The 8th House of Taboo

The 8th House is ruled by Pluto and Scorpio, making this a succedent House. This House is opposite to the 2nd House but carries themes of securing in a more secretive, bonded manner and perhaps, with more taboo subjects. The 8th House is known to be a “hidden” House in the sense that it hides all aspects of life that are unusual, taboo, atypical, or shunned. It’s a shadow-banned House of sorts. Needless to say, the 8th House is one deep mystery to dive into!

The succedent aspect of this House implies a security-focused mindset. Unlike its opposite, the 2nd House, the 8th House shares the security-focused mindset. The succedent aspect is one of merging or bonding. Given that this House succeeds the 7th House, one can presume that the merged or bonded aspect of this House comes from a commitment or union of sorts. Because of the bonded implication, the succedent aspect hangs in the delicate balance of control and power.

Traditionally, the 8th House is taboo as it governs all aspects of life that one typically doesn’t mention outright. Taboo subjects traditionally include sex, death, money, and the occult. The 8th House dives into the deeper sides of these subjects to explore it for what it is.

The 8th House take on sex is one of chemistry, power, lust, and bonding. Sex in the 8th House is deeply felt, emotionally embroiled in nature. Unlike the whimsical dating of the 5th House, the 8th House looks at sex as means to secure a bond with another individual. In a sense, sex is like the glue that holds a union together. Given that it follows the 7th House of Union, 8th House sexual bonds have a “till death do us part” mentality. Sexual matters in the 8th can also be indicative of soul contracts in synastry. In an individual birth chart, 8th House may regard tones with sexual bonds, sexual exploration, and how the individual uses sex.

With death in mind, the 8th House is no stranger to both metaphysical and metaphorical death. The idea of death typically relates to the idea of transformation. It’s an odd concept for a succedent House, but it makes sense given that this House is focused on joint endeavors or merged endeavors. So, death often refers to a loss of sorts that invokes profound transformation and rebirth. This typically is connected to the idea of power, control, and ego.

Finances are an interesting concept to the 8th House, but taboo nonetheless. With finances in perspective, it typically refers to the bonded or joint ventures. Again, think of how this House succeeds the 7th House of Union. Joint finances can be a result of any romantic or business unions, commitments, or contracts that was implemented in the 7th House. In the 8th House, the idea of finances is the uneasy reliance on others to follow through on their end of the bargain. But this may be necessary, as the 8th House may impose the idea of needing a joint investor or relying on others for money matters. Money can refer to shared property and materials as well. Consider this House is home to both finances and death, this is also indicative of inheritance.

Finally, the 8th House is no stranger to occult matters. Both the 8th and 12th Houses deal extensively with witchy wonders, but the 8th dives into it full-throttle. 8th House occult matters are fully immersed in witchcraft, psychology, and karma. Think of this House as home to shadow-work, magical powers, and divination.

No matter the broad taboo concept, each one is laced with themes of power dynamics, control, revenge, and karmic prowess. The 8th House is jaded in the sense that it wields power that can be used to gain leverage. For example, one may use a sexual bond to solidify a joint investment. Another example would be that one uses finances to wield power over occult matters. Not to mention that all aspects of the 8th House taboos can be used for or be a result of revenge. However, power and control are used, know the 8th House will deal out karma as a result. Karma will come in the form of either death or regeneration. The 8th House teaches that the choice is ultimately yours to make.

The Signs in the 8th House

Aries in the 8th House

Aries has a driven, primal urge. Aries is an ego-centered sign concerned with only the self. Means of bonded security or joint security are typically rebuked by the rebellious Aries. The Aries mentality of joint security is often disregarded, mainly because Aries has the attitude of “Why rely on others when I can do it myself?”. If necessary, Aries will seek out a partnership of sorts but this will be done in selfish intent. Not to mention that Aries may try to dominate the partnership to feel in control, in power, and more like a leader even in a mutually beneficial partnership. But that only occurs when push comes to shove. After all, if Aries can help it, this is a placement that will cut off its nose to spite its face. In sexual partnerships, Aries can be all or nothing. Sexual bonds are often primal, instinctual, and raw. The Aries vibe on 8th House sexual matters is one of lustful conquest. The passion runs high but burns just as fast. Aries will be extremely black and white with sexual conquests. There’s no wonder if Aries is in the partnership. This placement is either all in or all out – no in-betweens. Aries can be a bit obsessive in sexual partnerships, especially if Aries is rejected before Aries can reject. So, if Aries feels snubbed, slighted, rejected, or strung along in a sexual bond, then Aries may just become obsessive. After all, sex and relationships are just battles for Aries to win. Once sex, lust, or passion has been won, Aries may then lose any obsessive streak. The obsession may be replaced with boredom. To keep it alive, Aries may incite needless arguing or anger to refuel the passion. This may easily lead to a toxic relationship, so be wary of such. Instead of arguing, aim for passion instead. If truly burned by a partner, beware of the Aries 8th Houser. This placement won’t hold back with destroying everything and one in its path. The Aries take on the death of any kind is to work through it with a quickness. Death isn’t welcomed but understood by the Aries influence. This is the placement that will stand tall in the face of major transformations and deaths, acting almost like a hero. If Aries can, then Aries will be a knight in shining armor given the circumstances or situation. Aries will often try to coach or guide others through their deaths of sorts as well. After all, Aries will personal see death as a great ending, but also a new beginning. This take is the drive to move forward from the death or transformation, plus the initiative to drive Aries to inspire others amid their own deaths. With financial investments in mind, Aries will have a selfish take on joint ventures. If Aries can call the shots in a financially mutual partnership, Aries will. After all, Aries has an impulsive, gut instinct that is used to drive 8th House matters, such as joint investments or financial partnerships. So, Aries will see itself as the end-all, be-all to such matters. This is where Aries can be annoyingly intrusive with advising financial partnerships or mutual investments. It may be difficult to sway Aries otherwise or coax Aries to see a different POV with finances involved. This is because Aries may believe itself to be of service to others in a financially beneficial manner, but is actually coming across as a bit obnoxious. Not to mention that Aries may have a “Do as I say, not as I do” take on financial partnerships and investments. However, if channeled correctly, Aries can help others build up their own foundation. The catch-22 is that Aries may struggle to build up a personal financial kingdom, mainly due to a turn-and-burn money mindset. If Aries can learn to harness impulse with finances, then debts can be paid off and investments will come into fruition. Not to mention that Aries may have to accept help, advice, guidance, or even partnerships to help build up personal wealth. Given the rough and tumble nature of the Mars-ruled Aries, inheritances may come from violence, dramatically argumentative events (i.e. court cases), and/or unfortunate accidents. Occult matters swirl around anger, aggression, ambition, and a sheer lack of fear. Aries does not fear the supernatural. If anything, it’s regarded with blank curiosity and boldness. This placement won’t think twice about investigating magic, divination, or psychological matters. Aries can be a bit obsessive, with an eye for detail, so psychology may be preferred. If not psychology, research of sorts may also be preferred by this placement. Given the strong nature, it would take quite a bit to put Aries off to an occult task or matter. Aries can handle the extreme, the darkness, and the provocative. If anything, such matters are handles with strength. The power of the Aries 8th Houser is one of arguing, ambition, and inner power. Aries deals with the karmic lessons of harnessing the power to succeed. Said power comes from mastering anger and aggression to channel it into productivity. This means using arguing as a necessary evil to fight for what is right, not what is selfishly intended or done out of ignorance. Aries may also find that once selfish intentions are shed in this House, then more fulfilling bonds come from it. If a healthy sexual relationship is embodied to reinforce the strength of the relationship, then Aries will find that they never tire of their partner. If Aries were to learn that help from others isn’t a sign of weakness, but actually a sign of strength, then a financial foundation can come into fruition. The power of the 8th House lies in Aries tapping into the light attributes of Mars. If appraised correctly, Aries can become a renowned leader who has the power to change the course of their own life.

