Weekly Transit Watch for October 23 to October 29, 2022

Prepare for a fast-paced week! Beginning on Sunday, October 23, Saturn will station direct, the sun will enter Scorpio, Venus will enter Scorpio, Juno will station direct, and Mercury in Libra will square Pallas in Cancer.

After about five months of rethinking, reviewing, and revising, Saturn is finally ready to station direct in Aquarius at 18 degrees. All fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus) within -/+ 3 degrees of 18 degrees will be most susceptible to this planetary shift. Restrictive Saturn in Aquarius is finally ready to lay down the law. Now is the time to assume accountability for any responsibilities, commit to your duties, and to work within a unique structure that fits your aspirations. It may be easier to work within greater humanity, especially toward a widespread cause, at this time. Use direct Saturn in Aquarius to feel more certain of how you adhere to traditionalism and modernism, conventionalism and eccentricity. 

Once Scorpio season is in full effect, the sun will be reporting to Mars and Pluto. Although the sun is typically cheerful, it might take on a more drastic, intense tone due to the additional malefic planetary influences. Scorpio season is a time of transmutation, turbulence, pain, and power. Make the most of this time by braving whatever comes your way to get out on the other side stronger than before. 

The love goddess will follow suit by falling from grace once Venus enters Scorpio. Traditionally speaking, Venus is fall in Scorpio which implies that neither planet nor zodiac sign work particularly well together. However, Venus in Scorpio still has notable pros and cons to consider! Venus in Scorpio can be the perfect transit to buckle down on financial opportunities, especially with investments, securing property, and alleviating debt. Romance may also take on a more intense tone as intimacy becomes a more significant part of the pursuit of love. Style and beauty may exude a more vampiric look, but even darkness can be beautiful. Just be wary or mindful of falling into a fixation, obsession, jealous mindset, or playing into controlling tendencies. 

Shortly after, the asteroid Juno will station direct in Pisces, suggesting that we may have to be more discerning in love moving forward. Juno rules over the partner, marriage, and what one is willing to compromise in love. Since Juno retrograde coincided with Neptune retrograde, this may have been a more revealing time for stripping back the fantasy from reality. Singles and couples alike may have noticed a more realistic than idealistic perspective of what marriage could be. Now direct, use Juno in Pisces to seek a romantic, compassionate partner who empathizes with you, but try to avoid entertaining a romantic relationship that evades boundaries and healthy coping mechanisms. 

Sunday will end with Mercury in Libra square to Pallas in Cancer, which suggests a tension between the cosmic messenger and the strategic asteroid. Pallas recently squared the sun and Venus just this past week, giving this final square food for thought. Although squares can be stressful to navigate, it appears that Mercury’s balanced approach to conversation and thinking may be positively impacted by the more feminine, intuitive take from Pallas. Use the head and heart to navigate any negotiations, confessionals, and decisions. 

Two days later, the new moon partial solar eclipse will kick off in Scorpio! As the final eclipse season of 2022 begins, this new moon partial solar eclipse will begin a new chaotic yet fated cycle. Prepare to see the destined effects of this lunation unfurl over the next six months. Given that this is an eclipse, it would be best to hold back from setting intentions, using manifestations, or executing a ritual. Allow bygones to be bygones during this eclipse by surrendering instead of trying to control the outcome. Since this is in Scorpio, themes relating to secrets, debts, assets, affairs, entanglements, and intimacy may come to light.

On Wednesday, October 26, Mercury in Libra will then trine Vesta in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. Both trines are harmonious as the cosmic messenger is in harmony with the asteroid of the sacred flame and the divergent minor malefic. Considering how rationally and logically focused these aspects are, this would be the perfect time to devise a strategy for networking, socializing, and moving forward with any unique ambitions.

However, Mercury in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn just a day later, which will potentially compromise or transform any plans from the trines the day before. The square is stressful as the cosmic messenger struggles to see eye-to-eye with the CEO of the underworld. Although potentially intense and extreme, something may come to light in conversation. So, when someone shows you their true colors during this square, believe them! Then use the information to your advantage to empower your plan of action and social standing moving forward.

