March Forecast

The beauty of March is that it’s home to the both the first and last Zodiac sign, giving it a time-wrap sort of feeling. March seems to be heavier on the mutable side at first, but shifts gears once Aries season is in focus. The theme for March is fluid direction, an adjustable course of action, which isn’t hindered by any retrogrades since all planets will be direct! Plus, there are aren’t any major astrological events, such as eclipses. There are a few debilitated transits up ahead, but overall, March looks like a more astrologically-relaxed month in comparison to January and February.

Major Transits

On March 3rd, Mars leaves Taurus for the fluid, intellectual Gemini. When Mars was in Taurus, this was considered an exile or detriment placement, so there may have been sluggish action or laziness associated with that transit. Now that Mars is in Gemini, the energy can begin to pick-up again with bright curiosity. Mars in Gemini is versatile. Restless, easily influenced, and multi-faceted, Mars in Gemini is about to bring in new opportunities to act. In accordance to ambition and action, Mars in Gemini is the jack of all trades. This transit brings on a frighteningly fast paced, one that makes one’s head spin every which way. Because of this, Mars in Gemini will pull one in multiple directions at once. This may work well with natal air and fire Mars placements as Mars in Gemini lacks structured routine in favor of a scattered, if unfocused, approach. Due to this enthralling pace, Mars in Gemini’s pursuits should never be lackluster. Once a goal, venture, or project loses its brand-new, engaging quality, this transit will find a way to redirect the course of action. So, Mars in Gemini may leave behind many unfinished projects in its wake. However, if the action at hand continues to be intellectually stimulating, then Mars in Gemini will continue until completion or success. With sexual chemistry in mind, Mars in Gemini is a witty, bachelor energy. This astrological energy puts casual dating on the forefront, aiming to find a seamless, joking kind of partner and relationship. Mars in Gemini will seek intellectual stimulation as form of foreplay. Because of this, Mars in Gemini will color dating scene as lighthearted, yet non-committal. If one is looking to lock down love around this time, then keep the conversation fluid yet captivating. Finally, when it comes to anger, Mars in Gemini is a fleeting, unconcerned energy to deal with. Luckily, this is occurring at the beginning of the month, mid-Pisces season, so the take on anger and aggression is usually not worth Mars in Gemini’s energy. This is an astrological transit that will simply call for one to dip out of a situation rather than engage with it. However, if engaged, Mars in Gemini may stir the pot with gossip while deflecting any true blame for it. A little later in the month, after Aries Season has begun, Mars in Gemini may revert to a more argumentative, superficial anger.

The next major transit is the New Moon in Pisces on March 13th. New Moons represent a new lunar phase that can be used to set intentions to bring in something in accordance to the New Moon over the next six-months. The New Moon in Pisces can refer to Pisces or 12th House themes that can be manifested over the next six months. If manifesting with Pisces in mind, think of how compassionate love, intuitive guidance, psychic reception, spiritual growth, and fluidity can be manifested and implemented over the next six months. If manifesting with the 12th House themes in mind, think of self-undoing, exploring hidden weaknesses and strengths, and exposing secrecy can be manifested into the next six months. Aside from this, use your Rising sign to gauge where new opportunities are unfolding over the next six months for you:

  • Aries Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing
  • Taurus Rising: 11th House of Greater Community
  • Gemini Rising: 10th House of Career & Legacy
  • Cancer Rising: 9th House of Education & Adventure
  • Leo Rising: 8th House of Hidden & Taboo
  • Virgo Rising: 7th House of Commitments
  • Libra Rising: 6th House of Work & Routine
  • Scorpio Rising: 5th House of Joy & Creativity
  • Sagittarius Rising: 4th House of Home & Family
  • Capricorn Rising: 3rd House of Communication & Local Community
  • Aquarius Rising: 2nd House of Concrete Security
  • Pisces Rising: 1st House of the Self

Shortly after, Mercury moves into Pisces on March 15th, which is a debilitated placement. Mercury in Pisces is considered exile or detriment, meaning that Mercury is in its opposing sign, Pisces, and is therefore, fairly uncomfortable in that placement. Detriment transits can be a difficult energy to work with as it’s not a placement that either the celestial body or Zodiac sign want to be in. However, even detriment placements have just as many pros as it does cons. Mercury in Pisces is either like gentle rain or a torrential downfall. If it’s like a gentle rain, then Mercury in Pisces is poetic in nature. Words flow easily, tinged with idealistic romance and whimsical fantasy. Communication is colored by the rose-colored glasses. It’s ongoing, effortless, and yet distracted all the same. Mercury in Pisces may be more drawn to intuitive conversations, emotional scapes, and artistic ventures. This is an ideal transit to turn Mercurial movement into imaginative cultivation. However, if it’s like a torrential downfall, Mercury in Pisces can be crushed with the inability to bring function to communication. This transit can be scattered, unfocused, and unstructured. Because of this boundless momentum, the conversation may lack direction and mental patterns may wander with no avail. The lack of action or direction can be futile in nature. The feminine nature of this transit can be squashed fairly easily by stronger voices, causing Mercury in Pisces to feel as it’s being trapped under water. If push comes to shove, Mercury in Pisces can erupt in emotional chaos, brought down by the crushing weight of reality or the inability to be understood for its essence. When navigating this transit, it’s best to keep a goal or point of focus in mind to combat ruminating or talking in circles. Don’t be afraid to use music, cinema, art, nature, and more to get the point across when words cannot.

