February Forecast

February is quite an astrological breeze! Smooth sailing is ahead as there won’t be any planetary retrogrades, eclipses, or major changing of the gods. Given that this is a rather straightforward month, we may feel like time is flying by! Enjoy the easygoing energy that will come with February since March will pack an astrological punch.

Major Transits

Starting on February 3, Ceres stations retrograde in Libra. Ceres, the goddess asteroid of the harvest, motherhood, and nurturing, will station retrograde in the sign of the scales. Now that the asteroid is asking us to go within, this might be the perfect time to look at familial relationships, nourishment, and the stages of a woman’s life from a perspective of balance. Ideally, Libra’s scales are never tipped too far out of balance, but this may be the case during Ceres retrograde. Consider this an excellent time to get back on track with how you nourish your body with food, sleep, and more to maintain homeostasis. For some, this might even be the perfect chance to course-correct hormonal imbalances. Aside from this, it might be time to look at justice within a familial system. From a personal perspective, Ceres retrograde may be perfect for holding yourself and other family members accountable. From a collective perspective, Ceres retrograde may refer to the beginning stages of the Lindsay Clancy trial. Either way, now is the time to work on nourishing intrinsic and extrinsic peace. Check the the House that’s in Libra to see where you need to find balance.

A few days later, there will be a full moon in Leo on February 5. Full moons represent a culmination, an ending, or even a manifestation that has been building over the past six months. With this in mind, this six-month cycle began back in the summer of 2022 during Leo season. From now until then, your life may have been colored with self-expression, pleasure, sensuality, and romance. The vivacious spirit of the lion is poignant under the full moon as Luna heightens the drama and the creativity of the Lion. Since it occurs during Aquarius season, there is an immense desire to be unapologetically individualistic. Leo’s warm energy will lighten up an aspect of your life by encouraging you to be as bold and confident as the lion. You are called to tap into your inner King of the Jungle during the full moon in Leo. Embrace your self-expression with complete self-assuredness. Prioritize the people, places, and things that enhance the positivity in your life. Be the main character. But you will also need to let go of any cowardly lion energy, lack of love, unnecessary drama, and grandiosity.

Fiery full moons are best represented by the element itself in ritual. While you burn an orange or gold candle for the end of this cycle, you should do something creative during the burning process. Release all of your feelings from this cycle through painting, drawing, sketching, carving, writing, molding, singing, and more. Find an outlet for your creativity that speaks to you, then pour your heart into the outlet to honor the lunar cycle.

The full moon does form one aspect and squares Uranus in Taurus. Whenever there is a fixed square, stalemate typically ensues since the fixed modality doesn’t readily or easily give up. Uranus is semi-stable in an earth sign, but still somewhat reactive at a moment’s notice. Meanwhile, the moon is feeling rather fine but could react out of pride or arrogance. Together, both planets could give each other a reason for a radical turnaround. Emotions may run high and low throughout the lunation, which could make it challenging to trust our intuition. Uranus may also take the moon on an unexpected joyride, so there might be unforeseen twists and turns associated with the cycle coming to head. Since Uranus in Taurus has become associated with radical weather forecasts over the last few years, we could associate this square with the current subzero temperatures and any potential turnaround in the weather.

The Rising signs can expect a cycle to come to a close in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, & Drama
  • Taurus Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, & Sacred Spaces
  • Gemini Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Cancer Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, & Values
  • Leo Rising: 1st House of the Self, Physical Body, Appearance & Perception
  • Virgo Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents
  • Libra Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, & Humanity
  • Scorpio Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, & Public Status
  • Sagittarius Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, & Beliefs
  • Capricorn Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces (Intimacy), Taboo, Occult, & Psychology
  • Aquarius Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, & Partners (of all kinds)
  • Pisces Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, & Small Pets

By February 7, Vesta will enter Aries. A new astrological cycle is officially in action once the goddess asteroid is in the sign of the ram! Vesta rules over a virginal light, a more pure and undiluted form of the flame stoked at the hearth. When we think of this asteroid, we can view Vesta as the point in our chart (natal or transit) that encourages us to find our spark in the hearth and home that allows us to feel devoted to what we feel called to do. In the sign of Aries, Vesta will become alive with excitement, confidence, and courage to dive into whatever allows us to feel like ourselves. Although Vesta has a more service-focused origin in mythology, we may feel differently about this since Vesta in Aries will be our cosmic cue to devote our energy to ourselves. “I come first” will be the Vesta in Aries mantra throughout this transit! Aside from this, Vesta’s virginal aspect is enhanced by Aries energy since Aris has a naivety that beautifully plays into the innocence of the asteroid. Expect to feel more wholly self-assured with whatever you set out to do. Check the House that’s in Aries to see where you need to be selfish.

