Lilith: The Dark Moon Goddess

The residential bad bitch in astrology is none other than Lilith! The Dark Moon Goddess hails from the Old Testament in the Bible and has a noteworthy role in Demonology. She is known as a winged demon, as the spouse of Great Demons, and the defiant wife of Adam. Lilith holds a darkly intense power that transcends mythos and astrology.

The Mythos

Lilith has varying origins and roles. She can be found in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament. Her origin can also be found in Babylonian mythos, in Jewish folklore, and in general Demonology. Regardless, before there was Eve, there was Lilith.

Adam’s first wife was Lilith, a beautiful woman who lived in the Garden of Eden. Unlike Eve who was borne of Adam’s rib, Lilith was created equal to Adam. They both were made from the Earth, in God’s image. Essentially, she was created as a whole entity separate from Adam. Her equal creation put her and Adam at the same exact advantage and level. Because of their equal status, Lilith rightfully demanded equal rights. And what equal rights were in question in the holy Garden of Eden? Sexual rights! Adam wanted Lilith to physically, sexually, and emotionally lie beneath him. Lilith resisted, knowing her worth, and told him no. She wouldn’t physically lie beneath him, which also equated to her not emotionally lying beneath him.

As one can imagine, this caused quite the rift between Adam and Lilith. After much arguing and little to no compromising, Lilith flew the coop. Upon her exit, Adam cried to God about how she left him in the dust. In turn, God sent three angels after Lilith with the message of free will. God would allow Lilith to return on her terms, but also to leave on her terms.

The angels found her near the sea in which the Egyptians would later drown in (another Biblical story for another day). When the angels found Lilith, they told her to return to the Garden or else she would be drowned in the sea. So, basically the opposite of what God told them to do. In some origins, she made it known to the angels that she had already had sex with a Demon/Lucifer/Satan. Regardless, this is the time in which Lilith had told them that she knew her role was to rule over infant death. She has the power to rule life or death over boys for the first eight days, and then the first twelve days for girls. The angels proposed an ultimatum; if Lilith refused to go with them, then one hundred of her children would die each day. At the cost of her children, Lilith accepted the angel’s ultimatum.

Additional mythos also hails Lilith as the partner of Satan or Lucifer. Realistically, this checks out. Lucifer demanded equality to that of God, which got him kicked out of Heaven. Lilith demanded equality to that of Adam, which was denied and led her to leave the Garden. Together, these two demons defy the order, choosing chaos in pursuit of equality. They are like the cosmic counterparts of rebellion. There is also mythos about Lilith having children by the demon Samael. Said children are known as incubi and succubi. In other mythos, incubi and succubi come from sexual relationships with mortal men. In some folklore, incubi and succubi wander the Earth amongst humans.

Lilith’s mythological and Biblical role has caused quite a stir throughout the centuries. In medieval times, there would be wards, blessings, and amulets to ward Lilith’s presence off. Pregnant women and new mothers would use such measures to protect their children from Lilith. Women and families feared that Lilith would steal their beloved children away. In another mythos, Lilith was known to roam the Earth in sexual pursuit. Her presence was feared in the sense that she would lure men in with her promiscuity.

In modern times, Lilith has played a major role in pop culture. There are multiple references to her in music, literacy, poetry, art, etc. Lilith is also regarded as a feminist icon. Her bold, unapologetic defiance to Adam sparks controversy. Lilith is known as the icon who is sexually secure, independent, and rebellious.

Lilith in Astrology

In astrology, there are supposedly around three to four Lilith placements. The first is the asteroid Lilith, which is located between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids can represent the fine details in a birth chart or a transit overview. The Dark Moon Lilith is an unconfirmed dark moon orbiting around Earth. The Black Moon Lilith is an “abstract, geometrical point” that is part of an elliptical orbit around Earth. Lastly, the Lilith Star is supposedly the evilest star in our immediate cosmos ( When looking at astrology, it appears that the asteroid is most commonly used and practiced. However, don’t let that discourage you from researching your additional Lilith placements aside from the asteroid.

