January Forecast

Welcome to 2021! In hindsight, 2020 was astrologically profound. It was both destructive and restorative. The astrological transits of 2020 were rare, which means that sort of astrology won’t be in the near future forecast. In comparison to 2020, 2021 is aimed to be an astrologically easier year. This is the year of change, as the numerology of 2021 is 5. It’s the year of the fixed signs, as all fixed signs, especially Aquarius, comes into focus as the signs of the year. It’s the year of Saturn mitigating, restructuring, and holding accountable. The astrology behind each month aims to inform, which can help one strategize accordingly so that one can choose what they make of it.

Major Transits

The first major transit of not only the month, but also the year, is on the 6th, when Mars leaves its six-month reign in Aries for a more stable Taurus. Mars in Taurus is stabilized exertion. While operating in the slow-moving Bull, ambitious projects take on a grounded approach. This is a great time to begin slowly but surely chipping away at New Year manifestations, intentions, and resolutions. It can also be a time where indulgence is preferred, Venusian style of course. So, as easily as it is to become stable in NYE goals, it’s also a time to fall off the bandwagon. After all, Mars in Taurus is a rather stubborn energy. Use stubbornness to your advantage with action-based pursuits. Aside from action and ambition, Mars in Taurus has a slow-burning anger. This is a great time to get a handle on anger and aggression, especially after a rather explosive six-months of the Warrior spirit. Instead of acting on anger, Mars in Taurus will take a backseat approach. On one hand, this is fantastic as it’s easygoing. On the other hand, it may lead to resentful grudge-holding. Finally, Mars in Taurus brings on an earthy sensuality. While Mars in Aries was lustful passion, Mars in Taurus is a tasteful seduction. This is a great time to bring a sense of stability, but Venusian style, to sexual conquests.

On the 8th, Mercury enters Aquarius. Mental patterns and method of communication become more fixated on a zany outlook. Mercury in Aquarius sees the futuristic potential with the goal of communicating such. This is a transit that aims to see what could be granted in the long-term. Mercury in Aquarius has an unconventional outlook, looking for all atypical possibilities to achieve the impossible. Under Mercury in Aquarius, conversations and mental patterns may swing wildly from introverted to extroverted. One may find themselves either excitedly communicating, especially through technological platforms, to quietly pondering. No matter what, both communication and mental processes are happening at the speed of light under Mercury in Aquarius. This transit is geared to keep moving forward in an objective, logical take. At times, it may become fixated or dogmatic, which can be deterring to an otherwise brainy Mercurial placement.

Also on that day, Venus enters Capricorn. Now in a pragmatic earth sign, Venus in Capricorn is serious about all Venusian concepts such as romance, relationships, and finances. In love, Venus in Capricorn romanticizes the power-couple trope. Ideally, Venus in Capricorn is in a status-oriented yet committed union. During this transit, romance takes on a serious tone. Venus in Capricorn will strive for commitment, stability, and reliability in romance. Relationships, both potential and committed, are hyper-focused on building up status. After all, Venus in Capricorn desires to be part of a jealous-worthy couple. The goal is to be able to say, “Yes, I’m with so-and-so”. After all, love is just another empire to build from the ground up under Venus in Capricorn’s watchful eye. Venus in Capricorn may also allude to karmic responsibilities in love. This can be taken in many ways. Venus in Capricorn may begin teaching lessons in love regarding control dynamics within relationships, standards to be withheld in love, and boundaries. As harsh as Capricorn can be even in Venus, it’s often necessary to review even whimsical romances with a critical mindset. Apart from romance, Venus in Capricorn is ideal for capitalizing financial ventures and partnerships. Now is a great time to consider investments, crypto-currency, promotions, job applications, and budgeting. This Venusian energy is dedicated to financial success, so lean into the idea of coming up with a game plan to ensure that financial investments and budgeting pays off in the long-run.

The first New Moon of the year is on the 13th in Capricorn. New Moons open up a new six-month cycle of possibilities, manifestations, and beginnings. As this is in Capricorn, the next six-months can be related to 10th House themes and Saturn-based concepts. New Moon in Capricorn can be methodical, concise, and futuristic. This can be an ideal time to set intentions or goals revolving around the foundation that can be built from the ground up. Said foundation may have to do with status, money, power, public identity, and career. New Moon in Capricorn can also foreshadow a six-month period of karmic lessons being learnt and applied throughout the next six months.

On the 14th, the last retrograding planet, Uranus, finally stations direct. Now direct in Taurus, Uranus can be considered as a ticking time bomb. Uranus has been in retrograde mode since mid-August, creating whirlwind for about six months. Now direct, change is afoot. Think of Uranus as a pot that’s been simmering on the back burner. Events – personal and collective – have been slowly brought to boil over the past six months. So, now that Uranus is direct, the pot will begin boiling over. Given this transit is occurring mid-earthquake season, this could refer to a very physical breakdown. It’s also occurring in the height of the election results, so this may refer to a collective civil uprising. Either way, a direct Uranus aims to erupt, distort, and shock not only on a personal scale, but global as well.

