Random Readings: Molly

Y’all are in for something today! Molly has quite the chart, with a few major aspects, heavy masculine energy, and more! Molly identifies as a female, and was born on 01/15/1997 in Winchester, MA, USA at 08:11 AM. Here’s a snapshot of her chart below!

Personal Planets

Sun Molly’s Capricorn Sun is a cardinal, feminine Earth sign that’s ruled by Saturn. As an Earth sign, this assures that Molly is practical, logical, and grounded. As a cardinal sign, this alludes to Molly being a leader, go-getter, and ruler. With feminine energy ruled by traditional masculine energy (Saturn), this can give the individual a strong, assertive presence which can be daunting for those who identify as female, such as Molly. A female Capricorn often has such a strong presence, it can make the other masculine energies/signs do a double-take. Plus, a female Cap Sun is no stranger to hard work, so she will ultimately pave her way – come hell or high water. It’s extremely important to talk about Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn. This is not an easy sign to master, as Saturn rules Capricorn with an iron fist. As the “Grandfather” of the Zodiac, a Capricorn Sun is all too aware of the responsibility, karma, morality, accountability, and sacrifice. This can allude to a stoic, if unemotional (at first glance), character – which is very unlike Cap’s sister, Cancer! Because of Saturn, a Capricorn Sun may feel like an old soul, especially since Saturn promises many trials & errors along the way. Self-mastery through self-compassion and self-love is needed. Saturn can have cold energy, but Capricorn doesn’t have to. The reliable sea-goat will need to incorporate acts of self-love into their daily life because Saturn can impose harsher energy when it comes down to responsibility, work, and accountability. However, Saturn’s harsher aspects shape Capricorn’s hallmark wisdom and ambition, which is appreciated and much needed by others.

Moon I love an Aries Moon, especially following a Capricorn Sun! A Capricorn Sun may sacrifice fun, passion, and vigor for work, good karma, and self-righteousness. An Aries Moon will bring back the passion, spontaneity, and childlike quality to that Cap Sun. An Aries Moon is a masculine, cardinal fire sign. In other words, Molly’s Cap Sun-Aries Moon makes her a true leader! The masculine energy associated with Aries can allude to a hot temper, deep emotionality, vigor, vitality, and an overall explosive personality! This is a Moon sign who not only feels deeply but expresses it outward very passionately. This is great because a Cap Sun may try to hide how they feel for the greater good, but that Aries Moon will make the Cap Sun vulnerable again. This is pairing the Grandfather with the Infant in the Zodiac. So, whenever Saturn’s old soul energy is weighing heavily, the Aries Moon will bring back that childlike quality Capricorn desperately misses (and needs). The Capricorn Sun will also curve the impulsive, brash Aries Moon. The best part of this Sun-Moon pairing? It makes for a strong, powerful personality! And if others are intimidated, let them be. That unmistakable Cap Sun-Aries Moon knows exactly who they are, and what they can bring to the table.

Mercury Logical, rational, and intellectual, a Capricorn Mercury has it going on. This is a Mercurial sign who is not afraid to speak up and stand out. Capricorns are no stranger to getting the ball going, whether it’d be a difficult conversation or mastering a new task. As a workaholic sign, learning is what Capricorn does best. This is a Mercurial sign who prides themselves on not only being smart but also being perceived as smart by others. So, this is the Sign who will fact-check not only others but themselves. This can allude to a Cap Mercury excelling in debate, communication, research, advising, etc. This is also a sign who approaches everything methodically. Capricorns are strategic in what they do, what they say, how they say it, and when they say it. Saturn will assure the best conversation possible – even if it is a bit blunt and harsh. Capricorns won’t mince their words as they hold Truth sacred to them. The Aries Moon will want to impose a brash, brutal honesty as well, but Capricorn will refine it. The most important thing for a Capricorn Mercury to learn is delivery. But don’t worry, Saturn’s got that covered!

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Venus A Capricorn Venus is a tenacious, strategic lover. They look at all sides, possible outcomes, pros and cons before delving in. This may not be a Venusian placement that values conquests (unlike fire placements). A Capricorn Venus may approach love cautiously, despite the Aries Moon having a temper tantrum over why they can’t just go for it. Why? SATURN! Saturn will want to make sure that when a Cap Venus is committed, it’s to the ideal partner. If not and all else fails, Saturn will invoke a “silver lining” teaching moment in the failed partnership(s). Once committed, a Capricorn Venus is loyal, sensual, and loving. This is a sign that loves very deeply and passionately, but won’t let just anyone experience that love. This is also a Venus sign who needs a partner who has goals of their own. A Capricorn Sun/Mercury/Venus individual, like Molly, is always working towards at least one major goal – whether it’d be career-oriented or personal. So, a partner would need to be just as ambitious and driven to match the hardworking sea-goat.

Mars This is a particularly interesting placement for a few reasons. The first would be that a Libra Mars is “detriment”, which means that the fullest potential will never be reached. This is accounted for in the rulership, Mars. Aries (Libra’s co-sister) is exalted on Mars because it is ruled by Mars. So, when the opposing sign, Libra, is in the opposing ruler, Mars, the energies can be thwarted, impotent, or weak. Luckily, the Capricorn stellium makes up for the Libra Mars energy. The second interesting aspect is that this is the only feminine sign in Molly’s planets. This is still a cardinal sign, so Molly’s leadership abilities and skills shine through on each personal planet. But this is the only feminine sign, so the masculine energies dominate. A great example of this is her Moon opposing her Mars, so there may be some tensions and frustration between the Emotional Self (Moon) and the Aggressive Self (Mars). Libra Mars likes to keep the peace, even when the Aries Moon is restless and ready to stir the pot. If needed, the Capricorn stellium can and will delegate while Libra Mars will aim to not only please, but appease. This will be easy as Libra Mars is a charismatic placement. One issue with this Mars placement amid the Cap/Aries energy is learning when to pick your battle. As far as sexuality goes, Libra Mars is sensual and often loves best when in love. A Libra Mars is at home in a relationship. Speaking of relationships, a Libra Mars needs to prioritize the relationship with the Self. The relationship to the Self will be more fulfilling than any other outside relationship – this is the greatest lesson a Libra Marswill learn.

