Juno: The Goddess of Marriage, Partnerships, and Jealousy

In Roman mythology, Juno ruled over Partnerships, Marriages, Jealousy, Possession, and Control. If it helps, Juno’s Greek equivalent would be Hera. Regardless of the mythologies, Juno was the supreme Goddess married to Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology).

When looking at astrological synastry, Juno is the asteroid who rules Partnerships (particularly romantic), Marriage, Jealousy, Balanced Relationships, Compromise, and (In)Fidelity, so she’ll play a huge role in the future of the relationship. This directly ties to Juno’s mythology with Jupiter.

Thinking back to both mythologies regarding Juno’s own partnership with Jupiter, her role in astrology makes a lot of sense as her positioning points towards the give-and-take relationships, the good and the bad within them. Her role in astrology (and mythology) also alludes to the depth of loyalty, compromise, and commitment in a relationship. Her role in astrology can allude to a “soulmate” partnership as her shadow work, if done correctly, can help bring two individuals together in a lasting bond. But on the flip side of that coin, her own marriage to Jupiter was plagued with infidelity, a sense of powerlessness/loss of control/inadequacy, suppressed rage, and the illusion of toxic patterns within the partnership. So, if the shadow work surrounding Juno is left unfinished or untouched, her negative aspects can seep into any relationship.

We ought to look to Juno to find what we’re not only looking for in a partner but what type of partnership may be at hand and how it can affect our more significant placements, such as Venus/Pluto/7th House. Juno has strong Venus, Pluto, and Saturn energy. Her Venus energy is the love, the partnerships, and how we love. Her Pluto energy is the loss of control, death, and rebirth, transcending the old paradigms. Her Saturn influence could be the trials and errors, the setbacks, the boundaries instilled, and the hard work to achieve the soulmate bond. Her energy regarding the 7th House may help as the 7th House rules Partnerships, Marriages, Divorces, and Contracts.

Juno in the Signs

The sign in Juno within your chart also holds the “soulmate” qualities you will want/desire/need in a partnership. This sign in Juno may also point to your inadequacies and need for shadow work.

~ Juno in Aries: This individual is seeking a leader for a partner who has strong masculine energy and a vibrant, adventurous, honest nature. They want an emboldened partner who will be loyal, vivacious, honest, and energetic. The individual themselves may need to work on emotional impulsivity when reacting to partners, overall impulsivity (ex: jumping in too quickly), issues with honesty, issues with being too independent and not vulnerable enough.

~ Juno in Taurus: This is an aspect that looked for a strong, stable partnership that is reliable, fulfilling, and financially stable. However, the downside would be maybe a lack of spontaneity, feeling bored/restless, possession, control, or stubbornness.

~ Juno in Gemini: An individual with a Gemini Juno would be looking for an intellectually stimulating partnership with a dynamic, easy-going, witty partner. Downside may be flakiness/flightiness, inconsistencies, indecision, lying, and fighting the unwinnable fights.

~ Juno in Cancer: This can allude to wanting a nurturing, empathetic partner who has strong potential to be an amazing parent and caregiver. The flipside may be the moodiness, emotional manipulation, overly emotional outbursts, and inconsistent parenting styles.

~ Juno in Leo: This individual would crave a brave, noble partner who is creative, dramatic, and desirable by many. However, this may be an overly dramatic partnership in which one may try to be dominating all the attention in the partnership, often leaving the other unacknowledged. This may also point to drastically high expectations and standards.

~ Juno in Virgo: A Juno Virgo will point to wanting a partner who is intelligent, quick minded, perfectionist in nature, and a partner who wants to help. Downsides may be nitpickiness, high/unreachable standards, criticism, harsh/cold affronts, and being emotionally distant.

~ Juno in Libra: This is a loving, balanced relationship where the partner is aesthetically pleasing and likes being in the relationship. However, there may be issues with indecision, passive-aggression, and boundaries.

~ Juno in Scorpio: This can be a sexually explosive partnership with a deep emotional bond. But, it may take a long time to break down the walls, be vulnerable, and open up. There may be issues with jealousy, possessiveness, and control.

~ Juno in Sagittarius: A funny, fun-loving, excitable partner who loves to adventure while being brutally real. However, there may be issues with infidelity, commitment, and knowing how to speak the Truth without being caustic or overtly hurtful.

~ Juno in Capricorn: A partner who is driven, ambitious, with a fatherly, masculine presence is desired. This partner will be a rock, through thick and thin. However, there may be emotional avoidances, issues with vulnerability, issues with the power dynamic, and issues with control.

~ Juno in Aquarius: This individual looks for an intellectual, philosophical soul who is rebellious, unique, and quirky. However, this will allude to inconsistencies, issues with commitment, issues with rebelling within the partnership, and a strong need for independence.

~ Juno in Pisces: A partner who is emotional, empathetic, dreamy, and kind. A partner who can wade into the full spectrum of human emotion without thinking twice. There may be issues with addiction, boundaries, keeping a healthy level of independence, and recognizing co-dependence.


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