The Zodiac Signs of Twilight

Ever since I was a tween, the Twilight books and movie series have been a constant comfort. Each time I watch the movies or reread the books, I become so engrossed in trying to define the characters’ Zodiac signs. Stephanie Meyer did confirm the protagonist’s Suns signs since their birthdays are noted in the series – Bella as a Virgo (September 13), Edward as a Gemini (June 20), and Jacob as a Capricorn Sun (January 14). Truthfully, these Sun signs do make sense, which I’ll get further explained along with sharing my opinion on the other characters’ Zodiac signs. 

Everyone’s Beloved Protagonists

Bella – Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Cancer Rising

There is no doubt that Bella fits the stereotypical, underdeveloped traits of a Virgo Sun. If immature, Virgo Suns can take on a martyr complex, which is Bella’s human personality in a nutshell. Her Virgo Sun self is always trying to sacrifice Bella’s sense of safety or peace for the sake of Edward (New Moon or the fight scene with Victoria in Breaking Dawn, anyone?). If given the chance, Bella’s Virgo Sun would have happily died for Edward. Being of service is her number one priority in her romantic relationships since she goes above and beyond any normal boundaries to show Edward how much she loves him. But Bella’s Virgo Sun is astute with an eye for detail since Bella can put the puzzle pieces together about Edward through observation and research. Nothing goes unnoticed when she’s with Edward. Arguably, her Moon could either be Capricorn or Taurus. Regardless it’s an earth moon given that she is not a reactive individual. Instead, Bella tends to take most issues in stride. She might have a Taurus Moon simply for being utterly obsessed with Edward, and her Taurus Moon would be in his 7th House. Bella is known to be stubborn throughout the series, coupled with her Virgo Sun’s self-sacrificing behaviors. Once she falls in love, her Taurus Moon falls very deeply. But Bella’s emotional processing isn’t slow since she tends to be more reactive in the moment. So, she might also have a Capricorn Moon since she would take the lead in acting on her intuition by putting something into motion. Bella’s more of a doer throughout the series, which could be the result of having a Capricorn Moon. Plus, she’s often fairly stoic, emotionally reserved, and takes on a parental role with both of her parents. When she becomes a vampire, she’s notably restrictive with controlling her thirst as a newborn. Only a Saturnian-ruled Moon could accomplish such a feat! The downside of her Capricorn Moon is difficulties with showing emotions, but arguably, this aspect of the detriment moon is prevalent throughout New Moon and in the scene where she is pushed to open up about her romantic feelings for Jacob. Personally, I’m leaning more toward a Capricorn Moon for Bella. Finally, Bella seems to have Cancer Rising as it puts her Sun in the 3rd House and her Capricorn Moon in the 7th House. She’s incredibly ambitious and aligned with her immediate community – the Cullens and Jacob. Bella is consistently regarded as smart, sharp, and intelligent, inferring that her Sun amplifies her 3rd House. Plus, she tends to be the focus in any given small community. Her Sun shines as the latest gossip in her high school, as the apple of her parent’s eyes, and as the focal point her vampire community. Then Bella’s 7th House Moon is incredibly emotionally attuned to her relationships, which is a great way to look at her relationships with Jacob and Edward. Aside from this, her Cancer Rising would put Aquarius in the 8th House, which is appropriate given her rare, hidden vampire lifestyle and romance.

