Weekly Transit Watch for September 4 to 10, 2022

At the beginning of the week, Venus in Leo will sextile Pallas in Gemini, creating a buttery armor of amour. Dashing Venus is not gun shy in its desire for romance, gold, or commitment. When working with dexterous Pallas, the sextile infers that communication can go a long way. Openly express what you want or need! But do not try to be overly slick as Pallas can take on a trickster energy. A little bit of flirting is enough to achieve your desires.

Monday is busy as Venus will enter Virgo and Juno retrograde in Pisces will sextile North Node in Taurus.

Although fall, Venus in Virgo is far from falling from grace. The loving embrace of Venus has a more critical tone as Virgo eyes what needs to be improved upon or edited for success. Love, money, and beauty become the prime subjects for scrutiny. While Venus in Virgo is judgmental, this is well-intended as Venus in Virgo seeks to improve its means in these areas.

Aside from the Venusian ingress, Juno retrograde sextile the North Node suggests that long-term commitment could be written in the stars. However, Juno retrograde implies that we are rethinking, reviewing, then revising our take on spiritual relationships. What are we willing to put up with? How can we impose better boundaries with our partners? How can we be absolute in love without being lost in love? Think about these questions as you gaze toward your romantic future. 

Shortly after, Pallas will enter Cancer, and Ceres in Leo will oppose Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

Lady Pallas sharpens its emotional intelligence as it moves into Cancer. Gauging the situation before acting is the Pallas in Cancer way. Reacting readily yet appropriately is encouraged as Pallas in Cancer is exceptionally strategically intuitive. Listen to your gut and you will not fail while Pallas is in Cancer!

What we nurture may come to mind during the Ceres-Saturn retrograde opposition. Saturn retrograde is a little more open than usual to revising what we are responsible for or what we instill as part of the unique structure of our lives. Warm Ceres encourages Saturn retrograde to think about the self (as well as others) as we go through this process of unlearning and relearning what works best for us. 

By the middle of the week, the sun in Virgo will oppose Juno retrograde in Pisces and trine the North Node in Taurus.

The opposition touches upon service in our relationships, particularly what we are willing to give or receive. Singles may use this opposition to assert their ambition in love, such as setting expectations in place as a guide to finding the best partner for them. Couples can come together during this opposition to discuss their fantastical and practical relationship goals. Since the sun is in harmony with the lunar node of fate and destiny, it might be possible to solidify these aspirations so that our desires are fulfilled. 

Toward the end of the week, Mercury will station retrograde in Libra. Retrogrades are a pause for the cause as it is now time to rethink, review, and then revise. Mercury retrograde often causes miscommunication, technological mishaps, and travel issues. Since this is occurring in Libra, we may feel like our intrinsic and extrinsic peace is imbalanced. What is deemed fair or unfair may come up as justice is ready to be served during Mercury retrograde. 

At the end of the week, there will be a full moon in Pisces! Lovely Luna sparkles in the sky as it adds intuitive context to the realistic realm of Virgo season. Holistic absolution glimmers with hope. However, this is not an excuse for escapism. With the ebb and flow of this chapter manifesting, the full moon calls us to be spiritually and emotionally aware. Utilize the Virgo-Pisces axis to have a hopeful yet logical stance as you move forward from this lunar period.

Weekly Transit Watch

  • September 4 – Venus in Leo sextiles Pallas in Gemini
  • September 5 – Venus enters Virgo, Juno retrograde in Pisces sextiles North Node in Taurus
  • September 6 – Pallas enters Cancer, Ceres in Leo opposes Saturn retrograde in Aquarius
  • September 7 – Sun in Virgo opposes Juno retrograde in Pisces, Sun in Virgo trines North Node in Taurus
  • September 9 – Mercury stations retrograde in Libra
  • September 10 – Full Moon in Pisces 

Weekly Horoscopes


Are you dedicated to the one you love, Aries? You might have second thoughts about your romantic (and professional) commitments when Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. Focus on letting go of any subconscious fears or doubts under the mystical full moon in Pisces.


Backup your files at work, Taurus! Mercury is going to station retrograde in Libra this week, disrupting the peace of your usual routine. Try to get ahead of any potential tech issues by being proactive. You might feel more hopeful by surrounding yourself with your friends during the full moon in Pisces!


What brings you joy, Gemini? With Mercury retrograde in Libra approaching, you may feel indecisive about who and what to commit to. Focus on what brings you happiness. You may feel more self-assured about your accomplishments by the magical full moon in Pisces. 


Having a work-life balance is a must, Cancer. So, it might be time to address any imbalances or disharmony when Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. Luckily, you may feel more aligned with your soul’s journey during the beautiful full moon in Pisces at the end of the week!


Watch out for Freudian slips in your close-knit communities when Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. Leo, you or someone else could spill the tea – be careful! By the end of the week, you should be able to stand in your power with your intimate bonds under the full moon in Pisces. 


Money matters may take quite a turn once Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. Watch out for unnecessary expenses or spending to maintain some sort of financial balance, Virgo. Expect to feel more emotionally attuned and aligned with your commitments during the full moon in Pisces. 


Maintain your sense of confidence when Mercury stations retrograde in your sign this week. Libra, you might feel uneasy in your appearance, first impression, and disposition during Mercury retrograde. Luckily, you can say “goodbye” to unhealthy habits or routines under the full moon in Pisces. 


How do you speak to yourself, Scorpio? You may want to revise your inner voice once Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. Speaking nicely to yourself is a form of self-compassion! Then the full moon in Pisces will draw you toward your passions at the end of the week. 


Prepare for your friends to show their true colors when you are speaking about your hopes and dreams as Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. When they show you their true colors, believe them! You may want to spend some time at home and enjoy your time with loved ones at the end of the week during the full moon in Pisces. 


Are you okay with what you are known for, Capricorn? You might be surprised to hear how people view you or what they associate you with when Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. At least you have the full moon in Pisces to look forward to as it could help you set the record somewhat straight. 


Triple-check your travel plans and keep an open mind about what you could experience as Mercury stations retrograde in Libra this week. Aquarius, you may need to be more flexible than usual! Luckily, you might see some financial abundance manifest before your eyes around the full moon in Pisces. 


Do not let anyone tip the scales when Mercury stations retrograde in Libra later this week. Pisces, your personal power is something that you should share, but never give away. Relish in the confidence that this latest chapter of self-improvement has given you under the full moon in your sign

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