April Forecast

Spring has sprung, the energy is light and playful with the transits in April. For the most part, April’s forecast is smooth sailing. Towards the end of April, things may get a tad more dicey when Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer and Pluto stations retrograde. However, April looks like a promising month ahead, with potential for passion and enjoyment!

Major Transits

On April 3rd, Mercury leaves its exile in Pisces for a sort of rushed ascension in Aries. While operating in Aries, there isn’t a significant dignity or debility associated with this Mercurial transit. Mercury in Aries burns hot, intending to be clear as day. It’s a nice change of pace from the illusory Mercury in Pisces, which felt like wading through a fog of ideas and sentiments. Now in Aries, Mercury is operating in a jarringly fast manner. Conversations may feel rushed like everyone has to beat someone to the punchline. The speed of conversation may cause some to feel dizzy, so don’t be surprised when a migraine ensues. Mercury in Aries speaks with a brash vulnerability. Words are decisive, sharp as a knife, and just as lethal. There’s no room for ifs, and’s, or buts. If anything, Mercury in Aries speaks without warning or a second thought. This Mercurial placement has never met a filter in its life. When speaking under this Mercurial transit, think about your tone and timing. Mercury in Aries is straight to the point, with no desire for frills or sugaring its words. So, the conversation is beyond direct, which may come across as more aggressive than assertive. Since the Warrior is speaking, keep in mind that the tone of the conversation can easily go from dialogue to debate. Mercury in Aries may unintentionally start short-lived squabbles thanks to its desire to stand its ground with a “What are you going to do about it?” type of tone. While this transit begs for us to speak our truth, keep in mind that this can be done without an unnecessary argument. No matter what, one will never second guess what someone is thinking or feeling while Mercury is in Aries. After all, Mercury has no time to beat around the bush in Aries, so expect the conversations to be straight to the point. Mercury’s mental agility is lightning fast in Aries, bouncing from idea to idea with childlike enthusiasm. Mercury in Aries dares to wonder, to think about what could be brought into fruition in the quickest manner possible. However, its attention span is slightly shot, so this is the transit with half-finished conversations, studies, and projects. What can keep this Mercury’s attention invigorated? Well, Mercury in Aries is the trendsetter of new ideas, so finding a fresh take on an old hobby or a new subsection of a subject to research can keep this Mercurial transit entertained.

The next major transit of the month is the New Moon in Aries on April 11. The New Moon dazzles amid Aries Season, begging for change to come over the next six months. In the sign of the O.G. trendsetter, this New Moon is all about awakening a new passion, desire, or ambition. The force behind the next six months is blazing cardinal energy. New Moon in Aries is a fantastic time to plant some seeds to grow, then harvest in the fall! New Moon in Aries matches the fiery nature of Aries Season, with a sort of scorch and burn mentality. Since it sextiles Mars in Gemini, this sextile can support a few different ambitions to embark on over the next six months. But all of this energy is so beautifully short-lived if some sort of game-plan or structure isn’t put in place. After all, New Moon in Aries still expects a quick success or fruition, so six months can seem like a millennium to this otherwise swift sign. So, the key to making this New Moon work is staying on track with each ambition’s progress. Water and tend to the seeds that have been planted as these cannot grow on their own. If anything, find a semi-structured game-plan that includes a mile marker of a sort to keep the momentum going over the next six months.

These Rising signs should intend to grow and cultivate new ambitions in these Houses;

  • Aries Rising: 1st House of the Self
  • Taurus Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing & Hidden Talents/Weaknesses
  • Gemini Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friendships, and Dreams
  • Cancer Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, and Public Status
  • Leo Rising: 9th House of Travel, Spirituality, and Education
  • Virgo Rising: 8th House of Self-Mastery, Merged Assets, and Occult
  • Libra Rising: 7th House of Commitments, Contracts, and Partnerships
  • Scorpio Rising: 6th House of Work, Routine, and Health
  • Sagittarius Rising: 5th House of Joy, Dating, and Pregnancy
  • Capricorn Rising: 4th House of Home and Family
  • Aquarius Rising: 3rd House of Local Community, Neighborhood, Communication, and Siblings
  • Pisces Rising: 2nd House of Personal Financial and Material Security