Taurus in the 8th House   

Taurus has a slow, yet driven take on security. To have Taurus as an 8th House placement is like seeing a familiar face in an unfamiliar environment. Taurus is the traditional ruler of the 2nd House, which is more concrete security-focused, and more one-sided in such matters. To have Taurus in the 8th puts this placement in a position to re-learn that sharing is caring. While Taurus can be considerate in shared or bonded ventures but also controlling. Taurus may have a more controlled, if jealous take, on these merged aspects. After all, Taurus aims for luxury and security, so this needs to be accomplished. Because of this drive, Taurus can be extremely jealous of their partner if their partner is more prosperous than Taurus is. The same goes for outside partnerships or connections, as Taurus may be in a compare and contrast mindset if Taurus feels lacking. If in a partnership, Taurus will aim to stabilize all merged aspects of said partnership. So, this may come in the form of taking the safe route instead of taking a leap of faith. This can lead to a stalemate in merged partnerships and joint ventures. Sexual relationships have an earthy sensuality, but that may come after trust has been established. Taurus will take it slow and steady with a sexual partnership, especially with experimentation. After all, Taurus will view sex as the glue in a committed relationship. It’s an act done to bond with the other partner, to deepen the reliability and stability of the relationship at hand. The 8th House concept of sex is an earthy pleasure for Taurus. Taurus regards 8th House sex to be sensual, pleasurable, and a bonding experience. However, the catch-22 would be that Taurus may forget that the tangible pleasure results in a strong, deeply felt emotional bond to the partner. At times, Taurus may find themselves as the controlling partner. It may also be slightly codependent or make border tendencies of such. With death in mind, Taurus will stubbornly dig its heels in the face of metaphysical and metaphorical change. Taurus doesn’t take profound change easily, lightly, or with grace. If anything, Taurus may resist deaths of a sort. To cope, an immature Taurus placement may drown their sorrows over their deaths through hedonism, mutual-manipulation, and material items. However, mature Taurus will cope through seeking stability and discipline within 8th House concepts. Financially, Taurus has a magical ability to make money moves happen in secrecy. Taurus is already the ruler of the 2nd House of Concrete Wealth, which indicates that Taurus knows how to maintain and gain financial abundance. Operating in 8th House fiscal matters, Taurus can grow an empire behind the scenes. Practical, determined, and goal-oriented, Taurus can be extremely driven to build up shared resources in a slow-moving, yet tangible manner. Financially, Taurus’s influence on such is the equivalent of “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour”. Occult usage must also be practical to Taurus in the 8th. Taurus may be in disbelief of occult power, knowledge, and usage at first. After all, this is a very literal sign. So, Taurus may rebuke occult knowledge for the lack of practicality. Taurus may also try to come across in a stubborn, know-it-all manner. However, if worked on, Taurus can get to the point of rationality within the occult. If given the change, Taurus can escape dogmatism for truth. But this comes with the slow, yet the subtle expansion of the mind to accept all occult matters with openness. The power of Taurus in the 8th is the ability to mirror the Scorpio-like qualities of this House but in a more tangible manner. The power of a Taurus 8th Houser is one of practicality. Taurus grasps tangible power, borne from hard work and perseverance. Power is a result of tenacity, strength, and durability. It’s a gift given once Taurus can let go of dogmatic views, and can embrace how other belief systems or ways of being are equally productive. Power is attained once Taurus learns to let go of hedonistic tendencies. Earthly pleasures are relished, but not the end-all, be-all. Taurus will come to learn that power is to be able to enjoy without selfishness, excess, and stubbornness. The power of Taurus in the 8th House centers around the idea of balance. Power is achieved when Taurus can appreciate without greed. If appraised correctly, the power of this placement is that of enjoyment and pleasure, the ability to be in the moment with all that is delicious without a rapacious hunger for more.