Edward – Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Rising

Of course, Edward is a Gemini Sun! Once Edward’s personality is revealed, he does come across a juvenile Gemini Sun – especially in Midnight Sun. Edward’s Gemini Sun is mentally agile as he considers every nugget of information on his channel. By reading minds and even seeing Alice’s visions as a result of his talent, his Gemini Sun is saturated with information. Edward likes eavesdropping too, especially when he begins to learn more about Bella by listening to his classmate’s mind. Honestly, Edward’s Gemini Sun is pretty two-faced! He’s living a double life as a vampire trying to pass as a high schooler, but falling in Bella complicates this intricate lie that he lives with to fit in. As a result, he acts somewhat erratic before showing Bella his true colors by saving her then ignoring her in Twilight, and also dropping her in the middle of the woods in New Moon. Part of this irrational behavior could coincide with his Saturn-ruled Moon. No matter what, Edward’s Saturn-ruled Moon is guaranteed as he emotionally restricts himself in his relationship until the coast is finally clear by the end of Breaking Dawn. Given his Saturn-ruled Moon, Edward tends to be initially cold, standoffish, and even harsh despite deeply loving Bella. This might be a result of having an Aquarius Moon as his Moon would square his Rising sign, making it difficult to show how much he loves Bella. However, Edward’s Aquarius Moon does trine his Gemini Sun, suggesting an intellectual flow of emotional processing. It may explain how he thinks or what his reasoning is, especially in Midnight Sun. However, an air trine between his Sun and Moon also compensates for his seemingly erratic behavior from Bella’s perspective. If he has a Capricorn Moon, then this may acknowledge Edward’s old-fashioned displays of love and courting. Edward’s Capricorn Moon would even explain how conservative his superego is in Midnight Sun. Personally, I’m leaning toward Edward having an Aquarius Moon. Regardless, there’s no doubt he has a Scorpio Rising given his penetrating stare and how sexually attracted others are to him. Having a Scorpio Rising would serve the purpose of Edward coming across as more mysterious, menacing, and magnetic at face value. It would also put his Gemini Sun in the 8th House and his Aquarius Moon in the 4th House, which appropriately depicts his hidden vampire lifestyle. I would also think that his Mercury would be in the 8th House given his talent for reading minds. It wouldn’t be surprisingly if his Lilith, Eros, or Mars was in his 12th House since Edward seems to struggle with his sexual nature.

A Breakdown of Bella’s & Edward’s Synastry

For the sake of a synastry evaluation, the key aspects would be the following:

  • Bella’s Virgo Sun squares Edward’s Gemini Sun
  • Bella’s Cancer Rising trine Edward’s Scorpio Rising
  • Edward’s Scorpio Rising sextile Bella’s Virgo Sun
  • Bella’s Virgo Sun quincunx Edward’s Aquarius Moon
  • Edward’s Gemini Sun quincunx Bella’s Capricorn Moon
  • Bella’s Sun in Edward’s 11th House
  • Bella’s Moon in Edward’s 3rd House
  • Edwards Sun in Bella’s 12th House
  • Edward’s Moon in Bella’s 8th House

Considering that these two have more challenging aspects, it’s not surprising that their relationship goes through a massive transformation throughout the series. Having a Sun square Sun indicates a major clash in ego and ambition. Bella and Edward seem to have this ego clash the most when the conversation of either sex or Bella becoming a vampire comes up. Bella’s Virgo Sun is preoccupied with the details, like how much easier it would be if she became a vampire or how sex is the natural step in their relationship given their feelings. However, Edwards’s dual Gemini Sun is undecided and finicky since he tends to feel divided about these issues. Despite having Sun square Sun, they have Mercury-ruled Sun signs, benefitting their ability to talk, rationalize, and mentally work through most of their issues. Plus, squares offer the chance to work through an issue to better their relationship. Luckily, their Rising signs form a lovely, watery trine, implying that these two simply go together. At face value, nobody can deny how seamless Bella and Edward appear – not even Jessica Stanley! Water trines tend to be more reserved yet undeniably emotional, so their Rising sign trine tends to appear that they are attuned to one another. Plus, Edwards Rising sign sextiles Bella’s Sun sign, which is an excellent aspect to have for these two to picture themselves together. His Rising sign is undeniably attracted to her Sun sign despite subtle differences. But once we get to the Sun-Moon quincunxes, this can explain a lack of emotional understanding within the relationship. Quincunx indicates that their Sun and Moon signs share nothing in common, so it’s the vibe of, “I don’t get you, but I like you”. Yes, Bella and Edward know that they love each other. But they do struggle to show how much they love one another in complementary ways or even to communicate why one feels a certain way. Great examples would be the initial love-hate relationship in Twilight, Edward leaving Bella in New Moon, Bella cutting herself in the fight scene with Victoria in Eclipse, and the major disagreement between them about Bella’s pregnancy in Breaking Dawn. They also generally don’t understand how the other person loves the other, mainly because Bella views herself as Miss Plain Jane, and Edward believes that he is the boogeyman. So, their Sun-Moon quincunxes often delay emotional gratification and understanding in their relationship. To add to that, their Moon signs are semi-sextile, which is a small aspect that further implies a lack of similarities. However, they both have Saturn-ruled Moon signs, suggesting that these two are attuned to restriction, karma, timing, duty, and responsibility in their romantic relationship. Both of their Saturn-ruled Moon signs are willing to put in the work in their relationship! Luckily, their Sun-Sun square can push them to grow past these situations.

