October Forecast

Don’t be surprised if October throws you a cosmic curveball or two! Although the stress of some retrogrades will be alleviated as the month unfolds, there will still be some obstacles to navigate. The final eclipse season and the widely anticipated Mars retrograde are quickly approaching! Keep reading to get the celestial 411 on this month’s transits.

Major Transits

Mercury stations direct in Virgo on October 2. About time! October begins on a high note when Mercury stations direct in its domicile and exaltation in Virgo. Although the madness from Mercury retrograde is subsiding, the post-shadow period is still something to consider. Use this time to navigate any lingering stressors, obstacles, or issues that may have come up during Mercury retrograde. Do not be surprised if this is the time when you finally make it or break, especially if you need to come to a decision that is leftover from Mercury retrograde. Aside from this, use the post-shadow period to edit and adjust accordingly to avoid repeating any lessons in the next Mercury retrograde.

Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on October 8. Shortly after, Pluto follows Mercury’s suit! From April 29 until now, Pluto retrograde has slowly called collective and personal troubles to head. Any issues with hierarchies, traditions, authority figures, leaders, and legacies have been called into question. Since Pluto retrograde was a more introspective process, you may feel called to take action now that Pluto is direct. Moving forward, use direct Pluto in Capricorn to actively tear down whatever is not working or sustainable for long-term measures to regain your sense of authority. Pluto in Capricorn can assist with changing the tune of any potentially unstable structures in your life or the greater collective. However, part of this is holding those in power accountable, be it yourself or those who lead.

The full moon in Aries will occur on October 9. Reflect on the last six months… what has come up during this time? Whatever was part of this lunar cycle or chapter will come to a head during the full moon in Aries. As the full moon blazes, you might feel a remarkable surge of energy. Prepare to be extra restless during this fiery full moon! It might be harder than usual to fall asleep or to quiet down, especially since Luna is reporting to Mars which is in Gemini. Aside from this, you may feel like you are racing against the clock during this lunation. The brash momentum of the Ram might cause you to be more mentally and physically active, especially if there is something left to accomplish. As we race toward the finish line, it might be best to put Aries-related themes into perspective. Identity, self-focused pursuits, ambition, aggression, assertion, sexual libido, and instincts might be in focus. For some, the full moon may allude to personal goals and opportunities to reach their potential. Letting go of resounding frustration or rage is also recommended during this lunation. Do not be surprised if you feel more sensual than usual! Given that the full moon is occurring during Libra season, this may even mark the end of a self-led cycle to enjoy harmonious partnerships and commitments.

Honor the fiery full moon by matching energy. Let go of whatever you wish to discard or leave behind by writing it down on a bay leaf or piece of paper. If you use paper, then fold it away from you at least three times. Then burn the paper or bay leaf in a fire-safe bowl. Aside from the ritual, consider using any “I am” focused affirmations and mantras as well.

This full moon creates three prominent aspects – sextile to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, conjunct to Chiron retrograde in Aries, and square to Pallas in Cancer. Moon sextile Saturn retrograde suggests that it might be time to let the freak flag fly! Take a step back from any self-imposed restrictions. If you restrict your individuality or identity, then the sextile might be the perfect time to assume more authority for your unique capabilities. By doing so, it might even be easier to manage any frustrations that may come with the culmination of this cycle. The conjunction with Chiron retrograde suggests that wounds related to Aries concepts may surface. Although potentially triggering, this may allow for greater insight which could foster healing and self-improvement. But the full moon also squares Pallas in Cancer, so there might need to be some adjustment to feel self-assured with being intuitive and instinctual.

The Rising signs can expect a cycle to come to a close in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 1st House of the Self, Physical Body, Appearance & Perception
  • Taurus Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents
  • Gemini Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, & Humanity
  • Cancer Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, & Public Status
  • Leo Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, & Beliefs
  • Virgo Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces (Intimacy), Taboo, Occult, & Psychology
  • Libra Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, & Partners (of all kinds)
  • Scorpio Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, & Small Pets
  • Sagittarius Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, & Drama
  • Capricorn Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, & Sacred Spaces
  • Aquarius Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Pisces Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, & Values

Mercury re-enters Libra on October 10. The second half of the post-shadow period is officially in action once Mercury re-enters Libra for the first time since being retrograde. Now back in Libra, it is time to review the lingering retrograde lessons that may impact relationships, partners, reciprocity, justice, and commitments. After the post-shadow period is over, then Mercury will enjoy the rest of its time in Libra.