Shortly after, Mercury will enter Aquarius on February 11. Mercury leaves one Saturn-ruled sign for the next, unable to escape Saturn’s stern grip. Luckily, Aquarius is co-ruled, so Uranus does have a little bit of say with Mercury’s train of thought. Mercury in Aquarius has Einstein energy. The little mad genius comes out when Mercury transits zippy Aquarius. Although this transit is neither dignified nor detriment, Mercury still arguably operates well in Aquarius because it’s an air sign! So, communication, thinking, writing, and learning may come naturally to this transit. But it comes with a flair for the eccentric. Mercury in Aquarius is electric! The mind becomes alive with revolutionary ideas as Mercury in Aquarius aims to produce something radical and revolutionary. Mental patterns come in bursts of inspiration, likely triggered by the desire to modernize something in your life. Brainstorming sessions are a huge pinnacle of Mercury transiting Aquarius since this is the perfect time to think outside of the box. But this may lead to some wacky conversations as Mercury in Aquarius could entertain some unusual thoughts, ideas, and points of interest. However, it’s refreshing since Mercury in Aquarius can flex its intellectual side while also bouncing ideas off of someone who is on the same mental wavelength. Writing may take on a weird yet wonderful tone, punctuated by unusual words or thought-provoking phrases. If anything, Mercury in Aquarius needs to watch out for its god-like complex. As a fixed air sign, Aquarius can be relatively obstinate with its intellectual prowess. Telling someone during this Mercurial transit that they’re wrong or challenging their freethinking ideologies can lead to cutthroat, dare I say arrogant, debates. But Mercury in Aquarius can also use its freethinking mindset to consider opposing views and opinions. It’s a matter of perspective. As Saturn and Uranus govern Mercury’s plight, a futuristic structure can come from this. Whatever you speak or think could come to fruition down the line!

Then Pallas will station direct in Cancer on February 16. From November 30, 2022, to February 16, 2023, Pallas has stationed retrograde in the sign of Cancer. Pallas is the asteroid goddess who rules over wisdom, strategic warfare, strategy, craft, and even one’s relationship with their father figure. During this retrograde period, we were called to reassess our emotional intelligence, using our intuition when devising a strategy, listening to our gut feelings for the answers we need to make a decision, and what it may take to nurture a relationship with the father figure. Now direct, Pallas in Cancer can help us gauge the situation before acting by using emotional intensity and reaction to devise a plan. The art of war is passive-aggressive under Pallas in Cancer’s lunar-inspired directive. Pallas in Cancer is strategically intuitive, shines with emotional intelligence, and uses emotional manipulation to remain in control. Reacting readily yet appropriately is encouraged as Pallas in Cancer is exceptionally strategically intuitive. Listen to your gut and you will not fail while Pallas is direct in Cancer!

Two days later, the sun will enter Pisces. The twelfth and final zodiacal season of the astrological year is finally here – hooray! Pisces is a mutable, feminine water sign who rules over the spirit realm, altruism, unconditional love, and escapism. There is a sense of boundlessness during Pisces season, so we may feel like we’re floating through our days. Caught between the waking world and the dream realm, Pisces season will feel incredibly mystical. You may feel like the universe is speaking to you through songs, poetry, signs, and signals. The catch-22 is using discernment to avoid spiritual psychosis, which is more than likely to happen during Pisces season since self-undoing can also be a prominent theme. Luckily, we can also view the subconscious energy of this season as the perfect time to slowly ease into the astrological new year along with all of the major changes coming our way.

By February 20, there will be a new moon in Pisces. New moons represent the beginning of a new cycle that will unfold over the next six months. So, this new moon can be used as a checkpoint for how 2023 is going since the full moon that will complete this cycle will be at the end of August. As this spiritually-focused new moon comes to fruition, you may feel like it’s time to focus on love, compassion, service, and creativity. The next six months can be a wonderful time for finding your path through an intuitive process of self-compassion, working with soulmates, and following your heart’s desire. For some, this may also represent the time to let go of delusion, confusion, illusion, and poor coping mechanisms. Effervescent compassion and love will be brimming throughout this lunar cycle. As hopeful as the energy is, it can also be misleading. Pisces energy tends to be incredibly optimistic, but possible to the point of delusion. Wavering between fantasy and reality will be prominent throughout this cycle. Hidden talents and weaknesses may surface as well, offering the collective a chance to embrace their subconscious undertones with grace. Discovering a deeper, more secluded aspect of ourselves will be inevitable. But believing it, accepting it, loving it – that will be another question altogether. 

Since Pisces tends to be a dreamy water sign, it might be best to soak in a bath while visualizing what you want to bring to fruition during the new moon. A stagnant pool of water, like a bath, will allow you to sit with your intentions and manifestations. You could use Pisces-related herbs and salt for your bath. Once you’re comfortable, close your eyes and envision what you want to occur over the next six months. Feel free to use music or a guided meditation to take you deeper into your dreams!

The new moon will be relatively unaspected since it won’t be in orb to any other planet other than the sun. Think of this as a rather pure lunation since there won’t be many planetary influences that could heighten the new moon.