Gemini in the 8th House

Gemini has a two-faced, Mercurial pursuit of taboo matters. The idea of security is fluid to Gemini in the 8th House. Mutable, versatile, and restless, Gemini understands the fluctuations of all aspects of life, even those that reside in a succedent House. Material items, property, and finances may come and go with ease. Gemini holds no attachment to the items, as Gemini carries the knowledge that not everything was made to last. However, Gemini does still seek to secure something else – information. Mercurially inclined, Gemini seeks to secure through conversation, immersion in small groups, and learning. Both teacher and student, Gemini grasp at mental security which can be found in anything from junior high gossip to Reddit articles. Information is more precious than a diamond for this placement. Information is the key to success for Gemini in the 8th House. Not to mention that Gemini would be drawn to all sorts of information, so this placement is truly the keeper of all secrets. In both a positive and negative aspect, Gemini’s security in information is like Pandora’s Box. If withheld, Gemini merely adjusts itself to match its surroundings based on the secrets it has come to collect. If unleashed, Gemini can secure anything it needs through the power of coercion, blackmail, and even gaslighting. Security becomes a double-edged sword! Realistically, security through information can play a huge part in Gemini’s secretive sex life. Walking the fine line between any world, Gemini knows when to dip in and out of sexual situations. Gemini’s ability to collect then synthesize information gives it everything it needs to nail down a sexual situation. Gemini is the one who knows where to find the best swinger spots in town, the partner who will try the kinky fantasy with, and even the ability to determine if a potential partner is as freaky as Gemini is. Gemini’s secret sex life is damning in nature, pure Eros-driven bliss of experimentation. Sex is where Gemini feels most comfortable switching masks. It’s the situation in which Gemini knows it can be anyone, truly the fantasy of role-playing. Thanks to Gemini’s ability to gather information, said information will often inspire Gemini’s sex life as well. Since Gemini is the sign of the Twins, it should be noted that sex may be a two-way street. Gemini may have a double sex life or aspects of a sex life that is hidden from the main partner. This may include having an open relationship, cheating, experimenting outside of Gemini’s “type”, etc. As easily as Gemini flows from security to sex, not even death can stop Gemini in its aqueous path. Death is a logical, known part of life. Gemini does not fear it, cry over it, or take time to deliberate it. When death knocks at Gemini’s door, Gemini invites death in for a cup of coffee and a chat. The idea of metaphorically or metaphysically dying is perplexing for this placement. Yes, while Gemini is perfectly fine with the flow, there is a potential for Gemini to round back to where it started or a point in the flow. However, when death comes to end or transforms something for the better when there is no point of return, Gemini is quizzical. Bamboozled, Gemini questions the meaning of both life and death at the moment. Expect many open conversations and frank questions to take place as Gemini comes to understand the true momentum of what a flow state looks like. To cope, Gemini will reinvent itself behind closed doors. This will be done through the exploration of all aspects of life, the subcultures, and the taboo. Gemini will tear down its mental fortress to be taught something entirely new, to embody what death is. When it comes to finances, Gemini is a smart investor. The goal is getting Gemini to commit to the investment at hand. Gemini will debate, deliberate, and converse till it’s blue in the face. Thorough communication is needed for Gemini to consider a merged financial investment or effort. If anything, Gemini may be more likely to go in with a friend in their local community or even a sibling. Ideal investments would be innovative and potentially technologically inclined. Gemini may even feel more called to invest in neighborly ventures, such as local drives, fundraisers, or even the Girl Scouts during their cookie sale season. After all, Gemini may be more attuned to giving back and merging with a venture in their immediate community more so than a greater, unknown entity. This is because Gemini would want to be part of the journey with the investment, seeing how it unfolds and where it leads to. Ideal investments and merged assets are short-lived, immediate in success, and semi-structured. Heavy contracts with long-lasting periods may be a turn-off to this placement. Gemini may aim for a lighter load to become invested in, mainly to alleviate heavy responsibility. The same mentality for finances goes hand-in-hand with Gemini’s investment in occult matters. If anything, Gemini has a morbid curiosity about all occult practices. Like the little intellectual sponge it is, Gemini wants to learn about odd occult subjects and taboo matters. Interests are varying, diverse, and enticing. Gemini will repeat fun facts about serial killer’s last meals on death row to what kind of crystals work best for tapping into psychic powers. Spiritually inclined yet not a true guru, Gemini in the 8th House is a jack of all trades but master of none in this position. Gemini’s interest in the occult is somewhat shallow, marked by the desire to know as much as possible without becoming entrenched in occult practices. The beauty of this sign is that they likely know a bit about everything, enjoy the spiritual community, and can add much to the conversation. However, Gemini may struggle with practicing what they preach, or sticking with an occult matter until mastery of that matter. As multifaceted as Gemini is in this Hidden House, the power and karma reside in Gemini’s mind. Mind over matter, Gemini’s karmic duty is to master its mental prowess. Karmically inclined, Gemini is incredibly intelligent with a few caveats to this Hidden intelligence. This can come out in a few ways. Gemini’s superpower of its mind hails from its ability to converse, analyze, and gather tidbits of information. While Gemini gathers much to consider, sometimes Gemini’s attention is called elsewhere, which leaves Gemini with gaping holes in its subject matter. This can present as fuel for drama, as Gemini may try to secure its position with information that presents as gossip, being two-faced, or not entirely factual because Gemini may lack some major details. Gemini’s lack of attention can also lead to a lot of short-lived ventures in a House that aims to secure for the long-haul. This is mainly the short-term reward over the long-term, which can be a result of Gemini not wanting to explore the idea of committing to a long-term plan because the short-term one met all of the immediate needs. If Gemini uses its communicative skills purposefully, Gemini can have a lot of ongoing, varying deals at once that secure Gemini’s way of life. Gemini’s power comes from the ability to connect, converse, and deliberate. Using this power of the mind to Gemini’s advantage can keep up the notion of living as many lives as Gemini wants without jeopardizing any of these lives.    

Cancer in the 8th House       

Cancer has an emotionally manipulative, yet controlled manner. To bond, Cancer does what it does best – using its spatial intelligence to control, manipulate, and merge. Cancer is emotionally intelligent, a sign that represents the very notion of Feminine intuition. Security comes from creating a deeply personal, emotionally charged bond. People, places, and things hold the utmost sentimental value to this placement. The emotional investment runs deep, as it emotionally secures Cancer’s needs. It can even present as an anxious attachment style if it goes unchecked. After all, Cancer needs that bond to feel like everything is a-okay. Security through bonds is like the tether to reality that keeps Cancer grounded. Cancer will secure what it needs to through nurturing the thing it wants. So, if this is a person, then Cancer will nurture this person’s heart, mind, and stomach! Think emotional labor, validation, and home-cooked food. If this is a place or thing, Cancer will throw itself into such. It’s like nurturing a plant to grow, a business deal to flourish, a house in need of remodeling, etc. At times, Cancer’s incredible emotional investment will not be reciprocal, so emotional manipulation may take place to feel truly secure. Cancer will gaslight if it feels like control or security has been lost! Again, this may result in an anxious attachment style, so negative aspects of this may present when security feels like it’s at stake. A fantastic example of this security-based mindset presents itself is in merged sexual bonds. Cancer is all or nothing with sexual bonds, as these bonds will be like a marriage or the beginning of an intended foundation. If Cancer has spent so much time and energy nurturing a bond, then this bond is expected to last. Romantic and mothering, Cancer is sexually charged by the idea of love. Love is the only aphrodisiac this placement needs. Soft caresses, sweet nothings that are gently whispered, and longing gazes are foreplay for Cancer. This sign dreams of a love so pure and magnificent it runs as deep as the ocean itself. It also means that jealousy and insecurity run equally deep. While Cancer is so imbibed with love, it can be the very thing that turns Cancer sour as well. It is a placement that can become quite antagonistic when they believe that their sexual bond is in jeopardy. While Cancer’s love runs deep like the ocean, they also aren’t afraid to drown their lover when feeling crossed! Since this placement is so emotionally attuned and invested, death isn’t taken lightly. Faced with collateral metaphysical or metaphorical loss, Cancer retreats. When it comes to merged investments, Cancer is all about investing in its foundation. Merged bonds and assets ought to be supportive, ones that Cancer can cling to in times of uncertainty. Scrupulous and stingy, Cancer invests wisely. All merged investments are well-thought-out. If Cancer can nurture the investment to grow, then all the better! When it comes to power and karma, Cancer will find this in its emotional capacity. Karmically, Cancer is bogged down by the emotional turmoil of others. The overwhelming emotional undercurrent can cause Cancer to retreat, dip, and dodge. Cancer would prefer to keep this a secret, only opting to share with those in its family and home. Emotional security is also Cancer’s power. As Cancer heals its feminine side by leaning into its intuitive power, Cancer becomes the ultimate nurturer. In return, Cancer’s power is the ability to nurture others’ potential as well. Although Cancer is more traditional, the one who won’t openly speak of 8th House habits, Cancer will still help others heal from their own 8th House habits. It begins with getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Cancer learns to heal and nurture others by diving into its darkness first. By helping itself, Cancer can then use its superpower to help others!