Aside from this, Edward’s Moon would be in Bella’s 8th House and his Sun would be in Bella’s 12th House. Having these hidden House synastry aspects represents the mystery of their extreme relationship. It also alludes to how much Bella has to hide on Edward’s behalf since he does not seamlessly fit into her world. Edward’s Moon in Bella’s 8th House is an intense, transformative emotional intimacy that could become a borderline love-hate relationship. These two did have a love-hate relationship, especially with how much Edward initially hated Bella for how insanely obsessed he is with her in Twilight/Midnight Sun. Once the perceived hatred dissipates, the Moon-8th House synastry becomes this overbearing obsession of unconditional love that tampers with the sex, power, and control dynamics in their relationship. Edward’s Moon in Bella’s 8th House reiterates an emotional intensity that reverberates throughout the series. If we want to get exceptionally literally, Edward making Bella a mother is the ultimate transformative experience in their relationship. Then Edward’s Sun is in Bella’s 12th House, which initially brings up the idea of a perceived, hidden enemy in one another. Edward knows that Bella is not the person for him, but there’s something otherworldly about her that draws Edward in. He has a challenging time accurately reading her or even understanding her mind, so he does spy on her quite a bit. The Q&A session in Midnight Sun is an excellent example of a Sun-12th House synastry aspect of trying to truly understand one another. Generally speaking, there’s a disconnect that’s challenging to get by as both Edward and Bella struggle to truly understand one another. With that comes the perceivable projection of one another. Once this becomes obsolete, his Sun in her 12th House looks like the osmosis of their individual identities as their relationship binds them into a unit. Edward’s Sun and Moon in her Houses is best depicted in Midnight Sun. 

On the other hand, Bella’s Sun falls into Edward’s 11th House and her Moon goes into his 3rd House. From Bella’s perspective, her Sun in his 11th House is like a dream come true. Edward is everything Bella has hoped for, plus he opens up a much larger world to her. By meeting Edward, Bella becomes exposed to a greater community of vampires and even the Quileute wolves. The concept of friendship comes out with this synastry aspect since Bella initially resigns herself to just trying to be Edward’s friend if they couldn’t have anything more. Another interesting aspect is that Bella’s Moon in Edward’s 3rd House indicates emotionally-charged conversations that Bella will likely be the one to bring up. Throughout the series, Bella usually brings up the hard-hitting questions of the future of their relationship, becoming a vampire, having sex, and her pregnancy. Despite the Sun-Moon quincunxes implying supposed emotional misunderstandings, Bella’s Moon in Edward’s 3rd House does suggest that she is more comfortable expressing her emotions than he is. Since he has harder planetary placements in her Houses, the miscommunication is likely something Edward struggles with more than Bella. I would argue that this is correct given his perspective in Midnight Sun versus her perspective throughout the Twilight saga. Additionally, Bella’s Moon in his 3rd House suggests being emotionally involved with his siblings and immediate community, which she is! Something else to note is that her Sun and Moon House synastry is remarkably easier, so Bella seems to ease into Edward’s world. He doesn’t have to hide her the way Bella needs to hide him from the human world. Although having Bella in his inner circle does pose risks, it’s arguably not nearly as great as risk as humans finding out that there are vampires among them. Not to mention that there are so many magical beings willing to protect Bella as long as she’s part of Edward’s world.

Aside from this, I am willing to bet that they have complicated Lilith, Eros, Mars, and Venus synastry, especially with 8th and 12th House overlays. It wouldn’t be surprising if Edward and Bella had Mars-Lilith squares, and if Edward has a natal retrograde with his erotic placements. Bella’s Juno could also be in Edwards’s 12th House given her perception of getting married young and her decision to keep the pregnancy at the beginning of their marriage.

