Is Astrology Bullshit?

Spoiler Alert: what’s bullshit is anyone’s negative, rude, entitled, and/or ignorant attitude regarding astrology.

Allow me to rephrase – what’s bullshit are the straight up misconceptions that are influenced and sustained by those who don’t even know anything beyond their Sun sign, or that the Sun sign is not the astrological end-all, be-all.

It’s time to put some major misconceptions and superstitions to rest. From “astrology isn’t real” to “are you a witch?”, it’s all one in the same. Let’s begin to break down the myths, legends, and misconceptions, shall we?

“Astrology isn’t real”/”Astrology is fake”

Astrology has been around, and is still continually practiced in modern times, since before any major, organized religion. So across time, space, and cultures, astrology has been upheld. This is unusual, if auspicious, because so many organized religions, empires, dynasties have collapsed since Ancient Mesopotamia and yet, astrology still stands. It’s a major part of history, it’s based upon astronomical fixations, and it is very much real.

Not to mention, if you haven’t calculated your birth chart, then astrology may feel fake to you if you lack the concise, thorough information. Birth charts can account for why we feel disjointed from our sun signs to why our horoscopes are always off to why we even pick the wrong partners. Seriously, go calculate your chart, read it through, then get back to us.

“Astrology doesn’t make any sense!”

Yup, neither did learning a new language, math, basic English grammar, literally nothing ever does if you don’t spend time learning it. It’s just like conjugating verbs in Spanish for the first few times back in high school. If you didn’t practice it, study it, learn it, you probably won’t understand it.

This is a seriously difficult form of Divination to learn, too. It can be difficult, it can be taxing, but it’s still worth learning more about.

“I’m an XYZ, what does that mean?”

Some people don’t mind answering this question, and others will happily redirect you to Google. If desired, contact us at ASTROLOGICALLY. We can help answer any and all questions!

Regardless, I still encourage everyone to do your own research. This will aid in the acquisition of your knowledge, and it will literally cut the follow-up questions in half. Plus, then you actually become more practiced in this art of Divination!

“I don’t feel like an XYZ so this is fake/stupid/dumb”

Again, your BIRTH CHART can account for why you feel disconnected from your Sun sign. Especially if you have multiple opposing planets/houses. For example, you may feel more like your Moon sign if it opposes, quincunxes, or squares your Sun sign. This feeling of disconnect can be majorly influenced by natal retrogrades, ineffective/critical degrees, several opposing planets, and harsh multi-planetary aspects, like a Grand Cross. So, reading your chart can definitely help explain any Sun sign related inconsistencies!

“Can you do my birth chart?”

Well, maybe. You could become part of our limited, mini-series called Random Readings!

However, if you’re looking for a complete, in-depth reading, it would be imperative to spend the time (and money) on a long-practicing astrologer. You can literally Yelp “astrology readings” or surf the Great God Google for the right astrologer.

Or, if you’d like for us to try an in-depth, personalized report, contact us. We’ll get back to you ASAP!

“My horoscope is always wrong”

Yeah, if you’re only checking your Sun sign horoscope off a generalized app (I’m looking at you Daily Horoscopes), then it may be incorrect. You need to use your Ascendant/First House sign AND Sun sign. It also doesn’t hurt to download a more thorough app, such as Co-Star. Co-Star is great because it uses real-time planetary transits and measures it against your chart, creating a unique horoscope just for you. Plus, you can add friends on Co-Star and see how the stars affect their day, too!

(#notspons, just a huge fan of Co-Star!)

“You’re intrepretation is wrong!”

Maybe. Or maybe you just don’t agree with it. It’s also quite possible that you just got the reading that you probably needed even if it wasn’t something you wanted. Or, your astrologer isn’t a well-practiced astrologer or is an opinionated astrologer, which may skew your readings. It also doesn’t hurt to learn more about astrology to give yourself your own accurate readings.

“Which astrology is right?”/”What should I practice?”

