January Forecast

Happy new year! There’s no question that the last few years have been quite a wild ride, especially on a cosmic level. Luckily, 2023 seems to beckon incredible changes that could ease us into a new celestial era throughout the year. Starting in January, we will have to wrap up lingering 2022 karma with the remaining retrogrades from the old year. Although starting out the new year with a few retrogrades in motion is never fun, it can be useful for tying up loose ends. Luckily, January doesn’t hold very many surprises and all planets will be direct by the end of the month. Keep reading to see what’s in store throughout the month!

Major Transits

Starting on January 2, Venus will enter AquariusNow that the minor benefic is reporting to Saturn and Uranus, there will be a strange clash between modern and traditional associated with the Venusian aspects of love, money, and beauty. Saturn’s influence could be cold, restrictive, and conservative which will not jive with Uranus’ eccentric, electric influence. Since Venus will feel torn between conformity and oddity, this transit may feel like whiplash as we try to find the middle ground. Luckily, there is potential to structure and tailor our Venusian needs to match our individuality.

When it comes to love, Venus in Aquarius will seek out a best friend before a partner. Friendship is important to Venus in Aquarius, so this is the transit to work on building our rapport with new and old partners alike. Having a platonic relationship as the foundation of a romantic partnership will be the most important thing to work on during this Venusian transit. Singles may feel more inclined to take it slow with a love interest, likely starting from a place of getting to know one another as friends. Meanwhile, couples can consider Venus in Aquarius the perfect time to affirm that they are with their best friend and soul mate. However, the catch to this transit is sticking around long enough to focus on the relationship. Venus in Aquarius is detached, cool, and aloof – more or less the antithesis of what we need to be in love. So, it might be hard locking down a specific partner or get closer to someone unless the rapport is already there. Regardless, this is not an overly romantic transit since we may feel more inclined to be independent unless we are certainly loyal to our best friend/lover. Aside from this, don’t be surprised if an unconventional relationship opportunity arises. It might be a fantastic transit to explore a unique possibility in love, like living separate from your partner or opening up your relationship to include more individuals. We may feel more open-minded about our wants and needs in love, no matter how quirky it may be. With this in mind, we may be more relatively accepting of not only ourselves but also our lovers!

When it comes to money, we may feel more inclined to explore one-of-a-kind financial opportunities while Venus is in Aquarius. The restrictive nature of Saturn ruling Venus can help us spend more than save, so this could be a somewhat fiscally conservative transit. However, Uranus’ influence could help us break free from our constraints to look for unusual ways to achieve financial security. Financial possibilities may pop up suddenly throughout this transit, so it could be a somewhat unusual yet financially exciting period. It might be time to take a calculated risk by playing to your unique talents or skills to make an extra buck. Online or independent opportunities may also arise. Since Aquarius is a technical air sign, this Venusian transit may be impartial to cryptocurrency, NFTs, making money from social media, and other new wavelengths of currency.

Finally, when it comes to beauty, there might be some unique style trends that correlate with Venus in Aquarius. No matter what, we may feel more inclined to follow our authenticity and individuality in all that we do! We may feel inclined to choose funky decorations or uniquely bold wallpaper prints for our sacred spaces. Wild jewelry from small businesses, experimenting with make-up, and rebellious haircuts are going to be all the rage. Venus in Aquarius is not afraid to be funky or daring, so the beauty trends will not jive with everyone’s taste. But this could be our reminder that taste and style are subjective to the individual, so we can use Venus in Aquarius to find something that we appreciate even if it’s not something we typically like.

A few days later, there will be a full moon in Cancer on January 6. Full moons represent a culmination, an ending, or even a manifestation that has been building over the past six months. So, think back to what you may have focused on or manifested last summer during the new moon in Cancer while reflecting under the full moon! Since this moon is domicile, we may feel particularly at ease with our emotional reactions and reflections. Diving into our intuitive selves will feel natural during a domicile full moon. A lunar longing will likely persist throughout the day, especially as old sentiments and memories from the past six months come to mind. In particular, it might have to do with the Cancerian themes of home, family, roots, and maternal figures. Think of this lunation as the perfect time for you to mull over the last six months of 2022 and to sit with those resounding emotions. Take this time to come to terms with the lunar cycle and the old year. By the end of the day, you may feel more at peace with how you have handled the events in this lunar cycle.