Jacob – Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising

When we think of a Capricorn Sun, we may think of an older, wiser person who has worked insanely hard to build an immense legacy. So, it’s understandable if Jacob Black doesn’t initially fit the picture. However, Jacob’s Capricorn Sun is evident in his Quileute heritage since he is the destined alpha of his wolf pack. Jacob undergoes the karmic task of rising to the occasion, not only as the leader in his pack but also through his relationships with Bella and the Cullens. As the series evolves, we see an increasingly mature Capricorn Sun who meets every challenge head-on to continually save Bella. By the time we get his perspective in Breaking Dawn, his Capricorn Sun has a biting, cold tone as he appraises Bella’s pregnancy and how it affects everyone. His Capricorn Sun greatly matures by the end of the saga as he assumes authority over his emotions, his position in the pack, and the pending responsibility of becoming a partner to Renesmee. However, there are some fun, spunky aspects to his personality that are due to his Aries Moon. Having Sun square Moon is on par for his personality consider how his Aries Moon explosively reacts only for his Capricorn Sun to pick up the pieces. Not to mention that the cardinal nature of his Sun square Moon indicates that Jacob is incredibly reactive, which is apparent with the progression of Bella’s relationship with Edward. Aside from this, an Aries Moon tends to be bold, expressive, reckless, and even impatient – all aspects that Jacob exudes in his relationship with Bella. However, we also see the warmth of his Aries Moon coming out, especially in New Moon when he’s Bella’s right-hand guy. Finally, Jacob seems to have a Taurus Rising, putting his Moon in his 12th House and his Sun in his 9th House. Having a 12th House Moon would indicate hidden, complex emotions that need to be processed on his own time, or he may explode. Jacob’s 12th House Moon could also represent the osmosis of being privy to the other wolves’ thoughts and feelings when the pack is in their wolf forms. It even alludes to his secret enemy, Edward, being able to emotionally check him whenever. A 9th House Sun represents his spiritual views, which were passed down from his father and grandfather. Jacob’s 9th House Sun belief system is also a result of his father, especially his father’s beliefs about vampires. Aside from this, Jacob’s Taurus Rising would give him a likable disposition, steady personality, and incredible tenacity. He is known for being insanely loyal, which is apparent in his relationship with Bella. 

A Brief Introduction into Bella’s & Jacob’s Synastry

They want to make it work but can’t. Given that Jacob’s Sun and Rising form a lovely trine to Bella’s Sun and Moon, there is immense stability in their relationship that’s apparent throughout the series. Bella and Jacob are undoubtedly loyal to one another, even when one may try to push the other away. The earthiness in their synastry creates a sturdy, unbreakable bond. But it’s also comfortable, calm, and somewhat complacent – which is a great way to describe their romantic love. Although these two could have used this earthy energy to make a wonderful life together, they do share a lack of passion for each other. Realistically, getting together would be the “logical” move, which is something that Jacob alludes to when he compares himself to Edward as a long-term partner (very his Sun in her 7th House energy). But Jacob’s Moon does square Bella’s Moon and Rising, so there are opportunities for these two to be reactive in their relationship. Moon square Moon indicates a clash of feelings, so these two do not always feel like they quite understand or agree with one another’s emotions. The reactivity of the cardinal squares implies that both Bella and Jacob want to call the shots. Again, this is evident when Jacob’s Aries Moon throws temper tantrums or forces a kiss with Bella, only to cause Bella to finally lose her cool. Although the squares could shake up the relaxed earthy trines, it’s not enough to excite passion. If anything, these cardinal squares look more like power struggles, which will hinder the opportunity for romantic growth. Truthfully, their synastry and House overlays look more promising for a progressive friendship instead of a romantic relationship.

Also, Why Do Jacob and Edward Clash But Not Really?

