Weekly Transit Watch for October 16 to October 22, 2022

Prepare for some gorgeous air trines all week long, starting with the one between the sun in Libra and Vesta in Aquarius on Sunday, October 16. As the fallen sun meets in harmony with the sacred flame, there is a shared kindred mentality. Honoring one’s most unusual (or unique) traits and assets is necessary. Stepping into a leadership mentality may come more easily than expected since the trine allows for each celestial body to channel its energy into a shared spiritual outlook. Prepare to feel more socially and mentally productive during this trine while working toward a spiritually-inclined goal or purpose.

Then there will be the last quarter moon in Cancer the following day, indicating that letting go of the past is a necessary evil. Domicile Luna does not like to easily walk away from nostalgia. However, this last quarter phase can be the perfect time to release any emotions that have lingered far too long. While the first quarter moon is unfolding, Ceres in Virgo will oppose Juno retrograde in Pisces while the sun in Libra trines Mars in Gemini.

As the opposition draws closer, the maternal asteroid will encourage Juno retrograde to consider who and what is worth nurturing. Seeing romantic relationships and partners clearly is possible since Ceres will determine what is worth further developing. However, this opposition may encourage some of us to walk away from romantic arrangements that have overstepped boundaries one too many times. If the romantic arrangement continues, then this may result in stronger boundaries and expectations so that the commitment remains healthy.

Meanwhile, the second gorgeous trine of the week is action focused! The fallen sun pairs nicely with the divergent warring planet as social relationships become the main focus of vitality, ambition, and curiosity. There will be no shortage of fickleness and indecision since neither Gemini’s influence nor Libra’s vibe is particularly steadfast in providing an answer. Yet the airy trine can still be the perfect transit to explore one’s options with an open mind. There could be different perceivable ways of accomplishing the same pursuit, or new opportunities to connect with various sexual interests. Plus, any potential conflict or instigation will likely diffuse at a moment’s notice.

By Tuesday, October 18, Venus in Libra will trine Vesta in Aquarius, Pallas in Cancer will sextile Uranus retrograde in Taurus, and Venus in Libra will trine Mars in Gemini.
As the third air trine comes to fruition, the sacred asteroid could encourage the domicile love goddess to seek spiritual enlightenment and total absolution in partnerships. It may be easier to link with a partner who accepts every quirk, eccentricity, and oddity. Seeking love from a place of friendship and comradery may also be noticeable. Aside from this, the lovely trine may allow for self-care!

The sextile between the strategic asteroid and regressing wild child may call for a slight redirection. Both planets are in feminine signs, so listening to one’s intuition may assist with this sextile. Leaning into a unique visionary framework is possible, especially if the sextile allows for tangible steps that will lead to greater comfort through nonconformity. However, the sextile may produce a few chaotic mishaps or redirections, which could be fantastic opportunities for intuitive innovation.

Then the lover planets will come together in a flirty dance when the domicile love goddess connects with the divergent warring planet. When these two planets harmonize, this is the time to enjoy love and sex. Singles can use the flirty fickleness of this trine to play the field accordingly, while couples can play around with different romantic opportunities with one another. There might be a greater push for commitment during this time. However, both Libra and Gemini can be rather indecisive, so don’t be surprised if there is more deliberating than deciding.

A day later, the sun in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn while Mercury in Libra will oppose Chiron retrograde in Aries.

As the fallen ego braces tension with the CEO of the underworld, there might be a notable tug-o-war. Whenever Pluto is involved, the tiny but mighty planet provides extremity. Pluto has the unique capability to turn something inside out, to expose another planet for all that it is and isn’t. As these two square off, there might be a slight delay in seeing one’s ambitions, vitality, and ego for what it is. The square may first expose how associations and relationships can tamper with one’s pursuits. So, separating the self from other associations will be a necessary evil to undergo the Plutonic transformation. Given that this square can be intense, expect to feel a little paranoid and self-destructive. Although dire, this square can lead to incredible transformation!

Meanwhile, the cosmic messenger may accidentally touch upon a wound or two during its opposition to the Wounded Warrior. Sensitive subjects or touchy topics may pop up during the conversation. Instead of being brash or defensive, use this as an opportunity to mediate any negative feelings while working toward inner peace. Although potentially sore, the opposition could be a healing transit. Open up about whatever hurts, especially if a partner or connection has caused some of this pain! Mercury can then help smooth any tension while instilling peace and balance.

