The Zodiac Signs of Bridgerton

*** Warning, this post definitely contains some spoilers!

I, like almost everyone else right now, recently binged watch Bridgerton on Netflix pretty much within a day. After all, what’s better than a Victoria-era inspired, smutty drama that’s directed by none other than Shonda Rhimes? Obviously, it’s a hit show! Throughout my Bridgerton binge, I couldn’t resist associating each main character with a Sun sign. Some of them just screamed a particular Zodiac sign, whether it was through mannerisms or emotionally provoking acting. In this article, I’m going to share what Sun signs I think some of my favorite on-screen characters are!

The Bridgertons

Lady Violet – Libra Sun

Lady Violet is obviously a Libra Sun! She’s poised, a lover for love, a leader, and socially tasteful. As matriarch of her family, the Bridgertons, Lady Violet is tasked with the duty of marrying off her eligible sons and daughters into high society. Lady Violet, although widowed, is still very much in love with her late husband, which is what drives her ambition to her own children married. She obviously wishes nothing but love through union for each of her children, with her daughter, Daphne, as the first who could be wed. Lady Violet is demure, graceful, yet confrontational. No matter the social situation, Lady Violet is extremely aware that others are always watching, which drives her desire for her and her family to be seen as socially adept. Such a Libra move! After all, she did passive-aggressively distance her family from the disgraced Featheringtons later in the season! When push comes to shove to find Daphne a suitable husband, Lady Violet uses the hot gossip column by Lady Whistledown to sway public opinion to encourage her daughter’s romantic prospects. In true Libra Sun fashion, Lady Violet exudes an elegance unmatched by others, the ability to socially manipulate her situations, and the desire for her children to experience a loving union.

Daphne – Cancer Sun

At first, I was thinking Taurus Sun for Daphne. After all, her first few appearances gave off Taurus energy of being the grounded, reliable daughter. But seriously, by the end of Season 1, how could Daphne be anything else by a Cancer Sun?! Daphne is emotionally invested in being a mother and raising a family. She makes this desire known all throughout the season, especially to none other than the Duke. When Daphne falls in love, she falls very deeply. Her love seems to be pure, sweet, and naive for the Duke. Daphne’s way of handling her troubles are also Cancer-like in nature. When her and the Duke go through the highs and lows of her relationship, she seems to retreat to deflect from the emotional pain. Not only does she retreat, but Daphne also plots her reaction to the Duke in a more emotionally manipulative way. The first sign of this is encouraging Prince Frederick’s affections to irk the Duke into following her into the garden at the party. The second sign is reciprocating the Duke’s advances in the garden by kissing him back, which initially backfires. After all, Daphne really had to work to get that proposal, which does end up working for her advantage because she does secure the bag! But then wedded bliss turns into drama when Daphne discovers the Duke lied to her about his ability to have children. So, again, her Cancer-like self retreats initially out of anger, opting to be passive-aggressive. In time, she comes back to a more loving, compassionate Cancer-like disposition with the idea that a baby could help her husband move on from his own trauma. Also, every scene of them fighting or being in love gives off such a classic Water sign couple in a nutshell. The emotions are always running high for Daphne and the Duke.

Anthony – Leo Sun

Anthony always thinks he’s right, in charge, and that hair though! So, he’s got to be a Leo Sun. Anthony has a certain nobility to him throughout the series. He acts selfishly at times, like stringing along his lover who’d never be accepted into high society. But really, Anthony has everyone’s best interests at heart. He pledges himself to an honorable code of loyalty to his family, his duty to act in his late father’s place, finding Daphne a husband, and even trying his best to take care of his lover. But Anthony does act like a classic pompous Leo Sun at times. After all, he does string along his lover, knowing he’ll never marry her but enjoys the attention nonetheless. The second honor is even slightly questioned, Anthony is ready to go to throw hands. Not to mention that he has no quarrels with fist-fighting his long-time friend, the Duke, when he feels slighted. Plus, the drama of his heartbreak at the end of the season! But Anthony does mean well. After all, he aims for his family to remain in high societal standards, for his sister to be happily married, and for honor to remain intact.