Given their big 3, both Jacob and Edward have remarkably strong personalities! Edward tends to be more mentally and communicatively intimidating, whereas Jacob comes across as a persevering, formidable leader. These two have a challenging time seeing each other’s true personalities, egos, and ambitions since their Sun signs form a quincunx to one another. Sun quincunx Sun is apparent in how Jacob and Edward cannot mutually understand why Bella likes the both of them. As a result, they cannot see each other’s true personality traits for what they are. However, there are moments in the saga when Jacob and Edward have moments of clarity, likely a result of Jacob’s Moon forming a sextile to Edward’s Sun and Moon. At Jacob’s and Edward’s core, their sextiles can at least get them to agree upon their love for Bella, and, eventually, Renesmee. Jacob understands how Edward sees Bella as a unique, once-in-a-lifetime love. Edward gets why Jacob would defend Bella until the last breath. So, although their Sun-Sun quincunx implies that Edward and Jacob don’t necessarily get each other, their Sun-Moon and Moon-Moon sextiles suggests that they understand their mutual love for Bella. However, Jacob’s fiery Moon sextiles Edward’s Mercurial Sun and innovative Moon, indicating that when Jacob is feeling explosive, Edward becomes reactive. The sextiles could arguably be the culprit of these two trying to provoke one another. How appropriate since Edward can read Jacob’s thoughts and knows exactly what Jacob is feeling at any given moment. But the sextiles work on occasion, like Jacob feverishly thinking that he would keep Bella warm or sarcastically suggesting giving Bella blood when she’s pregnant. Plus, Edward’s nosy Gemini Sun seems to get a kick out of Jacob’s spicy Aries Moon. Not to mention that Edward’s Aquarius Moon does appreciate Jacob’s unique quirks and individuality. Finally, these two would have opposing Rising signs since they have similar yet different dispositions that attract Bella. Both are determined, loyal, steadfast, and jealous. However, Bella sees Edward’s Scorpio Rising as a mysterious yet sexy threat and Jacob’s Taurus Rising as a cute yet stubborn friend.

Renesmee – Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Aquarius Rising

Although Renesmee’s birthday is somewhat unknown, we can make the educated guess that she was born in the fall considering that the timeline in the Twilight saga is insanely fast-paced. Given that Bella and Edward marry right after high school graduation, they likely got hitched sometime at the end of May and beginning of June. Then they go off on their honeymoon for two weeks, which is when Bella gets pregnant. So, she’s pregnant sometime in mid-June at the earliest. If I remember correctly, the pregnancy is about 2 months long, arguably putting the birth at the end of August, suggesting that Renesmee would be a Virgo Sun like her mother. 

Although Renesmee is not a well-developed character in comparison to everyone else, we can see some immediate similarities between her and Bella. Bella’s Virgo Sun personality rides on the stereotype of being a martyr in her relationship with Edward, which will arguably be the same stereotype that Renesmee will adopt once she’s mature enough to date Jacob. We can argue this reasoning given that Jacob imprinting on her will eventually cause Renesmee to make some sort of sacrificial decision to be with Jacob. Similar to Bella, Renesmee and Jacob will also have some lovely earthy trines in their synastry, suggesting that Jacob is already incredibly loyal to Renesmee as he is to Bella. Altogether, the synastry suggests a fantastic familial bond between Renesmee, Jacob, and Bella. However, there might be some issues if Jacob’s synastry with each girl is used as a dramatic plot line if Renesmee compares her relationship with Jacob to the one that Bella has with him. Aside from this, Renesmee’s Virgo Sun would also conjunct Bella’s Sun and square Edward’s Sun. Bella and Renesmee might be two peas in a pod, so Edward might have the same communicative and projection issues with Renesmee as he does with Bella. Edward will also likely struggle to see the attraction Renesmee has to Jacob as a result of their Sun signs forming a square.

Renesmee likely has a Taurus Moon to pair with her Virgo Sun since she comes across as earthy as Bella does. Having a Sun-Moon trine indicates a relatively stable personality and emotional reactivity. But Renesmee would have a Venusian-ruled Moon given her talent, which is expressing her thoughts and feelings through touching others. Her Moon signs form a lovely trine to Bella’s Moon and squares Edward’s Moon. Bella and Renesmee seem to have an easygoing emotional appreciation for one another. Edward and Renesmee also make sense since their square indicates a difference in expressing emotions. However, Edward does marvel at Renesmee’s talent, so it appears that he is open to the uniqueness of her Taurus Moon. Renesmee’s Moon would also semi-sextile Jacob’s Moon, suggesting slight friction between these two that can be alleviated by other supporting aspects.