I suggest that you take the time to calculate both types of natal charts, compare the two, and figure out which is more “you”. This may aid in finding the right type of astrology for you to practice. And by the way, there is no right or wrong astrology! There’s just stars in the sky that mean something, and it’s pretty much up to you to figure that one out for yourself. So, go forth on your Vedic or Tropical or whatever celestial adventure!

“Are you a witch?”/”Is this witchcraft?”

No, and no. I just read the stars, not conjure hexes. I also can’t speak for everyone else though, just myself. As far as witchcraft goes, astrology is a subform of Divination. In other words, astrology is not considered to be magick, paganism, or witchcraft.

Gentle disclaimer: this may be a sensitive question to some folks as magick, witchcraft, voodoo, Wicca, and more are highly criticized and misunderstood spiritual/religious practices. Ask your questions, but do so with pure intentions, kindness, compassion, and empathy. If you’re just on a witch hunt, then Salem, bye!

“So, you don’t believe in God/Allah/Jesus/etc.?”

Astrology isn’t a religion, it’s Divination. An individual can love/practice astrology and still make it to Sunday morning mass. These things do not dictate giving up one for the other, nor should they. Go about your spiritual and religious practices as you wish.

“How do you know all of this/get into this?”

It’s different for everyone! Some are raised with it, others find it later in life. Some discover it on their own or through people. Sometimes it’s the generation-after-generation astrologer… And sometimes Karen will organize a psychic reading at the tupperware party, so now Debra’s been into it ever since. Whatever the case or cause, at least each person found happiness and satisfaction in astrology.

As far as learning goes, it’s super important to first learn the basics of astrology from as many different astrologers as possible. Astrological intrepretations can greatly differ (and be hindered by the person’s opinions/perceptions), so it’s important to read as much as you can. Check out Amazon, your local bookstore, a local apothecary, or just email longstanding astrologers for book recommendations. Like anything else, it will take time and practice to learn this as it is brand-new to most new star-gazers.

Lastly, put your knowledge to the test. For example, the whole point of Random Readings is to practice reading a birth chart without knowing the individual. This way, the interperation and report is solely based off of knowledge and skills. Practice, practice, practice. Start within reading your chart, reading your friend’s/family member’s charts, and then anyone! It’s the astrological equivalent of studying flashcards. And it’s okay if you’re wrong, or if the other disagrees with your reading. Being wrong is awesome because that means you have something new to learn and master.

“As Above, so Below…?”

“As Above, so Below. As Within, so Without. As the Universe, so the Soul” is the formal, complete phrasing. “As Above, so Below” refers to the delicate balance and relationship we have with the celestial forces at play. This is in regard to the energy the aspects and daily transits can give, but ultimately reminds us that we are still autonomous beings who can decide on how the energy is appraised. “As Within, so Without” refers to the relationship we have with ourselves. Particularly the things we already have (“As Within”) and the things we lack (“As Without”). This part reminds you of who you are, who you’re not, and most importantly, bridging the gap to create a well-rounded person that could be you. Lastly, “As the Universe, so the Soul” is the mirroring of what’s around us and what’s within us. The phrase altogether reminds us that we are autonomous from the energies in the world but we could call and play upon said energies, that we mirror our surroundings, and ultimately, that we are all part of the bigger picture.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, seriously contact us. We are willing to put the myths & legends to rest as well as considering any and all inquiries! Not to mention, if an inquiry is so perplexing, then we will even write a separate post dedicated to the subject.

In the meantime, keep reading those stars and doing you! Haters are gonna hate… until they want you to tell them about their horoscope or Sun sign. And when they do, please show them just how far from bullshit astrology actually is!

~ As above, so below.

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  1. Thanks for the cool article. I agree with you that many people are disappointed in astrology because they read the general horoscope, and it is not accurate. For an accurate forecast, you need to make an individual astrological chart of a person, which will take into account not only the date, but also the time, place of birth, as well as the location of the sun, moon and other planets in relation to the constellation of the zodiac sign.Continue a good job.


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