Dark Star Astrology regards Lilith as three phases – the Asteroid, the Dark Moon, and the Black MoonThe Asteroid could be considered phase one of Lilith, where this presents as rage as a result of humiliation. In essence, Lilith fled the Garden after Adam denied her equality. The stark rage one feels when they’ve been undermined. The Dark Moon could be considered phase two of Lilith, where there is a desire for revenge. This is like the moment where Lilith agrees to sacrifice her children for her freedom when the angels deal with the ultimatum. It can also be related to her consummating her dark energy with a demon. This may also be concerning Lilith stealing or killing infants, and seducing men. Essentially, revenge at any cost. The Black Moon could be considered the third phase of Lilith, which is maturing and harnessing the dark energy of Lilith. This can be seen as Lilith finding solace in her freedom away from God and Adam. Being secure in one’s independence, rebellion, and power. Knowing how to stand up for what is desired or needed. It can refer to sexual confidence.

The astrological placement of Lilith represents unrestricted sexual energy, karma, rebellion, chaos, and what lurks in the shadows. Astrology’s use of Lilith is highlighting pure instinct. This placement is where one can find their true, inner power that is unfettered by fear, anxiety, social norms, etc. Her role in a birth chart is the carnal, rebellious energy that one unknowingly pulls from. The astrological Lilith can also present itself as sexual desires, needs, and fantasies. Lilith can also allude to witchcraft and magick.

The Asteroid Lilith Placements

Lilith in Aries Aries Lilith is vulnerable rage. Aries Lilith will draw power from anger and aggression. This can be an impulsive, explosive Lilith placement. If angered, the rage can spread like wildfire, consuming everything in sight. Aries Lilith craves rough, raw sex. The sexual drive is primal, per the Mars influence. Sex would ideally be quick, dirty, and even aggressive. Aries Lilith may like to dominate or be dominated in bed. Sex after fighting may be a huge turn-on for Aries Lilith. As long as it’s rough, it shouldn’t matter. Since Aries rules the head, sex may revolve around hair pulling or oral sex. Sex may also be a power trip for Aries Lilith. This Lilith placement aims to win over the unwinnable prospective conquest. If Aries Lilith succeeds in wooing someone who seemed uninterested, this can bring on a feeling of invincibility. Aries Lilith is raw energy, so this placement may be attractive to people who are rough around the edges. Aries Lilith could even find scars attractive. Aries is also a naturally instinctual sign, so Aries Lilith would fare well on going with gut feelings. As far as karma goes, Aries Lilith may experience karma from impulsive decisions. This instinctual Lilith sign is going to jump in headfirst every time. So, karmic repercussions are going to be an after-thought.

Lilith in Taurus Taurus Lilith is pure hedonism. Whether it’s food, alcohol, money, or material items, Taurus Lilith wants it all! Taurus Lilith has an insane desire to fulfill all of its wishes, no matter the cost or effect it has on others. This Lilith placement desires to truly, deeply indulge in any guilty pleasure. The hedonistic streak can also bode an inane jealous streak. If someone else has what Taurus Lilith wants, this placement may become swept up in a jealous fit. As Taurus Lilith deals with gluttony and greed, this can be the downfall in this placement. Taurus Lilith needs to be reminded of cost versus reward. This could be difficult as Taurus Lilith is prone to giving into carnal urges. When it comes to sex, Taurus Lilith aims to have a luxurious time. Sex should incorporate the Five Senses. Think aphrodisiacs, perfume/cologne, quality bedding, ample bodily contact, and mood lighting. Since Taurus rules the neck, this may be a focus in any sexual escapade. Taurus Lilith may have a kink for hickies, biting/sucking on the neck, and/or choking. If on the kinkier side, this Lilith placement may even fantasize using leashes and collars. Since Taurus rules the throat, Taurus Lilith may have a kink for vocalization. This Lilith placement may be turned on by moaning, talking, and expressing any and all sexual gratification. It wouldn’t even be surprising if Taurus Lilith enjoyed sensory play, such as using candle wax or whip cream during sex.

Lilith in Gemini Gemini Lilith is fluid and lively. When it comes to instinct, Gemini Lilith could be pulled in two opposing directions. After all, Gemini is the sign of Two Faces or the Twins. It can translate to two paths, choices, and decisions. Gemini Lilith can visualize both paths, and where each one leads, but maybe apprehensive to decide on a path. This can lead to double-dipping, or leading two lives. It is indecisive, scattered energy associated with Gemini Lilith. It’s wanting the best of both worlds, but lacking the ability to combine attractive aspects of each world into one. Or lacking the ability to forgo one world for the other. There is non-committal energy here. It’s where being two-faced can come into play. This Lilith sign is attractive to people who can hold a fluid, enlightening conversation. Gemini Lilith’s major turn-ons are communication and brainpower. The ideal sexual fantasy would involve a dirty talk, even role-playing. Role-playing works for this Lilith sign in the bedroom because it’s living the ability to lead two different lives. Gemini Lilith can appear one way, initially to prospective partners, and completely flip the switch in the bedroom. Since Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers, these body parts are in focus during sex. Gemini Lilith may be attracted to someone who has muscular arms, or interesting arms/shoulders (I.e. tatted arms/shoulders/hands). Gemini Lilith may have a kink for biting or scratching the shoulders and arms. Because Gemini rules the hands, Gemini Lilith may like it when their partner grabs them inappropriately in a public setting or bed. This placement may enjoy giving/receiving hand-jobs or being fingered/fingering their partner.

