All About Neptune Retrograde

Will retrograde season ever end, or at least, lighten up? Maybe. Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion, stations retrograde on June 23rd. While this may seem light another heavy planetary retrograde, Neptune Rx can actually provide some much-needed clarity.

A Crash Course on Neptune

Retrogrades can be a difficult concept to grasp if there isn’t some preliminary understanding of the celestial body. In mythology, Neptune is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god, Poseidon. Neptune is one of the big three in mythology, meaning he is brother to Jupiter (a.k.a. Zeus) and Pluto (a.k.a. Hades). His notable role in mythology is power over the seas and the earthly world. In astrology, Neptune’s role covers the dreamscape, illusion, confusion, evasion, deceit, and the psyche. In essence, Neptune’s astrological influence is one of pure mysticism. It is all that is known and unknown. Neptune’s effect on any chart, or the House(s) it resides in, is casting a fog. This outer planet has the power to shield a veil on the known and unknown, creating a void of gray area. This void or abyss requires full immersion. Neptune’s cloudy, subjective role is similar to keeping your head just barely above water. Lastly, the watery influence of Neptune in mythology is translated to being the astrological ruler of Pisces.

No matter where Neptune is placed in a chart, what sign it’s in, or how it’s transiting, there’s always a dreamy quality to it. Neptune’s energy is gentle, yet jarring. It is the ability to see someone or something in a rosy, dewy glow. It’s the inability to match reality or see something for what it is. Neptune’s power is the rose-colored glasses. While its influence implies spiritual connection, psychic ability, and dreaming, it can also imply evasion, delusion, and escapism. There is a fine line to walk with Neptune.

Neptune Rx: Lifting the Veil

Neptune Rx is in Pisces, which implies rethinking, reviewing, revising our connections with spirituality, escapism, and truth. Neptune Rx is the antithesis of direct Neptunian influence, meaning stark clarity over wading through a fog. Essentially, Neptune Rx is like a beacon of truth.

An easy way to grasp the evasive planet is by understanding it through pop culture. While many remarkable movies and shows have revealing plot twists, I would think that A Simple Favor encapsulates such. In A Simple Favor, it begins in basic suburbia with Anna Kendrick befriends the coolest, most evasive mom, Blake Lively, in the school. Blake Lively’s character is the ultimate mystery, a true wildcard. The truth of the friendship, the separate families, and more begin to unravel when Blake Lively suddenly disappears, leaving Anna Kendrick in the dust with a mystery on her hands. As the movie progresses, each scene is filled with a new plot twist that uncovers yet another layer to the mystery. By the end of the movie, the truth is so far-fetched, so removed from what it originally seemed, that it’s almost unreal. But with each plot twist comes the inner truth in all aspects of the movie. No matter how ridiculous, unnerving, or unexpected, each twist is taken in stride. The truth is applied, remembered, and used to move forward. By the time the credits are rolling, there’s no escaping the inevitable. The delusion, mystery, and evasion are up. Neptune Rx has the same energy.

While Neptune is retrograding in the sign of Pisces, this will be the time where the stark truth is uncovered. Since Neptune in Pisces is the ultimate evasion, its Rx period will essentially be facing the music. Regardless, know that when the music begins playing, it’ll be a soft, gentle tune. Neptune Rx in Pisces is the kind, understanding version of ripping off the band-aid. The truth can come with compassion, empathy, and sympathy. The truth will vary from person to person, depending on how it makes significant contacts with your planetary placements and where it’s transiting in your Houses. It would be wise to check where Neptune Rx in Pisces is transiting in your Houses so that you can begin prepping for any revelations that can and will come out.

Key Dates

  • June 23: Neptune stations Retrograde in Pisces
  • July 27 & October 12: Jupiter Rx in Capricorn sextiles Neptune Rx in Pisces (harmonious day to uncover the truth that is necessary to move forward)
  • November 28: Neptune stations Direct in Pisces (ability to understand intrinsic and extrinsic truth with compassion)

Final Thoughts

During this time, it would be wise to take a moment to reflect. Depending on where this retrograde is transiting in your chart, you may deal with some unexpected news. No matter what comes out or when it comes out, it may be helpful to keep a journal. Writing down unedited thoughts, feelings, and opinions can be wholly transformative. Physically taking the time to write can also be healthy in itself, as you have full control over physically taking out your emotions with pen and paper. So, this can translate to throwing your journal, gripping it, shaking it, angrily crossing words out, and even just utilizing pressure while writing as means to express emotion. If this isn’t your ideal style, then maybe try the chair technique.

The chair technique is an Gestalt psychology trick. You can either do this trick physically or mentally. If physically, grab two chairs and face them towards each other. Pick a chair for you and a chair for the person you’d like to talk to. Sit in your chair, and talk to the empty chair as if the person was right there. Switch chairs, and respond as to how the other person would. If possible, definitely have the prospective person present for the conversation. If mentally, picture two chairs in your mind and the person you want to talk to in one chair and you in the other. Basically, go through the same motion. The chair technique can be great for airing your grievances in a safe place and also putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.

All in all, treat yourself and others with compassion as each revelation unfolds. This can be a clarifying, if emotional, time.


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