Random Readings: Emma

Coming in hot with the birthday girl in our mini-series, Emma identifies as a female, and her DOB is 06/30/1998. She was born in Red Bank, NJ, USA at 03:03 AM. Emma, your chart is below!

Personal Planets

Sun Happy Cancer Season, Emma! Cancers are cardinal, feminine, water signs. As a cardinal sign, this infers that Cancer is a leader, go-getter, and initiator by nature. This would make sense as each cardinal sign begins its season on a solstice or equinox. Cancers are the leader who leads from the heart, not so much the head. Unlike Capricorn, Cancer’s polar opposite or “sister sign”, who rules with the iron fist, Cancer will rule with a bleeding heart. As empathetic, kind leaders, Cancers are similar to Libra in the sense that a Cancer will want their group/situation to be harmonious. However, unlike Libra, Cancer will be willing to delve deep into the negative energy of a group/situation, process the energy, and aim to come out of it better than before. A Cancer as a leader will always try to appease everyone, but will also sacrifice peace to be emotionally clear and healthy. As feminine energy, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, therefore, the Great Divine Feminine. As a Moonchild, Cancers are strongly empathetic, compassionate, emotional individuals. This is a sign that feels any emotions as deep as the ocean. However, this can also be a sign who exhibits their emotions either as openly as the full moon or keeps it held inside, closed off to the world like a new moon. Since Emma identifies as a female, this energy is exalted for her. Some traits to watch out for or be wary of include manipulation, emotional toxicity, and lack of boundaries. Cancers are known as master manipulators but are also known to be easily manipulated. This is accounted for in their emotional energy. Cancers can (and will) play on the emotionality of others to get what they want. However, others will give Cancer a taste of their medicine. Because Cancers are borderline empaths, this can bring on a negative, emotional state to the Moonchild. It’s okay to empathize, but do so with boundaries!! Boundaries will keep the Cancer safe from taking on the emotional burdens of others.

Moon With a Moon in Virgo, which will analyze, decipher, and rationalize emotions. A Virgo Moon can account for a mutable, earthy, feminine nature. Luckily, Virgo Moons can roll with the emotional punches, so this can greatly aid the Cancer Sun in letting go, setting boundaries, and maintaining boundaries. However, Virgo Moons are also extremely critical. A Virgo placement is one where the individual strives for perfection, so when perfection is not reached, Virgo lashes out. Virgos are known nitpickers, so to have a Virgo Moon, can indicate self-criticisms and unhealthy emotional processings. Virgo Moons are this way because they can see all the inefficiencies in their own and others’ lives, and they know exactly how to fix it. The criticisms and backlash come from an altruistic place, one where the Virgo Moon strives to make everything A-Okay! With this being said, a Virgo Moon is a borderline martyr as they put everything on hold to help everyone else. As an earth sign, Virgos don’t tend to rely on others, which can create and sustain stress. They don’t rely on others because, again, Virgos already know exactly what to do to make everything better than great! But guess what? It’s okay to rely on others, and this is something any Virgo placement will have to learn. Because Virgo rules the Sixth House of Health and Environment, an unhappy Virgo Moon will be known in the individual’s immediate environment and will take a toll on the individual’s health. Stress, frustration, anger, whatever may be internalized thus resulting in somatic complaints (I.e. stress acne, irregular food patterns, becoming extremely sick out of nowhere, etc). At the end of the day, once a Virgo Moon is done helping everybody else, they need to remember to focus on themselves too. That Cancer Sun will help with refocusing love, compassion, and empathy onto the self when dealing with an overwhelmed Virgo Moon!

Mercury Softspoken and often emotional, Cancer Mercuries make waves every day by being upfront with what they think, feel, desire, etc. A Mercury in Cancer is considered a neutral placement, which means the energies don’t exactly reach their fullest potential but it’s also not considered weak. Cancer in Mercury often speaks adoringly and fondly of others, as this Mercury placement is in the sign of the Mother. This aspect may allude to a storyteller, someone who likes to verbalize their past experiences, memories, and stories. This is a Mercury placement that is emotionally smart, not so much a cold, stoic logic or witty banter. Something interesting to note would be that a Cancer Mercury may be more inclined to journal, write stories/poetry, color while writing (intertwining art with words), use expressive vocabulary, and/or blog. What’s especially interesting is that this placement is about 9 minutes away from being a critical degree, the Anaretic 29th Degree. This means that at times, there may be nervous or hurried energy regarding the Mercurial traits and powers, but it’s not as potent because it’s not at the critical degree.

Venus A Venus in Gemini is considered an auspicious placement! Gemini is a masculine, mutable air sign. Their approach to love may be quick and fleeting, often losing interest extremely quickly and moving on to the next. This may cause some confusion with the Cancer Sun as Cancers often have a difficult time truly letting go and moving on. You may feel “done” with someone/thing in your heart, but the Cancer Sun may implore you to hold onto someone/thing a bit longer than necessary. Venus in Gemini tends to be attracted to wit, humor, and intellect. This is a Venusian placement that looks for a partner who can keep up mentally. A partner who can entertain, who can shoot the shit on just about anything, and who can effortlessly glide into conversations with strangers is very attractive to a Gemini Venus. But keep in mind, this is the sign of the Twins, the Two-Faces. So a Gemini Venus may be flighty, fleeting, and indecisive in love. Venus in Gemini often knows what they want, but may have a hard time committing, deciding, and verbalizing it. Cancer Sun-Virgo Moon can help with this by weeding out the unworthy suitors (Virgo Moon), then by committing emotionally to worthy partners (Cancer Sun).

