All About Pluto Retrograde

The time has come for our second major planetary retrograde of the year. Pluto stations retrograde on April 25 in the sign of Capricorn. This longstanding Rx will last until the beginning of October. Although an outer planet, Pluto has made powerful contacts this year – first in conjunction with Saturn on January 12 and more recently, in conjunction with Jupiter on April 4. Because of the weight of these transits, Pluto has become quite the powerhouse both in our individual level and on a collective level. With this in mind, let’s begin exploring what Pluto Rx has in store for us over the next 6 months!

A Crash Course on Pluto

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld in astrology and mythology. The role of Pluto in our natal charts is understanding how we transform. Pluto rules mass transformation through metaphysical and metaphorical death. When looking at our growth in astrology, Pluto will symbolize the way in which we transcend the mundane. It can also infer what we may obsess over throughout our life. Pluto likes to turn concepts, ideologies, opinions, memories inside out. It’s an obsessive, introspective energy. The idea is that we mull over the fine details for clarity and insight. The Zodiac sign placed in Pluto will further explain how we handle transformation. If Pluto falls into any of your Houses in your chart, it will also explain the area/sector of life that will be subjected to loss, obsession, and ascension.

I realize this may be confusing, so let’s use an example. In my own chart, my Pluto is in Sagittarius. This infers that I will be optimistic and flexible when faced with loss. I may attribute my losses to a higher purpose or lesson. In essence, I may recognize my losses as crucial to my spiritual growth. In regard to my Houses, Pluto falls into my 3rd House of Childhood, Communication, and Local Travel. This infers that from a young age, I may have experience significant changes and upheavals. This can come in the form of moving around, or not feeling settled in a home. It also infers, that from a young age, I would have been actively working on my communication skills. This can come in the form of advocating for the self, speaking up in an academic setting, and/or writing. It also invokes a feeling of obsession with my communication throughout my childhood. Think social anxiety in school. This could explain why public speaking was nerve-wracking, or if I felt stifled in the midst of a playground disagreement. It also points to an obsessive quality of reacting the situation in my head over and over. In general, I may obsess over aspects of my childhood, finding it hard to let go. Why? Because I may recognize that my childhood has nuggets of wisdom that I need to understand to transform as an adult. Basically, I may go back to my childhood experiences to see if there’s something there worth learning from.

Although tiny in comparison to the gas giants, Pluto is what binds us collectively to our generations. Each planet moves through the Zodiac signs in a relative time frame. The rule of thumb is based on how close the planet is to the sun. The closer to the sun, the shorter time frame for retrogrades and staying in a Zodiac sign. So, Pluto being our outcast, has the longest astrological transit. Pluto will chill in one sign for anywhere between 14 to 30 years. Pluto’s retrograde can also last up to 6 months. So, this explains how generations are bonded by Pluto and also explains why natal Pluto Rx’s are common.

Embracing the Unknown: Pluto Rx

Now that we have a basic idea of how Pluto impacts us individually, let’s tackle breaking down this retrograde.

Retrograde is the time where we hit a pause button. It’s ideally time to rethink, review, revise. The planet/asteroid in Rx is where we hit the reset button. And the House the Rx is transitioning in is where we will see how the Rx impacts an area of life.

Pluto Rx, in its most basic form, is like experiencing a major setback. When direct, Pluto is like The Tower card in tarot – sudden, intense re-direction that will ultimately be a blessing in disguise. When Rx, this is a period of experiencing major setbacks where fruition and expansion does not seem noticeable.

I like to compare Pluto Rx to the plot of Pet Sematary. In this classic Stephen King novel/movie, a family tragically loses their cat, and proceed to bury the beloved cat in the nearby pet cemetery. Unexpectedly, the cat returns alive, angry, and changed. The family realizes that the cemetery they buried the cat in is special, as it resurrected the previously dead cat. Later on, the child of the family chases the cat into the road when the child is struck by a truck, killed on site. In a desperate attempt to save their child, they bury the child in the same cemetery they originally buried the cat in. The child returns alive, but is changed like the cat was. Not to further spoil the plot, the moral of the story is knowing when to let go of something, as reviving the dead will not bode anything positive. In essence, Pet Semetary and Pluto Rx are one in the same.