Eloise – Aquarius Sun

I was between Virgo Sun and Aquarius Sun, but Eloise’s quirky need for independence in the Victoria-era time where a woman’s self-worth is attached to a marriage just screamed Aquarius to me. Eloise is clearly an Aquarius Sun, from her independent streak, to rebutting against high society dress code, to favoring her quest to find Lady Whistledown over parties. Not to mention that Eloise prefers to be introverted, opting to read and write. Her whole existence on the show is rebellious in nature. Not to mention that she would prefer to live alone to pursue her intellectual hobbies and career as opposed to being married off. Talk about a true Aquarius Sun!

The Featheringtons

Lady Portia – Capricorn Sun

Lady Portia is the other matriarch of a high society family, the Featheringtons. Unlike Lady Violet, Lady Portia is like a poised cobra waiting for the right time to strike, which is very much like a Capricorn Sun in nature. Lady Portia is methodical in her and her family’s advancement in high society, from finding her daughters the perfect match to covering up family scandals. When push comes to shove, Lady Portia knows how to play her part to keep herself from becoming to mucked down with the scandals in her family. One rarely sees Lady Portia break down from the stress. In true Capricorn Sun nature, she keeps her head high and shoulders back to brace herself for sneers from other ladies. Not to mention her scheming is what keeps her from truly falling from social peril. After all, Lady Portia tries her best to stay on top, or at least, the illusion of such.

Penelope – Pisces Sun

Penelope struck me as a Pisces Sun for her gentle, dreamy nature. She appears as a young girl who is wistfully thinking about the marital season ahead. Penelope finds herself easily attuned to the misfits in her life, from Eloise to Marina. After all, in true Pisces nature, she is compassionate and empathetic to the other young women who are a little different by societal norms. When it comes to her own potential to marry throughout the season, Penelope seems to fall deeply in love with Colin Bridgerton. Their relationship is rooted in a childhood friendship, so it’s sweet as he treats her well and gives her attention at the balls. But when push comes to shove, Penelope finds herself fighting for Colin when she learns of his engagement to Marina (for all the wrong reasons, may I just add). Even when she fights for Colin, it’s done in a manner that is emotionally driven. After all, she wants both Colin and Marina to be happy, but not together. So, Penelope finds herself in the middle of a relationship inciting drama that could potentially rift not one, but two very important relationships. In some ways, the situation works out accordingly! But in other ways, the result of Penelope’s interference doesn’t lead to her secret hope of Colin choosing her instead of Marina, which leaves her in tears in the final episode.

Marina – Capricorn Sun

Unlike Lady Portia, Marina exudes the Capricorn Sun persona in a different manner. At first, she strikes as more of a Pisces Sun when she talks about falling in love with her man back home. But when she finds out she’s pregnant out of wedlock, disregarded by her lover, and left to fend for herself in London, Marina’s Capricorn Sun begins to shine through. Like most Capricorn Suns, Marina feels the weight of her responsibilities like the weight of the world resting on her shoulders. She is determined to find a suitable husband to marry quickly in order to ensure her and her baby are taken care of. In true Capricorn Sun nature, she hatches a plan to seduce Colin into marrying her. So, Marina begins playing a long, drawn out game. She tries to methodically manipulate him into a quick marriage to pass her lover’s baby off as Colin’s child. But like a true Saturn-ruled individual, her plan falters and she deals with the karmic repercussions of Colin breaking the engagement, public scandal, and even being forced to entertain the idea of marrying a gross, old man. So, Marina appraises her karmic repercussions, showing growth which is what a Capricorn Sun typically goes through with Saturn. By the end of the season, she finds herself in a rather ideal engagement after facing trials and tribulations.