The Rising signs will experience a new cycle unfolding in these Houses:

  • Aries Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Weaknesses, Hidden Talents
  • Taurus Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Friend Groups, Social Groups, Technology, Dreams, Humanity
  • Gemini Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, Public Status
  • Cancer Rising: 9th House of Long-Term Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Law, Ethics, Morals, Beliefs
  • Leo Rising: 8th House of Merging, Joint Assets/Finances, Marriages/Divorces, Taboo, Occult, Psychology, Sexual Bonds
  • Virgo Rising: 7th House of Contracts, Commitments, Partners (of all kinds)
  • Libra Rising: 6th House of Work, Daily Grind, Routine, Healthy Habits/Practices, Pets
  • Scorpio Rising: 5th House of Joy, Fun, Hobbies, Past-Times, Pregnancy/Children, Dating/Romance, Drama
  • Sagittarius Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Heritage, Mother/Mother-Figure
  • Capricorn Rising: 3rd House of Neighborhood, Local Community, Local/Short-Distance Travel, Communication, & Siblings
  • Aquarius Rising: 2nd House of Personal Finances, Financial Security, Material Items, Personal Property, Values
  • Pisces Rising: 1st House of the Self & Perception

Venus will also enter Aries on February 20Beginning on May 2, Venus will become exiled in Aries. The peaceful watery abyss Venus has enjoyed seems to evaporate at a moment’s notice. Due to traditional astrology, Venus in Aries is considered determent. But each type of transit can have its pros and cons aside from the debility or dignity of the transit! Now reporting to Mars, Venus is no longer a supple love goddess attracting endless possibilities to it. Action-focused Mars encourages Venus to become the chaser, not the chased. This is way out of Venus’s comfort zone! After all, who in the world expects Aphrodite to be the aggressor?

Venus becomes red-hot in Aries. Venus in Aries is bold and ferocious as it oozes a rich sex appeal thanks to its underlying intense masculine energy masked by its divine feminine beauty. So, this is the perfect time to be daring with your style, aesthetic, and design. Venus in Aries isn’t afraid to don rich colors or a daring style. Sharp and warrior-like, the beauty momentum is one of a kind. Even feminine styles will have a strong confident vibe. Venus in Aries is not one to follow trends as Aries is the first in the Zodiac. Expect to see many new fun independent trends pop up during this transit! As each person comes into their own aesthetic, Venus in Aries will radiate with dominance. There’s no telling anyone what they can or cannot wear during this transit! Each interior design, accessory, make-up look, haircut, and more will exude a forceful assertiveness as if to say, “Here I am, world!” It’s more than likely that Venus in Aries will make changes on a whim. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly chopping off all of your hair or throwing out your clothes! Given the qualities of Venus in Aries, there may be apparent red hues, loud choices, and sensual cuts. Heavy metal accessories, bones, teeth, and sharp objects (like knives) could be stylized. Great examples are stiletto nails or wearing metal armbands. No matter what, Venus in Aries will use style as armor. Whatever makes you feel confident, seductive, and hot will be your greatest weapon!

Once you are ready for the battle, Venus in Aries is ready to chase after love and financial conquests. Love is a whirlwind, a spark gone wild as it blazes with passion. Venus in Aries is quick and decisive in love. This is the transit that we will know who we want and when we want them. Usually, that is a rather instinctual decision that better brings the object of desire to us effective immediately. But realistically, Venus in Aries loves the chase. So, denying someone during this transit will spark a frenzy of raging affection. Hot on the chase, Venus in Aries is unbothered as it rises to the challenge of love. It will be as subtle as a shotgun since the object of desire will know how Venus in Aries burns for them (Bridgerton, anyone?). But as quickly as Venus in Aries falls in love, the quicker it can fall out of love. Sometimes, Venus in Aries loses all passion once the game is up. The second the chase ceases to exist, so does the yearning. Venus in Aries can turn off at a moment’s notice, and honestly, it just doesn’t take much. Commitment is fleeting as Venus in Aries knows exactly what it wants. It’s sayonara when Venus in Aries gets the “ick” or realizes that their lover falls short of fantastical expectations. How does this work for the collective? On one hand, we will be feeling pushy and courageous as we compete to win our crushes over. The pugnacious Aries energy will drive us to be bolder than usual, like asking someone outright on a date or how they feel about us. On the other hand, we may find that our love burns rather quickly, so once the gig is up, it’s up. Love could be a fleeting rendezvous! But there is something insanely attractive about the puppy-dog love of Venus in Aries.

Similarly, money is the same. Venus in Aries is determined to seek out financial gains, looking avidly for opportunities to apply or bet as it may. Gambling extends to all parts of finances. Venus in Aries isn’t afraid to take on a bet, or daringly ask for a raise. Once we’ve set our eyes on a financial goal, Venus in Aries is driven to complete it. But we may fall short when success isn’t imminent or when Venus in Aries becomes burned by overspending. Money is a fine line to walk during this transit! Your best bet is to have a rainy day fund, and not be so impulsive when making a purchase. No matter what, the instinctual side of Venus in Aries will know a good deal when it sees one so there’s no need to rush.

The Dates

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  • Feb. 3 – Ceres stations retrograde in Libra
  • Feb. 5 – Full Moon in Leo
  • Feb. 7 – Vesta enters Aries
  • Feb. 11 – Mercury enters Aquarius
  • Feb. 16 – Pallas stations direct in Cancer
  • Feb. 18 – Sun enters Pisces
  • Feb. 20 – Venus enters Aries, New Moon in Pisces

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