During this 6 month period, we can expect our losses to come back to haunt us. The ghosts of our graveyards will moan and skeletons in the closet are going to rattle. You may experience setbacks regarding decisions you’ve made early in the year. There’s an unsettling anxiety, wondering if you made the right choice. Dead relationships – platonic, familial, romantic, and/or sexual – will suddenly arise. People will attempt to make a return into your life, and you to theirs. These ex’s may promise changed ways and behaviors. Financially, there’s going to be an undertow. You can expect waves of stability and instability. These waves will redefine your financial literacy.

As Pluto Rx is occurring in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal, feminine earth sign ruled by Saturn. This is a sign that is no stranger to karma, lessons learned the hard way, and hardship. Because Pluto Rx is in Capricorn, you can expect that this Rx period will be essential to your spiritual growth. It will touch upon your karmic bonds and relationships with others. It will highlight the karma of your actions and inactions. This will expose the harsh truth behind your losses and deaths, particularly why certain aspects of your life need to die. Luckily, Capricorn is a steady, stable sign. This infers that the Rx will be difficult, yet not as emotionally draining. Like the sea-goat, you too will withstand the test of time. Ultimately, the goal of Pluto Rx is to come out spiritually enlightened and at peace with the decisions you have made. Because this Rx will end at the karmic 29th degree, there is an element of finality. This will be the ultimate push to let go, to evolve, to grow. Collectively and individually, we will be asked to move onto the next phase.

Key Transits during this Time

  • April 25 – Pluto stations Rx in Capricorn at 24 degrees
  • May 11 – Saturn stations Rx in Aquarius (karmic lessons begin to unfold)
  • May 13 – Venus stations Rx in Gemini (ex’s are rising)
  • May 14 – Jupiter stations Rx in Capricorn (turn of luck and challenge to spiritual growth)
  • June 18 – Mercury stations Rx in Cancer (communication is murky)
  • June 23 – Neptune stations Rx in Pisces (apprehension in perception as it is is clouded)
  • June 25 – Venus is direct in Gemini (Are your relationships fulfilling? Where can you let go?)
  • June 30 – Jupiter Rx in Cap conjuncts Pluto Rx in Cap (luck in re-focusing where to go, how to improve, and what to let go… moment of clarity)
  • July 1 – Saturn Rx enters Capricorn
  • July 12 – Mercury is direct in Cancer (communication becomes clear)
  • August 15 – Uranus stations Rx in Taurus (unpredictability and radical change in finances/career)
  • September 9 – Mars stations Rx in Aries (unresolved anger, aggression, and sexual exploration)
  • September 12 – Jupiter is direct in Capricorn (methodical luck begins to unfold, time to plan)
  • September 29 – Saturn is direct in Capricorn (period of rest after karmic lessons have been implemented)
  • October 3 – Pluto Rx in Cap quincunx True Node in Gemini (what’s your purpose in life?)
  • October 4 – Pluto is direct in Capricorn at 29 degrees (time to move onto the next phase)

Pluto Rx Practices

When faced with zombies, ghosts, and skeletons, there is anxiety. Fear of the unknown is driving this Pluto Rx period.

When your actions, decisions, and deaths are called into question, question it. Ask yourself why you choose the path you did. Why did you let go of someone or something? What is your attachment to this situation, relationship, or person? Why are you holding on? This is a period where we are encouraged to explore our losses. The easiest (and cheapest) way to keep track of your growth is writing. Buy a journal, start a personal blog, podcast it, YouTube it, whatever. Sometimes it’s best to express your thoughts and opinions through cataloging them. This way, you can reflect on your progress through your own insights. It’s also an ideal way to keep track of any revelations you may have during this time.

Meditation is ideal at this time for shadow-work. Sitting along with your thoughts isn’t a walk in the park. It’s crucial to explore different measures of meditation to find what works for you. Check out this site for more ideas.

All in all, it’s imperative to take up healthy stress-free practices. Pluto’s in retrograde for 6 months, so you’ll need to find positive practices to turn to during this time.


  1. Recently, I began to study astrology at and I want to say that the retrograde period is the time that the universe gives us, so that we can figure out ourselves and correct what we consider to be violated. It is never easy to look directly into the eyes of the deepest fear; however, when Pluto is retrograde, it is simply a necessity. Moreover, all the poisonous people around you must be excluded from your life for you to succeed.


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