Shortly after on April 14, Venus leaves its exile in Aries for its domicile in Taurus. Venus is running from the fiery pits of hell back to its Garden of Eden. Now smoothly operating in Taurus, Venus is content. She’s stopping to smell the roses once again, drinking in all the pleasures that life has to offer. When it comes to finances, Venus in Taurus is practical. This is the sign that will hold onto money quite tightly, one that intends to budget and invest wisely. Frugality is key with Venus in Taurus. This isn’t a stingy Venusian placement. If anything, Venus in Taurus will happily spend a considerable amount of cash on a luxurious bottle of wine, an exquisite dinner, silky robes, and more. Venus in Taurus spares no expense when it comes to comfort and stimulating its five senses. If money is spent, it is spent well to have a wonderfully blissful time. If money is saved for another rainy day, then this is because Venus in Taurus is holding itself to its standards of what’s worth a financial investment. Wise with the finances, this is a transit that implores slow-moving financial success. It aims for the long-term investment that is bound to bring in security. It’s also one that thinks twice before spending on nonsensical, unimpressive items and experiences. When it comes to romance, Venus in Taurus is beyond loving. Sensual, seductive, and sparing no expense, Venus in Taurus is all about pleasure in romantic connections. Venus in Taurus is stable, steady, and loyal – a very different tone from a burn-it-all-down Venus in Aries. Now operating in Taurus, Venus can commit to a relationship with a practical mindset. Does this person spark joy? Does this connection feel like a solid energetic investment? Is the sex just ok or fucking fantastic? Venus in Taurus weighs its decision heavily, wanting to ensure that if committed, the relationship will be long-lasting and fulfilling. If committed, then consider the connection quite lucky as it’s considered the Chanel of romantic connections. If uncommitted, enjoy the relaxed pace of Venus in Taurus and enjoy each date as it comes.

The shift from Aries to Taurus takes off on April 19, when both the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus! There isn’t a notable dignity or debility associated with either transit to consider.

Sun in Taurus is a fixed, feminine earth expression tinged with a Venusian aura. Sun in Taurus steadies the pace of spring, after the whirlwind that was Aries Season. During Taurus Season, the energy is nonchalant. Taurus Season wants to enjoy, to take in the serenity of spring. This is a desirable switch in the sense that Taurus Season can level off the cardinal start of Aries Season, which holds the collective steady. During this time, make a point to slowly yet surely chip away at any and all goals, especially the goals that began under the New Moon in Aries!

Mercury in Taurus is a leisurely tone and mental agility. Now operating in the Bull, the conversation takes more effort to get off the ground. There is a casual yet composed communicative style associated with this Mercurial transit. During this time, Mercury in Taurus prefers to filter its thoughts before expressing them. It may explain why it takes a considerate amount of time to receive an answer under this transit as Mercury in Taurus wants to ensure that each opinion is first thoroughly filtered. Each word is chosen carefully before being deliberately said. Once spoken, all is said and done. It takes quite a bit of momentum to get Mercury in Taurus to speak up. As stubborn as a Bull, there’s no pushing this Mercurial transit to speak before it’s ready. Since this transit is being expressed in a fixed sign, there is an air of stubbornness associated with communication and mental agility. Said stubbornness can turn into dogmatism as Mercury in Taurus is typically unmoving when it comes to its stance on anything remotely opinion-based. So, take as much time as possible before coming to any decision under this transit because once a decision has been made, it’ll likely be set in stone. Aside from this, Mercury in Taurus can be wonderful for practical, if dead-on, advice. Mercury in Taurus is a sensible character, one who aims to keep it real while keeping it empathetic. It can be a fantastic time to seek out other’s two cents as Mercury in Taurus will take the time to consider what to advise before doing so! When it comes to mental agility, Mercury in Taurus may purposefully put off anything remotely strenuous. It isn’t the transit to dive in deep. If anything, Mercury in Taurus may be more oriented to thinking about topics that have to do with pleasure, comfort, and the five senses. Mercury in Taurus aims to keep it light. If push comes to shove with a heavy topic, then Mercury in Taurus will look at it from all angles with a productive lens. Don’t expect a quick synopsis or answer, as Mercury in Taurus will take its time fully dissecting and forming an opinion on any topic that tugs on a few heartstrings.