The Duke and Lady Danbury

The Duke, Simon – Scorpio Sun

The Duke portrays such a classic Scorpio Sun persona, it’s rather difficult to imagine him as anything else. He enters the show mysteriously, not trying to get close to anyone or even be part of the high society scene at the parties. As eligible women flock to him, he’s coolly disinterested. Why, may you ask? Because like the Scorpio Sun that the Duke is, he’s closed off to love thanks to trauma! So, who attempts to heal this wound? The Cancer Sun, Daphne, who’s ready to do the emotional labor for a Scorpio Sun operating at a low vibration. Not to mention that their plight to marriage is dramatic, as he obviously falls for her but resists out of his trauma and spite for the person who causes his trauma. No worries though, as they end up together (in a rather emotionally manipulative manner, may I just add). And at first, their marriage is great! The Duke’s Scorpio Sun breaks out of its moody shell and into a more passionate, ardent persona. Not to mention that the sex scenes just seem to stereotypically Scorpio in nature. But the emotional labor doesn’t kick in until Daphne learns of her husband’s great betrayal, which was a result of his unresolved spite and trauma. So, for weeks, they act in a passive-aggressive manner where the Duke comes across in an affronted, grudge-holding manner. Fret not, as the Duke resolves his trauma by the end of the season with, ah-hem, a very spicy sex scene. Joking tone aside, he does go through all levels of a Scorpio Sun plight from Gray Lizard to Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. He shows immense emotional growth as he breaks free from his trauma bonds, spite, and surely mysterious attitude.

Lady Danbury – Aries Sun

Lady Danbury is a fiery, ferocious bitch who doesn’t take anyone’s crap! Aries Sun, all the way through. She comes across as blunt, unapologetic, and independent throughout the entire season. Her tongue is sharp yet well-intended. Lady Danbury’s Aries Sun nature is a force to reckon with. After all, she appears incredibly loyal to the Duke and his happiness. From standing up to his abusive father when the Duke was a boy, to encouraging him in a blunt yet forceful manner, to ensuring his marriage to Daphne. Lady Danbury is also not one to be trifled with, as she knows when to step in and when to let things carry on without her influence. Plus, her friendship with Lady Violet is just so Libra-Aries in nature! They’re truly two sides of the same coin who go after the same goals but in slightly different manners. They seem to get along swimmingly, with little to no issues in their own Libra-Aries friendship.

Additional Noteworthy Characters

Queen Charlotte – Leo Sun

Seriously, from the hair to being the literal queen of the show, Queen Charlotte is obviously a Leo Sun! Queen Charlotte portrays a Leo Sun’s taste with the extravagant clothing, sky-high hair styles, and poised grace. She is regal in her manner, but also somewhat intimidating. Like a more immature Leo, Queen Charlotte lives for the drama of society, especially with the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. So, to amp up the commotion, she names Daphne as the marital season’s “It Girl” to incite a bit of a spark to keep her entertained. Queen Charlotte also comes across very Leo-like in nature with her relationship to Lady Whistledown’s gossip column. Queen Charlotte lives for the gossip column until it starts speaking poorly of Queen Charlotte. No Leo Sun wants to be personally slandered! This begins Lady Charlotte’s campaign to bring down the gossip column and Whistledown. After all, can’t have a nobody running their mouth about the Queen.

Lady Whistledown – Gemini Sun

Lady Whistledown is a Gemini Sun, which really needs no explanation, but let’s have one anyways. Lady Whistledown is obviously two-faced in the sense that this is a pen-name used to keep the author from being outed as the hottest high society intel in all of London. Her Gemini Sun nature keeps her living two lives, one in high society and one in the shadows reporting on high society. The Gemini nature comes through with the nature of the column as it revolves around reporting the scandals, drama, and potential matches of the marital season. Not to mention that the effect of this gossip columnist is Gemini-like as well, as her findings spread rather quickly over the small group in high society which stirs commotion within the group. Like Geminis everywhere, Lady Whistledown is received in contradictory ways – some love her reports, some don’t (i.e. Queen Charlotte). Not to mention that the reveal of Lady Whistledown is also Gemini-like in nature. It’s the person you least expect it to be!

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