All About Jupiter Retrograde

Forging forward in 2020 has been proven difficult, but will hopefully be rewarding in the end. The path is hindered by circumstantial individual and collective time bombs. It doesn’t get any easier as we are in the midst of retrograde season. Among many others, Jupiter has stationed retrograde on May 14th. Jupiter Rx feels like hitting a hard wall on any venture. Luckily, even in retrograde, Jupiter still has its benefic qualities!

A Crash Course on Jupiter

Understanding a complex astrological event begins with understanding its components. In mythology and astrology, Jupiter rules over expansion. Where Jupiter is, one can expect it to expand this area of life, qualities, and attributes. Jupiter’s expansive quality is often fortuitous. Think of Jupiter like Midas – everything it touches, it turns to gold. This, for the most part, is an auspicious aspect. However, like Midas, Jupiter’s golden touch can be a double edge sword. This is why Jupiter’s role in our birth charts is both positive and negative. Jupiter can infer where your spiritual journey will take off, how you can enjoy fortune in your life, and how you can bring in good luck! It can also infer that poor karma results from poor judgment. Just remember that luck can always turn on a dime!

Let’s look at Jupiter in a natal chart. My Jupiter is in Aquarius, which is a fortunate placement to have. Aquarius Jupiter can imply that I will receive fortune when I am thinking about the collective. When I prioritize my community before me, but without sacrificing my needs, this is where I will experience benevolence. Aquarius Jupiter is also the energy of owning your shit in a non-confrontational manner. It’s radical self-acceptance and presentation of the true self. So, all in all, I experience luck when I have a futuristic viewpoint, aim to help humanity, and own my genuine self. But my luck can turn on a dime. If Aquarius Jupiter has a lesson to teach, it will be related to the shadow aspects of Aquarius. The shadow side of Aquarius is egotistical, has a strong god complex, is unnecessarily rebellious, and even controlling. So, my luck can be withdrawn if I present shadow side symptoms. When I rise above the shadow side, thus raising my vibrations, I attain Jupiter’s benevolence again.

All in all, Jupiter is the Major Benefic in astrology. This is the planet that expands, implodes, and ascends. All aspects of luck are rewards on the spiritual journey. Jupiter is also hailed as a fellow Teacher Planet alongside Saturn. So, where Saturn disciplines, Jupiter rewards. When looking at transits and your birth chart, it would be wise to take note of Jupiter’s influence. This is where you can find luck, happiness, and blessings.

Traveling Back in Time: Jupiter Rx

When Jupiter stations Rx, we’re going to have to rethink, review, revise any current ventures. Jupiter Rx is all about forward movement and expansion but also knowing when to reflect on the journey.

one of my pictures of the markers from el Camino

Jupiter Rx reminds me of my time on el Camino de Santiago. For those who are unfamiliar, el Camino de Santiago is a religious or spiritual pilgrimage that can begin pretty much anywhere in Europe and leads to one destination – Santiago, Spain. In modern times, this pilgrimage is used for spiritual/religious experiences, general hiking fun, and is also a great way to explore multiple sides of Europe. The religious/spiritual essence coupled with the idea of long-term, distant travel is Jupiter-like in nature. The aspect of el Camino that strikes me as “Jupiter Retrograde” is the idea of the physical travel that often is guided for the most part on intuition and perception. While walking el Camino, my group and I had to be cognizant of the markers that highlighted the right path. Said markers were small yellow arrows or shells painted into the path, trees, rocks, and walls. At times, these markers were obvious in size and stature. Other times, the markers were small, faded, and sometimes easily missed. There were times on our journey that we would go 15 minutes without seeing a marker. When this happened, it was because we were so wrapped up in ourselves that we weren’t present for a physical cue. If we missed the marker, it meant that we were going the wrong way. But the beauty of this was knowing when to turn back, find where we strayed from our path, then get back on track. In essence, Jupiter Retrograde is like my Camino experience. If you take a wrong step, know that you can always find your way back to your rightful path. The cues will be there along the way, waiting to direct you.

As Jupiter Rx is in the sign of Capricorn, this expansive Rx period is characterized by Father Time, grit, tenacity, and karma. Capricorn’s influence is steady, yet absolute. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, implying to act in a leadership position with a solid foundation to build upon. As Jupiter Rx is all about finding one’s path or redirecting to the rightful path, Capricorn’s influence is going to help redirect diligently. Jupiter Rx will expand upon any karma during this time. As karma unfolds over time, so will its effect on one’s path. If positive, know you are on the right path and to continue with said path. If negative, take this as a moment of redirection. There are silver linings in repercussions. The silver linings may be attributed to responsibility, accountability, and maturation. Each silver lining will help rebuild the foundation for your rightful path or help you become a better person over time. All in all, Jupiter Rx in Capricorn is asking us all to grow up, see the big picture, and get on track with positive, long-term goals.

Key Dates

  • May 14: Jupiter stations Rx in Capricorn
  • June 30: Jupiter Rx in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto Rx in Capricorn (death of the ego, spiritual ascension and flight)
  • July 27: Jupiter Rx in Capricorn sextiles Neptune Rx in Pisces (gentle uncovering of truth, karma exposed, time to re-imagine)
  • September 12: Jupiter direct in Capricorn (move forward with determinism)

Final Thoughts

Jupiter Rx can be an ideal time to utilize the Law of Attraction! Believe it or not, retrogrades can be great for tearing down a weak foundation. Without any sort of foundation, something newer and sturdier can be built in its absence. The ideal way of doing so is through manifestation.

The Law of Attraction deals with attracting benevolence (and negativity). It’s what you choose to give life to. One’s thought processes and actions can to results – including both positive and negative happenstances. For example, maybe you choose to manifest happiness in life. With faith, practice, and a little work on your end, happiness can come your way. It may come in the form of a better attitude, a better mindset, wonderful people, new jobs, and expressing gratitude for such. Because of the expansive properties of Jupiter Rx, now is an ideal time to begin thinking about what you want to attract. Put your energy and effort into your true desires at this time.

Even in retrograde, know that Jupiter will always have benevolent energy. So, if you find that you’re being redirected during Jupiter Rx, understand that it’s for your better. There is a brighter, more expansive future on the horizon waiting for you. Let Jupiter Rx guide you there.

If you’re interested in learning more about el Camino de Santiago, I strongly suggest checking out these sites –,, and There’s also an awesome documentary called Looking For Infinity: El Camino that really encapsulates the momentum of the journey.

It’s me! I was 18 y/o and a freshman in college when I decided to go on el Camino. I was taking a course that was all about involving travel with education. Myself, eight other students, and three professors hiked el Camino together during spring break. Together, we hiked around 93 miles from Ourense, Galicia, Spain to Santiago, Spain. We started on Monday and earned our compostelas on Friday. If I remember correctly, this was from Thursday, the second longest day. If it looks like I posed for the picture, just know I was still walking at a snail’s pace at this point after the 23-mile trek on Wednesday and going on an 18-mile trek on Thursday.

Cover pic/featured photo is from Tumblr.

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