Chart Stats Alrighty, so Molly’s ruling energy is feminine, and her biggest influence is Capricorn, as she has a Cap stellium. This also means her primary, ruling planet is Saturn. Her ruling modality is cardinal, and her ruling element is earth. Her chart does not have any water signs – so getting in touch with the Divine Feminine will be essential to growth and evolution. I suggest Yin yoga to get back in touch with that sweet feminine energy. Lastly, there are no critical degrees in her planets, and she has natal retrogrades in her North (and South) Nodes.

Ascendant and Midheaven

Ascendant (Rising/First House) With a Rising in Aquarius, Molly keeps every first impression fresh and real. Aquarius is a fixed, masculine air sign. The masculine energy in Molly’s chart carries through even in her first impression of the world. As a fixed sign, Molly’s first impression may be stubborn, maybe self-righteous, and maybe intellectually intimidating. Regardless, an Aqua Rising gives off a smart, social, unique energy. It may also be a Rising who comes off as a rebellious, philosophical soul with strong opinions and not a care in the world. Molly’s Rising won’t give off an overly emotional, vulnerable vibe either (unlike a Water/Fire Rising). The best part about Aqua Rising is that they tend to make friends very easily. This is a Rising sign who won’t have trouble walking into a new environment. This Rising sign might just leave that new environment with new friends and plans for the upcoming weekend! This is a great, funky Rising because it can make the stoic, ambitious Capricorn more inclined to be in touch with their weird, wild, inquisitive nature.

Midheaven (Tenth House)Midheaven in Sagittarius is even more of a wild card than a Rising in Aquarius. Sagittarius is a mutable, masculine fire sign, which is interesting to consider because Molly’s planets are geared towards work, drive, and ambition. A Sagittarius Midheaven will teach the tenacious Capricorn how to be mutably energetic while still maintaining that powerful masculine energy. As a mutable sign in the MC placement, Molly will learn to become more adaptable throughout her life. This may be hard as the Capricorn stellium is loyal to their path and rarely strays. An MC in Sagittarius will teach the ambitious Capricorn that it’s okay to start something, burn it all down, then start anew. The Sagittarius Midheaven has the energy of a phoenix rising from the ashes. As the Archer, the Sagittarius will also propel Molly to keep moving forward, which is so super important for the Cap stellium and Aries Moon. At times, Capricorn and Aries will continue to do something out of obligation. Sagittarius will teach you that the only obligation you have is really to yourself. This is auspicious, if explosively fun, placement to work towards being more like!

Anything Else?

Molly indicated in her form that she wanted to hear more about love and compatibility.

Sign Synastry As a Capricorn-dominant individual, other Earth and Water signs are typically the most attractive. Fellow Capricorns may be the way to go as they would share the same drive, ambition, wisdom, and power as Molly does. Taurus would be a sensual, earthy lover but their fixed nature may strike a Cap as “lazy”. Virgo would be ideal thanks to their perfectionist ways and analytical reasoning. Water signs, such as Scorpio and Pisces, would be exceptional pairings for a Capricorn. A Cancer may be exhaustive at times… But a Cancer dominant individual would have everything a Cap dominant lacks, and vice versa. Fire placements may seem hot-headed and impulsive. However, Leo can be a great partner for Capricorns. A Leo is prideful, warm, intelligent, and fun which can be attractive for a Capricorn; Capricorns have the ambition, vision, wisdom, and leadership qualities that standout to Leo. Lastly, air signs may seem too flighty, unreliable, and borderline unemotional, which can be a difficult pair with Capricorn. Ideally, Molly’s perfect partner would have an Earth/Water Sun, a Fire/Earth Moon, Earth Mercury, Earth/Water Venus, and an Earth/Air Mars. An ideal rising sign for partner would be Air (immediate connection), Earth (Molly’s core ego would immediately connect to the other’s first impression), or Fire (an explosive first impression). A Water rising may seem too vulnerable and emotional at first glance, but it could also work!

House Synastry Ideally, Molly’s partner’s personal planets should fall into her First, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, and/or Tenth House(s). Her personal planets would also fall into her partner’s First, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, and/or Tenth Houses. First House synastry alludes to an instant connection. It’s the type of energy that makes you feel like you’ve just met your soulmate. Fifth House energy alludes to the fun in the relationship, but also the quality of the honeymoon phase. Seventh House is the house of Romance, Commitment, and Partnerships, so any positive aspects here indicate a long-term relationship. Eighth House alludes to Sex, Control, and Taboo… so is this a relationship that can weather any storm? Eighth House will infer the stability and sexual quality of the relationship. Tenth House (MC) is Career and who we aspire to be like later in life. In other words, can this partner support you in not only your career, but also the person you’re maturing into and becoming? Arguably, the Twelfth House should be considered as this is the House of Shadow Dancing. This is the House that illuminates the delusional, confusing aspects in the relationship… The aspects that most don’t want to see, but often need to.

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