Shortly after, Venus in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn, causing tension between the domicile love goddess and CEO of the underworld. Similar to the square yesterday, Pluto will turn Venus inside out to see what has been hidden or lurking underneath. Even though Venus would rather keep everything as is to keep the peace, this square can be a purposeful reminder that greater harmony can come from moments of introspection, intensity, and transformation. Singles will have a deeper understanding of their part to play in love or even what they may need to do to let go of any old relationships. Couples may need to come face-to-face for an honest discussion about their current arrangement. No matter what happens, this square will likely lead to a greater resolution for all in their pursuit of love.

At the end of the week, Venus in Libra will conjunct the sun in Libra and Mercury in Libra will trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

After all week long of doing a dance around each other, Venus and the sun will finally connect! Now together, this is considered to be a “cazimi”, which occurs when the love goddess is strengthened by solar energy. Since partnerships, reciprocity, romance, and beauty is amplified by the cazimi, there might be this all around good-natured feeling. Given the “ah-ha” nature of the cazimi, you may have a greater understanding and perspective about what you may want in a commitment moving forward. Check the House that’s in Libra to see where this cazimi is taking place for you!

Finally, the cosmic messenger will be in harmony with the regressing master malefic. Even though Saturn can be restrictive, it might be more open-minded and willing to adjust to its retrograde state. Given that this is one of the final aspects that Saturn retrograde will make before it stations direct, you may want to pay attention to what changes in conversation or how your mental outlook adjusts throughout this trine. Taking a devil’s advocate position will come naturally, especially as this airy trine is open to differing opinions and allows others to be the authority figure in the conversation. Keep an open mind!

Weekly Transit Watch

  • October 16 – Sun in Libra trines Vesta in Aquarius 
  • October 17 – Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, Ceres in Virgo opposes Juno retrograde in Pisces, Sun in Libra trines Mars in Gemini
  • October 18 – Venus in Libra trines Vesta in Aquarius, Pallas in Cancer sextiles Uranus retrograde in Taurus, Venus in Libra trine Mars in Gemini
  • October 19 – Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Libra opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries
  • October 20 – Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn
  • October 22 – Venus in Libra conjuncts Sun in Libra, Mercury in Libra trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Weekly Horoscopes


What do you need to do differently with your companions this week, Aries? All week long, your romantic, professional, and platonic relationships are at the forefront of your mind. Abandon any potential power struggles while striving for genuine peace and balance. 


Invite harmony into your life this week, Taurus. Focus on what you value the most, then pursue it with a strategy in mind. It may involve keeping certain connections close or relying on your tried and true methods to get through any potential stressors that may pop up.


Get your flirt on this week, Gemini! You might be feeling naughty with these social air trines popping up throughout this week. Use this beautiful, mentally-focused energy to connect with your loved ones while infusing elements of joy into your life. 


What can you do to instill peace in your life, Cancer? Go through who and what is worth your time this week, especially as you consider ways to restore balance to your private life. It might even be time to revamp and beautify your sacred spaces as well!


Prepare to be the mediator this week, Leo. With Libra season in full swing, you may be the one who’s putting out little fires everywhere. Luckily, you have not only the grace but also the tact to keep the peace with others in your life.


What do you value the most right now, Virgo? Yes, you are in the pursuit of building a wonderful career and legacy. However, you may find that other things will come first this week. Don’t be afraid to shift your priorities if needed. 


All eyes are on you, Libra! Think about how you want to come across as this week unfolds. Your disposition and appearance can communicate quite a bit without even trying. Be conscientious about how your demeanor is received!


Keep your cool, Scorpio! You might feel like there is pressure on you to maintain intrinsic and extrinsic peace all week long. Although daunting, just know that you have the power to determine how the scales of justice will hang in your favor. 


Hop to it, Sagittarius. Prepare to say “yes” to every opportunity to be out and about since you’ll be feeling like quite the social butterfly this week. You should meet new and old friends alike! Just remember to keep your schedule straight.


What do you want to be remembered for, Capricorn? Where you started, where you currently are, and where you want to go will be on your mind this week. It could relate to work, but legacy can encompass more than your career. 


Focus on the next leg of your journey, Aquarius. Figure out what you want to explore or experience throughout this week. You might be ready to finally commit to a trip, or an educational opportunity that will feed your soul may catch your eye. Keep an open mind!


Power comes from balance, Pisces. Seek reciprocal arrangements this week that wish to share with you as deeply as you do with them. If intimacy evades you, then you should do the same to any unnecessary entanglements.

***Friendly reminder – All tarot and astrology readings are closed from Oct 1 to Nov 5.

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