Random Readings: Kimberly

Our second Random Reading is a Taurus Sun, Libra Moon named Kimberly! Kimberly was born on 04/20/1997 at 03:18 AM at Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA. Due to some difficulties with locating Cortlandt Manor, the longitude and latitude was used instead. Check out Kimberly’s chart below!

Personal Planets

Sun As a Taurus Sun, Kimberly is ruled by the Minor Benefic Venus, who is the Feminine Goddess of Partnerships, Romance, Love, and Relationships. Taurus is a feminine, fixed earth sign. As a fixed sign, Taurus likes to go at her own pace. The phrase “stubborn as a bull” fits Taurus to a T! This is a sign of who likes the beautiful, extravagant things in life. Fine dining, fine clothing, fine living – you name it, Taurus craves it! This can be more a materialistic sign as Taurus rules the Second House of Possessions. This isn’t to say that Taurus is materialistic, but rather, Taurus craves stability in having a home, food, money, clothing, etc. Taurus is often associated with finances as this is a sign of who likes to be financially comfortable and stable to enjoy life. Taurus can be a stable, steady partner in love and partnerships thanks to its fixed, earthy nature. This is a down-to-earth sign who is loyal, steadfastness, and reliability. However, they expect the same in return. Taurus is also slow-moving. So, a Taurus Sun will not be rushed to make a decision, whether it’d be what to have for dinner or if they should break off an unhealthy partnership. At times, this sign may be branded as “lazy”, but actually, Taurus likes to move at her own pace because a Taurus always knows what’s best for herself.

Moon Kimberly is heavily ruled by Venus as her Moon sign is in Libra, the other Zodiac sign who is co-ruled by Venus! A Libra Moon is masculine, cardinal, and air. As a cardinal sign, this is a leader who rules with peace and harmony in mind. Regarding being a Moon sign, Libra Moons may be forthright with their emotions, inner thoughts/dialogues, and feelings only if they have figured out a way to communicate what they think/feel without hurting the other person. This can give a Libra Moon a bad rap of being “indecisive”. In reality, this is a Moon sign who will deliberate extensively, empathizing with all possible sides before acting. Because of this, a Libra Moon may be a mediator or negotiator in friendships, relationships, and in any remotely disruptive situation. In other words, this is a “devil’s advocate” position. This can be emotionally taxing as this may also indicate martyrdom. Libra Moons may sacrifice expressing what she wants and feel to keep the peace. It’s ok to know when and where to pick your fight (look at Aries as an example)! Like Taurus, Libra also enjoys the finer things in life! This is also a loyal, loving sign in any partnership. However, this is also a Moon sign who may exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies if she feels she’s being given the “short end of the stick” in any relationship.

Mercury Another Taurus position, but in a shocking natal retrograde! This aspect may allude to being blunt, shockingly honest, sometimes saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or being told that the way something was said wasn’t the best way of going about it. However, this is just a sign who doesn’t like to beat around the bush. This can contradict your Libra Moon positioning because that Libra Moon craves peace, but a Taurus Mercury may just deliver the wrong message in the wrong way at the wrong time. What’s interesting to note is that natal retrograde. Any time a Mercury sign is in a natal retrograde, this means thinking, communicating, and intellect are turned inward. Concerning the slow-moving, steady Taurus, this may allude to an individual who feels like they aren’t smart enough, or not great at communicating. In reality, the Taurus Mercury has such clear-cut, sound logic and reasoning that is admired by others. The natal retrograde may hinder the individual from actually seeing how smart, communicative, funny, honest, inquisitive, logical, and reasonable they are. This is a positioning that surely has its shortcomings (thanks, Mercury Rx!), but all it requires is a little faith and confidence.

Venus In the sign of Taurus, Venus is domicile in this aspect! Kimberly’s domicile positioning means that having a Taurus Venus is extremely auspicious as it can reach its truest, highest potential. As stated before, a Taurus Venus loves the beautiful, the extravagant, and the decadent things in life. This is a Venus position that approaches love with a slow and steady pace. Taurus Venus likes to quietly move in, making sure that their partner is right for them as a Taurus Venus does not like to waste time on just anyone. Taurus Venus may woo their partners with delicious food/wine (or non-alcoholic beverages), extravagant fun outings, and showing the potential partners how loyal, reliable, and steadfast a Taurus Venus partner can be. Not to mention that Taurus Venus has earthier sexuality associated with the positioning. This is also a positioning who loves hard and long… Even when the flame in the relationship has died out. A Taurus Venus individual may have trouble breaking up/letting go of a relationship as it can be difficult due to the fixed nature of Taurus.