Saturn stations direct in Aquarius on October 23. After almost five months, Saturn will finally station direct in Aquarius at 18 degrees, impacting all fixed signs within -/+ 3 degrees. The House that is in Saturn is where everyone may feel a slight but structured cosmic shift. Usually, retrogrades are a period of rethinking, reviewing, then revising. Ideally, this is the best time to reconsider whatever the planet rules over or aspects in your chart, allowing you to refine the planet’s presence. So, Saturn stations retrograde was focused on revising accountability, responsibility, authority, karma, and timing. Although this might have been challenging to embrace, especially on a mental level, it may lead to extraordinary progress!

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to hold yourself accountable for your unique desire to tiptoe between modern and traditional, unique and like-minded. Any revisions made to the House in Saturn can be set in stone now. However, be mindful of what you want to be associated with or accountable for since Saturn will encourage you to embrace the authority that comes with these changes. On a collective level, Saturn in Aquarius may encourage confidence in eccentricity, odd groups, and an unconventional flow. Seeking alignment with atypical communities and individuals comes naturally in the direct state, especially if such arrangements allow for freedom of self-expression. Owning your one-of-a-kind processes, take, or outlook is necessary as well. Once direct, Saturn in Aquarius will immediately form a trine to Mercury in Libra, suggesting elevated mental and social harmony. Whatever is said or connected in conversation may be accepted at face value. There may even be a reciprocal exchange between like-minded people. If not, then at least the trine has an “agree to disagree” mentality. However, Saturn in Aquarius will also square Uranus retrograde in Taurus, suggesting that we may have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Uranus retrograde is still undergoing its process of radically accepting unique outlooks on value, security, and even property. Feeling certain of individuality or progressiveness might not be immense thanks to the square, but the trine can at least allow us to ease in.

Sun and Venus enter Scorpio on October 23.

As the sun slides into Scorpio, it will be officially reporting to Mars and Pluto. With two malefic planets influencing the sun, Scorpio season is unafraid of what lurks behind closed doors or what waits in the shadows. Embracing the underworld is a must if you want to go deeper than ever before during Scorpio season. Since Scorpio is a fixed, feminine water sign, this is a profound emotional period. Reverberating on a more dire, extreme emotional plane, Scorpio takes a psychic plunge into the taboo, occult, and hidden. Given the psychological vibe of Scorpio season, you might feel more attuned to your intuitive nature than usual. The catch is not getting swept up by the intensity of this season! Avoid becoming too obsessive, controlling, or fixated on one thing to steer clear of some shadow side aspects of Scorpio season.

Now leaving its domicile, Venus is considered fall in Scorpio. Although neither the love goddess nor the scorpion enjoys being in each other’s presence, there are still pros and cons to consider. Venus is now reporting to Mars and Pluto, suggesting that Venus is now about a more intense, extreme chase than allowing for opportunities to come to the love goddess instead. However, the feminine aspect of Scorpio does allow Venus to at least act intuitively and passively.

When it comes to beauty, Venus in Scorpio has a magnetic, sultry look. Aesthetic takes on darker hues since Venus in Scorpio is impartial to blacks, burgundies, deep purples, and deep reds. Anything that is lusciously sanguine with a vampiric flair is aligned with Venus in Scorpio’s tastes. Since Venus in Scorpio likes a more dramatic look, the style of clothing, accessories, and decor might have a particularly sharp look. A blend of pristine vintage, dark academia, and witchy vibes is the perfect aesthetic for Venus in Scorpio. It can even border on being grunge or emo! Given that Scorpio rules over the genitalia, you may find that this Venusian transit is all about pronounced sexuality. Clothing that hugs in all of the right places or small but bold accents to accentuate one’s sensuality is apparent during Venus in Scorpio. If you are looking to tear down then rebuild your aesthetic, then the plutonic quality of Venus in Scorpio can aid in this transformation! However, Scorpio can be known to be obsessive or jealous, so watch out as to how these qualities may transfer to style. Try to avoid hyper-focusing on something that you do not like or want to improve during this transit. Be mindful of when you cast or receive the jealous evil eye as well!