Leo in the 8th House   

Leo has a confident, creative presence. Bonding to feel secure is from a place of pride and ego. Leo is all about feeding its ego, from whatever it can get in a House of Resources. If Leo is bonding with another person, then it is purely to feed Leo’s purpose. Bonds are there to support Leo, to elevate Leo. Leo will bond from a selfish place, one where the bond is going to feed Leo’s livelihood. Ideally, Leo is still the King or Queen of the castle, which means that Leo is very much in control of the bond. After all, the bonds Leo makes are strong and enduring. Leo may be somewhat controlling, overseeing all aspects of the bond to ensure that it does not fail or make Leo look like an idiot. After all, Leo is investing a ton of pride in the bond itself so heaven forbid it makes Leo look bad! It is especially noticeable in Leo’s sexual life. When it comes to sexual matters, Leo has incredibly high standards for its sexual bonds. Leo may be somewhat superficial with its sexual relationships, aiming for the partner with the slamming body and pretty face. Said sexual partner should have a good taste to maintain Leo’s standards. Make no mistake that Leo is the star in the bedroom. Sex is another means of self-expression, so Leo is all about showing off what its got. Powerful, ardent, and magnetic, Leo commands the bedroom. Because Leo is so hyper-focused on its performance, Leo may forget about its partner. Sex becomes self-focused, from performance to climax. So, Leo may find that while it wants to keep its lover, it may have a hard time doing so if some of this energy isn’t spent on the lover. Leo will learn that sex and relationships are a two-way street, one of equal give and take. Both Leo and its lover can share the stage in the bedroom and in the relationship! When it comes to loss, prepare for a theatrical response. Leo’s loss is deeply inflictive, one that wounds Leo’s very core. Each death, metaphysical or metaphorical, is the time where Leo feels true anguish. The overwhelming feeling of pain, depression, and loss typically render a usually optimistic sign useless. So, Leo’s emotional response may feel over-the-top or performative. If anything, Leo is simply expelling the painful energy outwards so that everyone is aware and can feel what Leo is feeling in that moment. If the loss was associated with Leo’s pride, ego, or personality, the pain is felt tenfold. So, loss of a relationship, a failed investment, or a deceased companion is the closest Leo will get to feeling like dying without actually dying. When it comes to finances, Leo is all about control. Leo will only invest if Leo can control every aspect of it, from the process to the outcome of the investment. Slow yet decisive, Leo will take some time to consider all options before actually committing. Ideally, the financial investment is there to serve Leo’s needs, whether that is financial or egotistical. Hopefully, the investment is one of creativity! Leo may be more inclined to invest in creative endeavors, especially ones associated with recognition or fame. When it comes to the occult, Leo may use divination and magic for self-centered purposes. Tarot, astrology, and more may is used to understand who Leo is. Leo may feel pulled to the occult from a place of self-expression. For example, Leo may dive into human design or astrology to better understand itself. Magical tools are used in a manner to express Leo’s inner power. Finally, Leo’s hidden power and karma are intertwined with self-perception. Karmically, Leo must overcome a selfish, shallow approach to life. Leo’s karmic lesson is learning to balance being selfish with selflessness, the self versus others, and confidence versus arrogance. Leo has incredible power, all within its big, beautiful heart. If Leo’s bravado and insecurity take over, then Leo will eventually have to overcome those karmic challenges associated with such. When the karmic cycle is broken, Leo’s true power shines through. Power comes from within. Leo will learn to shine like the star it is, but from a place of natural confidence, a healthy relationship with selfishness, and knowing how to balance others as well. Leo will find that a lot of the power may also come from honest, genuine self-expression. Instead of performing for other’s validation, Leo begins to perform for itself more than anyone else. Self-expression is the most powerful tool Leo has as its way of honestly standing out without having to or needing to try. Once Leo taps into its authenticity, it can then empower others to do the same!

Virgo in the 8th House

Virgo has a prudish, nervous approach to the taboo. Attentive to any details, Virgo’s deepest bonds spare no scrutiny. Virgo takes on an illogically attuned approach to what it bonds with and to. Merged bonds are productive, with the intention that Virgo intelligently decided to merge with someone or something else. Virgo will take its careful time to merge, as once it does, it will do nothing but perfect the bond. Once merged or bonded, Virgo will tirelessly work to make it work. Nitpicking, suggesting and critiquing endlessly, Virgo’s only hope is that the bond becomes beyond ideal. This may explain why Virgo initially goes after a fixer-upper to merge with. Virgo likes to get its perfectly manicured hands somewhat dirty with a fixer-upper, mainly so that Virgo can control and perfect every aspect of it. It can lead to chilly energy within the bond, as Virgo’s critical nature may not always be received with the same well-intention that Virgo has behind its sharp, laser-focused words. The same attention to detail is also applied in the bedroom! Surprisingly freaky, Virgo is no virgin. Sex is something Virgo is meticulous about, from hygiene to presentation to the act itself. Nothing goes unnoticed in the bedroom. Virgo looks for every cue to adjust its performance, wanting to meet a damn near unattainable standard. Even if Virgo has been with the same partner for years, Virgo still approaches sex with slight nervousness. After all, sex should be enjoyed but also perfectly executed. Virgo is freaky, yes, but still cares very highly about its ability to please its partner. In the perfect relation, Virgo can explore its sexual curiosities with a long-term partner. After all, Virgo doesn’t open up easily for anyone, so the initial few encounters may be somewhat vanilla before Virgo can gradually introduce its kinks and fantasies. The critical mindset extends to deaths as well. Death, metaphysical and metaphorical, are taken with a grounded, stoic approach. Virgo views any sort of loss as a necessary part of life. So, this approach is often intellectual, as Virgo may even go so far as to investigate the point of loss or how to handle it as well. In actuality, significant losses have a strong effect on the presumably stoic Virgo. It’s just internalized. Virgo allows itself to move forward, but only at face value. Significant losses are a huge stressor on Virgo, one that Virgo will allow to build up internally. Virgo will even try to help others with their losses before helping themselves face their losses. Deaths may take a toll on Virgo’s anxious mind, which may then present as somatic complaints. The same stress and watchful eye can be applied to finances too. If Virgo decides to mutually invest or go in on a joint asset, this is done with scrupulous research. Virgo will endlessly research, learn, and consider all avenues before deciding. It isn’t an impulsive placement. Each investment should be logical, a decision made with careful consideration, rhyme, and reason. The person or place Virgo will mutually invest with ought to be professional. Virgo needs to feel emotionally secure in the investment, knowing that it will turn out exactly the way Virgo has carefully planned. If it goes haywire, Virgo will work tirelessly to course-correct the investment. Don’t be surprised if Virgo tries to mitigate as well! After all, this sign needs assurance that whatever decision is made, it was the best decision possible. So, when it comes to the occult, Virgo may be somewhat of a cynic. Smart and observant, Virgo may go for a more earthy occult practice than some hocus pocus. It may mean that Virgo may enjoy working in nature, with tools, or need a physical result to gauge the magic. Holistic healing may also be of interest for this placement! If anything, Virgo’s take on the occult is to use it to heal others. Virgo would be the witchy practitioner to aid in other’s shadow-work before working on its journey. All of this leads to the question of power and karma. What is Virgo’s point of self-mastery? The karmic obstacle Virgo faces is one of harsh critiquing and servitude. Virgo’s critical eye may be the death of Virgo, as this can lead to extreme obsessing and over-analyzing. The observance is necessary, but only to a point. Virgo will find that over-analyzing any aspect of the 8th House will lead to analysis paralyzation or the rumination station. With servitude, Virgo may find that it works relentlessly for others, but not for itself. It extends from sexually satisfying a partner to being the only one working on a bond to being the one who takes on the burden of mutual investments. Virgo’s karma is arguably also its superpower. If Virgo can learn to be of service to itself by implementing boundaries and learn to let go of overly critical behavior, it will find that self-mastery comes from the ability to properly expend its energy. After all, Virgo’s power is simply redirecting and executing restrictions with its karma!

