February Forecast

February kicks off with Mercury stationed retrograde, making it the first planetary retrograde of the year! With Mercury Rx already in transit, February poses to be an Aquarius-laden month. Majority of the planets will be operating in Aquarius, which gives off a detached, aloof vibe. This month is likely to be more tech-focused in order to stay connected, which may pose as a problem in itself during the first half of the month with Mercury Rx. Aside from this, prepare for a more introverted month ahead!

Major Transits

On February 1st, Venus leaves Capricorn for Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius is all about a foundation of friendship to sustain romance. Venus in Aquarius is the romantic reminder to work on the most basic, universal yet strengthening bond of friendship as any core foundation in any type of relationship. After all, this transit is all about prioritizing the logical basis of a relationship, which begins with building up trust and rapport over time. While this isn’t the most romantic Venus transit, it is helpful for gauging long-term compatibility. After all, Venus in Aquarius takes on a radical notion in love which is building up towards love. Crazy to think as society is very heavy on love-at-first-sight tropes and instant connection, but actually very helpful when considering the future of a relationship. Venus in Aquarius desires a backbone of friendship because it will reinforce the romance that slowly evolves over time. Aside from this, Venus also oversees finances and fiscal matters. While operating in Aquarius, there may be a more independent streak in money matters. Venus in Aquarius may inspire the unconventional way to ensure financial success and stability. Given that Aquarius is associated with technology and community, this transit may infer financial capabilities through social media, crypto-currency, and coming together in partnership with other communities.

The next major transit is on the 11th with the New Moon in Aquarius. New Moons mark the beginning of a new six-month lunar cycle, full of promises, new beginnings, and potential to manifest. Under this New Moon in Aquarius, the emotional state is one of detached empathy. This is a great time to observe fleeting feelings without the burden of emotional saturation. This New Moon in Aquarius can mark the beginning of a six-month cycle that can related to Aquarius-related themes or 11th House topics. Use the New Moon to set intention to embody authentic individuality over the next six months. This is a time to make a point to think about how one can step into emotional freedom as well. After all, it’s bringing a black-and-white intellectual perception to intuition and emotional affirmation. With 11th House themes in mind, the New Moon can be a time to set the intention of bringing in new connections or communities. Given the pandemic and the 11th House influence, this may be more easily done on social media or through technology. So, intentions and manifestations with this House in mind would gear around building up a social media platform, defining one’s online presence, working on bringing in new communities, and maintaining new connections.

After, Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on the 17th. Saturn in Aquarius is teaching karmic lessons in assuming accountability and responsibility over individuality, authenticity, community influence, and technology. Uranus in Taurus is a slow-moving, yet tangible change in concrete security, materials, and connections. Square aspects form at 90 degrees, posing tension between two planets. In essence, Saturn and Uranus fail to see eye-to-eye. Saturn wants to dominate the rebellious Uranus. After all, Saturn’s goal is to restrict whatever it touches. Uranus will refuse this domination, therefore acting out or leading to unthinkable rebellion against Saturn. After all, Saturn is going to try to reform the idealistic, freedom-loving Uranus. Given current events, it would appear that Saturn in Aquarius would be a collective response to restriction. As February is an Aquarius-laden month, the restriction may come in the form of a more extreme form of social distancing, COVID-19 restrictions, and ability to form offline communities. The result of such may come out more tangibly with Uranus in Taurus. The rebellion may be more immediate, with major collective push-back not only online, but offline as well. In particular, there could be restrictive freedoms implemented with crypto-currency and fiscal matters. It’s likely that there will be cost versus value conversations around this time. After all, Saturn square Uranus could be radicalizing the collective take on finances. This can refer to trading, banking, the stock market, and the value placed on monetary exchanges. With Saturn square to Uranus, there is a need to find balance between restriction and freedom. These two signs in a tense square aspect are operating on the extremes of both ends, potentially out of a fear-based mindset. Make a point to find the middle ground.

The next day, the Sun moves into Pisces, the final sign in the Zodiac and final season of the astrological year! Pisces is a mutable, feminine water sign that is the final Zodiac sign in the modality. As a mutable sign, Pisces tends to adapt in a gentle manner. As a feminine sign, Pisces is known to be empathetic in the sense of innate knowing and intuition. As a water sign, Pisces is emotional, moody, fleeting, wise yet naive. Since Pisces is the 12th sign, it’s hailed often as the all-encompassing embodiment of all former 11 signs. Pisces Season is a mystical time. It’s one of dissolution, absolution, and wavering concepts. Nothing is real, but everything is sacred during Pisces Season.

On the 20th, Mercury stations direct in Aquarius, bringing an end to the first of three Mercury Retrogrades. Now that Mercury is direct, expect communication, technological, and travel to come a bit easier. The post-shadow period will last until about March 13th. During this time, themes from the Retrograde period will resurface for a final time. The post-shadow period is the time to close out Mercury Retrograde lessons and themes. Consider this a time to re-affirm what was brought to light during the retrograde period.

Following that transit, Venus enters Pisces on the 25th, which is an exalted placement! An exalted placement implies that the planet is operating with confidence and strength in the Zodiac sign it is placed in. Venus in Pisces is a soft, glowing type of love in connections. It’s fairly ideal following Venus in Aquarius, as Venus in Aquarius would have sucked the fun out of romance in order to ensure that the connection was logical, intellectual, and futuristic. Since Venus in Aquarius focused heavily on reforming romance to be independent, like-minded, and founded in a place of friendship, Venus in Pisces can breathe a little love back into connections. Venus in Pisces is a daydreaming, sweet energy. It entices romantic relationships to be a bit more spiritually inclined, formed in a place of mutual emotional reception. The energy is soft, mutable, yet emotionally intertwined. It can be great for affirming emotional bonds within connections now that the foundation of friendship has been solidified. However, Venus in Pisces can also lead to a lack of boundaries, or even being unrealistic from an idealistic place. Venus in Pisces may struggle with defining or adhering to boundaries, as it’s an easily giving energy. It may also struggle with seeing the reality of a person or connection for what it is, as daydreams may border illusion. With finances in mind, Venus in Pisces can be overly fluid. Stay on top of budgeting, loans, and giving/receiving money with this transit.

Finally, February’s major transits concludes with the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th. Full Moons are a time to close a chapter, end a cycle, and let go. This Full Moon will be the finalization of a six-month period since the moon was last in Virgo. Think back to these past six months as the moon was last in Virgo mid-September. Since then, there’s been multiple endings to several planetary retrogrades, Zodiacal seasons, the Great Conjunction, and more. Now it’s time to affirm the ups and downs of the last six months. Consider releasing Virgo-related themes of being overworked, disorganized routines, unhealthy patterns, servitude attitudes, and allowing stress to accumulate to somatic complaints. Instead, use the Full Moon in Virgo to make a point of embodying a work hard, play hard healthy attitude and mindset. As this is operating during Pisces Season, this Full Moon may also cool or stabilize the emotional fluctuations as well.

The Dates

***Starting the month off strong in a Mercury Rx

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  • 2/1: Venus enters Aquarius
  • 2/11: New Moon in Aquarius
  • 2/14: Exclusive Valentine’s Day Bundles (astro + tarot) are dropping on @the__crone on Instagram!
  • 2/17: Saturn square Uranus
  • 2/18: Sun enters Pisces
  • 2/20: Mercury stations direct
  • 2/25: Venus enters Pisces
  • 2/27: Full Moon in Virgo

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