When it comes to finances and security, Venus in Scorpio will do whatever it takes to feel comfortable. Stability is not imminent to this Venusian transit since Venus in Scorpio will quietly yet aggressively pursue whatever it desires. Scrupulous and perceptive, Venus in Scorpio has an eye for value. This is the perfect transit to look into opportunities for immense transformation. It may come in the form of investing time, energy, and resources into some sort of fixer-upper. The fixer-upper could refer to a business model, professional partnership, property, or some other material. Since Venus in Scorpio has the foresight to see how valuable something may be, use this psychological vibe to commit yourself to incredible opportunities. However, Venus in Scorpio will caution us to air on the side of intimacy over entanglement. Financial possibilities can become utterly metamorphic, but not without a clear idea of the end goal along with some boundaries to keep the journey strictly professional. If not, then anything that has to do with money may become more convoluted than anticipated. Aside from this, Venus in Scorpio may be a time when more items, property, or money are inherited. Setting up some sort of will might also be on your mind during this transit. Although this transit is mostly financially positive, be mindful of entering a scarcity-mode mindset or becoming fixated on money matters.

Finally, love and romance are not as light as it was when Venus was in Libra. Love takes a plunge into the underworld as Venus in Scorpio encourages us to go deeper than ever before. The catch is not getting caught up in the extremity of partnerships. Ideally, love should transcend the mundane during this Venusian transit. However, it will take immense self-awareness to keep the opportunities more intimate and less of an entanglement. Singles might find themselves discovering layer after layer of what they truly need in a partner or relationship. Venus in Scorpio may even heighten a more obsessive flair in love! Be mindful of fixating on someone or the idea of someone. Jealousy, obsession, and control will not fair well in the pursuit of romance. Couples could use Venus in Scorpio to deepen their intimacy in and out of the bedroom. Sex may become more entrancing since Venus in Scorpio will meld two bodies, two minds, and two hearts together. More importantly, the psychological relationship between two people will become more intense than ever before! Once trust is solidified, there is no turning back in love during this Venusian transit. Loyalty and dedication are a must! But until then, Venus in Scorpio will not be afraid to test potential and established partners.

New moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25. Eclipses can be powerful events, so let’s break this down! New moons represent the beginning of a new cycle or chapter, which will be apparent in the House that is in Scorpio. Over the next six months, there might be new opportunities, possibilities, connections, and more that come through thanks to this lunation. However, the partial solar eclipse indicates that the moon is passing between the sun and the earth. Although the moon partially covers the sun during this eclipse, it is still considered an impactful event. Eclipses bring out an air of uncertainty, especially with this new cycle. Expect the unexpected as this lunation brings about fated yet radical changes over the next six months. Since this is in Scorpio, it may revolve around death, rebirth, transformation, shared assets, investments, debts, psychology, intimacy, and entanglements. However, there is no telling what may happen or where this lunation may lead to!

I typically do not recommend setting intentions, manifesting, or performing any rituals during an eclipse portal. Typically, eclipses are more challenging to work with for witchcraft and spirituality. It’s often best to observe this type of lunar event.

The eclipse will make one aspect and be conjunct to Venus in Scorpio. Relationships, commitment, values, partners, and beauty standards are involved in the new ecliptic cycle. Romantic and professional partnerships might be subject to a sudden, erratic change. Some couples may break up suddenly or for unforeseen reasons. Relationships may go through intense turbulence that tests loyalty and dedication. Secrets may come to light as well, especially if there is something that needs to be addressed. What is valued in love, relationships, and money may change as well. Some financial opportunities may turn on a dime in either direction. No matter what happens, maintain your integrity throughout the portal by establishing boundaries to avoid entanglement. Security is not guaranteed.

The Rising signs will experience a new fated yet surprising cycle unfolding in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces, Taboo, Occult, Psychology, Sexual Bonds
  • Taurus Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, Partners (of all kinds)
  • Gemini Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, Pets
  • Cancer Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, Drama
  • Leo Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, Mother/Mother-Figure
  • Virgo Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Libra Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, Values
  • Scorpio Rising: 1st House of the Self & Perception
  • Sagittarius Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents
  • Capricorn Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, Humanity
  • Aquarius Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, Public Status
  • Pisces Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, Beliefs

Jupiter retrograde enters Pisces on October 28. Throughout the last few months, Jupiter retrograde has worked its way back through the first 8 degrees of Aries. Now back in Pisces for the first time since early May, Jupiter retrograde is ready to finish this cycle in the sign of the fish. Retrogrades are a fantastic time to rethink, review, and then revise. Jupiter retrograde is primarily concerned with focusing on who and what is worth expanding upon. Journeys, belief systems, abundance, luck, and progression seem to turn on a dime during Jupiter retrograde. For the last few months, it might have felt exceptionally personal! Although you may have felt like the universe was personally conspiring against you, these feelings may subside once Jupiter retrograde re-enters Pisces. Dipping back into the collective subconscious inspires introversion. Instead of trying to fight the cosmic flow, Jupiter retrograde in Pisces encourages absolution. Easing into a more intuitive flow is recommended, especially as Jupiter retrograde in Pisces addresses any issues with victimization, poor coping mechanisms, or not listening to your intuition. Slipping back into a more subliminal state is necessary to relish in the post-retrograde festivities!