Libra in the 8th House 

Libra has a diplomatic, union-focused mindset even in occult matters. Since Libra represents the very notion of “we”, bonding and merging come quite easily for this sign. However, it’s now placed in a deeper, more perturbing House, so the very idea of bonding is now tainted with emotional complexity. Libra is an air sign, so while it governs the very notion of commitment it also does so from a logical, rational point of view. So, in the House of Merged Bonds, Libra recognizes that commitment becomes something wholly different. It’s not a 50/50, it’s the very idea of merging. When it comes to merged bonds, Libra will try to keep it diplomatic. The goal is to keep even an immersive commitment somewhat reciprocal. Hopefully, Libra can merge easily and without becoming overly emotional. However, this is usually not the case. Libra may become a bit codependent on its merged bond, with the hope that the bond can fulfill a void in Libra’s life. So, when the bond breaks, Libra is then faced with an unexpected void. In merged bonds, Libra learns the valuable lesson of being whole without a partner and with a partner. There is not only an idea of reciprocity being taught but also the idea of being complete in or out of a bond as well. This is especially noted in sexual bonds. Sex is collaborative. Libra likes to use sex as a way to focus both its energy and its partner’s energy on the same outcome. Together, Libra and its partner will use sex as glue for the relationship. If they can combine forces in the bedroom, then this very idea can be applied to other aspects of the relationship. Sex is reciprocal, balanced, and seductive. Libra truly goes to great lengths to keep it 50/50 in the bedroom. After all, sex is a team effort, one that can be applied as to how two individuals can go about any joint endeavor! Libra may even use sex to better understand its partner and bond. After all, Libra tends to know best about others in the 8th House, so sex may be a way to gauge its partner. Sex may also be used to solidify a merged bond, especially if Libra is trying to lock down a partner. When it comes to losses and deaths, Libra may feel extremely unbalanced. This goes back to the notion that merging, bonding, and unifying fills voids of all kinds. So, when death of any kind happens, Libra feels that as an imbalance. There may be a gaping hole where someone or something stood before. It can lead to an imbalance subconscious, one where Libra feels incomplete and maddened by it. However, one would never know or guess. When faced with loss, Libra tends to fill the gaping hole by hyper-focusing on everyone else but Libra. While Libra is feeling insecure, imbalanced, and lacking on the inside, one would never guess by the smile Libra wears and the helping hand it extends. Not all is lost though! Financially, Libra does wonderfully in this House. After all, Libra is all about logical unions, so merged finances and joint investments are where Libra can thrive. Libra can successfully lock down reciprocal, beneficial investments. This placement does fantastically with negotiating in this House. Libra debates from a place of just dialogue, aiming to ensure that everyone wins in a joint investment. In particular, Libra may hit the jackpot in marriages! Sharing money or joint investments with a spouse may be where Libra thrives in mutual investment. Libra may also find that marriages bring in a considerable amount of money and property as well. The same can come from a divorce agreement! In the occult, Libra may dabble a bit with magic for logical uses. Magic, divination, and more will likely be used for Venusian qualities, particularly love, romance, money, and beauty. This placement likely runs to magic to learn about love! Libra will look into synastry charts and tarot readings for clues about its soulmate. Libra may also use divination to gauge a time to get married or meet someone new. Aside from this, spellwork may be used to enhance love, self-love, beauty, and money. Libra may even be drawn to working with deities associated with such aspects as well. Regardless, Libra’s take with the occult is still a give and take. It can be a fantastic placement to understand the Hermetic principles in application with occult and divination. The theme of Libra’s placement in this House heavily revolves around balance, which extends to Libra’s karmic cycle and self-mastery. Karmically, Libra must learn the graceful art of giving and take. In all aspects of the 8th House, Libra will always round back to the decision of reciprocity. Over time, Libra will learn to not give at its expense, especially in fear of facing a void, and do not selfishly take at other’s expenses as well. Libra will also learn to find balance within itself, which means recognizing that bonds and investments are not meant to complete Libra, but complement Libra instead. Once the karma of reciprocity is broken, Libra can use reciprocity from a point of self-mastery. Reciprocity maintains balance from a place of careful consideration. Libra’s power lies in its ability to understand what balance truly is. It’s the give and takes with self-love and interpersonal love. It’s calming the mind, heart, and body. It’s finding that inner strength then produces outer strength. When the scales are even, Libra’s power lies in true balance.