Lilith in Cancer Cancer Lilith could come across like unassuming, motherly energy. The natural intuition seems gentle and soft. In reality, Cancer Lilith uses its intuitive psyche to manipulate and control. This placement is as close as it gets to reading someone’s mind. Cancer Lilith can use this power to manipulate a situation, person, or even themselves. Cancer Lilith deals with the karma of separation anxiety. This placement may deal with an intense emotional bond that breeds stress. In separation from its partner or power, Cancer Lilith will become anxious. Cancer Lilith will have to learn to stand in its power as opposed to using emotional manipulation to keep people from leaving. In the bedroom, Cancer Lilith seems like sweet, gentle energy. But in reality, this can become quite the entanglement. Cancer Lilith can play someone like a fiddle, knowing what will get someone off by picking up on that person’s subtle hints and desires. Sex can be used as a bonding agent between the Cancer Lilith and its partner. Since Cancer rules the chest, breasts, and stomach, these areas may be highlighted during sex. Cancer Lilith may over-sexualize its chest through the use of lingerie, accessories, or cologne/perfume. Cancer Lilith may also be attracted to voluptuous breasts or a sculpted chest. The stomach could be a focus as well. Cancer Lilith may be attracted to a sculpted stomach, a softer stomach, or have preferences about how a prospective partner’s stomach should be. As far as kinks go, Cancer Lilith may enjoy chest play, as well as licking and sucking the stomach area. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon in astrology, which is closely linked to the mother. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Cancer Lilith also deals with fantasies regarding pregnancy.

Lilith in Leo Leo Lilith alludes to a dark, sultry prowess. This Lilith placement tackles sexual endeavors will extreme passion and ferocity. Leo Lilith alludes to a strikingly strong ego. This placement dominates in all areas of life and isn’t afraid of the spotlight. Dramatic love affairs are a Leo Lilith must. This Lilith placement may seek to be the center of attention in a relationship, to dominate the relationship, and it may come across as selfish. As Lilith is a provocative asteroid, her placement in Leo will not be shy to initiate drama just for the fun of it. After all, a Leo Lilith’s drama is another way to implement passion! After all, Leo Lilith lives to have a dramatic sex life that overshadows the steamiest movies and shows in recent pop culture. 50 Shades of Gray can’t hold a candle to the drama of Leo Lilith. Leo Lilith has the stamina to last, so sex should be a long, passionate act. Since Leo rules the back and shoulders, this may be an area of focus during sex. Think scratching, biting, and even whipping for a kinkier Leo Lilith. Leo placements either have and/or are attracted to hair, so hair pulling may be a huge part of sex. Leo Lilith may find the post-sex hair look attractive as well. When Leo Lilith is channeled correctly, this is a proud, ambitious, and sexual persona. Leo Lilith could also come across as boastful, attention-seeking, manipulative, and dominating. More than anything, this placement implies colorful, explosive life that puts televised dramas to shame.

Lilith in Virgo Virgo Lilith implies quiet power and sexual prowess. Virgo Lilith is unassuming in its prowess, which gives it an upper hand. This placement is someone who works behind the scenes. This can infer a strategic, cunning personality. Virgo Lilith likes to move in silence, which keeps people guessing. Because of this, Virgo Lilith tends to be extremely knowledgeable about people, relationships, and situations. But it’s all about how Virgo Lilith expends its power. Sexually, Virgo Lilith is the ultimate “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” energy. Virgo can get a bad rap of being “vanilla” or “virginal”. But in reality, Virgo Lilith is an extremely dirty sexual energy to work with. Its kinkiness will be contingent on the sexual situation at hand. Virgo Lilith will tend to match the situation it’s in. Virgo Lilith will try to ensure a sexually comfortable situation mixed with a little experimentation. Virgo Lilith may not have a definitive list of kinks because this placement is open to experimentation. If anything, Virgo Lilith desires someone intelligent and communicative. Since Virgo rules the digestive system and health, this placement will prioritize sexual health by utilizing birth control, getting tested regularly, and being sexually selective. Likewise, Virgo Lilith may be drawn to someone who is perceived as “clean” or healthy. It can even go so far as fantasizing about bathing or showering together too!healthy. This can even go so far as fantasizing about bathing or showering together too!