Finally, I’m willing to bet that Renesmee has an Aquarius Rising because she is so different from anything else in the book series. There is only one other person like her in this world, making Renesmee a rarity. Her Aquarius Rising would pay homage since she is one of a kind in her physical appearance and disposition. Also, an Aquarius Rising just makes sense given the CGI/doll version of baby Renesmee in the movies. Realistically, Renesmee’s Aquarius Rising would also be the release point in the t-square between her Rising sign, Jacob’s Rising sign, and Edward’s Rising sign. If the series were to continue, Renesmee would be the commonality between Edward and Jacob. This Rising sign t-square would either force Jacob and Edward to work together or engage in more friction, likely inferring that Renesmee is involved either way.

The Cullens

Carlisle – Capricorn Sun

In so many ways, Carlisle does fit the classic, evolved Capricorn Sun stereotypes. First of all, he’s been around forever, which is something a Saturn-ruled person could have persevered. During this time, Carlisle meets his karmic task of helping others despite being the worst kind of threat to humanity – a vampire. The ability to greatly restrict his thirst while working around ill and injured patients is incredibly Saturnian as a Capricorn Sun would be able to successfully hold back. As a Capricorn Sun, Carlisle takes on the responsibility of putting some good into the world by practicing medicine for centuries while saving a select few by also turning them into vampires. Carlisle’s dutiful nature allows him to feel somewhat at ease with his existence as he creates a family, career, and foundation. Something else that is incredibly Capricorn about Carlisle is also being one of Forbes’s richest fictional characters of all time

Esme – Cancer Sun

What’s a Capricorn without a Cancer, or Carlisle without Esme? Unfortunately, Meyer doesn’t expand upon Esme too much as a character in any of the books. But given what’s written, it’s evident that Esme fits the stereotypical motherly role of a Cancer Sun. The end of Esme’s pre-vampire life became heavily centered around escaping her marriage for the sake of her unborn child, which ended up dying. After her child died, she then tried killing herself only for Carlisle to save her by turning her into a vampire. The motherly effect is amplified in vampirehood as Esme’s talent is her immense ability to love others. As a Cancer Sun, Esme becomes primarily known for her nurturing personality and desire to create a loving family with Carlisle. Part of this is her home projects since Esme’s only other hobby is creating a beautiful, lush home for her and Carlisle’s family. Although Esme’s Cancer Sun qualities are noted in the original Twilight books, we get to see a fuller scope of her caring personality through Edward’s eyes in Midnight Sun.

Alice – Gemini Sun

If Edward the Gemini Sun can read minds, then why wouldn’t Alice the Gemini Sun also be able to snoop by seeing into the future? For similar reasons, these two both fit the role of Gemini Suns. However, Alice’s ability to see the future seems more Gemini-like as it’s always shifting, evolving, and changing. As her visions come to fruition, Alice readily communicates with her fellow Gemini Sun, Edward, about what to expect and how to work through it. Aside from her mental agility and communication skills, Alice is described as being pixie-like which is on brand for Gemini. The duplicity of being a Gemini Sun becomes more apparent in Breaking Dawn when Alice and Jasper suddenly leave without explanation, only to return at the perfect moment. Since Alice is intuitively futuristic, her Gemini Sun would pair well with also having an Aquarius Moon and Pisces Rising.

Jasper – Aquarius Sun

Arguably, the strangest vampire in the Cullen family is Jasper. He’s sort of like a dark horse with a questionable Civil War past, stoic demeanor, and unique talent for facilitating communal vibes… Given his nature, Jasper tends to come across as an Aquarius Sun. Jasper’s aloof nature is Aquarius to a T, but is undeniably loyal to his family and friends. He may not always be overtly emotional or talkative, but Jasper’s quiet Aquarius Sun presence tends to affect the greater community. Plus, his Aquarius Sun would trine Alice’s Gemini Sun to facilitate an easygoing yet mentally attuned connection in their synastry. With his Civil War background and part to play in Eclipse in mind, Jasper would definitely have some Aries or Martian energy. He might have a dignified Mars (Mars being in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn), Mars on the MC, or a Martian sign ruling the 10th House.