Scorpio in the 8th House    

Scorpio has the utmost of unprecedented power, as its home is the 8th House. Security-focused from a place of emotional complexity, Scorpio is not shy to dive in deep with a partner. Scorpio can consider another partner, from a place of control and possession. Bonding with another person is emotionally gratifying for Scorpio. After all, emotional intimacy is psychologically exhilarating! Scorpio enjoys getting to know someone on a deeper, if grittier, level. The idea of fully learning about and understanding someone in their rawest, most vulnerable state is what Scorpio desires in a relationship. Scorpio desires an intimacy so deep, so intricate that the bond is beyond cherished. At times, Scorpio may obsess over its bond and partner. It is from a place of loving desire but can border on being controlling and possessive. Scorpio’s bonds will become more intimate without being marred by jealousy over time. Scorpio walks the fine line of learning to love wholly without losing itself in love. The fine line comes up in sexually charged relationships. Deeply sensual and seductive, Scorpio looks at sex like the most intimate act one can partake in. Sex isn’t just about an orgasm. It is an energetic exchange, an agreement between two people that transcends just physical pleasure. But this isn’t easily learned, or quickly understood as Scorpio’s take with sex goes through a series of spiritual uplifts. At first, Scorpio may use sex simply for pleasure and power. As time goes on, Scorpio begins to see sex as the ultimate glue with another person. Sex opens up the doors for profound understanding, emotional capacity, and intimacy. Scorpio begins to regard sex as the tool to use to wholly bond with a partner in mind, body, and spirit. Scorpio views sex as the marrying of two people without actually involving church and state. The ascension with sex from pleasure and power to spiritual intimacy is similar to Scorpio’s journey with joint finances. At first, merged bonds and joint assets are used from the dire need for control. Scorpio will happily bond, invest, and merge. But it comes at a price! Scorpio will initially use said joint assets to control another person, an outcome, or even how it affects Scorpio’s livelihood. Scorpio may be possessive and obsessive as well. This placement may even go to great extremes to feel secure in joint assets. However, as time goes on, Scorpio learns to work with another person in a joint asset. Power can be mutually shared, especially if it results in financial benevolence. Scorpio will also learn that having control means knowing when to yield it too, especially to someone who can improve the merged asset or joint investment far beyond what Scorpio can do. With the occult in mind, Scorpio is no stranger to the hidden and taboo. Diving into the darkness headfirst, Scorpio has a thirst for knowledge. Eager to understand the taboo aspects of life, Scorpio has an appetite for magic, witchcraft, divination, psychology, and more. There is no topic too weird or unknown that would be jarring for Scorpio. All occult matters are of interest to this placement! With such a powerful yet karmic position in the 8th House, Scorpio’s point of end-all, be-all is one of profound transformation. From Scorpion to Gray Lizard to Eagle to Phoenix, Scorpio goes through three major periods of transformation in all aspects of the 8th House. This is both the karmic burden and superpower of this placement. Starting at Scorpion, Scorpio’s placement here is low-vibrational. Obsessive, possessive, and hungry for control, Scorpio operates on a life-or-death mindset. The Scorpion not afraid to sting at a moment’s notice. From there, Scorpio can move past the sting of the Scorpion towards the Gray Lizard status, which is known for its intense self-sacrifice. In the Gray Lizard status, Scorpio recognizes that aspects of life and behaviors must die for Scorpio to transcend. It then leads to the Eagle status, one that speaks of coming into true power. To be at Eagle status infers that Scorpio realizes that true power doesn’t come from stinging someone else while feeling backed in a corner. In Eagle-like fashion, Scorpio begins to fade away from low-vibrational behavior to look within. Eagle status infers the balance of insight, looking within for intuition and knowing when to follow it. To be at this status is a delicate state as Scorpio can begin to deepen its wisdom and sharpen its intuition from the power of observation. But the same observant behavior can very easily lead Scorpio back to Gray Lizard status. When Scorpio learns to find balance in Eagle status, then Phoenix status is reached. At the highest level of self-mastery, Scorpio is the Phoenix rising from the ashes. This is the placement that embodies death and rebirth.     

Sagittarius in the 8th House 

Sagittarius has a consuming, hedonistic attitude. Security isn’t necessarily a huge focus for this placement. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, so it has a turn-and-burn mentality with bonds. It can weave in and out of most bonds, with the understanding that not all things or connections were made to last. Sagittarius can be a rather difficult placement to pin down, even in the 8th House. So, if pinned down or merged with another, Sagittarius is all-in. Sagittarius is noncommittal by nature, so when it does commit, it’s usually intending to grow and expand with this commitment. After all, commitment doesn’t come easy so Sagittarius tends to be highly loyal to its commitments. It may even be surprisingly possessive at times, which is odd for a usually carefree sign. But if Sagittarius fears losing its sense of rare security or commitment, it does get a little destructive. Sagittarius can sometimes self-sabotage in commitments. This may come in the form of either coming on too strong in the commitment or pushing it away entirely. Sagittarius will either reject it entirely or grasp at straws when it feels like its security is in flux. If bonded, Sagittarius is a wildfire to reckon with! This energy translates to the bedroom. Sex is exciting, a huge blast of pleasure for this placement. Sagittarius views sex like a foreign planet to fully explore. From Sagittarius’s partner’s body to kinks to fantasies, sex is an adventure. Self-discovery comes from sex as well. Sagittarius finds that in its closer bonds, sex can be used as a way to explore its kinks and fantasies. Expansive and all-consuming, Sagittarius can have quite a huge sexual appetite. So, this may explain why Sagittarius comes to enjoy a connection or bond as it’s easier to connect with one person repetitively through consistent sex than trying to fuck around with many different partners. It can also explain why Sagittarius can be all-in with committing to a person as well! Sagittarius will find that the best kind of sex is usually with one partner. If anything, Sagittarius may benefit from a sexual relationship that heavily experiments. If Sagittarius and its partner can keep it freaky fresh, then Sagittarius will never bore or stray from the connection. However, if Sagittarius finds that the sex life is lackluster, then Sagittarius may want to stray elsewhere. So, in long-term relationships, experimentation is an absolute must. This placement may also do well with an open relationship. Regardless, sex yet another expedition for Sagittarius to embark on! This wildfire energy translates to Sagittarius’s take on death. Turn and burn, can’t stop, won’t stop. Losses of all kinds, metaphorical and metaphysical, are another part of life. Sagittarius understands that life doesn’t stop for anyone, not even when death occurs. This doesn’t take away from the pain or negative impact a death may have on this placement. If anything, Sagittarius finds the silver lining to keep forging forward. Happy-go-lucky and philosophical, Sagittarius looks at its losses as life lessons. It’s rare to find this placement in total emotional destitution after a loss. The loss itself would have to be extremely significant for Sagittarius to fall off its expansive, abundant state. If anything, Sagittarius understands that death is yet another part of life. It is a placement that knows how to keep its head held high to move forward. This attitude is apparent in merged assets and joint investments. Sagittarius is noncommittal, so this energy translates to financial ventures as well. If Sagittarius can help it, it would be in a semi-structured, non-committal type of financial agreement. It would have the freedom and flexibility to roll in and out of financial agreements as needed. When Sagittarius decides to mutually invest with someone else, it’s usually an investment that Sagittarius sees long-term potential with. As this sign is ruled by Jupiter, it can have great luck in the House of merged assets and joint investments. Sagittarius has the potential to invest sparingly but still amass insane abundance and luck from the far and few investments it has. If anything, Sagittarius has to be careful with investing. After all, this sign has an incredible appetite, always wanting more than what it has. So, Sagittarius may make the mistake of over-investing or over-committing after a stroke of luck. The key to mutual investments, merged assets, and joint bonds is finding balance. Sagittarius doesn’t necessarily have to be extreme with its investments to win the jackpot! The same goes for occult involvement. Expansive and seeking foreign pleasure, Sagittarius may go all-in with occult matters. This is a highly philosophical sign, so Sagittarius may be drawn to psychology, astrology, tarot, and more to better understand the world from an esoteric POV. Sagittarius may fully dive into magical thinking, with the hope of better understanding its own and other’s spiritual natures. After all, this is a sign that naturally rules the 9th House which governs spirituality and religion, so Sagittarius may enjoy a deeper understanding of witchcraft, magic, and ancient practices. Occult matters may be a huge interest, and Sagittarius may seek knowledge from any source available. Think documentaries, websites, social media, books, TedXTalks, podcasts, and more. Sagittarius may even be the placement who formally trains in the occult as well! It wouldn’t be surprising if this placement sought out a teacher or mentor of sorts to help it better understand occult matters. The major themes of this placement are heavily pulled towards education, growth, expansion, and optimistic determinism. Said themes are both the karmic tug-o-war and point of self-mastery for Sagittarius in the 8th House. On a karmic note, Sagittarius has a lot to learn in this House. Sagittarius has ridiculous untapped potential to become spiritually aware from occult matters, abundant from joint investments, and free in the right connections. But the key is not to overdo it or to lean into a self-destructive mutable mode. If Sagittarius can find the balance to toggle all aspects of this House, to learn to rely on others, and find that the right connections are independent, then Sagittarius can prosper. The turn-and-burn mentality can then be masterful instead of karmic, as Sagittarius can fine-tune what isn’t working after careful consideration. The turn-and-burn mentality can then be applied to finding something better, to seeking out explorative expansion elsewhere but from a place of thoughtfulness, not impulsiveness. The key to finding balance, which allows Sagittarius to be masterful, is learning the difference between thoughtfulness and impulsiveness. Sagittarius will find itself karmically stuck when impulsive, as nothing is really tied up or appropriately handled. However, Sagittarius will reach self-mastery when being thoughtful as to what endeavors can be expanded upon and what endeavors can be abandoned.   

