A Cheat Sheet on Planets, Houses, & Asteroids

Birth charts, synastry readings, composite charts, and forecasts typically utilize the same three categories – planets, houses, and asteroids. These categories each hold individualized, specific information. Although each aspect in each category should be thoroughly researched for the most accurate reading possible, it’s also great to have a few keywords to quickly make sense of a clunky prediction or a placement. Not to mention that reading a long post about one planet or house can be extremely overwhelming for newbies. In this post, each category and its significance will be concisely broken down into a couple of keywords.

Before jumping the gun on this post, I suggest calculating your chart first! This can help with beginning to understand and read your own chart as you navigate the rest of this post. Ready? Let’s get started!

The Planets

“P” stands for planets and personality! Our planets designate areas of our personality. Our personal planets (a.k.a. “core” planets) are the core aspects of our personality. These planets include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Our outer planets are the planets that link us to our generation. Outer planets can combine forces and give each generation the overall traits, collective experiences, and overarching characteristics. The outer planets include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Some buzzwords to keep in mind for each planet is as follows:

~ Sun: core ego/identity, spirit, vitality, how we connect to others, the father

~ Moon: emotional self, hidden ego/identity, intuition, the mother

~ Mercury: thinking, communication, intellect, processing/receiving information

~ Venus: partnerships/relationships, love, attraction (inward/outward), beauty, finances, love languages significant relations

~ Mars: sex/sexuality, aggression, assertion, illogical war, competition, drive, libido, ambition

~ Jupiter: luck, expansion, freedom, travel, journey, philosophy, reaching dreams/goals, abundance, morals, beliefs

~ Saturn: time, accountability, responsibility, ethics, morality, rules, limits, restrictions, boundaries, karma, karmic duty, authority figure(s)

~ Uranus: rebellion, individualization, self-expression, creativity, chaos, breaking the chains, unique

~ Neptune: dreams, psychic abilities, occult, fantasy, avoidance, addiction, escapism

~ Pluto: death/rebirth, control, power, transcendence, change

The Twelve Houses

If a house is a home, then consider each individual house to be home to an area of life. Each house has a specific area (and associated sign) designated. Here’s some keywords:

~ Ascendant/Rising/1st: first impressions, physical body, identity, appearance

~ 2nd House: income, money, materials, possessions, concrete security, value, property

~ 3rd House: communication (talking/thinking/tech), siblings, teachers, education, local community, local/short-distance travel

~ 4th House: foundation, home, privacy, parents (especially mother/mother figures), childhood/nostalgia, and your own nurturing/mothering abilities, past/present/future of a lineage

~ 5th House: fun, pleasure, drama, creativity, romance, drama, sex, pregnancy, children

~ 6th House: health, schedules, work environment, services, habits, routines

~ 7th House: partnerships, relationships, contracts, marriages, deals, commitments, arrangements

~ 8th House: taboo, occult, sex, death, transformation, other’s money/property, inheritances, investments, intimacy/entanglements

~ 9th House: higher mind, foreign/long-distance travel, optimism, higher education, luck, adventure, philosophy, ethics, belief systems

~ MC/Midheaven/10th House: tradition, authority, fame, honor, ambition, drive, career/career path, legacy, status, reputation

~ 11th House: friendships, greater community, society, tech, rebellion, future, originality, dreams

~ 12th House: shadow-dancing, surrender, loose ends, subconscious mind, hidden agendas, delusion/confusion, completions, afterlife, hidden talents/weaknesses

The Major Asteroids

Some astrologers neglect the asteroids, as the asteroid are so little and can have little power in the chart. However, asteroids can account for the fine details in which ties our charts (or aspects) together. There are TONS of asteroids that can be used in astrology. But the major (or commonly known) asteroids include Chiron, Juno, Pallas, Lilith, Vesta, and Ceres. Here’s a quick cheatsheet on our major asteroids:

~ Lilith: Black Moon goddess, sexual rebel/awakening/power, repression, anger

~ Chiron: Wounded Healer, trauma, generational wounds, healing

~ Juno: marriage/partnerships, boundaries, jealousy, problems with control/intimacy/possessiveness

~ Pallas: wisdom, independence, power, creative intelligence

~ Vesta: hearth and home, spark of life, feminine power

~ Ceres: motherhood, nurturing, fertility

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