Lilith in Libra Libra Lilith acts diplomatically, with charm and grace to glide through life. In reality, this can be a strategic Lilith placement. Libra Lilith deals with the mental agility to use its charm and elegance to gain the upper hand. Part of this is forcing others to make the hard decisions, which alleviates Libra Lilith from making any tough decisions. It’s a manipulative move on Libra Lilith’s end. By manipulating someone else to do Libra Lilith’s dirty work, Libra Lilith can keep a clean slate. Part of the karmic duty associated with this Lilith placement is learning to decide and act on the decision, accepting the full reality of all consequences. Libra Lilith has a seductive quality. Through flirtatious touching, gazing, and words, Libra Lilith aims to seduce and conquer. It’s similar to Aries Lilith in the sense of wanting to come out on top, winning over the unwinnable prospect. But it’s different in the sense that Libra Lilith creeps in, entices, and encapsulates its prospective partners. Libra Lilith uses fashion, beauty, and intelligence to seduce. Since Libra rules the skin, butt, and lower back, these may all be a sexual focus. Libra Lilith may have an attractive butt or be heavily attracted to someone who has a nice butt. Because of this, Libra Lilith may even have sexual fantasies about spanking, anal sex, and/or anal play. Or this Lilith placement may focus on touching their prospective sexual partner’s butt/lower back as means to flirt. Libra Lilith may also be attracted to someone who has beautiful skin. Libra Lilith may be heavily attracted to someone who has a complexion that is blemish-free, even-toned, etc.

Lilith in Scorpio Scorpio Lilith is a magnetic, dark intensity. Scorpio Lilith’s sexual magnitude is extremely apparent to others. This Lilith placement has a strong, all-consuming charisma. It’s the energy of a siren drawing sailors into their deaths. Prospective sexual partners and romantic suitors tend to fall for Scorpio Lilith’s strong sexuality right away. Since Scorpio rules the genitals, there is a draw to these parts. Scorpio Lilith could have a strong fixation on the size and girth of sexual organs. Scorpio also rules the excretory system and reproductive systems. So, this Lilith placement may have a pregnancy kink, breeder kink, and/or excretory kink. Likewise, fantasies of all said kinks. Scorpio Lilith has the emotional state of an undertow. Once this placement is swept up, it’s all or nothing. This emotional undertow is often characterized by aggression, jealousy, obsession, control, and power. True Scorpio Lilith becomes extremely obsessive with relationships, love prospects, and sexual conquests. So, sex may be an overwhelming experience because of the emotional bond that comes with it. Scorpio Lilith likes to be on top, in control, and powerful in any relationship. This quality can bode obsessive tendencies. Jealousy can be quite the monster to deal with. The karmic duty of Scorpio Lilith is harnessing powerful, transformative connections. If attained, others will then recognize Scorpio Lilith as an energy that can stand in its power with true confidence and acceptance.

Lilith in Sagittarius Sagittarius Lilith is wildfire, all-consuming energy. This Lilith placement expands, explodes, and destroys. Think of Sagittarius Lilith as a mid-July, mid-draught wildfire in California. Because of the all-consuming nature of this Lilith placement, there is an excessive-quality to it. It’s similar to Taurus Lilith in hedonism and similar to Pisces Lilith in means of escapism. Altogether, Sagittarius Lilith deals with the karmic duty of overdoing it. This Lilith placement will eventually learn how and when to pull back. Sagittarius Lilith can also be impulsive when it comes to sex. This can be a highly promiscuous placement as well. Because of impulsivity, brashness, and boldness, Sagittarius Lilith can be highly sexual with many partners and experiences. Since Sagittarius rules the hips and legs, this may be the bodily focal point in sex. Sagittarius Lilith may highlight its legs with heels, thigh-high boots, fishnets, garters, and more. Sagittarius Lilith may also love it when their partner wears any of those items. As far as the hips go, this may be the area that Sagittarius Lilith is hyper-focused on in a potential partner. This Lilith placement may be curvier, or lust after someone with a curvy figure. Sagittarius Lilith has an adventurous spirit, so public sex or the idea of being caught in the act may be a fantasy/turn-on/kink.