Given that this is a watery full moon, a water ritual could be the perfect way to honor the lunation. Incorporate Cancer-related flowers, herbs, and crystals in your bath or shower ritual. Some of my favorites include white roses, moonstone, lemon balm, and sage. Once you have the water going, visualize the water taking away all of your worries, stress, and troubles from the last six months. The bath water can either draw these feelings out as you soak or you can wash away the lunar cycle during your shower. If you’d rather do something differently, spend your early evening honoring the lunar energy by a body of water, like a lake or at the beach. Don’t be afraid to cry during this water ritual as well!

The full moon in Cancer will make several aspects – an opposition to Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, a sextile to Uranus retrograde in Taurus, a conjunction to Pallas retrograde in Cancer, and a trine with Vesta in Pisces. The moon-Mercury retrograde opposition will heighten the nostalgia, especially since Mercury retrograde has the power to unearth what should have been settled topics. Since the retrograde can be a fantastic time for reconsideration, you could think of the opposition as an opportunity to shift your perspective and feelings on this lunar cycle. Being open to a new perception will be possible since the moon-Uranus retrograde sextile could encourage breaking free from whatever we feel emotionally tied to in this lunar cycle. But the sextile could also be reactive or disruptive, so be mindful of how you work through your emotions. Feel as deeply as you need to, but not the point of being emotionally unpredictable. Luckily, we can reconsider how we work through our intuitive cues and emotional expression while honoring your needs with the conjunction and trine.

The Rising signs can expect a cycle to come to a close in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, & Sacred Spaces
  • Taurus Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Gemini Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, & Values
  • Cancer Rising: 1st House of the Self, Physical Body, Appearance & Perception
  • Leo Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents
  • Virgo Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, & Humanity
  • Libra Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, & Public Status
  • Scorpio Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, & Beliefs
  • Sagittarius Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces (Intimacy), Taboo, Occult, & Psychology
  • Capricorn Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, & Partners (of all kinds)
  • Aquarius Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, & Small Pets
  • Pisces Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, & Drama

By January 12, Mars will station direct in Gemini. Whew! What a wild ride it has been since Mars stationed retrograde in Gemini on October 30, 2022. Since then, Mars has undergone a period of rethinking, reviewing, and revising its ability to work through anger, frustrations, sex, and ambition. Gemini’s dual influence implied a divergent communicative and mental streak associated with Mars retrograde. Throughout this period, we may have witnessed some travel issues, egregious miscommunication, verbal attacks, two-faced behavior, and a never-ending sense of restlessness. Since Mars retrograde was ruled by Mercury, who was also stationed retrograde over the last few weeks, there may have been an almost comical yet exacerbated streak of bad luck. We may have a chance to catch our breath now that Mars is direct in Gemini, especially by using this post-shadow phase to reconstruct our lives. Now is the time to touch base about old comments or arguments, especially if apologies have to be made to alleviate lingering damage from verbal attacks. It might even be best to smooth over issues in a Gemini-like manner. Keep the conversations light, flexible, and on the go. Even wear a false mask to get past nuances that don’t matter. However, not everyone can maturely work through resounding issues, so it might be best to consider this as you prepare to move forward from verbal discourses. Since this a Mercury-ruled Mars, think about working on your communication skills and breath work to combat your frustration. Aside from disagreements, direct Mars may feel more mentally at ease with picking a path to follow. Mars retrograde may have left quite a few unfinished projects, so it might be time to go back and consider what you want to pursue. It’s okay to transition away from some goals or tasks if it doesn’t interest you. But be more decisive about following up with the opportunities that do hold your attention. This mentality will also apply to sexual endeavors. Mars retrograde was likely sexually confusing, especially if you were caught between a few options or unsure about exploring your sensual desires. Although potentially discombobulating, Mars retrograde could have been eye-opening. Think of Mars in Gemini as your cosmic cue to be more open and communicative about your sensual desires. You can even use this energy to let your partner(s) know where you stand!

