Weekly Transit Watch for October 9 to October 15, 2022

A fiery lunar blaze begins the week as the full moon in Aries glimmers on Sunday, October 9. Consider what you have courageously taken the lead with or how your instinctual side has come out during this lunar cycle. Action, ambition, aggression, anger, and assertion may have been prominent themes. Learning to feel self-assured in leadership skills was apparent during this chapter. Feeling comfortable with your sensuality and libido may have also risen! Now that the full moon is here, consider what you want to be assertive about moving forward.

The following day, Venus in Libra will oppose Chiron retrograde in Aries, Mercury will enter Libra, and Mars in Gemini will trine Vesta in Aquarius.

As the opposition draws closer, the domicile love goddess might be a bit touchy thanks to the influence of the Wounded Warrior. Although Venus is relatively self-assured in the balance and harmony of its commitments, Chiron retrograde poses a subtle yet notable threat to the peace. Unhealed wounds relating to independence, sex, and assertion may come up. Instead of creating discourse, the opposition could be used as a healing opportunity for all types of relationships.

Luckily, Mercury will re-enter Libra for the first time since Mercury retrograde, kicking off the second half of the post-shadow period. Now back in Libra, Mercury is ready to negotiate its position. Weigh the pros and cons of what to address in conversation, especially in an effort to restore harmony.

Meanwhile, the trine between the divergent warring planet and the asteroid may present a nice mental flow. Mars is busy exploring its curiosities, which is where Vesta may be able to help. Since there is so much to do, learn, and see in such little time, the trine may allude to what needs to come first. A unique spiritual calling might be looming over the fun ventures, suggesting that this trine might be our call to work toward something fulfilling. 

Shortly after, Venus in Libra will square Pallas in Cancer while the sun in Libra trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. 

As the domicile love goddess struggles to see eye-to-eye with the strategic asteroid, there might be a difference of opinion about going after commitments and partners. Venus would rather attract than chase, which coincides with Pallas’s nurturing capabilities. However, you may have to take a stance if you feel rather strongly about a possibility, relationship, or opportunity. Use your head and heart to advocate for your arrangements. 

If you need some sort of backbone, then the airy trine may help. Saturn retrograde is reconsidering how to feel secure in its authority while the sun is trying to find its balance. Work on your sense of authority by teaming up with people who enhance your personality, share in your ambitions, and compliment your vitality. Discipline will come from finding your sense of peace, whatever that may be, or whoever that may include. While somewhat serious, this trine might be less restrictive than usual. 

By Wednesday, October 12, the square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune retrograde in Pisces might make pursuing an endeavor a tad more challenging than anticipated the next day. The square is somewhat tense since Mars is a little scatterbrained while Neptune retrograde is trying to make sense of the insensible. Although the rose-colored glasses are coming off, this square suggests some difficulty with taking the lead. As far as anger and aggression go, it might be best to hold off rather than react to antagonism. Gathering more information may assist with taking lead on an ambition. Sex could be somewhat of a gray area, so do not let fantasy get in the way of reality!

While the square unfolds, we may have to revisit our beliefs when Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Jupiter retrograde is open to reflecting on belief systems, a personal journey, or personal pursuit. But balanced Mercury is ready to weigh the pros and cons, giving Jupiter retrograde a more well-rounded perspective. It might even be worth talking over your thoughts with a trusted confidant to take another opinion into consideration. 

Finally, the week will end with Venus in Libra forming a trine to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn retrograde is reconsidering how it can feel more certain in its unique authority and responsibilities, giving us time to reposition ourselves. However, we might be more oriented to teaming up with a perfect other half during Libra season! If you want to feel self-assured in your partnerships, then you should see what you can do to restructure the relationship to your liking. This may require a little more vulnerability so that you do not feel restricted in your relationships.

Weekly Transit Watch

  • October 9 – Full Moon in Aries
  • October 10 – Venus in Libra opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries, Mercury enters Libra, Mars in Gemini trines Vesta in Aquarius
  • October 11 – Venus in Libra squares Pallas in Cancer, Sun in Libra trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius
  • October 12 – Mars in Gemini squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces, Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter retrograde in Aries
  • October 14 – Venus in Libra trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Weekly Horoscopes


Look at how much you have grown, Aries! The last six months have been a serious personal transformation as you have bravely embraced your true self, first impression, and appearance. With the full moon in your sign at the beginning of the week, this is like your cosmic congratulations for your personal growth.


How do you handle your frustration, assertion, and libido, Taurus? You have had to manage your subconscious approach to such matters over the last six months. By the full moon in Aries, you might feel more self-assured in your ability to work through your secret thoughts and feelings.


Take charge, Gemini! You have been a busy bee over the past six months as you grew your friendships and social media presence during this courageous cycle. Hopefully, you will feel more confident in your ability to pioneer your dreams or to build exciting new connections by the full moon in Aries. 


You are a true trailblazer, Cancer! Look at how much you have accomplished in such a short amount of time as you have instinctually taken the lead with your reputation, status, career, and legacy. Relish in your success during the fiery full moon in Aries at the beginning of the week. 


Where has your journey led to, Leo? You might have traveled quite a bit, studied new subjects, or experienced something eye-opening that has impacted your soul’s growth. Now that the full moon in Aries is here, you should look for the silver lining of this progressive cycle.


How do you feel about your entanglements now, Virgo? Expect to feel more empowered by the full moon in Aries as you take a stand with your psychological relationships, secrets, taboo desires, and financial resources. By now, each arrangement should make you feel like you are in control!


Focus on your relationship with your independence during the full moon in Aries. Usually, you are a commitment-focused sign, Libra. However, the last six months have encouraged you to be more autonomous in your romantic and professional partnerships! By now, you should feel self-assured by yourself and with others. 


Everyday life should feel like a breath of fresh air, Scorpio! The last six months have been your time to take charge of your health, habits, routine, and work life. Now that the full moon in Aries is here, you may want to fully commit to incorporating the exciting and invigorating practices!


Sparks are flying, Sagittarius! Your creative endeavors, passionate opportunities, and sex life might have gone through quite the boost during the past six months. As the fire builds up to the full moon in Aries, you may want to consider how you can keep it going without feeling burnt out. Put your happiness first!


What has changed in your home life or with your family, Capricorn? Hopefully, there has been more excitement and less aggression during this cycle. If not, then use the full moon in Aries power to assume your authority. Take the lead in creating a youthful home life!


Speak up, Aquarius. Your communication skills have greatly improved as you have become more self-assured with leading the conversation. Being assertive (or aggressive) may translate to your social life and driving capabilities as well. Take note of your growth during the full moon in Aries!


How have you taken charge of your values and security, Pisces? Your finances as well as your price to pay for comfort have exploded with direct assertion during this cycle. As the full moon in Aries capitalizes on what you have experienced, you may want to let go of any burning debts to feel confident.

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