly restrictive. Jupiter retrograde will need to reel it in before continuing its journey. It’s imperative to consider the journey thus far since Jupiter retrograde cannot keep up its trailblazing mentality without checking itself. Restricting an expansive planet is somewhat weird, especially if Jupiter retrograde wants to jump into the fray. However, this teacher planet knows that pausing for the cause is necessary to ensure that the result is immense abundance through experience. But in the meantime, luck might turn on a dime. Consider this retrograde like the Wheel of Fortune in reverse. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, everything that will happen is a blessing in disguise that is aligned with divine timing. Mishaps, redirection, and an ever-changing worldview will lead to greater fortune.

Since Jupiter retrograde is first occurring in Aries, it might feel surprisingly personal. In some ways, it could even feel like we are being attacked! Jupiter retrograde in Aries is essentially reeling in the Aries-related themes of identity, ambition, exertion, initiation, aggression, passion, and assertion. Taking a step back to use Jupiter retrograde to evaluate our direct relationship with such themes will feel highly self-focused and introspective. This transit may even feel remarkably independent as Jupiter retrograde in Aries is singling out the individual. Jupiter retrograde in Aries will assist the individual with reconsidering their sole relationship with their means of expansion, making their own luck, and asserting their place in this world. Self-reflection will allow for immense intrinsic growth throughout this period.

Also on the same day, the fiery new moon in Leo ends the month by starting a new lunar cycle that will carry into Aquarius season. Have a positive attitude as an exciting new cycle comes to fruition under the new moon! Remaining optimistic will be crucial over the next six months as this cycle fleshes out. Since the new moon is warmly radiating Leo’s energy, there is a call to invite joy, pleasure, and creativity into our lives. Happiness becomes the main priority throughout this new moon as each zodiac sign should set the intention to gain bliss in whatever area of life the lunation is influencing. However, happiness is something that we all have the power to create as well. It’s easy to leave it up to the world to bring us our goodies. But the new moon in Leo encourages a playful expression of bliss, which is something that we can ultimately give to ourselves. Creating a life worth living is plausible during this lunation by continually finding a reason to smile or a way to turn lemons into lemonade. Since this directly involves our creativity, we may have to experiment with what we enjoy. Luna strives to satiate its desire for passion, art, self-expression, and romance in any way possible. Prioritizing a healthy expression of these desires can allow the new moon to flourish in your life throughout the next six months. If anything, avoid creating or sustaining drama. The new moon is aiming for excitement, not cheap thrills! Aside from this, since Leo is associated with sex, it’s also associated with fertility, pregnancy, and children. Given that the new moon will form a trine to bountiful Jupiter, there is a potential to get pregnant during this lunation!

Create something as an extension of yourself during the new moon in Leo! Luna is notably artistic with a strong desire to debut its skills, talents, and capabilities during this new cycle. Honor the lunation by creating something that represents your intentions or manifestations. Use the skill that you feel most confident about to design what you want to accomplish during this lunar cycle. Painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, writing, storytelling, singing, acting, and more are excellent ways to represent your new moon wishes.

Going back to the lunar trine with Jupiter, it can lead to more than just fertility. Although, I will caution that the lunation is a VERY fertile day even if Jupiter is stationing retrograde! Aside from this, the fiery trine exudes warm confidence to chase after whatever you have set your heart on accomplishing. Jupiter will touch upon the moon’s emotional state, possibly leading to larger-than-life sentimental expressions. The visionary aspect of the trine may also encourage immense optimism, which is something to take with you into Jupiter retrograde.

The Rising signs will experience a new cycle unfolding in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, Drama
  • Taurus Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, Mother/Mother-Figure
  • Gemini Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Cancer Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, Values
  • Leo Rising: 1st House of the Self & Perception
  • Virgo Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents
  • Libra Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, Humanity
  • Scorpio Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, Public Status
  • Sagittarius Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, Beliefs
  • Capricorn Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces, Taboo, Occult, Psychology, Sexual Bonds
  • Aquarius Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, Partners (of all kinds)
  • Pisces Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, Pets

The Dates

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  • July 5 Mars enters Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer
  • July 13 – Full Moon in Capricorn
  • July 17 – Venus enters Cancer
  • July 19 – Mercury enters Leo, Chiron stations retrograde in Aries
  • July 22 – Sun enters Leo
  • July 28 New Moon in Leo, Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries


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