Capricorn in the 8th House   

Capricorn has a Machiavellianism mindset. When it comes to security, Capricorn has a “winner takes all” mindset. Ambitious and determined, Capricorn bonds out of necessity. The bonds are purposeful, intending to sling Capricorn forward. Each bond, each connection, is like a business deal. Capricorn only bonds when it believes that the proposed connection will elevate Capricorn to new heights. After all, bonds secure what Capricorn desires most – power, status, luxury, money, and stability within a foundation. The goal is to treat each connection like business as Capricorn is an enterprising spirit who won’t settle for a “bad deal”, so to speak. This is seen in sexual connections and bonds as well. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is surprisingly sexual energy. Capricorn hungers for sex in a way that nobody would expect, however, this hunger may be met with overthinking, thus killing the mood. In a secure sexual relationship, Capricorn uses sensuality as a power play. Sex is a careful toggle of power between both Capricorn and its partner. This power from sexual chemistry may stem from an age gap, a maturity gap, an SES gap, or even a professional gap. Something about Capricorn’s 8th House sex-life is carefully constructed yet dire. Capricorn walks the line with its secretive sexual endeavors. Fantasies and kinks may include fucking a coworker/boss, office sex, or even using sex as some sort of blackmail or leg-up in the game. Regardless, Capricorn wants to be in control in the bedroom, the one who has all the power. This is the time where a feminine sign takes on a surprisingly masculine assertion. Like anything else, Capricorn should be the one on top (physically and emotionally), the one who gets to call the shots. So, even sub/dom experimentation may be part of Capricorn’s sexual bonds as well. No matter what, Capricorn will not be undermined in the bedroom. Death is no exception to such an attitude. Capricorn’s losses, both metaphysical and metaphorical, will not undermine Capricorn’s success, focus, or vision. Loss is loss, one that Capricorn takes it to heart yet puts on a brave face. Stoic and grounded, Capricorn forges forward. This is a futuristic placement, so Capricorn can actively troubleshoot for gaps that death may leave in its wake. If anything, loss aggravates Capricorn. This placement gets deeply irritated by deaths and losses, especially if it affects a long-term project or a foundation Capricorn has been actively working on. This aggravation comes from a place of feeling vulnerable. Capricorn’s deaths signify Capricorn losing power and control over a person, place, or thing. It can be frustrating for the otherwise thorough, control-seeking placement. This may be why Capricorn seeks to secure a foundation, as this is something to leave behind to others. So, this energy translates to finances as well. Capricorn is highly resourceful. It is a placement that wants to secure a foundation, a plan, a goal, etc. Capricorn can be quite controlling and forceful with its resources, especially securing resources. On a karmic note, Capricorn may tap into Machiavellism to control its resources. Capricorn may also be the sign who trembles with authority as well, especially when answering to a higher-up or someone else about resources. The goal is to build an empire, especially one that can be left to Capricorn’s children or coworkers (depends on the empire, and the situation). It may take a considerably long-time, especially if contracts and property are involved in growing the empire. If Capricorn falls short of its glorious financial plans, then this placement may grow to be bitter and resentful. Finances, merged assets, and joint bonds need to be carefully managed or else Capricorn will feel like a failure who will leave nothing behind in its wake. This fear can play a role in Capricorn’s take on the occult, which is one of finding the truth. Capricorn’s occult usage will highly correlate with Saturn’s drive to evolve. Capricorn will feel the karmic responsibility to do shadow-work, to dive into spirituality. Occult usage may be used to better understand Capricorn’s purpose or karmic work. The psychological drive to better understand Capricorn’s role meets Saturn’s call to do shadow-work. The goal is to use the occult to feel consciously liberated from unconscious stressors. This translates to Capricorn’s karmic bonds and powerful self-mastery. Karmically, Capricorn meets the challenge of control, power play, and internalized pressure. Capricorn’s karmic cycle heavily revolves around the idea of taking on too much control to succeed, thus unconsciously taking on self-imposed pressure to be the very best. This placement has the potential to grow resentful when hard work doesn’t pay off, especially if Capricorn feels like they had to do it all on their own or had to bite off more than what they can chew. Capricorn’s karmic work is liberating themselves, which means relinquishing control and power to others. It’s the ability to count on others to pull their weight, or even to let something go to work on other ventures. When Capricorn learns to have a healthier relationship with control and power, this is then the mark of its self-mastery.  