The Sun enters Aries on March 20th, bringing in the new astrological year and the Spring Equinox! Aries Season is a time or renewal. First in the Zodiac, Aries is the O.G. trailblazer. Lead by instinct, Aries follows through with courage and bravery. This Zodiacal season is hailed as a fast-paced, intense whirlwind. The course of action is direct, straight-forward, and blunt. The tone of the season is honest, rough around the edges, yet meant in an earnest manner. Aries Season is the time to begin again, but with fervor! In true Aries nature, one can honor this season with physical exertion, vulnerability, and child-like wonder.

A day later, Venus leaves Pisces for Aries. Venus goes from an exalted position to a detriment (or exile) position. While in Aries, Venus is expressed weakly or unfavorably. However, even the detriment transits and astrological placements have their own spark! When Venus in Aries has a spark to it, this is an explosive love affair. Romance becomes zealous under Venus in Aries. The desire runs high but the patience runs low. Venus in Aries is an active pursuer when in love (or rather, lust). This astrological energy emboldens one to chase after their heart’s desire, usually with a confident spirit. Love affairs are passionate yet quick-lived. When in love, Venus in Aries is enamored, with the desire to be their lover’s hero. This heroic display is machismo in expression. Think grand gestures, over-communication of affection, longing physical touches. Venus in Aries aims to conquer in love – to be the best, have the best, and give only the best. However, once the battle in love has been won, Venus in Aries loses interest. This is why the passionate love affairs take on a tone of apathetic indifference. Venus in Aries loses interest in easy conquests, which will turn this astrological energy onto the next venture in romance. If love is found under this transit, use spontaneity and adventure to keep Venus in Aries interested. Allow yourself to be pursued but still find a way to hold all of the power – this will keep the Venus in Aries spirit insatiable! When it comes to financial pursuits, this is a turn-and-burn money mentality. Aries in Venus can be impulsive in finances, whether it’s giving, investing, or buying. It can be a very generous transit, yet to the point of financial crisis. Venus in Aries burns through money quicker than love interests. Be extra careful with spur of the moment purchases as Venus in Aries will buy for the cheap thrill without a second thought about potential fiscal consequences. Luckily, this energy can be great for instinctual spending and investing. Use Venus in Aries to find financially productive ventures, such as smart investments or opening up a savings account on a whim. All in all, Venus in Aries is led on gut feelings in both love and money. Use this to enjoy these aspects of life, but not at an egregious expense!

Finally, the last transit of the month is the Full Moon in Libra on March 28th. The Full Moon is an indication of a lunar cycle wrapping up after six-months. This comes in a form of a chapter closing, or a cycle ending. As this is occurring in Libra, there is hope that the end of the cycle is one of balance. Full Moon in Libra can refer to Libra qualities or 7th House aspects coming to head. If this is in reference to Libra qualities, think of the journey as one ending in balance, reciprocity, justice, diplomacy, and with healthy connections. It may appear as more logical, or black-and-white in tone. If this is more in reference to 7th House themes, there may be commitments and contracts reaching a stage of completion around this time. Think the finalization of a commitment, the success of a union, the ending of a union, or the ending of a stage within a union. For contracts, this may refer to the success with signing onto the ideal contract or the completion of a contract. Aside from this, the Full Moon in Libra illuminates the sky mid-Aries season, which gives the astrological energy an alpha feminine tone. This is a time where feminine spirits may feel more alone, yet strengthened by their independence around this time. For additional insight to this lunar transit, check out the House it’s operating in based on using your Rising sign:

  • Aries Rising: 7th House of Commitments & Contracts
  • Taurus Rising: 6th House of Work & Routine
  • Gemini Rising: 5th House of Joy & Creativity
  • Cancer Rising: 4th House of Home & Family
  • Leo Rising: 3rd House of Communication & Local Community
  • Virgo Rising: 2nd House of Concrete Security
  • Libra Rising: 1st House of the Self
  • Scorpio Rising: 12th House of Self-Undoing
  • Sagittarius Rising: 11th House of Greater Community
  • Capricorn Rising: 10th House of Career & Legacy
  • Aquarius Rising: 9th House of Education & Adventure
  • Pisces Rising: 8th House of Hidden & Taboo

The Dates

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  • 3/3: Mars enters Gemini
  • 3/13: New Moon in Pisces
  • 3/15: Mercury enters Pisces
  • 3/20: Sun enters Aries, Spring Equinox
  • 3/21: Venus enters Aries
  • 3/28: Full Moon in Libra

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