Shortly after, Mercury will also station direct in Capricorn on January 18. Finally! From December 29, 2022, to January 18, 2023, Mercury retrograde may have caused miscommunication, technical problems, and travel issues (What the hell was up with Southwest?!). While Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing issues, Mercury retrograde is also known for taking out the trash, such as Andrew Tate getting arrested thanks to his incessant tweeting. After all, you tend to win some and lose some during Mercury retrograde! Now that Mercury is direct, this is the perfect time to start picking up the pieces. Collect yourself and gather your bearings by using this post-shadow phase to smooth over the retrograde madness. Triple-check plans and messages to clarify the conversation. Think about what you can do to avoid future technological problems, such as doing a two-factor authentication for your accounts or setting up a protocol. Re-group from travel issues by contacting whoever you need to talk to. Enjoy the remainder of Mercury’s time in Capricorn now that the retrograde is over!

Two days later, the sun will enter Aquarius. Unfortunately, the sun is considered to be detriment or in exile in Aquarius since the sun is in its ruling sign’s opposite sign. Although the sun in Aquarius is considered to be traditionally weakened, it can still be a fantastic astrological season. The sun is now reporting to Saturn and Uranus, suggesting that there will be a strange mix of structure and rebellion, conservative and eccentric. Aquarius season is the perfect time to be 100% authentic by living life according to your wants and needs. Reckless energy may be present, especially if we are leaning on Aquarius energy to break free from self-imposed and societal constraints. Finding your groove will likely be supported by a greater community that embraces uniqueness. Aside from this, Aquarius season will likely focus on emotional detachment, innovation, social media, technology, and humanitarian efforts.

The first new moon in Aquarius will occur on January 21. Since this is the first new moon in 2023, this will also represent the first cycle in that we can use a checkpoint for NYE resolutions or goals since the cycle will come to a culmination at the beginning of July. Although the moon isn’t dignified or detriment in Aquarius, this doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful. It might be best to embrace a rather neutral lunation since Aquarius can help us feel less emotionally reactive or invested in our new lunar cycle. Saturn and Uranus will co-rule the new moon in Aquarius, implying that we will need to erect an individualistic structure or routine that will allow us to be on par with our lunar cycle while marching to the beat of our drum. As the new moon materializes, there could be a heightened desire to up your social media game, work on your friendships from all over, find your confidence in your ingenuity, and dive into your innovation.

Given that this is an air new moon, a ritual should be primarily focused on breathwork. Whether it’s through meditation, visualization, or some form of exercise, we can honor the new moon by honing in on our breathing. Click here to read this article on Healthline for breathing exercises! While you are focusing on your breathwork, think about what you want to bring to fruition over the next six months. Visualize it, talk it through in your mind, and focus on successfully acquiring your desired results. If you’d rather do something differently, then you could use the friendly aspect of the new moon by reaching out to a friend to talk about what you both can accomplish and how you can hold one another accountable for your goals throughout this lunar cycle.

The new moon will form two major aspects – sextiles to both Jupiter and Juno in Aries! Jupiter’s fiery influence and auspicious aspect could be ideal for expanding upon an opportunity within this lunar cycle. The new moon and Jupiter can work together to pursue an independent, authentic path that will encourage us to make our own luck. Taking the lead and sticking with a path will be imperative due to the blend of cardinal and fixed energy. Since this will be such a hopeful aspect, we may feel more motivated to seek out or create opportunities. Don’t be afraid to say “Yes!”, but be mindful as to how much you may take on. Meanwhile, asteroid Juno may imply a more romantic vibe to the new moon. Although the new moon in Aquarius is not mushy-gushy, the sextile with Juno could be an incredible reminder to prioritize friendship within a romantic relationship. However, the blend of Aries and Aquarius may allude to being in a more autonomous partnership. It could even create more traction to go after a love interest since Aries prefers to be the chaser and Aquarius prefers to be single until proven otherwise. Something interesting to note is that Jupiter (Zeus) and Juno (Hera) are married in Roman (and Greek) mythology, so it’s exciting to see them both pop up during the new moon! This may allude to a romance that could come “full circle” by the beginning of July – just in time for Venus retrograde.