Mars With Mars in Virgo, this is considered a neutral aspect, but still experiences difficulties due to the natal retrograde in Mars. A Virgo Mars can roll with any punches and adapt as it goes thanks to its mutable nature. Virgo Mars has a need/desire for perfection, so this is a sign who will work, work, work themselves right into the ground. Be careful, because Virgo Mars tends to internalize their emotions and nervousness (Libra Moon will not help in this situation). If the stress and nerves are left untreated, this may result in somatic complaints (i.e. acne from stress, over/under eating, etc). A Virgo Mars can do it all and do it well, but that doesn’t mean they should. As far as sexuality goes, this sign is the Virgin. This isn’t to say their sex life is virginal, but rather, the phrase “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” applies. This is a quiet, mysterious sign who likes to have the upper hand by not revealing much. This can allude to a more potent sex life as a Virgo Mars likes to adapt and please in bed, which often surprises many during the first time with a Virgo Mars. The nervous nature of a Virgo Mars alludes to wanting to please, but the mutable nature alludes to being more sexually open. However, a Taurus Venus may be less inclined to stray from what they know. Yet the Taurus Venus-Virgo Mars pairing can infer an earthy, sensual partner who knows all the right things to do/say in bed. The natal retrograde in Virgo Mars may allude to being more inclined to internalize aggression/anger, the overwhelming need to “do it all” thus taking on too much at one time, and/or accounts for nervous sexuality.

Chart Stats Kimberly is predominantly ruled by the earth element, and lacks water placements in her planets. Kimberly is also heavily ruled by Venus in her personal planets, which can result in being in love with love, desire for marriage/partner, wanting the best things in life, and potentially wanting to start a life (and maybe a family) with the right person. Kimberly is also predominantly ruled by fixed signs, which can account for a stubborn, steadfast, loyal personality. Interestingly, she also has a stellium in Taurus!

Ascendant and Midheaven

Ascendant Kimberly, you perceive the world through the eyes of an Aquarius! As a fixed, masculine air sign, this is a strong first impression to have and be received by others. Aquarius likes to be right, they like to be perceived as smart, and they like to stand out in some way. As a woman with an Aqua Rising, you may appear fun, strong-willed, free, and lively! This is a Rising sign that attracts many as so many are in awe of the sociable, fun character that is an Aquarius. However, this can make for an interesting love life as well. That Taurus Sun/Venus and Libra Moon do love love, and being with someone. However, that Aquarius Rising is sure to weed out all the potential suitors who just don’t meet the Taurus/Libra standards. This is a Rising sign who will make sure any potential suitor is first BFF material. Aquarius wants to be in a partnership with their best friend, which helps the Taurus/Libra combo find the right best friend and partner. All in all, this is quite the unique Rising sign who will not like to be pinned down to just anyone, anything, or any label.

Midheaven Our Tenth House (MC) is in the sign we often aspire (or need to be) more like. Our MC usually reaches its highest potential sometime between our 30-40’s. Kimberly has her MC in Sagittarius, a mutable, masculine, fire sign. This is a sign that moves with vigor, intensity, and drive in everything they do later in life. A Sag MC may point to the deep desire to learn, explore, and travel as much as possible. This is an MC that may allude to living abroad or moving around later in life which will be easy thanks to that mutable nature. This is also a sign who does not shy away from truth, honesty and being blunt. This will help counteract any of the negative aspects like martyrdom/passive-aggressiveness/slow-moving in the Taurus/Libra energy. As a Sag Midheaven, Kimberly will be called to know the truth, spread the truth, and rise from the truth. This is an auspicious placement!

Anything Else?

Kimberly did not indicate any questions, comments, or concerns in her submission form! However, I want to quickly delve into a few things…

Chiron is the planetoid known as the Wounded Healer. For Kimberly, Chiron is in a natal retrograde and is in the sign Libra. Libra in Chiron indicates overdoing it in relationships. This aspect means giving waaaaay more than what you’re getting, putting 110 in when the other only puts 10 in, etc. Libra in Chiron can indicate codependent relationships, not seeing the relationship for what it is, etc. The natal Rx in Chiron may indicate that the frustration and anger from not having a reciprocal relationship can be internalized. Be super careful with growing, learning, and finding the silver lining in failed relationships (platonic, familial, and romantic)!

Kimberly also has a both a highest and lowest degree in her planets. With Sun in Taurus at 0 degrees, this indicates a new cycle, a new pattern, a new life. This is an auspicious low degree! With Neptune in Capricorn at 29 degrees, this indicates the end of a cycle. Neptune in Cap at the Anarectic degree indicates the fear of a failed dream/goal, being “out to lunch” or having the “rose colored glasses on”, and/or either being too or not enough realistic. This is an aspect that creates a nervous “I-need-to-hurry” energy because this is the end of an old cycle. Don’t stress. You’re right where YOU need to be – wherever that may be.

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