Next is Mars moving into Cancer on April 23. Mars in Cancer is considered fall, inferring that Mars is not operating favorably in the sign of Cancer. Even though this is the case, Mars in Cancer is well-placed given the Taurus-laden transits at this time, as this will form many sextile aspects. Now falling from grace, Mars in Cancer is driven by its emotional reaction and gauge. When it comes to action and ambition, this is a dodgy Mars transit. Inaction will occur if Mars in Cancer lacks the emotional drive to become invested in a goal or project. Although cardinal, this Mars transit needs to be emotionally invested to get going. If Mars in Cancer isn’t emotionally invested to take action, then expect it to dip and dodge responsibilities. Projects will remain untouched, goals will falter, and attention will only be turned towards the few things that have sentimental value. Now, if Mars in Cancer is emotionally driven to take action, then the Taurus-laden transits can hold the fort down to keep the momentum steady. However, if there is a lack of a drive to go forward with ambition, then the Taurus energy will also stall it from taking off. When it comes to anger and aggression, Mars in Cancer is all about psychological warfare. Passive-aggressive, moody, yet lacking the desire to take action to right a wrong, Mars in Cancer will act in an emotionally manipulative manner. Under this Mars transit, expect unresolved anger to stay resolved until the emotional baggage is too much to handle. When push comes to shove, Mars in Cancer will lash out in a way that is emotionally jarring and scarring. Finally, when it comes to sexual chemistry, Mars in Cancer is romantic. It works well with the sensual Venus in Taurus energy as Mars in Cancer is emotionally attached to sexual conquests. Each sexual exchange is an emotional one as well. Mars in Cancer forms an easy, loving bond to sexual partners, which may or may not skew the nature of the relationship. If committed, this is a wonderful transit to induce romance into one’s sex life. Sex becomes nurturing, empathetic, and intimate. It can even be an ideal transit for getting pregnant as Cancer is ruled by the Moon and associated with the Mother archetype. If unattached, then Mars in Cancer may idolize its sexual partners, painting them in a glowing light that may lead to daydreams of starting a life together.

A few days later, there will be a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23. Full Moons indicate a chapter or cycle wrapping up. Said chapter or cycle has been ongoing for about six months since the last time there was a New Moon in Scorpio. The Full Moon in Scorpio is looking at wrapping up merged bonds, marriage/divorce, joint investments, and even self-mastery. Think about what has “died” or transformed over the last six months, and the lessons that came from that situation. There was likely a significant period of growth in a certain area or aspect of life that stemmed from a loss of sorts. Said growth was a learning curve in self-mastery, which taught one how to consider approaching and handling the loss at hand. The Full Moon can even allude to deciding on marriage or divorce – essentially merging or breaking away from. Under the Full Moon in Scorpio, consider letting go of any Gray Lizard tendencies.

These Rising signs should consider closing a chapter in these Houses;

  • Aries Rising: 8th House of Merged Bonds, Sexuality, Occult, Taboo, Joint Investments
  • Taurus Rising: 7th House of Commitments and Contracts
  • Gemini Rising: 6th House of Work, Routine, and Health
  • Cancer Rising: 5th House of Dating, Pregnancy/Children, Self-Expression, and Hobbies
  • Leo Rising: 4th House of Home, Family, Parenting, and the Relationship with the Mother
  • Virgo Rising: 3rd House of Siblings, Neighborhood, Local Community, and Conversation
  • Libra Rising: 2nd House of Personal Security, Personal Property, Values, and Finances
  • Scorpio Rising: 1st House of the Self
  • Sagittarius Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing, Talents, Weaknesses, and Enemies
  • Capricorn Rising: 11th House of Greater Community, Friends, Social Groups, and Dreams
  • Aquarius Rising: 10th House of Career, Legacy, Recognition, and Public Status
  • Pisces Rising: 9th House of Education, Morals, Beliefs, Spirituality, and Travel

Finally, April ends in a retrograde! Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde on April 27th. Pluto, the tiniest yet most dire planet in astrology, spends the longest time in retrograde thanks to its orbit. The further a planet (or asteroid) is away from the Sun, the longer it spends in retrograde! So, Pluto will typically retrograde for about six months. Considering it’s the furthest planet, its impact won’t be as significant on a day-to-day basis as say a core planet’s retrograde would be. If anything, Pluto Rx’s influence may be felt on both a collective and personal level when it’s in an orb 0 to 5 with another planet. While retrograding in the sign of a Capricorn, there is a call to rethink, review, revise transforming Capricorn ideals. This includes one’s empire, one’s foundation, the relationship with authority, rising to the occasion, taking on/letting go of responsibility, and karmic appraisal. To learn more about Pluto Rx in Capricorn, check out my blog post from 2020.

The Dates

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  • April 3: Mercury moves into Aries
  • April 11: New Moon in Aries
  • April 14: Venus in Taurus
  • April 19: Sun & Mercury move into Taurus
  • April 23: Mars moves into Cancer
  • April 26: Full Moon in Scorpio
  • April 27: Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn

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