Then on the 17th, Jupiter squares Uranus. Jupiter is operating in Aquarius, which is looking to expand on individualistic pursuits, technology, social activism, and connections. Uranus is operating in Taurus, which is bringing on very tangible, yet slow change. Together in a square aspect, there is tension between these two outer planets. Jupiter square Uranus brings on a sense of agitation that can be felt from every single individual. This agitation may be a result of wanting to inspire change, but not knowing where or how to start. It’s essentially being a rebel without a cause. Jupiter square Uranus needs inspiration in order to inspire change in a positive sense. If inspiration is lost or not found, change may be a result of careless, reckless behavior. This transit can result in a tangible manner, mainly with the economy and social connections. There may be a widespread desire to reconnect with others, or to lift COVID-19 restrictions. After all, this may be a time where agitation is a result of quarantining for a year with no foreseeable end in sight even with vaccines. It can also affect the economy in a sense of another unexpected impact in the stock markets, stimulus checks, and even personal banking. Considering that Uranus in Taurus can refer to the tangible loss of finances, Jupiter in Aquarius may make it either personal to the individual or communal to a large group or population. Either way, this transit may mark the beginning of unexpected economic change, even peril. Jupiter square Uranus may also refer to the population’s response to the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden on the 20th. Be wary of the potential for civil uprising and unrest around this time.

On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius, kicking off Aquarius Season! Aquarius Sun is a fixed, masculine air sign placement that is arguably ruled by two planets. As a fixed Sun sign, Aquarius Sun is loyal, proud, and committed. All fixed sign qualities can also present as dogmatic, stubborn, and opinionated. As a masculine Sun sign, Aquarius Sun is a projective, assertive energy. This may also be received as confrontational, or even aggressive. As an air Sun sign, Aquarius Sun carries air traits such as detached social connectivity, wit, intellect, and lack of emotionality. Aquarius Sun is also detriment (or in exile), as the Sun is in its opposing sign. This Sun sign is traditionally ruled by Saturn, but also has the modern ruler of Uranus. It governs the 11th House of Social Connections, Community, Dreams, and Humanitarian Causes. Aquarius Season kicks off a season of individuality. Given that this is occurring the day before the inauguration of Joe Biden, this may allude to the idea that the new presidential period is one that is impartial to technological advancement, humanitarian causes, and social connection. It may also allude to the beginning of a more detached form of social connectivity, potentially referring to a stricter quarantine or even a lock down.

The first Full Moon of the year is on the 28th in Leo. Full Moons indicate a closing of a chapter or cycle that has had time to unfold over the last six months. As a chapter comes to the end in the beginning of the new year, this can be an ideal time to let go of residing 2020 grievances. The Full Moon in Leo indicates closing a chapter that can be related to 5th House concepts or Sun-related concepts. If it’s in reference to the 5th House concepts coming to a close, this may be a time where passion projects are completed, new hobbies have come into fruition, drama comes to an end, potential changes in dating, and potential changes with pregnancy. Some may be experiencing the bittersweet moment of finally completing a project or a goal. Some may have found joy in new hobbies that are positivity-boosters. There may be changes in dating, either coming to the end of a whimsical dating period or finalizing a stance on casual relationships. There is even potential for plans regarding children and pregnancy to be finalized. That can refer to expanding one’s family, improving a parent-child relationship, or even news of a new pregnancy! If the Full Moon’s cycle refers to Sun-related concepts, this may mark the ending of a period that was defined by creativity, confidence, and happiness. The Full Moon may be closing out a chapter of insecurity, unhappiness, and a loss of passion. It may also refer to letting go of pride and ego as well.

The final transit of January is when Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th. Now retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, expect classic Mercurial mishaps to unfold. These mishaps will revolve around Mercurial themes of communication, travel, and technology. Additional conundrums will be Aquarian in nature, mainly referring to social connectivity, technology, and humanitarian causes. Mercury Rx in Aquarius poses to be a jarring time. It’ll be one where the intention does not match impact. Expect communication to be particularly cold, which can create distance in relationships. Technology is sure to backfire, so make sure passwords are written down, files are saved, and everything is backed up with some kind of warranty! If traveling, check travel details, like time stamps and packing for the trip, at least twice. Aside from classic Mercury Rx mishaps, this retrograde period may also refer to a stricter COVID-19 lock down. This may be a time where social isolation is enforced now more than ever, which can lead to a social media outcry. Travel restrictions may also be imposed around this period as well.

The Dates

  • 1/6: Mars enters Taurus
  • 1/8: Mercury enters Aquarius, Venus enters Capricorn
  • 1/13: New Moon in Capricorn
  • 1/14: Uranus is now direct
  • 1/17: Jupiter square Uranus
  • 1/19: Sun enters Aquarius
  • 1/28: Full Moon in Leo
  • 1/30: Mercury stations Retrograde in Aquarius

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