Lilith in Capricorn Capricorn Lilith is power-hungry, domineering energy. When it comes to power, there’s an energy of Machiavellian. Capricorn Lilith knows how to get to where it wants to go. Power, status, and money are the major focus. When it comes to karma, Capricorn Lilith is a highly karmic placement. This is both positive and negative. Lessons are learned fairly quickly, but these will be highly karmic. Think mind-altering lessons that help one mature, grow, and evolve. Capricorn Lilith is also highly sexual energy, but it tends to be masked fairly well. The sexual aura is sensed by others, but it isn’t over-the-top or provocative. If anything, it’s sly sexual energy that simmers just below the surface. Capricorn Lilith may have sexual fantasies about older, more mature people. This placement may desire someone who’s in a position of power/control, or have a status about them. It’s not unlikely that this fantasy could be about office sex or a secret office affair. Capricorn Lilith may dream about having sex in the office, having sex with a boss, using sex to gain notoriety in the industry one is in, or having sex with a highly prominent figure. Sex could also be used to gain the upper hand in a situation. Because Capricorn rules the teeth, joints, and skeletal system, the ideal sexual situationship should be more flexible. Either the Capricorn Lilith or the sexual partner should be flexible in bed. There may be a kink with bondage, being tied up, or bending the body in difficult positions. Capricorn Lilith may have a kink for biting and giving/receiving hickies.

Lilith in Aquarius Aquarius Lilith is a natural rebel spirit. This is the unprecedented “my way or the highway” vibe. Aquarius Lilith dares to be different, bold, and outspoken. This Lilith sign revels in the weird and wonderful. Aquarius Lilith is at home in its individuality. Because of this wildly unapologetic independence and stubbornness, Aquarius Lilith may find itself isolated at times. This Lilith placement has the karmic duty of empathy. It’s lonely at the top. Aquarius Lilith will have to learn to empathize with varying ideologies and opinions, as well as types of individuals. When it comes to sex, this is sexual liberation at its finest. Arguably, Aquarius Lilith rivals Scorpio Lilith and Sagittarius in sexual adventure. Aquarius Lilith isn’t afraid to get freaky or to try something left field, atypical from the status quo. If anything, Aquarius Lilith may be utterly comfortable in its quirky, atypical kinks and fantasies. The kinks and fantasies can be truly unprecedented with this sign. Know that there is a wide-open, inquisitive view about sexual desire. Aquarius Lilith may even want to explore and research all types of sexual situations with the ideal partner. There is an unapologetic quality about Aquarius Lilith’s sexual liberation. When it comes to libido, Aquarius Lilith will have high standards and may refrain from promiscuity the same way Virgo Lilith does. Aquarius Lilith likes to get freaky, but preferably with a long-standing sexual partner where there’s trust and history involved. Since Aquarius rules the ankles and calves, these may be sexual focal points. Aquarius Lilith may take a lot of pride in showing off its legs or maybe heavily attracted to someone with defined legs. Aquarius Lilith may look for a partner with a definition around the ankles and calves.

Lilith in Pisces Pisces Lilith is a seemingly innocent Lilith placement. But this Lilith placement lives in la-la land, which is why it doesn’t come across as aggressive. Pisces Lilith lives a life where everything feels like it’s one big motion picture. It’s similar in fashion to Leo Lilith living out a real-life drama. But it’s different in the sense that Pisces Lilith longs for the poignant, coming-of-age fantasy. This is because Pisces Lilith is submersed in daydreams. When it comes to sex, it’s all about the enthralling romance. Think Romeo & Juliet or Titanic. Sex can be a tricky subject for Pisces Lilith. This placement may over-idealize partners, sexual escapades, and relationships. This can come from excessive, unrealistic daydreams. Because of this, the sexual escapades could always lack the daydream luster in person. Likewise, the daydreams could pale in comparison to reality. It’s a 50/50 shot, and it’s hard to tell where it’ll go since Pisces can be such an idolized sign. Since Pisces also rules the feet, Pisces Lilith could likely have a kink for foot fetishes. Pisces also rules body fat, so this Lilith placement lust after someone with a fuller figure. When it comes to karma, Pisces Lilith can be quite the escape artist. It may allude to evasion, deception, and delusion. Pisces Lilith tends to run away from accountability. This Lilith placement may struggle with escapist tendencies such as excessive partying, excessive spending, excessive promiscuity, self-sabotaging, and even engaging in substance abuse.

Mythos Sources

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