The Rising signs will experience a new fated cycle unfolding in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, Humanity
  • Taurus Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, Public Status
  • Gemini Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, Beliefs
  • Cancer Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces, Taboo, Occult, Psychology, Sexual Bonds
  • Leo Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, Partners (of all kinds)
  • Virgo Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, Pets
  • Libra Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, Drama
  • Scorpio Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, Mother/Mother-Figure
  • Sagittarius Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Capricorn Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, Values
  • Aquarius Rising: 1st House of the Self & Perception
  • Pisces Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents

Then Uranus will station direct in Taurus a day later. Uranus originally stationed retrograde back on August 24, 2022, so this has been a particularly long period for fixed signs between 14 to 18 degrees to go through! This retrograde was incredibly introspective as internal breakthroughs and shifts occurred to bring us closer to greater comfort, stability, and security. Now direct, Uranus is ready to shake’em down! Uranus in Taurus will encourage us to move forward in a semi-stable manner as we entertain a fiscal and romantic revolution. Given that this is an outer, collective planet, we will become more attuned to direct Uranian energy over time. With being said, it’s increasingly apparent how direct Uranus is at least affecting the USA between the declining economy (which was progressed by the Pluto return), student debt, and employment revolution. While an economic crash is imminent throughout 2023, we can at least look forward to changes with an employment mentality. Gen Z is causing quite a stir by breaking away from the age-old mentality of “Be expendable, dedicate your whole life to a job, and play into the capitalistic game”. Instead of bowing before the corporate mongrels, Gen Z has become notably rebellious. Part of this is knowing their collective worth and how it’s not appreciated in the general workspace. In true Uranus fashion, this new-age mentality is widely spread on every social media platform. Funny memes, relatable Tik Toks about workplace stressors, and more encourage a wider collective “Fuck it” mentality when it comes to working. This isn’t to say that Gen Z doesn’t appreciate their jobs or employment. It’s more of a cultural reset on how the employees respond to the unhealthy workplace pressure of adopting a terrible work-life balance and bending to capitalistic pressure. It’s worth noting that the last time we saw a major change in the collective workforce mentality was during the 1930s and 40s, which was the last time Uranus was in Taurus. Meanwhile, student debt has been paused for a fourth year in a row while the Biden administration fights to cancel student debt. Time will only tell with how this will play out, and it wouldn’t be surprising if there isn’t a verdict until the end of Uranus’ time in Taurus given that the question of student debt has played out throughout the majority of this transit thus far.

Finally, Venus will enter Pisces on January 26Now exalted in Pisces, Venus is in an especially glorious state! Venus is officially reporting to Jupiter and Neptune, so this is an uber-romantic transit. Jupiter can inspire Venus to optimistically expand, explore, and grow while Neptune can add a dreamy aura. However, the catch will be remaining grounded to not lose your footing in reality.

When it comes to love, Venus in Pisces is a magical transit. Both singles and couples will feel extra hopeful about their love lives since Venus in Pisces are undeniably idealistic. It’s like a quintessential Hallmark movie – there’s an adorable main character, a dreamy love interest, some vague problem that can be overcome by the magic of love, and an overlying mysticism that colors the story with imagination. Venus in Pisces is like a fairytale romance that we only ever hear about in music or see on the big screen, so this is what makes this Venusian transit so special. Although it may feel like love has been written in the stars, Venus in Pisces can still be romantically disarming. Make the most of this lovely period by taking off rose-colored glasses and maintaining your boundaries to avoid amorous grey areas.

When it comes to style, Venus in Pisces is notably artistic. Beauty trends and decorative details will be more imaginative. Dive into soft color palettes, especially pastels, along with some pleasurable prints. Florals, shimmers, soft details, glitter and stardust will be trending as Venus in Pisces happily adorns itself in a fantasia-like beauty. The goal is to look like a wonderful combination of indie artist, thrift store superstar, and forest fairy. Hair tinsel or pastel highlights could even make a comeback!

Finally, money may take on a more intuitive or altruistic tone during this Venusian transit. Financial opportunities may seem serendipitous throughout Venus in Pisces. Wishing or daydreaming of opportunities to make extra cash could come to fruition, so be careful about what you wish for! Since money will come into your life in a magical manner, it may also leave just like that. The mutable Venusian energy is not well-suited for hanging onto money or property, so expect to give as much as you get.

The Dates

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  • January 2 – Venus enters Aquarius
  • January 6 – Full moon in Cancer
  • January 12 – Mars stations direct in Gemini
  • January 18 – Mercury stations direct in Capricorn
  • January 20 – Sun enters Aquarius
  • January 21 – New moon in Aquarius
  • January 22 – Uranus stations direct in Taurus
  • January 26 – Venus enters Pisces

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