Mars Another Gemini placement in the other half of the Divine Lovers?! Interesting! Alright, so a Mars in Gemini is still a mutable, masculine air energy. The mutability will greatly help a Gemini Mars process project after project, meeting after meeting, goal after goal. This can also account for feeling like you’re “spread too thin”. Mars in Gemini is smart, witty, a scholar at heart so it’s easy to understand why a Mars Gemini gravitates towards anything intellectually stimulating. This is an individual who may just have 3 jobs, 2 side gigs, 4 projects, and occasionally dabbles in XYZ just for fun! This can also account for any unfinished projects, or forgotten goals as well. If a Gemini Mars is no longer interested or finds something bigger & better, it’s sayonara to the boring, mundane, and ritualistic. As a lover, Gemini Mars is dynamic, masculine, fleeting, yet deeply smart. A Gemini Mars, like Gemini Venus, will go towards the fun, bright shiny thing as a potential partner. But they’ll also drop the shiny thing, for an even better prospect. This is also not an emotional lover (pair that with Venus in Gemini, and this individual could be borderline unattached if not for that Cancer Sun). So, if a Gemini Venus/Mars is emotional, run. This is a placement where they’d rather move on than fight, so if they’re fighting, this won’t be a placement that will mince their words. Not to mention that Virgo Moon-Cancer Sun/Mercury can lay it in. But like I’ve said, this isn’t a deeply emotional or aggressive sign, so fighting is usually not on the Gemini Mars’ agenda.

Chart Stats The masculine and feminine energies in the planetary positions are split evenly. This means Emma may have great balance in both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. Emma’s chart is primarily composed of air signs, followed by water, then earth, then fire. She also possesses five natal retrogrades in her outer planets and asteroids. In her planets, there are no critical degrees to be found. Lastly, Emma’s prime modality is mutable, which can allude to an easy-breezy, “rolls-with-the-punches”, adaptable personality.

Ascendant & Midheaven

Ascendant (Rising/First House) With a Rising in Gemini at 0 degrees, Emma has a bubbly, witty, smart, lively, chatty first impression on the world! This is a curious Rising sign who likes to ask questions, talk with others, and learn through their experiences. Gemini Rising may not only be quick in intellect and conversing but also in their movements. This is an Ascendant who may be always on the go, jet-setting from person to person, situation to situation, goal to goal. Because of this quality, Gemini Risings may be impatient. At 0 degrees, this is an auspicious critical degree as it indicates the beginning of a new cycle. 0 degrees for a Gemini Rising may indicate a natural inclination to wander, travel, and be philosophical. There is a youthful, joyful, smart if occasionally skittish energy to this Ascendant.

Midheaven (Tenth House) With a MC in Aquarius, this is a masculine, fixed air sign. The biggest difference in your chart is in this placement! Emma has a TON of mutable energy in her placements, which can make for an easy-breezy, adaptable personality. It may also account for feeling like you’re pulled in 20 different directions at once, feeling overwhelmed, and over/under-committing. With the MC in Aquarius, the fixed nature will be much appreciated as this will be the nature Emma will need to harness throughout her life. A fixed energy will be stable, steadfast, stagnant. It may feel weird, or perpetuate a restless energy at first, but this is also in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the Rebel Without a Cause, an intellectual and philosophical being who likes to shake things up. So, while Emma is working towards being stable, in a routine, or acquiring an affinity for stability, Aquarius will still keep the party going. This is an auspicious placement as it will maintain that feeling of being alive while also instilling routine and stability.

Anything Else?

Emma did not indicate any questions, comments, or concerns in her submission. However, I do want to point out some potent multi-planetary aspects in her chart!

For a quick reference, this is Emma’s chart once again:

Do you see what I see? I spy with my little eye three T-Squares, two Yods, one Kite, and one Cradle! For the purpose of this Reading, I’m going to keep it short and sweet by looking at the T-Squares.

T-Sqaure A

With three T-Squares, Emma may feel discomfort, tension, awkwardness, or annoyance more often than not. T-Square refers to three (or more) aspects of the personality (planets/major asteroids/Rising/MC) that are at odds with themselves. T-Square A has the focal point at the North Node, the asteroid of Destiny and Fate. Pluto (death/rebirth/control), the Rising (first impressions/your actual horoscope), and Venus (partnerships/romance/love) have power and influence in the North Node.

T-Square B

T-Square B has the focal point at Mars, with influences from the Moon (emotional/cognitive self) and Jupiter (expansion/freedom/teaching/travel).

T-Square C

T-Square C has the focal point at Saturn (karma/responsibility/morality/limitations) with Neptune (spirituality/confusion/delusion/dreams) and Mercury (communication/intellect) influencing the Saturn energy.

I specifically chose the T-Squares because these are inharmonious aspects, the parts of ourselves that feel at odds with one another or can cause distress. T-Squares require communication, compassion, clarity, and self-love to overcome their difficulties. Emma’s Virgo Moon can point out the inefficiencies/difficulties and fix them, while her Cancer Sun can refocus the love and compassion on herself while she goes through tremendous growth (especially seen in T-Square A).

~ As above, so below.

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