Rosalie – Libra Sun

Who’s the fairest of them all? A Libra Sun like Rosalie, of course! Most people would not think of Rosalie as a Libra Sun since Libra is known for being peaceful, harmonious, and balanced. However, Libra Suns are known to match energy to ensure justice, which is something that Rosalie strives at. Although she can be a little aggressive at times, Rosalie champions for Bella to make the right decision throughout the series. Her Libra Sun nature keeps it honest with Bella, presenting the facts and costs of becoming a vampire. Eventually, Rosalie does go on to accept Bella for what she wants and even becomes Bella’s initial supporter for keeping the baby when Bella returns pregnant from her honeymoon. Even though Rosalie may not seem like she would fit the stereotype of being a Libra Sun, she does exemplify the traits of persuasion, charm, beauty, frankness, and connectivity. In addition to her Libra Sun, she likely has a Leo Moon and a Venus-ruled Rising sign.

Emmett – Aries Sun

Emmett is the jock of the group, so naturally, he would be an Aries Sun. As an Aries Sun man, Emmett exemplifies Martian energy perfectly. He’s the strongest “monkey man” in the Cullens with a pension for taking down the largest bears while hunting and a desire to kick everyone’s butt in every game they play. He can be a little aggressive, but this Aries Sun is just trying to have fun while kicking butt! Emmett’s competitive Aries Sun is excitable since he tends to bring a little light-heartedness into his family. He also balances out Rosalie exceptionally well, given that they have opposing Sun signs in their synastry. Given his stature, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had Mars on the Ascendant or an Aries Rising. However, it is plausible that he could also have a Sagittarius Rising given his good-natured energy. Despite his fiery persona, Emmett doesn’t seem to be that much of a hothead, so it’s not unlikely that he has an air moon to compliment his fierce Sun sign.

Bella’s Parents

Charlie – Taurus Sun

Charlie cannot be anything else other than a Taurus Sun. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he was a Taurus Moon and Rising, too, because of how stable his demeanor is. Through thick and thin, this Taurus Sun is immovable. Charlie is always there for Bella, even when she’s trying to push him away for his own good. Stubborn as a bull, Charlie keeps going after Bella to make sure she’s okay in every single book. His loyalty to his daughter is simply unmatched, which also explains his dislike for Edward who seems to be the root of all of Bella’s problems. In so many ways, Charlie is also predictable like a Taurus Sun. He likes his usual dinner at the local diner, fishing with Billy every other weekend, and even staying in the town he grew up in. There’s no doubt that this Taurus Sun likes his stability!

Renee – Leo Sun

Although Renee seems unpredictable in some ways, her personality and decisions reflect her being a Leo Sun. Renee prefers excitement, joy, and pleasure – aspects ruled by a Leo Sun! She tends to shine brightly wherever she goes. However, her Leo Sun is still childlike and selfish. Edward’s perception of Renee through his conversations with Bella in Midnight Sun seems to capture her Leo Sun personality the best. He reflects on Renee being undoubtedly fun, but inherently self-focused. As a result, it would make sense that Bella’s placements would try to take care of Renee even in childhood. Plus, Renee and Charlie would have a Sun-Sun square as these two have greatly different personalities that would contribute to their divorce.

Additional Side Characters & Their Sun Signs

Finally, let’s briefly name the Sun signs some of the other vampires, Quileutes, and humans in the Twilight series.

The Vampires

  • Aro – Cancer Sun
  • Caius – Scorpio Sun
  • Marcus – Pisces Sun
  • Victoria – Scorpio Sun
  • James – Taurus Sun
  • Laurent – Aquarius Sun
  • Riley Biers – Capricorn Sun

The Quileutes

  • Billy Black – Capricorn Sun
  • Seth Clearwater – Pisces Sun
  • Leah Clearwater – Scorpio Sun
  • Sam Uley – Aries Sun

The Humans

  • Jessica Stanley – Gemini Sun
  • Mike Newton – Sagittarius Sun
  • Angela Thornton – Virgo Sun
  • Eric Yorkie/Ben Cheney – Virgo Sun

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