July Overview

Will there be a reprieve in July? One can only hope. In hindsight, July seems to have an easier celestial line-up than June. July was a month of building momentum. What were the silver linings of all lessons that are still unfolding with the retrograde and eclipse energy? This is an ideal question to ask yourself as July pans out.

Major Transits

A major retrograde transition occurs on the 1st when Saturn Retrograde moves from Aquarius into Capricorn. Now that Saturn Rx is in its ruling sign, Capricorn, this will be a huge shift in focus in regard to lessons. Capricorn’s influence is one of hard work, career, status, recognition, Machiavellianism, tenacity, and grit. With Saturn Rx being characterized by the meticulous sea-goat, there is an energy of re-learning value and hard work. Saturn Rx in Capricorn can be a time where the karmic lessons that come up are strongly related to your career path/goals, your ideal vs unideal status, your relationship with recognition, and the hard work that is put in all of it. Depending on where this falls into your Houses, expect that the aspects of said House will go under a microscope for introspection. Saturn Rx in Capricorn is thinking about the long-term, end goals. What work can you begin putting in now that will pay off later? Are you on the correct path, and if not, how do you get back on it? What karma – good and bad – is going to help you redirect along the way? Consider these questions for the remainder of the Saturn Rx period.

The two-year eclipse season draws to a close on July 5 with the final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. This past eclipse season started way back in 2018 with the Solar Eclipse triggering Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon. Since then, multiple eclipses have occurred over the last two years. The idea behind eclipse season is a rapid shift in mind and pace. As doors slam close, new doors open. With the final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, this could be considered the ultimate point of reflection. Think about all endings and beginnings over the past two years. You may find that your mindset and attitude are outrageously different, as multiple events have changed the course of perception. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is a reflection of lessons, karma, and growth. Maturation was accelerated over the last two years, and in particular, over the last month alone. With this final eclipse drawing the tumultuous season to a close, understand that all lessons have silver linings. What you’ve learned these past two years is building up to where you need to go. Utilize the karma that has unfolded over this time to begin moving forward. In true Capricorn spirit, the hard work isn’t over yet!

Towards the end of the week, Chiron stations retrograde in Aries on the 11th. The Wounded Healer is all about the unprocessed, consistent emotional pains. These are not the pains we heal but rather the pains we learn to live with. As Chiron is stationed in Aries, said wounds can be strongly related to inner child work, anger, aggression, impulsivity, and brute Masculinity. Chiron Rx in Aries will draw up anger-driven emotional wounds until December. As each wound or pain appears, it will be coupled with raw vulnerability. This Rx period is a time where most will be called to heal their inner child and Masculine side. Over these next six months, be mindful of reacting in anger or aggression. Be mindful of acting in an impulsive manner. Chiron Rx in Aries will teach us to rework our anger into a more positive emotion, to heal childhood burdens, and to fall back into balance with the Masculine side.

We can say goodbye to one retrograde – Mercury will station direct in Cancer on the 12th. With forward movement in Mercury, all communication and mental processes can pick up the pace. Mercury Rx in Cancer was all about rethinking, reviewing, revising emotional ties, emotional boundaries, manipulation, compassion, and empathy. For some, this past Mercury Rx can be strongly tied to the home and family. Mercury direct in Cancer is all about using empathy and compassion moving forward. There is a light warning of not getting caught up in the emotion of the moment, or shooting the messenger. Instead, act present, empathize, and speak with your heart on your sleeve. With Mercury direct, your decisions regarding the head and the heart may be more aligned now. You can act in the best interest of both. All in all, a wonderful time to rebuild or strengthen emotional ties.

A moment to reflect will occur on the 15th when Saturn Rx in Capricorn quincunx True Node Retrograde in Gemini. Whenever two celestial bodies are quincunx, this is a point of attention but has the same goal in mind. Saturn Rx in Capricorn is all about taking each lesson into account to plan for a future end-goal. True Node Rx in Gemini is the crossroads of fate and destiny. The True Node Rx is all about decisions, where to go, and what is the best path moving forward. With these two in a tense aspect to one another, there is a shared end goal that has to do with the future. But there is a disagreement as to how to get there. Saturn Rx in Capricorn believes in hard work, grit, and tenacity. This is methodical planning and acting. True Node Rx in Gemini is the mental exploration, the pros, and the cons list. It’s exploring all paths. When these two come to head, there may be an energy of not being able to have your cake and eat it too. By this, I mean that you may see both paths clearly and want to explore each option openly, but there is an element of karma holding you back. The element of karma screams boundaries, restrictions, and backlash. Because of the karmic element, there may be hesitance in exploring both options. But for what it’s worth, you already know what you’re going to do. So, you might as well do it and see how the repercussions play out over time.

A New Moon in Cancer will occur on July 20th. Finally, a lunar moment without the heavy eclipse energy! New Moons are awesome for setting down new intentions or new goals. This is a great time to begin manifesting goals, desires, and outcomes. New Moon in Cancer can be characterized by aspects of intuition, psyche, the Moon, family, and home. This can be a great time to make self-love a prioritization. It can also be a great time to begin thinking ahead for the family and home, specifically how to improve these areas. For some witchy people, this can be the ideal time to begin paying attention to lunar phases and working with the Moon. For others, now may be the time to begin honing intuition, paying attention to gut feelings and instincts. For all, it would be wise to pay close attention to any visceral reactions in conversation. If your skin prickles, if the hair stands on the back of your neck, if you feel strongly in your gut, know this is your intuition picking something up for you. Pay attention to your physical reactions to others. If you feel strongly in your gut, it’s likely your empathy picking up someone else’s emotions. If you feel strongly in your heart it’s likely your own emotions. Lastly, take your dreams into account at this time.

The Sun moves into Leo on July 22th! The Sun is exalted in Leo, as this is the ruling sign linked up with its ruling planet. Arguably, Leo Season is the best time of year! This is mid-summer where everything is exciting, fresh, and optimistic. Even mid-COVID, Leo Season can’t be beaten. Leo Sun is fixed masculine fire energy. The fixed energy refers to being steadfast, loyal, stubborn, and at times, dogmatic. The masculine energy likes to project outwards, as this energy likes to stand its ground. Leo Sun is a warm, bright vibe. This is the ideal time to hold steady on a project or goal with a cheerful attitude. You may feel more inclined to engage in exciting, fun activities where your creativity can shine! Leo Season can also be boastful and prideful, excited to show off any hard work. Be mindful of petty drama or stealing the spotlight. Focus on incorporating fun in everyday life and keeping up the spirit of the Lion.

The final major astrological transit will occur on the 27th when Jupiter Rx in Capricorn sextiles Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Jupiter Rx in Capricorn is a methodical expansion characterized by boundaries, restrictions, and karma. Neptune Rx in Pisces is clearing the fog, thus discovering the truth. Sextiles are a harmonious aspect that occurs when two celestial bodies are in signs that have complementary elements to one another. This aspect implies a gentle redirection. Neptune Rx will shine a beacon of light, truth, and understanding while Jupiter Rx is going to re-focus on long-term expansion. Together, this is an auspicious time to apply the recently discovered truth and use it to redirect your energy. Use this time to consider all matters. If painful or hard to bear, Neptune Rx imposes a compassionate, understanding tone. It’s okay to acknowledge that the path you were once on is not your true path.

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Cover picture/featured image via Tumblr, found on Pinterest. Artist is Sarah Eisenlohr, “Tent”, 2013.

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