By the end of the week, Jupiter retrograde will enter its last phase of this retrograde period by re-entering Pisces. Now domicile, Jupiter retrograde may feel more subliminal and intuitive. During this last period of the retrograde, you may want to think back to what was going on in your life from January to early May this year. Now is the time to reflect on the spiritual, emotional, and intuitive meanings of this period of the year.

At the end of the week, Venus in Scorpio will trine Juno in Pisces and Mercury will enter Scorpio.
The watery trine between the love goddess and sensitive asteroid will be perfect for feeling out a romantic partner. Singles may find that this introspective trine is necessary for researching, investigating, and, finally, trusting any gut instincts that may pertain to a potential long-term lover. Couples may come together during this sentimental trine to deepen their intimacy while clearing the air of any entanglement, illusion, or confusion.

At last, Mercury will enter the watery depths of Scorpio! Typically, the cosmic messenger prefers to keep it light and easy-breezy or grounded and practical. But Mercury may find that its perceptiveness is sharpened by the intuitive, resourceful scorpion. The catch is not becoming swept up in a rumination station due to a long-standing fixation to know the truth or get to the bottom of something!

Weekly Transit Watch

  • October 23 – Saturn stations direct in Aquarius, the sun and Venus enter Scorpio, Juno stations direct in Pisces, Mercury in Libra squares Pallas in Cancer
  • October 25 – New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • October 26 – Mercury in Libra trine Vesta in Aquarius, Mercury in Libra trine Mars in Gemini
  • October 27 – Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn
  • October 28 – Jupiter retrograde enters Pisces
  • October 29 – Venus in Scorpio trine Juno in Pisces, Mercury enters Scorpio

Weekly Horoscopes


Prepare for the intensity of Scorpio season, Aries! As the sun, Venus and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio all come together in a matter of days, you will become notably attuned to your intimate relationships, finances, and potential entanglements. But you may want to wait to take action as soon as the ellipse portal begins!


What do you want and need in love, Taurus? Everything is about to change in your commitments as the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio unfold this week. Instead of mitigating or trying to control the outcome of your situation, let nature run its course. Practice patience and observance during the eclipse portal!


Take pride in your health and habits, Gemini. As the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio come together, you should be more mindful of what you stand by in your everyday routine. Although it might be tempting to immediately transform your habits, you may want to start by observing what is or isn’t working for you.


What makes you happy, Cancer? It’s time to put yourself first as the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse enter Scorpio this week. As the eclipse portal unfolds, you may see some drastic yet necessary changes in your creative outlets, self-expression, and love life. Consider who and what adds joy to your life! 


Something may come to light in your private life, Leo. Now that the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse are all in Scorpio this week, you may have a greater awakening about your home and family. Reflect on whatever comes up in conversation or through investigation, but hold back from acting on this knowledge. 


New opportunities are about to unfold in your backyard, Virgo. With the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio unfolding this week, you may see a notable change in local opportunities. However, you might want to speak up, research, and investigate each possibility since your communication skills are immensely empowered!


What do you value, Libra? How you seek comfort and what makes you feel secure is subject to radical transformation this week with the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. With the eclipse season beginning, you may see a notable change in your priorities and finances that will be contingent upon your perception of stability.


It’s your time to shine, Scorpio! Now that your season is in full effect with the sun and Venus in Scorpio, you might be wondering how much more you can transform. Luckily, the new moon partial solar eclipse is occurring in your sign, which will drastically alter who you are and how you perceive yourself over the next six months. 


Change your outlook, Sagittarius. As the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio come together this week, you may become remarkably introverted as you consider your subconscious approach to your mental health, shadow work, and secret self.


Don’t be surprised if your friendships and dreams change, Capricorn. It’s time to reconsider what is worth your dedication as the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio come together. You may see a change in alliance, especially as you follow your truth. 


What do you want to be known for, Aquarius? Observe how you come into the social and professional scene as the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio unfurl this week. You may be surprised by how you are known or what you are known for!


Consider where your journey could metaphorically or physically lead to, Pisces. Now is the time to think about how far you could go as the sun, Venus, and the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio unravel this week. You might be surprised by the direction the Universe takes you in!

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