Mercury enters Scorpio on October 29. Now that Mercury is reporting to Mars and Pluto, the cosmic messenger will take a plunge into the underworld. Mars can sharpen Mercury’s tone, thoughts, and perception, giving Mercury quite an edge. Pluto will intensify whatever Mercury has to say or think during this transit! But be mindful of not using your words as weapons since Mars and Pluto may encourage Mercury to obsess, ruminate, and destroy. Although possibly extreme, Mercury in Scorpio thrives under pressure. Investigating and researching comes naturally to Mercury in Scorpio. There will be an immense desire to go deeper than ever before during this Mercurial transit. Do not be surprised if you find yourself falling down a rabbit hole, especially if your intuition is the driving force behind your expedition. Since Mercury in Scorpio is highly observant, nothing will escape your eyes and ears. Going deeper in conversation is recommended since Mercury in Scorpio would prefer a soul-searching topic over something mundane or typical. Easygoing conversations and light topics are not preferred during this transit. Instead, focus on talking about darker subject matters, taboo desires, occult influences, psychology, and secrets. Sharing might be intense, but Mercury in Scorpio is not afraid to have a more intimate dialogue. Although entrancing, Mercury in Scorpio can still fixate. Be mindful of when a more obsessive train of thought or topic of conversation becomes pressing since Mercury in Scorpio can accidentally lead to word vomit.

Mars stations retrograde in Gemini on October 30. From October 30 to January 12, 2023, Mars will be rethinking, reviewing, and then revising during this retrograde. Instead of going to war, it might be time to take a step back to consider what is worth fighting for. Mars retrograde is ready to revitalize how aggression, assertion, anger, libido, sexual desires, and ambitions are handled during this long period. Since Mars retrograde is occurring in Gemini, it might be an especially scattered, restless time! Mentally, expect to be all over the place since Mars retrograde in Gemini is a little scrambled. So, it might be challenging to follow one direction, pursue a specific ambition, or see something through. Expect a few unfinished projects to be left in your wake since this might be the cosmic equivalent of trying to herd cats. Although Mars retrograde in Gemini is all over the place, at least this can help shift perspective to a more enticing curiosity than something boring. However, seeing something through might be more of a mental challenge during this transit. Waves of annoyance will come and go, but it’s up to you how you want to address it. Mars retrograde in Gemini suggests that our words could be weapons. But since Mars retrograde is initially reporting to Mercury in Scorpio, it might be more empowering to keep certain opinions or verbal daggers at bay. Silence can be the greatest weapon of all! With sex in mind, Mars retrograde in Gemini may infer that this is not the time to commit to one sexual partner. Singles might be notably indecisive and fickle about their possibilities. Meanwhile, couples may be more annoyed with the sexual monotony in their relationships. So, this could be the perfect time to be more communicative about what could be explored or introduced into the bedroom! Regardless, use this transit to dip your toes in the water. Keeping your Martian matters light, easy, and mutable may alleviate any stress from the retrograde.

The Dates

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  • October 2 – Mercury stations direct in Virgo
  • October 8 – Pluto stations direct in Capricorn
  • October 9 – Full Moon in Aries
  • October 10 – Mercury enters Libra
  • October 23 – Saturn stations direct in Aquarius, Sun and Venus enter Scorpio
  • October 25 – New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • October 28 – Jupiter retrograde enters Pisces
  • October 29 – Mercury enters Scorpio
  • October 30 – Mars stations retrograde in Gemini

Housekeeping updates from me…

I will not offer any readings or services from October 1 to November 5. October is my busy season in Salem, MA, so this does not leave me with enough personal time to attend to any readings through The Crone platforms. I will only offer tarot and astrology readings through ASCEND Get Lifted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

If you would like to schedule an in-person reading or a reading held over the phone, then please call ASCEND Get Lifted at (978) 745 – 9355. If you want to check out their services, please click here. A tarot or astrology reading would fall under the “Psychic Readings” option.

If I have any Tarot Subscription subscribers with their year’s subscription coming to an end in October, then I will be in touch with each of you about when I will be re-opening the subscription as an offering. If you are a subscriber with a few more tarot readings left in your subscription, then don’t worry! You will receive your reading as usual.

If you have any questions, please shoot me an email at liz@the-crone.com.

Wishing you all a safe and spooky October!


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