True Node in Gemini: Divergence at its Finest

Did you know you can predict aspects of the future in astrology? Both in our individual birth charts and in the overlaying celestial transits, there’s something called the True Node. It’s also more commonly referred to as the North Node (NN) in your birth chart. But for the sake of this brief discussion of upcoming celestial transits, this will be referred to as the True Node as this is how its denoted in real-time astrological events.

The True Node is a small, yet powerful body that governs fate and destiny. When we look at the True Node in the broad, overlaying astrological sense, it details where we are current individually and collectively headed. The True Node triggers us to forge on our path of destiny. The sign it’s stationed in will express how the upcoming future may feel, or what it may entail.

For the first 4 months in 2020, the True Node was stationed in Cancer. Cancer is the ruler of the home, family, Divine Feminine, relationship with the mother, and creation. While the True Node is stationed in Cancer, the home and family come into perspective early on in 2020. This is the ideal time to reconnect with your family and heal familial wounds. These wounds may be specified about your mother-figure or the Feminine wound. It could also be a point in time where you’re thinking about having your own family or your ability to mother. True Node in Cancer highlights improving the home. Ideally, you would have started some home projects, saved for a home, or begun to remodel your home in your ideal.

As this comes to head, the True Node makes a shift from Cancer to Gemini on May 5. Where True Node in Cancer was highlighting aspects of the 4th House, the True Node in Gemini will be about choices.

Gemini traditionally denotes communication, local travel, and even childhood experiences. This Mercurial sign is about close communication with family, friends, neighbors, and more. Communication is both written and verbal. It can logical, reasonable, and intelligent. It can also be witty, humorous, and even gossipy. As Gemini is the sign of the Twins, this is a sign that acts as a double edge sword. This or that, up or down, left or right. The air of indecision clouds the ability to choose wisely. There are often many choices, problems, situations, and more.

When the True Node enters Gemini, this is the time where we are often faced with a dilemma. Where the True Node falls in your Houses will signify the dilemma at hand. The dilemma is often choosing between one of two things. As the True Node will also be stationed in retrograde at this time, the dilemma may seem magnified. You may be apprehensive to commit yourself to a path, fearing not only the unknown but the repercussions of your choices. Not to mention that Gemini invokes a curious nature, so you may want to explore all options. However, this may not be possible because the Rx effect can make it seem like if you open one door, the other closes.

Now, as this retrograde affects True Node in Gemini, there is an underlying anxiety about your future. It can seem suspended in the air. But think of it this way – the future is vastly undecided as a whole. Whatever path you take will lead you to the path you are meant to be on. Some may just take a long way to get there.

The rest of the year will be characterized by curiosity. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your choices, remember you’re allowed to explore each path with open-mindedness. If you make the wrong turn, you can usually loop back. You may not loop back to the exact situation you began with, but you’re still able to get back to square one. Even if you make the wrong turn or hit a dead end, take it as a learning curve.

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