Aquarius in the 8th House

Aquarius has an odd-ball presence in this House. When it comes to security and bonding, Aquarius is selectively committal. Aquarius can commit, for better or for worse, but not without careful consideration. After all, Aquarius craves creative freedom more than anything else. So, Aquarius heavily introspects any potential commitment. It may take a considerable amount of time before Aquarius makes its decision known. Once committed, the bond is cemented. Aquarius is extremely loyal if a little aloof. Expect this placement to be bound for life, yet still maintaining a form of distance to maintain its idea of independence and freedom. However, Aquarius knows it’s free in the right commitment. In the best commitment, Aquarius is allowed to be as rebellious, chaotic, and unconventional as it pleases. The bond itself may be unique, a foreign type of commitment to what one would expect. For example, it could be an open relationship, which can be a foreign concept in certain mainstream societies that prioritize a closed connection. Regardless, the commitment itself reflects Aquarius ideals, which is how Aquarius can justify its loyalty to the bond or commitment in the first place. This mindset translates to sex. Deep sexual bonds are formed from unconventional, atypical bonds. These bonds may be odd to some, but make perfect sense to Aquarius. Aquarius may be the one who ends up with atypical, foreign sexual relationships. These relationships may rebel against social norms or what Aquarius was raised with. Each sexual bond has a point of friendship. Aquarius will first prioritize a platonic relationship built on trust and loyalty before introducing sex. It can elevate Aquarius’s private sex life. Sex is freaky, taboo, and explorative. It’s where Aquarius can be itself, in absolute confidence with all of its kinks and fantasies. Sex is likely used to deepen the bond but adds another layer of depth that goes beyond friendship. Aquarius will view sex as a bonding experience as it typically involves two people trying something new, thus sharing in the occurrence. This isn’t necessarily an emotional bond, but one of sharing a joint adventure. It’s more like intellectually sharing in a sexual flourishing. Sex is an undiscovered territory, one that Aquarius wants to explore with its partner. Death is similar to sex in this way. When Aquarius loses something or someone, it approaches this death as another undiscovered territory. When a death occurs, Aquarius can be either reckless or innovative. If rash, Aquarius runs rampant. It may be the time that Aquarius flees from emotionally appraising its losses, heading down the path of impulsive decisions that lead to wild recklessness. If innovative, Aquarius views this death as an inspiration, a new beginning. If the death is metaphorical, Aquarius may find itself being highly judgemental of the loss at hand and all that went into it. Judgemental and reserved, this mindset translates to merged assets and joint finances. Aquarius can be completely free with its financial reserves. It may not commit easily to a merged asset or joint investment. If anything, Aquarius likely toils with the idea of financially merging with judgemental open-mindedness. Sounds odd, right? Aquarius likes to think it’s wide-open to any financial prospect, but it will be quite capriciously fickle. Financial management may be challenging for this placement, which may delay it from committing to the investment. Aquarius will most likely invest in an atypical venture, something that may have to do with community, technology, research, and even humanitarianism. The time where Aquarius is truly open-minded is with occult matters. Inclined to the unconventional, Aquarius may enjoy learning more about the occult because it rebukes against status quo traditions and beliefs. Aquarius is gifted with exceptional intuition, as this placement is adept at picking up the unknown, taboo, and hidden undercurrents. Aquarius is at home in the esoteric, so this aspect of the 8th House feels like peace for Aquarius. Occult matters and taboo hideouts may be the only place where Aquarius feels like it can be its genuine self. It’s a part of the 8th House where Aquarius doesn’t have to front. Aquarius can be viewed as magical, especially since it all comes from its ability to synthesize and apply information accordingly. All of this boils down to the karmic cycles and self-mastery of Aquarius in the 8th House. Karmically, Aquarius needs to find a balance between authenticity, freedom, and commitment. Aquarius is perceived as a sovereign being without acting brash. In time, Aquarius will realize that commitments, bonds, and joint endeavors can add to Aquarius’s desired freedom and exploration. Aquarius can gain a new understanding and experience from these aspects. It is where self-mastery comes into play. Aquarius is masterful when it uses its resources to elevate its experiences sustaining a healthy relationship with freedom.

Pisces in the 8th House           

Pisces has an unsure if otherworldly, approach to the occult. Security? What’s that? Pisces is a fluid, free-flowing placement even in succedent Houses. If anything, Pisces is usually emotionally invested in its bonds. The emotional investment is secure all on its own, as Pisces has a huge heart with a ton of love to give to its bonds. But Pisces may be the flakey one in its connections, swimming in and out with dreamy ease. Its lack of participation or physical presence does not negate Pisces’s emotional investment. If anything, Pisces loves harder than all the other 11 signs. This is a placement nobody should doubt when it comes to emotional investment. In sexual bonds, Pisces is idealistically romantic. Sex is whimsical, a fantasy yet to be explored. Pisces looks at sex with a rose-colored lens. It puts the partner and sexual chemistry on a pedestal. It’s lusty and loving, gilded in daydreams. Pisces may retreat from sex initially, especially if the emotional bond had not yet been set in stone. But if the emotional status of the relationship is secure, then Pisces isn’t afraid to mix physical pleasure with love. Since Pisces is intuitively inclined, sexual pleasure is where Pisces may feel of service. It can pick up on its partner’s pleasures, nuances, and fantasies. Pisces may feel that sex is the most intimate part of its relationship, especially when Pisces goes to great lengths to please its partner in the bedroom. However, Pisces should remember to not get too caught up in the fantasy, as sex can mean many different things outside of what Pisces supposedly thinks it means in the given moment. It would do Pisces best to stay grounded at the moment, to be self-assured that the sexual situation it’s in actually matches up with what Pisces expects it to mean. Death and loss tend to be regarded in the same way. When Pisces encounters death of any kind, there is intense grief following it. Pisces feels deeply, profoundly, and wholly. So, loss of any kind sparks an intense emotional catastrophe for Pisces. Pisces can move on, thanks to its mutable nature, but the emotions will always linger. Pisces may even fear profound losses because of its emotional investment. Since Pisces represents the spirit on the karmic wheel, this is a sign who is keenly aware of life and death. It knows it has one life to live, so this can be an especially overwhelming notion to consider when faced with losses and deaths. The beauty of physical death is that Pisces is aware that the spirit of someone or something lives on, so mourning is typically easier. Life goes on, which means that Pisces continues to weave in and out of existence for a while longer. The mutable mindset applies to financial investments as well. If Pisces decides to go into mutual financial investments with another, then Pisces needs to be highly decisive and concise before agreeing to anything. This placement may be prone to debt or being swindled out of its resources quite easily. There may be a bit of illusion and confusion with merging assets, so it would do Pisces best to consider all options, get every detail nailed down, and layout the terms of the agreement in black-and-white verbiage. Pisces may also have to learn to find its voice, or else it may be too passive with joint investments. If Pisces wants to speak up or do something differently, Pisces will have to find the right way to make themselves known. The key is for Pisces to follow its intuition when something feels off when merging assets or mutually investing. Intuition plays a huge role in the occult as well. The line between the natural and supernatural blurs with this placement. Pisces must recognize that its emotional state greatly affects its intuitive prowess. When it comes to taboo matters and psychology, Pisces is both within and without. Understanding yet not fully immersing, Pisces tiptoes between all realms of possibility. As abstract as this placement is, it would behoove Pisces to not find a cord between reality and fantasy. After all, this placement is diverse, able to connect on any occult matter in any manner, so it would do Pisces well to remain grounded in its spirituality. Which leads to the karma and self-mastery of Pisces. Pisces will find karma in being ungrounded, not listening to its intuition, and being overly fluid. When Pisces learns to reign it in, to set down boundaries and standards, then Pisces will begin to flourish. It doesn’t have to be harsh or melodramatic. If anything, Pisces can begin by speaking up about a potential contract, saying “No” to agreements that don’t work, defining sexual relationships, and learning to lean into its intuition through trial and error. From this comes self-mastery. Pisces is masterful with its spiritual side when it allows for harmony between actuality and delusion. If Pisces can learn to be compassionate without being passive, intuitive without being overwhelmed, then Pisces will find that it can be a fantastic spiritual leader and guru.

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